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    Boss FAQ by Tricky

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 02/28/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    **                           W I L D    A R M S   I I                         **
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    Wild Arms II - Boss FAQ
    Version 1.10
    Done By: Tricrokra    (Tricrokra@hotmail.com)
    This FAQ handles all the bosses I encountered. If you found some optional bosses
    I didn't find please e-mail me about it.
    Data of Wild Arms II version I played.
    System: PS ONE (Normal Playstation 1 in smaller form)
    Region: NTSC USA/Canada
    Legal Notics.
    You're free to download and copy this FAQ to anyone you know as long as it's
    unprofitable and this FAQ is unmodified.
    When uploading this FAQ to please let me know. In most cases it won't be a 
    problem if you do.
    (C) Copyright JBC-Soft, Jeroen Broks (Tricrorka), 2001, All rights reserved
    1.01 05-08-2001 - Added optional bosses: Titanius, Xenon, Bulkogidon, 
                      Kobold King
    1.02 05-12-2001 - Rewritten part about Vinsfeld's Ghost
    1.03 05-17-2001 - Added optional boss: Agolmois (by: Æther SPOON!)
    1.04 06-25-2001 - Added HP of regular bosses with thanks to Ray
                      And I'll tell you how I beat Bulkogidon
    1.05 07-04-2001 - Added optional bosses Zolinge and Zyclus & Zetrim
    1.06 07-26-2001 - Revision for Magmalizer, Caina 3 and Grauswein 2
    1.07 07-30-2001 - Added optional boss Zovarg and revised Xenon.
                      If I'm correct only Ragu O Ragula is missing now. 
    1.08 08-27-2001 - Okay there was another boss aside from Ragu O Ragula.
                      That boss, named Gatlorg, has been added to this FAQ
                      I also added the introduction name of most bosses.
                      Not that THAT is really helpful, but it'll make this
                      FAQ a little more complete.
                      Also a small addition in the stategy against Kuiper
    1.08b           - Oops revision of Kuiper Core forgotten in my hurry.
                      It in the guide now!
    1.09 10-31-2001 - Revision on Xenon and Bulkogidon. Added optional
                      boss Ragu O Ragula. The strategy has been done by
    1.10 02-28-2001 - Added an extra note. Revision on Titanius. 
                      Revision on Personal Skills. Because of many wrong
                      stories about the "Extend" force, this FAQ handles
                      it, by the time you reach the point to get it...
                      Revision on Kanon (2) and Kanon (3)
    A few important notes:
     1 - I heard that Lilka is called "Riruka" in the original Japanese game.
         I'll use her English name "Lilka" since I'm used to that one since I
         played the American version, PLUS I think if there is a PAL version
         of this game or when it's gonna be released her name will also be
         Lilka in that version.
     2 - Sometimes bosses may be in encountered a diffrent order as they are
         in this FAQ. The reason for that is simple. Sometimes there are
         a couple of dungeons in which YOU decide in which order you play
         them as long as you play them all. For example in the beginning
         part where you may decide if you pick Asley, Brad or Lilka first
         but the order is unimportant, but all of them have there own boss
     3 - VERY IMPORTANT!! Wild Arms II works with personal skills which
         can be aquired by gaining levels. If you have enough levels you
         can buy new skills at the "personal skill shop". Important is
         that you take the right skills. I'll tell you in this FAQ too
         which skills in which order are important or strongly recommended.
         If you take the wrong skills it will be almost impossible to
         complete the game.
     4 - In case you would care I noted all the members of the terrorist
         organisation "Odessa" with an "O". These bosses will probarbly
         come back later. Members of Odessa are not killed in one fight!
         None of them :(
     5 - Most bosses have body parts which are optional. If I don't 
         dicuss them it doesn't matter whether you kill those parts
         or not, but in most situations it's better, because you'll get
         a lot MORE experience :)
     6 - The EXP rewards are noted INCLUDING body parts if they are
     7 - The numbers behind the party members are MY levels. They are
         not the recommended levels. It can still be recommended if you
         want the same personal skills as I have.
     8 - Try not to avoid too many combats. The game may allow it,
         but it can cost you EXP which is still valuable.
     9 - Don't use HP recovering items, unless really needed. When
         you run out, there's no way to refill you ammount. There
         are NO shops which sell them except for the odd headquaters.
         But that spot is only available once you get the secret party
         member Marivel, who will be available when you've finished 75%
         of the game.
    10 - When boosting Brad's ARMS, I advise never to go for the hit %
         Why? Because you can better boost the attack power for more
         power and maybe a few extra bullets. For most (boss) enemies
         I strongly recommend only to use Brad's ARMS with "Lock On"
         so what sense does it make to boost the hit%?
    11 - The party I strongly recommend for all battles is Ashley, Brad
         and Lilka... When Ashley or Brad are inavailable I use Kanon
         as replacement... This goes for all battles unless this combination
         is not possible or unless stated otherwise by the specific boss...
         You can use any other party if you like, but this FAQ simply
         does not go about it!!
    *** Characters ***
    Ashley Winchester
    Description:   Musketeer who gain the power of evil
    Advantage:     Nothing really special. His evil powers can be handy sometimes
    Disadvantage:  His bayonet misses too easily and there's no way to lock on
    Joins:         Personal part first. Will start after personal parts are over
    Brad Evans
    Description:   War criminal... Or not?
    Advantage:     Strong! His ARMS are really STRONG too! :)
    Disadvantage:  AWFULLY SLOW, but his power is great enough to make his low 
                   speed an acceptable price.
    Joins:         Personal part first. Will join when you release him from jail
    Lilka Eleniak (Riruka in Japanese version)
    Description:   Young girl who's really unsure.
    Advantage:     VERY fast, and good spells. She can basically cast them
                   unlimmtedly, but there are some conditions.
    Disadvantage:  Very weak
    Joins:         Personal part first. Will join when Asley wants to visit
                   sir Valeria
    Tim Rymeless
    Description:   Boy with powers of the guardians
    Advantage:     With him in the front rank Lilka, Brad and Asley can summon
                   guardians. But if THAT's really an advantage :/
    Disadvantage:  Even weaker than Lilka.
    Joins: :       When Ashley, Brad, Lilka and Irving Valeria are discussing
                   with the Chief of Baskar.
    Description:   Bounty Hunter who wants to kill the evil powers of Ashley's.
    Advantage:     Very fast
    Disadvantage:  Defesive abilities are pretty low. As some battles that can
                   cost you dearly. Without her "Gat" forces her attacks are
                   awfully weak too...
    Joins:         When Judecca shows up in Holst.
    Description:   Mysterious girl. Secret party member
    Advantage:     Don't know you tell me...
    Disadvantage:  I expected something better from a secret party member.
                   Too weak, and no interesting spells. Her "skill drain"
                   Misses most of the time
    Joins:         When you find her in the Crimson Castle, South of Guild 
                   Galad. Use Lombardia to get there.
    Remark:        Having Marievel in your party allows you to get to 
                   optional bonus parts of the game and to meet optional 
    A few extra characters who won't take place in boss battles:
    Description:   Sword magess. Ashley will meet her at the start of 
                   Disc 2
    Advantage:     Strong healing abilities
    Disadvantage:  Mostly her FP won't get high enough to take advantage
                   of her abilities, PLUS she's awfully slow
    Joins:         Start of Disc 2
    Description:   Guardian of desire. Sided with Anastasia in her battles
    Advantage:     Super fast, and some nice killer moves
    Disadvantage:  Rather weak, but not really a problem
    Joins:         Start of Disc 2
    ******* BOSSES DISC 1 ******* 
    Boss 01:      Kalivos (Ashley's First Boss)
    Introduced as:Sealed Monster weapon
    Difficulty:   Medium
    Party:        Ashley 2
    Location:     Withered Ruins
    Main HP:      400
    Body Parts:   Left Claw 200, Right Claw 200
    Experience:   100
    Cash:         550 Gella
    Preperation:  Bring some healing berries
    Going for his claws is recommended for the extra EXP, but it will make this guy
    rather harder than easier. Without his claws this fellow can only do laser
    breath which is 25+ damage, but his claw attacks are a lot weaker. It's a nice
    thing to keep in mind.
