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    FAQ by Mac D.

    Version: 1.8 | Updated: 08/24/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game: ECW: Anarchy Rulz
    Genre: Wrestling
    Creator: Acclaim
    Release Date: August 16, 2000
    Author of this FAQ: Mac D.
    Email: extreme_mac@yahoo.com
    AIM: extreme mac d
    Version: 1.8
                  \----       \----     \            /
                   \           \         \          /
                    \--         \         \        /
                     \           \         \  /\  /
                      \----       \----     \/  \/
           °  °  °
         ° \---\ °
       °        \ ___\     °    \____          ___      \____      \----      \    
           \   /
         °     \        \°         \       \      /       \       \      \      \  
             \----      \/
           °  °  °        \   \ /_____\   \      \---   \  \ /
             \   \
              \---                   ____
               \  \    \   \  \         /
                \  \    \   \  \       /
                    \    \___\  \___  /___
    This FAQ is the copyrighted work of myself, Mac D.  I ask that it not
    be placed on any web sites or mailing list, without my expressed
    written permission.  This FAQ is for personal use only.  Any
    unauthorized reproduction or distributing of this FAQ without my
    expressed written permission, is prohibited.  Also, this FAQ may not be
    altered in any way, shape, form, or fashion by anyone other than
    I am in no way affiliated with Acclaim, ECW, or any other company.  I'm
    just a single person, writing this FAQ.  All notions and opinions in
    this FAQ are my own.  If you wish to contribute to this FAQ, please
    email me and your contribution will be noticed and perhaps placed on
    this FAQ.  This FAQ is for the Playstation game console. The
    Playstation is a copyrighted, trademark created by the Sony
    corporation. Thank you.
    1: Main Menu
          A: Exhibition
          B: Career
          C: Tournament
          D: Create
          E: Utilities
          F: Bio
          G: Belt Tournament
    2: Controls
    3: Matches
    4: Character List
    5: Ring Attire
    6: Move List
    7: Entrances
    8: Notes
    9: Tips
    10: Codes
    11: Create-A-Wrestler
    12: Updates
    CHAPTER 1:  Main Menu
    Once you've turned on your Playstation and began to play the game, you
    will be given a really cool intro with a whole bunch of ECW footage.
    For the guys out there, there are some nice shots of Francine, Electra,
    and Dawn Marie.  Hehehe.  Back to the FAQ.  After all that, you will be
    given a "Press Start" screen.
    Of course, press the Start button on your control pad.  The game will
    check for saved information in your memory cards. Once that's over
    with, wait for the Main Menu to load.  Now, you're at the Main Menu.
    Keep in mind, that hitting the Select button on your control pad at
    anytime, will give you a Help Menu.
    Now, you're at the Main Menu.  You have several choices:
    Belt Tournament
    Hit the "X" button at which feature you want to chose.
    1A:  Exhibition
    Here at the Exhibition mode, you have the opportunity to test your
    created wrestlers, practice, and just plain mess around.  You can have
    either a one player, two player, three player, or four player game.
    Here are the game options:
           One wrestler against another wrestler
       Tag Team
           One player has two wrestlers that battle another two wrestlers.
           Like a tag team match except, all four wrestlers are in the ring
    at the same time.
       One on Two
           One wrestler takes on two opponents at once.
       One on Three
           One wrestler takes on three other wrestlers at one.  I don't
    suggest doing this match till you are skilled at the game.  Although,
    if you'd really like to get frustrated, choose                 this
    option and make the match option a "Deathmatch" with the win modifier
    being "I Quit".  You'll have a good ol' time!
           Two wrestlers get in the ring, and two other wrestlers are
    outside of the ring, waiting to dish out some punishment.  So, stay
    inside the ring…if you can!
       Three Way Dance
           Ok, three wrestlers have a dance competition.  First man to do
    the robot correctly, wins.  Just kidding.  Three men…every man for
    himself.  First man to land a pinfall or submission, is the winner.
       Four Way Dance
           Four wrestlers go head-to-head until one is pinned or submits.
