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    Francine by DragonKnight007

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    ECW Anarchy Rulz
    Francine Character FAQ
    Created: November 23rd 2002
    by DragonKnight007
    Email: JasonDragonKnight007@hotmail.com
    This FAQ is for GameFaqs users only. You cannot use it for anything except 
    for personal use. This means no websites, strategy guides, or any type of 
    magazine. It is plagarism and it is against the law! Plagarism is the 
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    Hello again ECW fans! This is my 2nd FAQ for this game, people wonder why I
    am making women FAQs? The ECW women are easier to get more info on than some 
    male characters are. Well enjoy the guide and thanks a lot for reading this 
    once more I still have an RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, and Jazz FAQ coming out 
    so look for those, and my Dawn Marie FAQ got accepted! Oh yeah, continue to
    support my work please! I am doing my best and also chaeck out my WWF game 
    FAQs they all got accepted so far!
    Table Of Contents
    I. Version
    II. Info
    III. Bio about Francine
    IV. Francine's Moves
    V. Basic Moves
    VI. Francine Updates
    VII. Credits
    I. Version/Updates
    1. Version 1.1 (Created November 23rd 2002)
    This is my final version of this FAQ thank you for reading this
    2. Version Stuff
    Added some stuff about Francine currently from rajahwwf.com
    II. Info
    This guide was made 100% by me. I started making it on the 23rd of November 
    but I found out I was missing some things so I went back and fixed them
    so now this guide is ready.
    Key to moves..
    U = Up
    D = Down
    L = Left
    R = Right
    X = X Button
    O = O Button
    T = Triangle
    S = Square
    + = To buttons at once
    III. Bio about Francine
    Bio - *Credit to rajahwwf.com
    Real Name: Francine Fournier 
    Alias: Francine 
    Previous Names: N/A 
    Birthplace: Philadalephia, PA 
    Birthday: February 19, 1972 
    Height: 5'7" 
    Weight: 122 lbs 
    Hair Color: Brown 
    Eye Color: Brown 
    Appearing On: NWATNA 
    Trademark/Finishing Move(s): N/A 
    Debut Date: June 2002 (NWA TNA) 
    Official Website: ForeverFrancine.com 
    Claim to Fame: 
    - Dubbed "Queen of Xtreme" 
    - Dating/Engaged to Tommy Dreamer 
    - Was offered a WWE contract in July of 2001, but declined
    Tidbit of Info: Sexy, Strong and Willing, Francine Fournier is probably the 
    greatest valet to ever step into a wrestling arena. Becoming the star power 
    of ECW, Francine proved that women can get involved and still be hot as hell. 
    Taking numerous "hardcore" bumps, Francine was labelled as "The Queen of 
    Extreme". When ECW closed WWE offered Francine a contract, but she refused 
    because the contract required her to wrestle. Francine now finds herself 
    being an active competitor on NWA-TNA.
    IV. Francine's Moves
    Finisher: Bronco Buster
    Trademark: Dreamer DDT
    High: Head Pounder
    High: Side Belly-to-Belly Suplex
    High: Frontface DDT
    High: Double Stomp
    High: Elbow to Groin
    High: Doujimi
    High: Front Flip Senton
    High: Body Press
    Medium: Bulldog
    Medium: Choke
    Medium: Blatant Choke
    Medium: Low Blow
    Medium: Backbreaker Pin
    Medium: Flapjack
    Medium: Spear
    Medium: Leg Drop
    Low: Armbar
    Low: Hairgrab Takeover
    Low: Small Package
    Dizzy Punch: Hit To Groin
    Dizzy Kick: Backwheel Kick
    Taunt: Wiggle Wiggle
    V. Basic Moves For All Characters
    Basic Moves: (L = Left R = Right U = Up D = Down)
    Ready Moves
    Hiptoss: (L,R, Square)
    Body Slam: (L,R, Triangle)
    Vertical Suplex: (L,R, Circle)
    Tieup: (Circle)
    Quick Kick: (Square)
    Quick Punch: (Triangle)
    Tieup Basics:
    Hammerlock: (Square)
    Arm Wrench: (Triangle)
    Top Wristlock: (Circle)
    Whip To Rope: (L,R, X)
    Whip To Corner: (U,D, X)
    Tieup from behind: (X)
    Behind Tieup Basics:
    Atomic Drop: (Square)
    Full Nelson: (Triangle)
    Roll Up Pin: (Circle)
    Atomic Whip: (X)
    Aerial Basics Standing Opponent:
    Ax Handle Smash: (Triangle or Square or Circle)
    Body Press: (Triangle + Square)
    Aerial Basics Laying Opponent:
    Elbow Drop: (Triangle or Square or Circle)
    Clothesline: (Triangle or Square or Circle)
    Baseball Slide: (R2)
    Stomp: (Square)
    Elbow Drop: (Triangle)
    Pin Opponent: (O)
    Rear Chinlock(Head): (Triangle)
    Pickup By Head: (O)
    VI. Francine Updates
    Francine made her debut in ECW in 1994 and stayed with that company till its
    downfall in 2001, Francine was offered a World Wrestling Entertainment 
    contract, she turned it down becuase she did not want to wrestle, she was
    used to being a "valet", which is a woman that accompanies people to the ring
    she was also a manager so she decided to go to NWA-TNA a company that started 
    like ECW at first. Paul Heyman, the ECW owner asked Francine to come to the 
    WWF cause she was a good worker, she turned it down becuase she did not want 
    to wrestle "full-time" so guess who they got, yes the "bytch" Dawn Marie
    who started her wrestling debut in October 2002, but made her appearence in 
    May 2002. Francine and Dawn were big ECW rivals and it would've been good to 
    see Francine and Dawn go at it once again. So Elektra and Francine went to 
    the NWA-TNA PPV show. Francine's first match was a lingerie 10-Girl Battle
    Royal, Francine lost after Daffney, a former WCW Diva and Elektra, an ECW
    woman double-teamed her causing her to lose. Francine was upset and beat 
    the crap out of them both, and "Ms. NWA-TNA" herself Taylor Vaughn. So
    keep watching for Francine to appear every Wednesday night on PPV for
    9.95 (8 p.m. EDT) 
    VII. Credits
    - GameFAQs for thier time
    - Mylene, you are so awesome!
    - Julia. for her kindness
    - TW, your cool
    - and to the rest of my friends
    - and to every person out there, holla lol!
    ECW Anarchy Rulz
     Trademark: Acclaim & HHG Corp. (2000)
     Playstation and its accesories
     The Francine Guide

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