    Boss 02:      Gremalkin (Brad's First Boss)
    Introduced as:Parasite Colony Monster
    Difficulty:   Medium
    Party:        Brad 2
    Location:     Green Hell
    Main HP:      480
    Body Parts:   Belly 200
    Experience:   ?
    Cash:         ?
    Preperations: Hope you didn't waste ammo on the enemies around here and I hope
                  you have some healing berries
    This guy has two strong attacks. "Roaring Burst" and a Parasite attack.
    The last one can be blocked by killing its belly. This guy needs his belly to
    perform the parasite attack. His Roaring Burst is the most powerful attack
    and can do 30+ attacks. 
    Using your Bazooka is advisable, but I suggest to do this only with
    "Lock On" to make sure it will never miss.
    Boss 03:       Olivier (Lilka's First Boss)
    Introduced as: Boundless Glutton Monster
    Difficulty:    Medium
    Party:         Lilka 2
    Location:      Palace Village
    Main HP:       300
    Body Parts:    Legs 220
    Weakness:      Fire (weakness legs = ice)
    Experience:    100
    Cash:          500 Gella
    Important in this fight is to watch Lilka's HP. Olivier has pretty strong attacks
    but Lilka can take advantage by her unlimmited supply of healing. Her Mystic
    Force is useless here so magic is unlimmited. However in the first turn you need
    to attack to build up Lilka's FP in order to use her magic. 
    If you want to get rid of the legs, then Freeze is the best attack you can use
    on the main body is "Flame". If you keep on using those spells and heal in time
    there's nothing to worry about.
    If you want an indication about when you must heal. His strongest attack does
    approx. 30 HP damage.
    ========================= P E R S O N A L   S K I L L ==========================
    Ashley will now start alone and soon Lilka will join. At this point I recommend
    to let Ashley go for "Up HP" and "Restore HP". Take the time during the game.
    There'll be another "personal skill" note when this should be finished.
    For Lilka I recommend to focus on "Up HP" first, since Lilka has very little
    HP (okay Tim has less, but until he joins Lilka is the weakest). As soon as
    "Up HP" is MAX you should go for "Restore HP" but I'll tell you when I began
    with that
    At the bottom of this FAQ I'll cut the Personal Skill's short
    Boss 04:      GAONIM
    Introduced as:Escapee Capture Robot
    Difficulty:   Easy
    Party:        Ashley 6, Brad 6, Lilka 4
    Location:     Prison
    Main HP:      2000
    Body Parts:   Right Claw 1000
    Experience:   ?
    Cash:         900 Gella (?)
    You biggest concern is to watch Lilka's health, since she's awfully weak, but
    still she can survive his strongest attacks easily, as long as you heal in time.
    Brad may have the problem that his ARMS are out of ammo. It wasn't refilled
    after he fought that parasite thing. There's no point in refilling it now with
    a bullet load, since this guy is so easy that's it's only a waste of 
    valuable bullet loads. Having Ashley to use the bayonet may be nice and can
    shorten the fight (if he doesn't miss), but you can easily win this fight
    without it.
    ========================= P E R S O N A L   S K I L L ==========================
    Just before the previous boss, Brad has joined, but he wasn't able to buy skills
    until now. Basically I recommend the same skill program as for Ashley. Going
    for "Up HP" and "Restore HP" first.
    Boss 05:      Vagesta
    Introduced as:Mysterious Phantom Being
    Difficulty:   Very easy
    Party:        Ashley 10, Brad 9, Lilka 9
    Location:     Telepath Tower
    Main HP:      2500
    Body Parts:   Right Claw 1000, Left Claw 1000
    Experience:   1200
    Cash:         1200 Gella
    Preperations: Bring some medicines
    This guy is extreemly fast. That's annoying because of his "Distortion" move
    which makes him invulnerable to everything. Even "Lock On" will miss. 
    Never use your ARMS because they miss too easily since "Distortion" is 
    his favorite move. Ashley's bayonet may be used in combination with "Accelerator". 
    For the rest speeding up makes no sense.
    This guy has too weak attacks to talk about. His "Disease Breath" misses easily
    and if the everybody is hit, you may use Medicines in combination with "Mystic".
    The effect will be the same as Cecilia's Mystic in "Wild Arms I". For the rest
    should Lilka stand by as a healer and leave the fighting to her friends. If 
    Lilka is not required for healing (which easily happens here), she might as well
    attack or use "Flame" or "Freeze". Not that those spells hit him in his weakness
    but they do nice damage.
    ========================= P E R S O N A L   S K I L L ==========================
    Okay, Lilka may now have enough levels to have "HP up" to the maximum.
    Now use you PS points you'll aquire for "Restore HP" as soon as you aquire them.
    Boss 06: (O)   Special Cocytus Squad Member Ptolomea (1)
    Introduced as: Special Cocytus Squad Member
    Difficulty:    Medium
    Party:         Ashley 10, Brad 10, Lilka 10
    Location:      Mt. Chug-Chug
    Hitpoints:     3000
    Body Parts:    -
    Experience:    750
    Cash:          Not even 1 single Gella
    The music may suggest a mega-hard boss, but Ptolomea is not that hard. The
    only move you really have to watch out for is "Ptolomea Dynamite" which will
    hurt all party members pretty bad. Lilka should act as a healer and when only
    when you are in a real crisis you should use a heal berry in combination with 
    "Mystic". For the rest you should leave the healing with spells. Ashley and
    Brad have to be your offensive force. I mostly use normal attacks and Brad's
    ARMS in combination with "Lock On".
    Boss 07:       Elebart
    Introduced as: Thunderbolt Battle Monster
    Difficulty:    Easy
    Party:         Ashley 10, Brad 10, Lilka 10
    Location:      Life Reflector
    Main HP:       2500
    Body Parts:    Left Claw 1200, Right Claw 1200
    Experience:    2400 
    Cash:          2400 Gella
    Even since this guy is strong, he's soooo easy. I must admit that his attacks
    hurt you bad, but Lilka is fast and enough to heal everything and her "Heal"
    is strong enough to heal everything, and as long as you are not foolish enough
    to use "Mystic" you'll be able to use that spell unlimmited times. If you get
    rid of his claws he'll even become easier because his claws are required to
    do the heavy attacks.
    Boss 08:       Trask (1)
    Introduced as: Poisoned Dragnoid Monster
    Difficulty:    Easy
    Party:         Ashley 12, Brad 12, Lilka 12
    Location:      Halmetz
    Main HP:       3600
    Body Parts:    Crystal 1800
    Experience:    2250
    Cash:          Nothing at all
    Trask may be strong, but since he's soooo slow, Lilka can easily heal everybody.
    In case he shows up with "Poison Breath" to poison everybody it's good to know
    that Lilka has "Mystic". But watch out, "Mystic" costs FP. As usual use
    Ashley and Brad to attack. ARMS and bayonet are not required, but the fight will
    only take a little longer without them.
    Boss 09:       Trask (2)
    Difficulty:    Medium
    Party:         Ashley 13
    Location:      Prison
    Main HP:       3600
    Body Parts:    Crystal 1800
    Experience:    2250
    Cash:          2250 Gella
    Other rewards: Force move "Access"
    Ashley has to fight alone, and will start the battle in "Black Knight" form.
    In later battles Ashley will be able to use this form with the "Access" force.
    This guy is a lot weaker than the one you fought before, but the problem is that
    Lilka is not part of this fight, so she can't heal you any more, but you're
    not really gonna need it, though. Even "Heal Berries" will mostly not be 
    required. Let Ashley attack the Crystal until his FP are at least 50. Then he
    can use "Banisher". This will hurt this guy pretty bad. Ashley can't turn into
    the "Black Knight" any more (After this fight he can when he has 100 FP). But
    when Ashley has turned back into human form, this boss has lost so many HP that
    you need only a few turns to finnish him off.