       Battle Royal
           Four or more men climb into the ring, and go at it!  You are
    eliminated by being thrown over the top rope.  The last man in the
    ring, wins.
       Hate Match
           One wrestler runs the gauntlet against twelve other wrestlers.
    And you though the three-on-one was hard…
       Team Rumble
           Choose your team, and get ready for an all out war!
           Take on four CPU opponents, one after another.  Defeat all four,
    and you win.
       Tag Team
           One tag team versus two tag teams.
           One team of two takes on two teams of two.  No, I don't get it
       One on Two
           One wrestler takes on two wrestlers.  Instead of having to pin
    or make one submit, you must make both men submit or pin them.
       One on Three
           Just like the One on Two, just add another wrestler.  This is
    fun…if you don't want to win.
       Eight Man Tag
           Eight men…four teams.  Ouch
       Four Way Dance
           Just like the regular four way dance except, three of the four
    wrestlers must be pinned.
       Stable Match
           Four teams of four send in one wrestler at a time, to take on
    the one wrestler from the other three teams.  The last four wrestlers
    left in the match, can take on the already defeated wrestlers outside
    of the ring! Yipee!
       Three Way Dance
           Same as the four way dance…blah blah blah.  You get the picture
    1B: Career
    Now, you can finally become the ECW World Champion.  Yeah I know, I've
    always wanted to be the ECW World Champion too.  Anyhow, you travel
    around the country(literally), wrestling from venue to venue.  This
    career mode is a whole lot easier, harder to win matches but at least
    you're not being put in about fifty three on one's to become the
    "Acclaim Champion".
    But, the further you go in the career mode, you win belts and unlock
    secrets.  Another improvement this game has over Hardcore Revolution
    is, you can actually have matches for belts now.  Oh goodey goodey
    1C: Tournament
    What's the point of the tournament?  Seriously.  In Hardcore
    Revolution, you unlocked codes by winning the tournament mode.  Now,
    it's like they just through in the tournament.  Trying to compete with
    Smackdown!'s King of the Ring?  Don't bother, it wasn't that impressive
    on that game.
    All you do in the tournament mode is participate in an eight man
    elimination tournament.  Personally, I don't bother with it.
    1D: Create
    By far, the most useful feature on the game.  Now, not only can you
    create pay-per-view's and wrestlers…but you can create stables too!
    Yep, the greatest Create-A-Wrestler of all time, just got even better.
    I don't care what anyone says, the Acclaim create-a-wrestlers are fan-
    Creating pay-per-views are…ok.  I'm an e-wrestler so, I take wrestlers
    from the fed I wrestle in, and create them.  Then, I'll put them in
    PPVs.  It's sorta' neat I guess.  You can also make ECW PPVs now.
    That's pretty cool I suppose.  Sorry, this feature never has and
    probably never will tickle my fancy.
    Creating a stable…I haven't actually created or saved a stable yet, but
    this is a neat feature.  You can give your stable a leader, theme song,
    special icon, and members.  It's pretty fun.  I don't sit around
    creating stables all day though.
    1E: Utilities
    A key feature to any game.  In the utilities, you can turn blood on and
    off, edit your sound configuration, and so on and so forth.  You can
    also turn unlocked features on and off here in utilities.  Also, you
    can change the language of the game from nice and peaceful, into a
    Chris Rock stand-up special.
    1F: Bio
    This is a pretty cool feature although, not too useful.  This gives you
    the chance to do a full 360 degree rotation, and zoom of any character
    on the game.  It also allows you to see a character's alignment(face or
    heel), their finisher, and their trademark move.  Not to mention, it
    plays their theme song.  It also shows you what titles they've won,
    their title defenses, their characteristics and finally…all of a
    wrestler's ring attire.
    1G: Belt Tournament
    This is a section where you can run characters through a World,
    Television, Toughman, or Tag Team Title tournament.  Winning certain
    tournaments with certain wrestlers on the "hard" difficulty, will
    unlock different wrestlers and features.  This section also tells you
    who has won what belts.
    This feature is unlocked once you win a belt in Career Mode.  If you
    haven't won a belt, this feature will not be on the screen.
