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    Dawn Marie by DragonKnight007

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    ECW Anarchy Rulz
    Dawn Marie FAQ
    Created: October 13th 2002
    Version: Final Version
    by: DragonKnight007
    This FAQ is for GameFaqs users only. You cannot use it for anything except 
    for personal use. This means no websites, strategy guides, or any type of 
    magazine. It is plagarism and it is against the law! Plagarism is the 
    stealing of ideas and using them as thier own. You may not use this FAQ to 
    make your own. You can use this on non-profitable websites or non-commercial.
    Hello, this is my first FAQ for Playstation. ECW Anarchy  Rulz is a tactical
    wrestling game the gameplay is pretty good and there are lots of character
    choices. This FAQ is mostly for Dawn Marie one of the many ECW women. You
    might find this game similar to WWF Attitude. ECW is more set-up wisley than
    that game and I prefer this to everyone. I will make more FAQs with mostly
    ALL the ECW charcaters so you have a better understanding of the game.
    I. Version/Updates
    II. Info about Guide
    III. Bio about Dawn Marie
    IV. Dawn's Moves
    V. Basic Moves For All Characters
    VI. Dawn Marie Updates
    VII. Credits
    I. Version/Updates
    1. Version 1.1 (Created October 24th 2002)
    This is my final version of this FAQ thank you fro reading this 
    2. Version 1.1 (Created October 25th 2002)
    Added Dawn Maries updates from RAW Magazine
    II. Info About This Guide
    This guide was made 100% by me. I started making it on the 24th of October 
    but I found out I was missing some things so I went back and fixed them
    so now this guide is ready.
    Key to moves..
    U = Up
    D = Down
    L = Left
    R = Right
    X = X Button
    O = O Button
    T = Triangle
    S = Square
    + = To buttons at once
    III. Bio About Dawn Marie                
    Bio - *Credit goes to OWOW.com
    Real Name: Dawn Marie Rinaldi - Psaltis
    Ring Name: Dawn Marie
    Debut: ECW (1997)
    Birthdate: November 3, 1970
    Height: 5' 7"
    Previous Companies: PCW, AWC, MCW, and finally ECW 
    Hometown: Woodbridge, NJ
    Career Stats:
    Manager for Lance Storm in ECW
    Led Steve Corino to ECW Championship
    Led Impact Players To Two ECW Tag Titles
    IV. Dawn Marie's Moves
    Finisher: Bytch Slap 
    Trademark: Throat Toss 
    High: Big Head Punch
    High: Standing Dropkick
    High: 2x Arm Facebuster
    High: Head Butt To Groin
    High: Blatant Choke
    High: Fujiwara Armbar
    High: Driving Elbow
    High: Body Press
    Medium: Four Kick Combo
    Medium: Inverted Atomic Drop
    Medium: Hairgrab Takeover
    Medium: Leg Drop
    Medium: Low Blow
    Medium: Abdominal Stretch
    Medium: Arm Drag
    Medium: Tilt A Whirl Slam
    Low: European Uppercut
    Low: Neckbreaker
    Low: Leg Scissor Stomp
    Dizzy Punch: Hit To Groin
    Dizzy Kick: Backheel Kick
    Taunt: Shake & Wave 
    V. Basic Moves For All Characters
    Basic Moves: (L = Left R = Right U = Up D = Down)
    Ready Moves
    Hiptoss: (L,R, Square)
    Body Slam: (L,R, Triangle)
    Vertical Suplex: (L,R, Circle)
    Tieup: (Circle)
    Quick Kick: (Square)
    Quick Punch: (Triangle)
    Tieup Basics:
    Hammerlock: (Square)
    Arm Wrench: (Triangle)
    Top Wristlock: (Circle)
    Whip To Rope: (L,R, X)
    Whip To Corner: (U,D, X)
    Tieup from behind: (X)
    Behind Tieup Basics:
    Atomic Drop: (Square)
    Full Nelson: (Triangle)
    Roll Up Pin: (Circle)
    Atomic Whip: (X)
    Aerial Basics Standing Opponent:
    Ax Handle Smash: (Triangle or Square or Circle)
    Body Press: (Triangle + Square)
    Aerial Basics Laying Opponent:
    Elbow Drop: (Triangle or Square or Circle)
    Clothesline: (Triangle or Square or Circle)
    Baseball Slide: (R2)
    Stomp: (Square)
    Elbow Drop: (Triangle)
    Pin Opponent: (O)
    Rear Chinlock(Head): (Triangle)
    Pickup By Head: (O)
    VII. Credit For The FAQ 
    This FAQ was written by me 100% and I would like to thank OWOW and RAW 
    Magazine for thier sources for Dawn Marie's bio. And I will also like to 
    thank the FFXSB for supporting me through this FAQ, thanks guys!
    - CJayC for spending his time reading this
    - The brother who has helped me with the movelist
    -  Thanks to OWOW.com and RAW Magazine, also to Acclaim for making a great 
    - And thanks to the readers who are interested in my FAQ!
     ECW Anarchy Rulz
     Trademark: Acclaim & HHG Corp. (2000)
     Playstation and its accesories
     The Dawn Marie Guide

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