    Boss 10:       Undiness
    Introduced as: Elemental Spirit
    Difficulty:    Medium
    Party:         Ashley 14, Brad 13, Lilka 13
    Location:      Lab
    Main HP:       4000
    Body Parts:    Belly 2000
    Experience:    2700
    Cash:          1350 Gella
    This fellow is extreemly fast, and that's your worst problem. Not only that,
    but his Hooky Dust is too strong for Lilka to heal, which means this fellow
    is gonna give you a hard time. On top of that you must save your ammo since 
    there's a huge dungeon ahead with another boss. Speeding up Lilka could make
    sense, but you'll need to do this more than once. Having Ashley to transform
    into the Black Knight is a nice thing to do, but it'll require some force, but
    since you must save your ammo the FP can easily be obtained. Banisher will do
    2200+ attack, so it's definatly worth a try.
    Boss 11: (O)    Liz and Ard (1)
    Introduced as:  Lead Sientic Researcher (Self-Styled) LIZ
                    And his Assistant ARD
    Difficulty:     Not that hard (yet)
    Party:          Ashley 16, Brad 15, Lilka 14
    Location:       Lab
    Hitpoints:      Liz 2000, Ard 3000
    Body Parts:     -
    Experience:     1500
    Cash:           Did you need money?
    It was a little predictable, but these annoying clumsy guys turn out to be 
    members of Odessa. They are rather fast, so there's a point in speeding up
    Lilka since she will have to act as the healer again. In the first turn Liz
    will poison Ard. Don't really know why. For the rest is Ard a master in strong
    single target blows and Liz prefers to use Homemade Bombs which will hurt
    everybody including Liz and Ard. I prefer personally to get rid of Ard first,
    but I don't think the order really matters. Emptying your ARMS and bayonet
    does pay off here. Of course ARMS is recommended with "Lock On". These guys
    have little hitpoints and are killed soon. Having Ashley to turn in the Black
    Knight is the same as my beloved comparing with the Chewbacca defense method.
    IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!! Before Ashley has enough FP to cast "Banisher", both
    silly sientists are mostly already killed.
    Boss 12:        Alphael
    Difficulty:     Easy
    Party:          Ashley 17, Brad 17, Lilka 16
    Location:       Valeria Chateau
    Main HP:        5000
    Body Parts:     Right Leg 2500, Left Leg 2500
    Experience:     5400
    Cash:           5400 Gella
    This little dragon is not fast at all and his attacks are not really strong.
    Lilka can easily heal them. If you get rid of his legs he might become more
    dangerous, since he'll change to group attacks. But that's not really a thread.
    Especially not when you were so wise to have the "Restore HP" skill. Personally
    I prefer not to use the bayonet, since it misses too easily, in stead of that,
    I let Ashley do normal attacks and transform into the Dark Knight. If Brad
    does his part with his ARMS and "Lock On" chances are high that "Banisher" will
    finish him off.
    ========================= P E R S O N A L   S K I L L ==========================
    Right after this boss, the time has come to welcome a new party member. Tim.
    Since Tim is incredibly weak I seldom use his services. Unfortunatyle he has
    one solo missions and two bosses for himself alone. Picking the right skills
    for him is recommended before he enters the trial arena (his first dungeon).
    "Restore HP" and "HP up" are the skills which are STRONGLY recommended.
    B.T.W. Have Tim to carry the "Odoryuk" medium. That will allow him to learn 
    "First Aid" which you'll need at the end of the game. Details will follow then.
    Boss 13:        Reguleus
    Introduced as:  Compound Plant Monster
    Difficulty:     Medium
    Party:          Ashley 18, Brad 18, Lilka 17, Tim 18
    Location:       Hidden Trial Arena
    Hitpoints:      5000
    Body Parts:     -
    Experience:     2000
    Cash:           2000 Gella
    Fighting at full force will kill him quickly, and you can't throw away on
    body parts since this guy simply doesn't have them. I strongly recommend to
    put Tim in the back to make sure he'll be ready for his solo part that will
    come next. Putting all your AMMO on this one is very nice, but beware that you
    can't refill before the next boss(es). Since Tim is on his own in the next 
    part, there's no point in saving on that. The really annoying thing about this 
    guy is that he's a master with status
    changes, so items to cure them are recommended.
    Boss 14:        Gehenna Neros
    Introduced as:  Transforming Ninja Monster
    Difficulty:     Pretty Easy
    Party:          Tim 18
    Location:       Hidden Trial Arena
    Hitpoints:      3000
    Body Parts:     -
    Experience:     4000
    Cash:           4000 Gella
    Recommendation: I hope Tim has already "First Aid". You'll need it by the next
                    boss and there are no more chances to get it.
    Pooka will basically explain how to defeat him, but I'll tell it again. 
    Basically fight until Tim has 50 FP (Force level 2) then make sure Tim is 
    carrying the Grudiev medium and use the force "Combine".
    Boss 15: (O)    Special Cocytus Squad Member Antenora (1)
    Introduced as:  Special Cocytus Squad Member
    Difficulty:     Hard
    Party:          Ashley 18, Brad 18, Lilka 18
    Location:       Valeria Chateau
    Hitpoints:      6000
    Body Parts:     -
    Experience:     ?
    Cash:           Sorry! No cash!
    Preperations:   Have everything that cures status changes
    Antenora hates killing. Well, when fighting her you'd hardly notice. Of all the
    Cocytus members, I personally hate her the most, and when fighting her you'll
    soon find out why I call her "Miss Beam". She does not do much damage (but
    that's only because it's the first time we meet her), but she's an expert
    in status changes at random, and she has a rather powerfull "Shockwave" which
    hurts everybody. Those beam-moves are the next time we meet her even more 
    dangerous. Using everything you have is your best trump card. Heavy Fire ARMS
    and the Black Knight can shorten this fight. Lilka should act as the healer.
    Casting "Rise&Shine" over her will prevent she'll fall asleep by Antenora's 
    moves. Antenora is by far the most annoying member of Odessa.
    Boss 16:        Special Cocytus Squad Member Judecca (1)
    Introduced as:  Special Cocytus Squad Member
    Difficulty:     Rather easy
    Party:          Tim 19
    Location:       Valeria Chateau
    Hitpoints:      3600
    Body Parts:     -
    Experience:     1500
    Cash:           Nope!
    Preperations:   See previous "Personal Skill" talk and have the spell "First 
    This will be the easiest fight with an Odessa member. Judecca's moves will
    not hurt Tim really bad. The only thing to watch out for is his move "Miriam", 
    it can do 300+ attack, but with "First Aid" you can easily heal that.
    Normal attacks will do nice and use "First Aid" to heal. Using "Combine" to call
    to Gurdiev will do more damage to Judecca, but be sure to keep enough FP to 
    heal. The good thing about "First Aid" is that it's not only a healing move, 
    but also an "Accelator". Two moves in one :)
    Boss 17:        Blastodon
    Introduced as:  Explosive Red Thunder Toad
    Difficulty:     Pretty Easy, but watch out
    Party:          Ashley 19, Brad 18, Lilka 18, Tim 19
    Location:       Valeria Chateau
    Main HP:        6000
    Body Parts:     Left Pouch 3000, Right Pouch 3000
    Experience:     4500
    Cash:           4500 Gella
    Preparations:   Have some Antidotes and Pixie Dust
    Weakness:       Fire
    It's basically raining bosses, but this is the last one for now. Problem is
    that Antenora and Reguleus have eaten all your ammo. But there's no point in
    refilling them. This guy is easy enough to beat without them. I prefer Tim in
    the bak row. Even since Lilka can't heal the entire party in once, she can 
    easily keep it up with this guy. Only when you are in a real crisis you should
    use Tim to be able to summon Odoryuk (Heal some HP restore all status and revive
    dead party members) or to cast "First Aid". But when you play it clever you'll
    seldom need to do that. Lilka should be the healer and if needed somebody else
    could heal the statusses, if no healing is required but there are some status
    changes we could as well leave it to Lilka. If absolutly no healing is required
    Lilka could cast Flame since that is his weakness. As for Brad, if you still
    got some AMMO you can use it on this guy, but before you can reach a ARMS 
    meister there is one more boss (sigh). Ashley could concentrate on his monster
    form to get him with Banisher. For the Bayonet I suggest to save you ammo.
    Boss 18: (O)    Special Cocytus Squad Member Ptolomea (2)
    Difficulty:     Pretty Easy
    Party:          Ashley 20, Brad 20, Lilka 19, Tim 20
    Location:       Warship Verukisas
    Hitpoints:      7500
    Body Parts:     -
    Experience:     4500 (?)