    Chapter 2:  Controls
    Ok, this is a very key feature.  Acclaim has totally re-vamped the
    controls for this game, from what you may be used to in Acclaim
    wrestling games.  So, here are the controls:
    During a match:
    X- Block/Reverse/Toss opponent over ropes
    O- Tie up
    Square- Kick
    Triangle- Punch
    R1- Side Step
    L1+X- Pickup Weapon
    R2- Run/Exit Ring
    L2- Change View
    Start- In-Game Menu
    Select- No effect
    Now, to pull off moves, it's not the usual
    Square moves, that we've all grown to love in the Acclaim wrestling
    games.  Now, it's much simpler.  Although not quite as remedial as
    Smackdown!'s, left+O that pulled off every move in the game.
    The new controls are sorta' funky though…
    Chapter 3: Matches
    Once you have chosen what type of match you'd like to be in, you can
    now choose many more other features.  You should be taken to a screen
    with these choices:
    Match Options
    Win Modifiers
    Time Limit
    Belt Challenge
    And a few more options.  But, those are pretty much the main
    selections.  Here are the special Match Options:
       A steel cage surrounds the ring.  First wrestler to climb out, is
    the winner.
    Table Match:
       Four tables are at ringside.  Bash your opponent through as many as
    you'd like.  First person to land a pinfall or submission, wins.
    Barbed Wire:
       The ropes are replaced with razor-sharp barbed wire.  GET EXTREME!
    Whomever lands a pinfall or submission, wins.
    Dumpster Match:
       There is a dumpster at ringside.  Through your opponent over the top
    rope and into the dumpster, for the win.
       Weapons rule in this match!  It's no DQ and weapons are everywhere!
    Give a new meaning to "hardcore".  First person to land a pinfall or
    submission, wins.
    Backlot Brawl:
        This match takes place in the backlot of the arena!  Listen to the
    things going on outside, while spilling blood all across the asphalt.
    Rage in the Cage:
        Take on your opponent(s) inside of a large octagon cage with a dirt
    floor.  Then, get hardcore like no tomorrow and wreak some havoc!
    First person to land a pinfall or submissions wins.
    Brimbstone Match:
        Outside of the ring, fire and hot coals are everywhere!  First
    person to throw there opponent over the top, is the winner.
        Falls count anywhere!  First wrestler to land a pinfall or
    submission, wins.
    Last Man Standing:
        If you keep your opponent down for a ten count, you win!
    Now, here are Win Modifiers:
    Iron Man Match:
       The wrestler to land the most pinfalls or submissions within the
    given time limit, is the winner.
    I Quit Match:
       The first person to make their opponent submit, wins!
    First Blood Match:
       First person to bust their opponent open, and make them gush
    blood…wins!  Little note: YOU MUST HAVE BLOOD TURNED ON!
    Finisher Only:
       First wrestler to land their finisher, is the winner.
    2 out of 3 falls:
       First wrestler to land two out of three falls, wins.
    TKO Option:
       This option means, that once your opponent's health is gone, the
    match is over.
    Announcer Option:
       This turns the announcers on or off.
       This makes the computer run the match. You do no wrestling!
    Belt Challenge:
       Make the match for a belt.  One of the people in the match, MUST
    Time Limit:
       Set the time limit for your match.
    Arena Type:
       Customize the arena you fight in!
       Set the handicapping level.  This will allow you to add or remove
    some of the health from one of the wrestlers.
    Chapter 4: Character List
    Here are the characters on the game:
    Bill Alfonso
    "Beautiful" Billy
    Balls Mahoney
    "Big" Sal E.
    C.W. Anderson
    Chris Chetti
    Steve Corino
    Justin Credible
    Cyrus the Virus
    Dawn Marie Bytch (B-Y-T-C-H)
    "Boring" Danny Doring
    Doug Gentry
    Tommy Dreamer
    "The Queen of Extreme" Francine
    Game S.
    Joel Gertner
    Little Guido
    H Monster
    Paul Heyman(Owner of ECW)
    Jeff Jones
    Jen E.