    Cash:           0, 0 and once again 0 Gella
    Preparations:   Lilka should have "Shield"
    Ptolomea's back. He's stronger, but not really difficult. Relatively he damages
    you less than before. Especially when you have "Restore HP" at lv 2 or 3 which
    should be by now, you'll don't need to heal so much. Tim should stay at the
    back row, since his services are not required. His weakness would rather bother
    you than help you. Your ARMS may be empty because you had 3 bosses without 
    meeting and ARMS meister, but hey, you don't need that crap, so there's no point
    in refilling your ARMS. The fight can get shorter by it, but basicially using
    ARMS or the bayonet is just a waste of ammo. Your forces will increase quickly
    in this fight, so go for the Black Knight and "Banisher". That's the cheapest
    way and the fight will not take very long either this way.
    ========================= P E R S O N A L   S K I L L ==========================
    Okay, by now it's possible that one ore more party members have "Restore HP" 
    and "Up HP" set to its maximum. 
    Nice skills are "Convert FP" on the party members you use most... For me that
    are Ashley, Brad and Lilka... Not really helpfull on bosses, but it saves
    you a lot of healing taking dungeons...
    Another nice one to shorten the battles is "Critical". Don't ever use "Counter"
    Going for status blocking skills is handy when you are done with these...
    "Confusion", "Sleep", "Downhearted" are the ones most handy...
    Boss 19: (O)     Liz and Ard (2)
    Difficulty:      Medium
    Party:           Ashley 21, Brad 21, Lilka 21, Tim 22
    Location:        Gate Bridge
    Hitpoints:       Liz 3500, Ard 4000
    Body Parts:      -
    Experience:      3500
    Cash:            Sorry!
    Those annoying two lizards are back. This time Liz will disease Ard (don't know
    why). For the rest are Ard's attacks much stronger than before. Lilka can 
    hardly keep it up, but if yo got "Restore HP" on all party members it'll solve
    a small part of the problem. Liz will throw once again strange bombs that'll
    hurt everybody. Don't throw away you ammo on these two, since if you go for
    the Black Knight and Banisher the fight will actually take as long as with ARMS
    plus after you win this fight, Liz will summon a new boss for you (sigh)
    Boss 20:        Trask version 2.0
    Introduced as:  Biogenic Dragnoid
    Difficulty:     Not that hard
    Party:          Ashley 22, Brad 22, Lilka 21, Tim 22
    Location:       Gate Bridge
    Main HP:        5000
    Body Parts:     Crystal 3500
    Experience:     5250
    Cash:           5250 Gella
    If you saved your ammo on Liz and Ard, it will pay off now. If Brad keeps on
    using his Bazooka (Locked on) this guy will be dealt with soon. Going for the
    Black Knight is a bit pointless, because chances are great that his guy is 
    killed before you can use "Banisher", on the flip side of the coin, you can
    use it to re-init Ashley's forces so his "Restore HP" will keep on working
    which won't happen since there's no point in using your forces for other reasons
    Of course, this will disable your bayonet, but you don't need that crappy
    weapon anyway. Once again Lilka should act as the healer. In most cases she can
    keep it up easily. Only his "Blink Around" is too strong for her to heal since
    it does 1000+ damage. This is especially bad for Lilka since she has the lowest
    ammount of HP (You were so wise to keep Tim in the back row, I hope).
    === M E G A    I M P O R T A N T                                             ===
    ===                                             M E G A    I M P O R T A N T ===
    After completing the next dungeon "Green Hell" you'll reach T'Bok. The dog
    Brad has met at the start of the game will bring you a teleport orb. Now
    leave T'Bok and use the orb to warp to Sielje. Go to the library and talk to
    a girl who'll mention Day. A citizen of Sielje who lives isolated to study
    higher forms of magic. There's also a book about Teleport Orbs here. Read it.
    Now leave Sielje and put Lilka in the lead. Let her use the Orb to warp to a
    spot at random and she'll mess up again and you'll end up on a small island.
    Search here and you'll get by Day's hideout. Here Lilka can learn high magic.
    You'll need it! Especially the spells "Restore" and "Hi-Heal" will become of
    terrible importance. Before Day wants to teach you that you'll need to send a
    report to the girl at the library of Sielje who mentioned Day before, but that's
    not such a big problem is it?
    === M E G A    I M P O R T A N T                                             ===
    ===                                             M E G A    I M P O R T A N T ===
    Boss 20:        Kanon (1)
    Difficulty:     Medium
    Party:          Ashley 23, Brad 22, Lilka 22, Tim 23
    Location:       Slayheim Castle
    Hitpoints:      5500
    Body Parts:     -
    Experience:     3700
    Cash:           Cash?
    Preperations:   Lilka should have the spells "Hi-Heal" and "Quick"
    Kanan is super fast. And her attacks are rather strong. You should speed up
    Lilka at least twice, or you'll be in big trouble. Lilka will need "Hi-Heal"
    to keep it up with Kanon's attacks. Problem is that you'll need rather much
    FP for that. If you keep Lilka's forces alone as long as possible and you may
    be able to cast it. Brad should use his bazooka (Locked On). Letting Ashley
    transform into the Black Knight makes not much sense except that setting his
    force level to 0 will reactivate his "Restore HP" skill. Mostly the fight is
    won before Ashley can use Banisher.
    One problem is that she'll be back for more fights, which you'll have to fight
    without Brad. 
    Boss 21: (O)    Special Cocytus Squad Member Antenora (2)
    Difficulty:     Medium
    Party:          Ashley 24, Lilka 23, Tim 24
    Location:       Alchemic Plant
    Hitpoints:      7000
    Body Parts:     -
    Experience:     3700
    Cash:           Qu'est-ce que c'est?
    Preparations:   Lilka's spells "Hi-Heal", "Restore" and "Quick"
                    Tim's spells   "First Aid"
    Problem number one! Brad's gone, and it will stay that way for a pretty long 
    while and there are some bad bosses around here. Oh well. No that we have
    Tim in the front rank he may make himself useful. With his "First Aid" spell
    he can be of some help against Antenora's "Shockwave". Unfortunatly this spell
    is not strong enough to heal completly after "Shockwave", but it helps nicely
    and when Tim casts "First Aid", he'll always be faster than Antenora who is
    pretty quick. Speeding up Lilka once, might be required for stronger healing
    for one person with "Hi-Heal" or to "Restore" status changes, which Antenora
    easily causes. I suggest to let Lilka wear the "Odoryuk" medium and to let her
    summon "Odoryuk" (which is possible since Tim is in front rank now), but keep
    in mind that she needs at least 55 FP to cast "Hi-Heal" which is an important
    spell. Tim could summon "Grudiev" if he doesn't need to aid the party and when
    you are sure that he'll have at least 24 FP left after the summoning.
    About Ashley. You may have noticed that I don't really like his bayonet. It 
    misses too easily (I know you can upgrade it, but that blocks the possibility
    to make it more powerfull, which is needed to keep it up with later enemies) 
    and with normal attacks your forces go up quicker. Going for the Black Knights
    Banisher will be done more quickly and in most cases "Banisher" will finish the
    Boss 22: (O)    Special Cocytus Squad Member Caina (1)
    Introduced as:  Special Cocytus Squad Member
    Difficulty:     Medium
    Party:          Ashley 24, Lilka 23, Tim 24
    Location:       Emulator Zone
    Hitpoints:      7200
    Body Parts:     -
    Experience:     3700
    Cash:           Now I think about it. Did we ever meet an Odessa member who had
    Preparations:   Lilka: "Hi-Heal", "Restore", "Quick". Tim: "First Aid"
    Going for high spells and Guardians makes no real sense, since "Banisher" is the
    best way to silence her. Caina's attacks are rather strong so Lilka and Tim are
    most of the time busy healing. Guardians will basically mess up the FP needed
    for "Hi-Heal" and "First Aid". Odoryuk is nice in case of emergency. Especially
    since Caina has a move that hurts everybody causing status changes at random.