    Jerry Lynn
    Kid Kash
    Lou E. Dangerous
    Mad Goat
    Martian Boy
    New Jack
    R. Feinstein
    "Mr.PPV" Rob Van Dam
    Super Crazy
    Simon Diamond
    Sally M.
    "Little" Spike Dudley
    Lance Storm
    Joey Styles
    Yoshirhiro Tajiri
    Masato Tanaka
    The Drill Instructor
    The Kid
    The Prodigy
    The Shaman
    Jack Victory
    Mikey Whipwreck
    William F.
    Chapter 5: Ring Attire
    This section will contain the ring attire for each wrestler.
      Attire 1- Black pants, black boots, white stripe down the side of the
    pants, black sleeveless t-shirt with two white stripes down the side, a
    black and white bandana, and black.
      Attire 2- Just like the first without the t-shirt.
      Attire 3- Cut-off black shorts, one red knee pad, one black knee pad,
    a red sleeveless shirt with a blue design on the front and back, black
    boots, black wristbands, and a black and white bandana.
      Attire 4- Just like the third outfit, except with a black t-shirt
    that has a blue "K" on it with a design inside of that.
    ***"Beautiful" Billy-
      Attire 1- Black tanktop and white shorts with a pink stripe down the
    sides, black knee pads, white boots, black wristbands.
      Attire 2- Just like the first, except with red shorts and triangles
    down the side.  No pink strip.
      Attire 3- Just like the second except he has on a  very bright silver
    jacket similar to Jerry Lawler's with pink stripes on the forearms.
    Silver sequins.
      Attire 4- Just like the third except the red on his pants has been
    changes to purple and the pink stripe is on the side again.  Also, the
    pink on the arms of the jacket, is now purple.
    ***Balls Mahoney
      Attire 1- Ripped jeans, white knee pads, black boots with white trim,
    and a black t-shirt.  The t-shirt has "First In Hell" written on the
    back.  He also has on a pair of black elbow pads and white wristbands.
      Attire 2- Just the like first outfit except the shirt now says "Bleed
    The Freak" written on the back, in red.
      Attire 3- His third just like the previous except the shirt has
    changed once again.  It's now written in yellow.  I couldn't make out
    the writing on the front but the back has a spider and the words "It
    Crawls" underneath it.
      Attire 4- Just like all the others.  The shirt has changed to some
    gray design on the front.  It looks like it may be the t-shirt of a
    band or something.  I couldn't make it out.
    ***"Big" Sal E.-
      Attire 1- Green F.B.I. t-shirt, red bandana, black sunglasses, black
    pants, black shoes, and a black vest.  One white and one black
      Attire 2- Same as the first except now, without the glasses and the
    F.B.I. t-shirt is now white.  Also, his bandana is green now.
      Attire 3- Same as the second but with sunglasses.  He's also now
    wearing blue jeans.
      Attire 4- Just like all the rest.  He's wearing no sunglasses, a red
    F.B.I. t-shirt, and a white bandana.  He's also wearing the black
    ***C.W. Anderson-
      Attire 1- Combination of wrestling briefs and a tanktop that's half
    red and half black.  He's also wearing black boots, black kneepads,
    black elbows, and black wristbands.
      Attire 2-  Just like the first except now what's red is purple and
    there is a pink strip down the side.
      Attire 3- The third is just like the first except he is wearing a
    vest with some sort of hand signals on the back.
      Attire 4- Just like the second, except with the vest.  The design on
    the vest is written in blue now.
    Chapter 6: Move List
    This section will contain the moves of every wrestler.
    Chapter 7: Entrances
    This section will contain the entrances to every wrestler.
    Chapter 8: Notes
    Here will be notes for the game.
    Note 1: The game will occasionally freeze up.  Sorry, there's nothing
    you can do about it.  It's also hard to tell when the game freezes
    because, the music will still play as usual but, you aren't able to do
    anything.  My suggestion, just reset your Playstation.
    Note 2: Don't bother trying to play a first-blood deathmatch.  It'll be
    over before you know it.