    In some FAQs I heard that people are affraid of her "4D Hypo Blast". Well 
    personally I laugh about that spell. "4D Hypo Blast" is a 700+ attack, but Lilka 
    can heal that easily, so why would we be affraid? It could be wise however to
    speed up Lilka to make sure she's faster than Caina, because Caina is pretty
    quick. For Tim it makes no sense since it takes too long to speed him up and
    his "First Aid" is always quicker, so why doing that.
    Missing Brad is not really a problem here. Just keep on attacking, transform
    Ashley into the Black Knight and use Banisher and most of the times she'll be
    defeated by that.
    Maybe you noticed that she counters easily, just like Antenora. Oh well, her
    counters are not that bad actually.
    Boss 23:       Kanon (2)
    Difficulty:    Hard
    Party:         Ashley 24, Lilka 24, Tim 24
    Location:      Emulation Zone
    Hitpoints:     8000
    Body Parts:    -
    Experience:    4000
    Cash:          No cash!
    Preparations:  Just like Caina. There's no way to take the preparations anyway
                   anymore if you didn't take them before. B.T.W. Lilka's spells
                   will be asked for preparations for ALL the next bosses, so
                   I won't say it any more.
                   Maybe "Hi-Revive" is a handy spell.
    How the hell did *SHE* get in here? It doesn't matter. Problem is that she's
    a little bit harder than before. Main reason is that you have to miss Brad
    for now. Tim is MUCH too weak for her. Chances that he gets killed in one
    blow are EXTREEMLY high. So most of this battle lies in the hands of Ashley
    and Lilka. If you want Tim to survive, just let him defend, and nothing else.
    Kanon is VERY fast, so speeding up Lilka at least twice is absolutly
    nescesary if you want to win this fight. The good thing is that Kanon can only
    attack one target in once, but that doesn't mean she won't give you a hard time.
    If Tim passes out, there's no big point in Reviving him, if you do only do it
    with the Hi-Revive spell and never use "Full Revives" on him. You need them 
    badly later and Tim is not much of help in this fight. Of course he could be
    able to help with Guardian powers, but chances that he gets killed before he
    has enogh FP are high. Ashley should just attack (No bayonet. It misses easily
    and it'll block his forces and the "Restore HP" skill). The Black Knight and
    "Hot Fencer" and "Banisher" damage her, but it's possible she survives it. 
    No matter, the fight will not really take that long after that. 
    If you want to use the guardians in this fight (I personally only use
    Odoryuk in emergency situations) it's good to know that even when Tim is dead
    you can summon guardians, because Pooka is still alive then and that Odoryuk
    can revive dead allies, but it's not really big deal.
    Boss 24:      Kanon (3)
    Difficulty:   Hard
    Party:        Ashley 25, Lilka 25, Tim 25
    Location:     Closed Mine Shaft
    Hitpoints:    9000
    Body Parts:   -
    Experience:   4200
    Cash:         Nothing
    Preparations: Just as before
    The last time, at last. Kanon is still as fast as ever so Lilka needs to 
    speed up twice. Tim is killed easily again and if you are unlucky even
    Lilka may loose her life in one blow. For Tim goes the same story...
    Just let him defend all the time... Ashley is the only one which stands
    a chance, but Lilka is nice to have stand by. Tim's services are not really
    usefull, except that he allows everybody to summon guardians. Be he doesn't
    need to live for that possibility. Using guardians may hurt her bad (if
    you get the chance), but my personal method is to go for my beloved
    Black Knight and Banisher.
    Boss 25: (O)  Special Cocytus Squad Member Judecca (2)
    Difficulty:   Medium
    Party:        Kanon 25
    Location:     Holst
    Hitpoints:    5000
    Body Parts:   -
    Experience:   4200
    Cash:         Once again nothing at all
    Judecca is in fact rather easy, but since this is the first time you have 
    control over Kanon, you're not able to give her Personal Skills. Basically
    you've to watch out for "Miriam" which will do 700+ attack. But be carefull
    with your healing since you must depend on berries which are very rare.
    (You can't buy new ones until you meet Marievel)
    Fortunatly this is a short fight especialy when you rely on Kanon's special
    skills, especially when you use them in combination with her "Gat." forces.
    On rare occasions his "Douglas" might paralyze you... Oops... If that happens
    you'll nearly always loose the battle...
    ========================= P E R S O N A L   S K I L L ==========================
    Okay, Kanon has joined and after defeating Judecca she'll join the party.
    Of course, it's important to give her the right personal skills.
    First of course "Restore HP" and "Up HP" to the maximum and then go for
    "Confusion" and "Critical", other good skills are "Sleep" and "Paralysis".
    Boss 26: (O)   Liz and Ard (3)
    Difficulty:    Medium / Hard
    Party:         Ashley 25, Lilka 25, Tim 25, Kanon 25
    Location:      Coffin 100 eyes
    Hitpoints:     Liz 4500, Ard 5000
    Body Parts:    -
    Experience:    4500
    Cash:          4500 Gella
    The last we'll see of Liz and Ard. God knows what happens to them. Liz will
    poison and disease Ard. Ard can do very powerfull blows, so "Hi-Heal" is 
    strongly recommended, but be prepared that you can't cast it right away which
    will cause you a lot of trouble. For God's sake keep Tim in the back and let
    Ashley, Lilka and Kanon fight this battle. Liz will go for his bombs again
    which are much more powerfull as before. Kanon's skills are very handy and
    your best trump card to end this battle soon, especially with "Gat." forces.
    Unfortunatly to me happened that Ard struck her down because Lilka didn't have
    enough FP to cast "Hi-Heal". That's a true pity, but when that happens the 
    fastest way is to go for "Banisher", if you are so fortunate that Kanon survives
    they will mostly be killed before you can do that and then it makes no real 
    sense. In any way, Lilka should stay alive at all costs. She is the only one
    with magic powerfull enough to heal everybody once she has enough FP and THAT'S
    you biggest problem. Once Lilka has enough FP, this battle is much easier.
    One problem. Once again Liz will summon another boss after you won this fight!
    Boss 27:       Arms Killer
    Introduced as: Robotic Monster Assassin
    Difficulty:    Medium
    Party:         Ashley 25, Lilka 25, Tim 25, Kanon 25
    Location:      Coffin 100 Eyes
    Main HP:       8000
    Body Parts:    Right Claw 3000, Left Claw 3000
    Experience:    10,000
    Cash:          10,000 Gella
    Okay, this guy has 1000+ attacks, but the regeneration granted by the "Restore
    HP" skill saves you a lot of frustration. If you go for his claws first then
    going for Banisher makes sense and will do 4000+ attack, and since the bayonet
    misses too easily I don't like wasting my bullets on them. Kanon can do very
    much damage by using her skills in combination with "Gat". I recommend not to
    use her level 2 skills (if you have them) with Gat since her level 1 skills
    are almost as powerfull. The diffrence is too little to wast your forces on the
    level 2 skills, unless you want to use them without "Gat" but that's not really
    Even since Lilka's "Heal" is too weak, she can keep it up with this guy until
    she gets "Hi-Heal" since the forces go rather fast here.
    Boss 28:       Fake Brad
    Difficulty:    Not that hard
    Party:         Brad 23
    Location:      Alchemist Plant
    Body Parts:    -
    Experience:    5000
    Cash:          Not even fake money
    Items:         Uppercut
    The heaviest attack from this guy I had was "Bazooka" which does 1000+ attack,
    still if you're lucky you can win this fight without even using items. Use your
    best ARM on him with "Lock On" and this fight is over rather soon.
    ===                                N O T E                                   ===
    Now we got four diablo pillars. A mission with many bosses, but I'm sure you 
    won't encounter them in exactly the same order I did since you may choose this
    pillars in your own order. The last boss I encountered in this is Judecca, so
    until Judecca, the order may be a little bit random.
    Another thing is that from now on you'll be able to obtain Extend...
    The only reason why I put this in my FAQ is because nearly all other FAQs are
    wrong about this move or give you half information. To avoid further questions
    if you missed it here you *CAN* obtain it later, as well (in spite of what some
    other FAQs say)...