    Note 3: When creating wrestler's and you want to make a part of them
    black, it looks more realistic if you don't set the meter to "0,0,0".
    Why?  Well, if you set the color meter to "0,0,0" it makes them look
    completely black and in the game mode, it looks funny.  If you want to
    make a part of your character black try setting the color meter at
    Chapter 9: Tips
    This section will contain my personal tips for winning on ECW: Anarchy
    Tip 1: In deathmatches, it's best to stick with using the weapons.  If
    you use mostly weapons, the match will be over and no time.  But be
    sure to keep weapons out of the hands of your opponents, by punching or
    kicking them whenever they go for a weapon.
    Tip 2: In a barbed wire match, don't try to whip your opponent into the
    ropes early into the match.  Why? Because earlier in the match, your
    opponent has a better chance of reversing a move.  So, you don't want
    to end up the bad end of the barbed wire, do you?
    Tip 3: In tag team matches, be SURE to keep your opponent in your
    corner.  This way, if need be, you can always make a quick tag.  It
    also helps that if a run-in occurs, it takes your opponent's partner
    longer to reach you.  It also keeps your opponent's partner from
    sneaking in a cheap shot now and again.
    Tip 4: Early in matches, don't go so much for the basic moves.
    Because, as in Tip 2, there is a better chance that your opponent will
    reverse the moves.  That's why, you try to go with your moves that will
    most surely land.
    Tip 5: In the backlot brawls, you have plenty of room to run.  Just
    remember that.  If incase you get in trouble in a backlot brawl, head
    for the hills and grab a weapon!
    Tip 6: Don't do the same move more than three times.  Why?  Because,
    the fans will grow tired of the move, and start to boo you.  That's not
    good at all.  You want and need the fans to be on your side.  With the
    fans on your side, you have a much better opportunity to land moves,
    and cause more damage!
    Tip 7: In Ironman matches/Toughman matches, you have to land as many
    pins within the designated amount of time.  In these matches, you do A
    LOT more damage than you normally would.  When I mean A LOT I mean,
    punching your opponent will put him/her in yellow.  So, try to land
    moves to your opponent early on, and go for pins whenever possible.
    Tip 8: In handicap matches, try to focus on one wrestler.  Once you've
    worn that wrestler down, try to make him/her submit.  Usually,
    submissions will work in handicap matches, later in the match.  But, if
    you try to do an even number of damage to all of your opponents, you'll
    probably end up not doing much to any of them at all since the damage
    will be so spread out.
    Tip 9: Blocking.  Learn it, apply it.  Blocking is a MAIN feature in
    this game.  If you don't block moves, you're not long for this world.
    You can block by pressing "X" repeatedly.  It's even better if you have
    a control with the "Rapid Fire" feature, you have a better chance of
    blocking.  But, whenever someone puts you in a waistlock or in any move
    for that matter, be sure you block like crazy!
    Tip 10: This is pretty useful.  It's not TOO important but, it's good
    to do.  Whenever you knock your opponent down, with an enziguri or
    another move, hold block while they are coming up.  It will avoid those
    nasty low blows and uppercuts.
    Tip 11: In cage matches, don't bother trying to climb out of the steel
    cage until your opponent is in dark orange or red.  It won't work.  Not
    to mention, there's a good chance that your opponent will stand up and
    knock you off.
    Tip 12: In the Rage In The Cage matches, you have plenty of room.  To
    run that is.  So, if you run into any trouble, run if need be.  Also,
    there is a steel cage surrounding the place so, that makes it nice to
    throw your opponents into!
    Chapter 10: Codes
    If you have any Game Shark codes that work, please email them to me at:
    Here now is a VERY much anticipated Game Shark code: Unlock
    Everything!!!  Thank you very much to the contributor:
    Stevedevistator@juno.com .  I know that I have been looking forward to
    this code, it's such a pain to beat the tournament on hard with about
    thirty different people.
    Unlock Everything- 800B85C0 FFFF
                       800B85C2 F7FF
                       800B85C4 FFFF
                       800B85C6 FFFF
    Credit Stevedevistator@juno.com
    This is a list of who you need to beat in order to unlock certain
    features in the game.  I borrowed this list from the GameFAQs Message
    Board for ECW: Anarchy Rulz.  It was posted by y2daddy.  But, it was
    originally posted on http://www.wrestlingtalks.com by LocoLowrider7.
    You must beat the Heavyweight Title Tournament on hard to unlock these
    Unlocks Joey Styles
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with The Sandman
    Unlock Joel Gertner
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Mikey Whipwreck
    Unlocks Lou E. Dangerously
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Beautiful Billy Wiles
    Unlocks Paul Heyman
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Dusty Rhodes
    Unlocks Cyrus
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Rhino
    Unlocks Jim Molineax
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Rhino
    Unlocks John Finegan
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Angel
    Unlocks Bill Alfonso
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Tony Devito
    Unlocks Judge Jeff Jones
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Jack Victory
    Unlocks William F.
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Balls Mahoney
    Unlocks Valkyrie
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Jazz
    Unlocks Shaman
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Chris Chetti
    Unlocks Esophicus
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Yoshiro Tajiri
    Unlocks Doug Gentry
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Masato Tanaka
    Unlocks Candy Girl
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with CW Anderson
    Unlocks Booger
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with The Prodigy
    Unlocks Helia Monster
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Jason
    Unlocks Gabe S
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Lance Storm
    Unlocks Rob Feinstein
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Danny Doring
    Unlocks Martian Boy
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Tommy Dreamer
    Unlocks Mad Goat
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Electra
    Unlocks Jester
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Francine
    Unlocks Jan E. Regan
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Little Guido
    Unlocks Kid
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Steve Corino
    Unlocks D I
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Justin Credible
    Unlocks Sally M
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Dawn Marie
    Unlocks Lance Storm
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Trainer
    Random Head
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Nova
    Big Head
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Simon Daimond
    Wrestlers Head Grows with Crowds Response
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Jerry Lynn
    Little Head
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Amish Roadkill
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Kid Kash
    Big Feet
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Little Spike Dudley
    Fat Man
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Big Sal E. Graziano
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with New Jack
    Big Hands
    Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Super Crazy
    New Stable Stuff
    Beat Stable Career Mode with any Stable, Featured or Custom Wrestler
    Easy Reversals
    Currently hold the belts with all the Featured Jobber Wrestlers
    New Custom Stuff
    Beat 1 Player Career Mode with a Custom Wrestler
    Super Tie-Up
    Beat Toughman Belt Tournament
    Big Damage
    Beat Toughman Belt Tournament with the No Blocking Option ON
    Chapter 11: Create-A-Wrestler
    This section will contain my own, and your created wrestlers.  If you
    have any created wrestlers that you would like to be placed in this
    FAQ, please send them to me.  I will gladly give you credit for your
    work.  CAW's can be sent to: extreme_mac@yahoo.com
    Chapter 12: Updates
    August 18, 2000-  The FAQ was created.
    August 19, 2000-  Unlock secrets added and the tips are updated.
    August 22, 2000-  Game Shark Codes Added!  And, Angel's ring attire.
    August 24, 2000-  Ring Attire Updated.
    The unlock secrets were taken from a post on the GameFAQs Message Board
    from a post by "y2daddy".  They were originally posted at
    http://www.wrestlingtalks.com by LocoLowrider7.  I do not take credit
    for those and am giving credit where it is due.
    I would like to thank Stevedevistator@juno.com for the "Unlock
    Everything" Game Shark code.
    This is the copyrighted work of myself, Mac D.  This FAQ may NOT be
    posted on anything or anywhere, without my permission via email.  It is
    for private use only, any unauthorized reproduction of any kind is
    strictly prohibited.  You MUST get an email confirmation from me,
    extreme_mac@yahoo.com, in order to use this FAQ for any other purpose
    other than private reading.
    If you wish to use this FAQ on a website or for another purpose,
    permission must be given via email.
    This is a copyrighted work of Mac D.  All rights reserved.

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