    Here goes... Go to Sielje and talk to that same girl you spoke to and gave the
    high crest. She'll say that she's tired of spreading high magic throughout the
    world... Now warp to the Island Outpost and talk to Day (with Lilka in the lead)
    and you'll obtain Extend.
    That's the only way to do it...
    ===                                N O T E                                   ===
    Boss 29:       Drawdo
    Introduced as: Shapeless Slime Monster
    Difficulty:    Medium
    Party:         Ashley 26, Brad 26, Lilka 26, Tim 26, Kanon 26
    Location:      Diablo Pillar Caina
    Main HP:       9600
    Body Parts:    Left Head 4800, Right Head 4800
    Weakness:      Fire
    Experience:    10,000
    Cash:          10,000 Gella
    This guy is not super hard. Going all out with your ARMS is an option, but you
    can't get out of here before fighting Caina later. Banisher will do 4000+ at
    once and is a nice option, since it's a safer way than the bayonet, which may
    do 1000+ attacks, unless it misses, which happens most of the time even when 
    you boosted it to 80+% hit chance. And Ashley can hit pretty hard and if you
    already have the "Critical" skill is no point in using the bayonet. If you
    want to try the "Rail Gun", Brad's new ARM which you automaticly aquired after
    he gets back then this is the fight to do it. It only requires 99 FP so there's
    no big point in doing it, but this is not such a hard fight, so if you really
    want you can do it, but use it with "Lock On", or it misses too easily and it's
    an act of total stupidity to boost the hit% of that thing. Lilka should act as
    the healer and the spells "Hi-Heal", "Heal" and "Restore" are important here.
    This guy has not very strong attacks, but sometimes he uses very nasty status
    changes like "Poison Sleep", "Downhearted" and "Forgetfullness". So be prepared 
    to that. Casting "Rise & Shine" on Lilka will prevent her to fall asleep and 
    you'll be grateful that you did. But chances are high that you're not in big
    trouble if she falls asleep.
    Personally I keep Kanon and Tim at the background. If you really want Kanon 
    could replace Ashley or Brad, but I prefer not to. I keep Tim on the background
    since he's too weak, and there are better ways than guardians in this fight.
    Boss 27: (O)   Special Cocytus Squad Member Caina (2)
    Difficulty:    Medium
    Party:         Ashley 27, Brad 27, Lilka 27, Tim 27, Kanon 27
    Location:      Diablo Pillar Caina
    Hitpoints:     18000
    Body Parts:    -
    Experience:    7,000
    Cash:          7,000 Gella
    Caina has not changed much since we encountered her first. She's only a bit
    stronger. In the first battle "Quick" was required, but now you may easily
    live without it. Since Caina has rather strong attacks the forces improove 
    rather quickly so Banisher is an option. Brad may empty his ARMS on this one,
    because after defeating her you'll leave the dungeon immediatly. Just as before
    she counters easily and her moves are "4D Hypo Blast" and "Gate of Isolde".
    "4D Hypo Blast" is a 1000+ attack, but not a serious thread. "Gate Of Isolde"
    is your worst nightmare in this fight, just as before it hurts all the party
    members causing status changes at random. Casting "Rise & Shine" on Lilka may
    prevent that your healer falls asleep.
    With Ashley, Brad and Lilka this fight is easily won. Kanon could be a nice 
    replacement for Ashley or Brad, but I mostly leave her at the back, since
    Ashley and Brad have better defensive abilities. Tim is too weak to be at the
    front. Sorry for the guardians, but the price is too high. 
    But you may try it. Maybe you survive :/
    Boss 28:       Prisnum
    Introduced as: Humanoid Mirrage
    Difficulty:    Easy
    Party:         Ashley 28, Brad 27, Lilka 27, Tim 28, Kanon 28
    Location:      Diablo Pillar Antenora
    Main HP:       9500
    Body Parts:    Chest 9500
    Experience:    7,500
    Cash:          7,500 Gella
    This guy is very easy. He usually does 600+ attacks to everybody, so Lilka can
    easily keep it up when it comes to healing. I use Brad and Ashley for the 
    offense as usual. There's no real point in using the rail gun since it takes too
    long before Brad can use it and in the mean time he could have done much more 
    damage with other ARMS. For Ashley I still recommend "Banisher" since I hate
    his bayonet (I case you didn't know). Banisher will do 4000+ attack.
    Boss 29: (O)   Special Cocytus Squad Member Antenora (3)
    Difficulty:    Hard
    Party:         Ashley 28, Brad 28, Lilka 28, Tim 28, Kanon 28
    Location:      Diablo Pillar Antenora
    Hitpoints:     16000
    Body Parts:    -
    Experience:    7,000
    Cash:          7,500 Gella
    Antenora is still the same as ever. The good thing is that this is the last time
    we'll meet her. Basically I use the same strategy as for the other bosses,
    Ashley to go for "Banisher" and Brad to empty his ARMS on her. Lilka should act
    as healer and she can keep it up, but Antenora is stronger now and her random
    status changes are a big problem. Much can be solved by starting the fight with
    "Rise & Shine" over Lilka so she can't fall asleep.
    Boss 30:       Belleclaire
    Introduced as: Explosive Emperor Monster
    Difficulty:    Very EXTREEMLY hard
    Party:         Ashley 29, Brad 28, Lilka 28, Tim 29, Kanon 29
    Main HP:       9600
    Body Parts:    Drill 4800, Chest 4800
    Location:      Diablo Pillar Ptolomea
    Experience:    10,000
    Cash:          10,000 Gella
    Preperations:  I hope you have some "Full Revive"s
    Of all the regular bosses (forgetting the optional bosses), Belleclaire is the
    hardest fight in the game. Why, because he kills Lilka in one blow and there's
    nothing you can do about it... That's why. So you may also guess what would 
    happen to Tim if you're foolish enough to get him in the front rank. Kanon is
    also killed too easily, the only two who stand a chance against him are Brad and
    Ashley, but they'll need Lilka's help. Well, how's that for a dilemma? Well, if
    you are high enough in level and you shield Lilka in the first turn you may have
    a small chance of survival, but there's nothing you can do against his 
    "Megaton Attack" which does 3000+, and if you're not carefull even Brad may be
    wiped out in one or two blows, so you understand that this guy is not a sissy.
    Not to mention that he has 1000+ on all party members. Getting rid of his Drill
    might be a good idea since it can do 2000+ attack, but you'll raise the chance
    of "Megaton Attack" (3000+) by doing that, so think before you act. As long as
    Lilka lives keep her healing everybody and DON'T EVEN THINK ON PUTTING KANON OR
    TIM IN THE FRONT RANK. Going for Banisher and the Rail Gun is quickly done since
    your FP increase rather fast because of the powerfull attacks and this guy may
    be killed rather quickly. Your biggest problem is not his HP but to survive.
    Boss 31: (O)   Special Cocytus Squad Member Ptolomea (3)
    Difficulty:    Medium
    Party:         Ashley 29, Brad 29, Lilka 29, Tim 29, Kanon 29
    Hitpoints:     20000
    Body Parts:    -
    Location:      Diablo Pillar Ptolomea
    Experience:    7,000
    Cash:          ?
    You may relax after Belleclaire, Ptolomea is much easier. This is a nice job
    for Ashley, Brad and Lilka. Maybe use Kanon as replacement for Brad or Ashley.
    Going for Banisher could be nice since you forces increase rather quickly.
    Ptolomea has no status changes, only a few strong attacks. Iron Sabre will
    do 1300+ on Brad and 1500+ on Lilka. Ptolomea Dynamite will cause 1000+ on
    all party members. So actually no big deal, Lilka can keep up the healing
    very easily. Especially when her forces are high enough to cast "Hi-Heal".
    If you would happen to have the force "Extend" (I don't know where to get it
    though) I can say DON'T EVER USE IT, because in this fight it'll only bring
    ou in trouble since it costs 75 FP, and Lilka can keep it up easily without
    Boss 32:       Jasoul
    Introduced as: Aggresive Poltergeist
    Difficulty:    Basically easy, but he has a deadly surprise
    Party:         Ashley 30, Brad 29, Lilka 29, Tim 30, Kanon 30
    Main HP:       9200
    Body Parts:    Left Claw 4600, Right Claw 4600
    Location:      Deserted City
    Experience:    10,000
    Cash:          10,000 Gella
    Please help me remember that I'm gonna kill the guy who came up with the idea
    to do this dungeon before Judecca's Diablo Pillar. I've been searching for hours
    to get there. Okay, enough about that. The fact is that I found this guy and 
    that I'll have to tell you now what he can do. Well, this guy is pretty easy 
    most of the time he'l only do 300+ attack, but get off guard, his Coloric Nova
    which he almost never uses is a 1000+ attack on all party members, and his
    Life Force can drain 1000+, I even saw 3500+ drain happen on Ashley (of course
    he died), but most of the time this guy won't cause you too much trouble
    Boss 33:       Magmalizer
    Introduced as: Red Hot Lava Monster
    Difficulty:    Easy
    Party:         Ashley 30, Brad 30, Lilka 30, Tim 30, Kanon 30
    Main HP:       9500
    Body Parts:    Head 9500
    Location:      Diablo Pillar Judecca
    Weakness:      Ice
    Experience:    7,500
    Cash:          7,500 Gella
    This guy is so easy. Msot of the time he uses a fire crystal that does
    approx 600 damage on everybody , so Lilka can easily keep it up with the 
    healing. So why talk about this guy, when I don't need to.
    Oh one warning though.... Ice IS his weakness, but never use it on him.
    Because of his Mirror Coat you'll get it back. And especially don't use
    Hi-Freeze. Lilka is strong enough to kill herself if you are foolish
    enough to try that. 
    Boss 34: (O)   Special Cocytus Squad Member Judecca (3)
    Difficulty:    Pretty Easy
    Party:         Ashley 31, Brad 30, Lilka 31, Tim 31, Kanon 31
    Body Parts:    -
    Location:      Diablo Pillar Judecca
    Experience:    7000
    Cash:          7000 Gella
    Judecca is not a real problem. His move Douglas is not really that strong,
    if you are unlucky it can cause paralysis, but that does seldom happen.
    Miriam is much stronger (1000+), but Lilka must be able to heal against that. 
    Sidewinder may be the problem since it's a group attack, but Judecca likes to 
    pick his moves at random so mostly you can get through this fight rather easily. 
    I use Ashley and Brad of offense and Lilka for healing. Kanon may 
    be used to replace Ashley or Brad. If you want to use your ARMS, bayonet or 
    Black Knight I'll leave it up to you, but you probably know which technique I used
    to follow. As long as Lilka can keep it up with the healing, Judecca is by far 
    the easiest member of the whole Odessa crew.
    Boss 35: (O)   Leader of Odessa: Vinsfeld Rhamadantus (1)
    Introduced as: Leader Of Odessa
    Difficulty:    Rather hard
    Party:         Ashley 31, Brad 31, Lilka 31, Tim 31. Kanon 31
    Hitpoints:     24000
    Body Parts:    -
    Location:      Heimdal Gazzo
    Experience:    10,000
    Cash:          Er....
    After kicking the Odessa member's butt, we finally get the chance to get the 
    big bad guy himself. If you thought this is not an easy win, you're right!!!
    Vinsfield is usually very eager to use his move "Incur my wrath" very much
    which does 1000+ damage and a chance of instant kill. Lilka can hardly keep it
    up with the healing, but you can make it. Don't use Tim for his "First Aid",
    cause it's too weak, plus that Tim is killed too easily. But on the other hand
    this move is the best Vinsfeld has. His "4D Hypo Blast" is much weaker than
    Caina's. Speeding up Lilka once is recommendable since Vinsfeld is rather quick.
    I keep saying that I use Lilka for the healing, hard as it can be if Vinsfeld is
    really on his "Incur my wrath" round, and use Ashley and Brad for the offense.
    Boss 36: (O)   Leader of Odessa: Vinsfeld Rhamadantus (2)
    Difficulty:    Very easy
    Party:         Ashley 32
    Hitpoints:     12000
    Body Parts:    -
    Location:      Heimdal Gazzo
    Experience:    10,000
    Cash:          ?
    Oh thought you were rid of him... NOT! And this time Ashley may fight him all by
    himself. Of course this time it's much easier to win. If you don't use your 
    bayonet (here I go again) you will not only save ammo, your forces will go 
    quicker and if you have "Restore HP" skill to the max (must be by now), you will
    never have to heal yourself (if you are lucky). He has normal attacks of 200+
    (Wow) and "4D Hypo Blast" of 500 (WOOW), and he throws some turns away by assist
    magic. Going for the Black Knight will reset the forces so that the "Restore HP"
    will have sense again. Very much reasons to leave the bayonet and to go for
    == END OF DISC 1 ==
    ******* BOSSES DISC 2 ******* 
    Boss 37: (O)  Special Cocytus Squad Member Caina (3)
    Difficulty:   Easy
    Party:        Ashley 33
    Hitpoints:    16000
    Body Parts:   -
    Location:     Lost Garden
    Experience:   7500
    Cash:         7500 Gella
    Odessa may be destroyed, but Caina lives. She's mad that Ashley killed Vinsfeld.
    Heh, and she thinks she has the right to speak... Anyway, this fight is easy.
    Ashley will start the fight automaticly in the new Knight form. In this form 
    he's invulnerable to Caina's normal attacks, but she can still do "Gate Of 
    Isolde" and "4D Hypo Blast". Well, the only thread is "Gate Of Isolde" because
    of its status changes. Never use his new strongest move. That'll reduce your
    HP to 1 and gives Caina and any other enemy that is to come an easy win.
    Gun Blaze and Banisher will work out very nicely.
    This is the last Odessa member we gotta fight.
    Boss 38a:      Grauswein (1)
    Introduced as: Nuclear Dragon
    Difficulty:    Hard
    Party:         Brad 32, Lilka 32, Kanon 32, Tim 32
    Main HP:       8000
    Body Parts:    Belly 8000
    Location:      Near Guild Galad, you'll get there automaticly with Valeria Chateau
    Experience:    15,000
    Cash:          15,000 Gella
    The color of this beast is odd since "Grau Swein" means "Grey Pig" in German.
    Oh well... This is the last present Odessa sent us. The nuclear dragon launched
    by Vinsfeld before he died. Another problem is that Ashley is not allowed in
    this fight. Personally I use Kanon as replacement, so my front rank is Kanon,
    Brad and Lilka. Lilka will have much trouble in her healing work, but she can
    do it, besides, Tim's First Aid much too weak for this. Problem is that his
    Meltdown can poison AND paralyze you. Especially that last thing can cause you
    a lot of trouble. For the rest he can do "Killer Maser" (700/800+) and nuclear
    Sphere (1000+), so this is one hell of a job. Especially since Kanon's defensive
    abilities rather suck, and Lilka is also not so strong in that. Well, 
    everything's better than Tim I suppose. Having Brad and Kanon for the offense is
    the best you have, and it's not good :(
    Boss 38b:    Grauswein (2)
    Difficulty:  Medium
    Party:       Ashley 33
    Main HP:     8000
    Body Parts:  Belly 8000
    Location:    Near Guild Galad, you'll get there automaticly with Valeria Chateau
    Experience:  15,000
    Cash:        15,000 Gella
    When the party automaticly retreats, Ashley will take it over all by himself 
    ignoring Irrving's orders. Now Grauswein may have much less HP, NOT! And
    don't think he's weaker. His attacks are still as strong as ever. The best and
    almost only way to get rid of him is to use the powers of Lord Blazer. At least
    Ashley starts the battle in Knight form and since he's alone his FP increase
    rather quickly. Banisher could do a 6000+ attack, but using Gun Blaze does maybe
    less damage (4000+) but will keep Ashley in his monster form. Using Gun Blaze
    all the time could finish this fight in four rounds (ignoring the rounds needed
    for healing).
    Boss 39:       Lombardia
    Introduced as: Dragon Caliber
    Difficulty:    Pretty Easy, but not to be underestimated
    Party:         Ashley 34, Brad 33, Lilka 33, Tim 33, Kanon 33
    Main HP:       8000
    Body Parts:    Belly 8000
    Location:      Sleeping Volcano
    Experience     15,000
    Cash:          15,000 Gella
    Before Lombadia lends you assistance he wants to see how strong you really are.
    His normal attacks are rather weak and will do 400+ on Lilka, so you can 
    imagine the damage on Ashley and Brad. You need to watch out for his
    "Dragonic Blaster", but Lilka can easily heal against it, especially since he
    doesn't use it that much. As long as you aren't foolish enough to put Tim in
    the front, there should be no danger at all.
    Okay.... From this point you will be able to meet Marivel who'll join you if you 
    visit her in the "Crimson Castle" south of Guild Galad (You can use Lombardia
    to get there). If it's wise to take her with you is very questionable. You can
    win the game without her, and her statistics suck. When playing the game for
    this "boss faq" I took her, but I took her in the back row most of the time,
    but if you really want to bring her along, well, why not? It's up to you...
    If you want to meet the optional bosses you'll need to take her though.
    The ghost of Vinsfeld is the only optional boss that doesn't require her
    For the personal skills of hers I recommend the same skills as for the other
    party members.
    Another note. The next four bosses can be met in random order, since you can do
    the next four dungeons in random order.
    Boss 40:       Wing Knight
    Introduced as: Spriggan
    Difficulty:    Rather easy
    Party:         Ashley 34, Brad 33, Lilka 34, Tim 34, Kanon 34, Marievel 34
    Main HP:       9000
    Body Parts:    Shield 9000
    Location:      Raypoint Muse
    Experience:    18,000
    Cash:          18,000
    There are four of these, and they are pratically all the same, so what I say 
    here goes for the other three as well. The first thing to do is speeding up
    Lilka to make sure she's faster. For the rest, whell, this knight will always
    start with mirror coat. That means that Lilka may NOT use any attacking magic
    because she'll feel the pain of her own spells. Lilka should act as a healer and
    if healing is not required, you may let her do normal attacks to increase her 
    FP. Ashley and Brad are my choices for the offense as usual. If you want to go
    for her shield (I take this knight for female) know this. She will basically
    go for the defense with defensive spells, which will basically throw turns away,
    after the shield is lost, it may happen that this knight will sometimes use
    a super spell of 2000+ damage on all party members. Since she uses this spell
    not very much Lilka can easily heal through it, but having her speeded up in
    the first turn is important, since the Knight also have "Blade Arm" which does
    1000+ damage (to one person). Going for the Rail Gun will pay off especially
    when you boosted the ammo of that thing at least once and the attack power of
    it a little bit more. Lock on is STRONGLY recommended. That thing really 
    shortens the fight. Going for Banisher can be nice, but by the time that you 
    can use it, a normal attack might also be fatal for this knight.
    Boss 41:       Flam Knight
    Introduced as: Spriggan
    Difficulty:    Rather Easy
    Party:         Ashley 36, Brad 34, Lilka 35, Tim 35, Kanon 35, Marievel 35
    Main HP:       9000
    Body Parts:    Shield 9000
    Location:      Raypoint Flam
    Experience:    18,000
    Cash           18,000 Gella
    See Boss 40
    Boss 42:       Muse Knight
    Introduced as: Spriggan
    Difficulty:    Rather Easy
    Party:         Ashley 36, Brad 35, Lilka 36, Tim 36, Kanon 36, Marievel 36
    Main HP:       9000
    Body Parts:    Shield 9000
    Location:      Raypoint Flam
    Experience:    18,000
    Cash           18,000 Gella
    See Boss 40
    Boss 43:       Geo Knight
    Introduced as: Spriggan
    Difficulty:    Rather Easy
    Party:         Ashley 37, Brad 35, Lilka 37, Tim 37, Kanon 37, Marievel 36
    Main HP:       9000
    Body Parts:    Shield 9000
    Location:      Raypoint Flam
    Experience:    18,000
    Cash           18,000 Gella
    See Boss 40
    Boss 44:       Larva
    Introduced as: Encroaching Parralel Universe
    Difficulty:    Annoying
    Party:         Ashley 39, Brad 37, Lilka 38, Tim 38, Kanon 38, Marievel 38
    Main HP:       10000
    Body Parts:    Mouth 10000
    Location:      Trapezohedron 
    Experience:    18,000
    Cash:          18,000 Gella
    Preparations:  Lilka's Spells: "Rise & Shine", "Restore", "Hi-Heal", "Heal"
    This guy is rather annoying than really dangerous. You biggest concern it to
    prevent that Lilka falls asleep. If you got "Rise & Shine" then cast it over
    her in the first turn and that problem has been taken care of. The problem of
    this guy is not really the damage he does because that's about 800+ on all
    party member witht the move "Ability Bind" which he doesn't use very much. 
    This guy is really fond of his move "Arc en Ciel" which can cause Disease,
    Forgetfullness, Nightmare and Silence on all partymembers (and maybe even more
    of which I was lucky I didn't get them). Most of the time Lilka needs to 
    restore everybody, more than she really needs to heal the HP. Having Ashley go
    for Banisher is nice, but not really needed. Especially not if you have Brad to
    use the Rail Gun. Once you got rid of its mouth, you should Brad use the Rail
    Gun in combination with "Boost". I got with my Rail Gun configuration an attack
    of 6500+, you of course, your configuration could be diffrent. A walktrough told
    me that this beast is sensitive to lightning spells. But since most of the time
    I need Lilka to restore and since Ashley and Brad are the best offense guys, I
    never came around to try it.
    ========================= P E R S O N A L   S K I L L ==========================
    Okay... before you enter the final dungeon, you should know that NOW is the last
    chance to update your personal skills, unless you want to walk extreme distances
    again and again, since it's a long walk to the final dungeon (Lombadia can't get
    really close) plus before you meet the first boss in the final dungeon (There 
    are 7 bosses you'll meet there) there's a LONG way to go. At the bottom of this
    FAQ I'll cut short my recommendations for skills.
    Extreemly important are "Restore HP", "Confusion", "Sleep". ALL THESE THREE MUST 
    BE SAID TO THE MAXIMUM! Without those three you'll have an EXTREEMLY HARD TIME!!
    For the other recommendations, see the Personal Skill section at the bottom of
    this FAQ. Good luck!!!
    Boss 45:        Grodine
    Introduced as:  Saucer Organism
    Difficulty:     Not difficult at all
    Party:          Ashley 39, Brad 38, Lilka 39, Tim 39, Kanon 39, Marievel 39
    Main HP:        10000
    Body Parts:     Left Claw
    Location:       Spiral Tower
    Experience:     18,000
    Cash:           18,000 Gella
    Grodine is by far one of the easiest bosses in the game, as long as you took the
    right personal skills, and since I've been yelling about that all the time I
    think you really got the message right now. Saving your AMMO is a very good idea
    since there are many bosses to come and it takes too long to go to a city and
    come back here again (but I think you found that out as well) :) 
    With his right claw he can do a 700+ attack. Okay, all together let's laugh 
    about it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... So that was that. The best he can do is "Bubble
    Cluster" a 850+ attack and diseaser. Lilka can so easily keep it up with the
    healing that you might get the chance to use "MageWeapon" to make this fight
    shorter and to save AMMO. (Especially saving the Rail Gun is a good idea). Going
    for Banisher works. It will do a 9000+ attack and finnish him off.
    Boss 47:       Manufestu
    Introduced as: Terrible Guardian Monster
    Difficulty:    Do you call this difficult?
    Party:         Ashley 41, Brad 40, Lilka 41, Tim 41, Kanon 41, Marievel 40
    Main HP:       10000
    Body Parts:    Left Knee 5000, Right Knee 5000
    Location:      Spiral Tower
    Experience:    ?
    Cash:          ?
    Okay, this is the last regular boss. After this we get the grand finale bosses,
    but that comes later. This boss is rather easy. His blast is only 800+, and his
    "Unmodified Spel???", which seems to be the best he can do. His normal attacks
    are a real laugh. 250+. Saving your ammo could be a wise thing, or at least your
    Rail Gun. Banisher will do the most damage. 10,000+ to be precisely, so it seems
    obvious which path you gotta take
    ******* THE GRAND FINALE BOSSES ******* 
    The grand finale in Wild Arms II is not really the same as you are used to see
    in an average RPG game. It contains three roots and a main part. The three roots
    need to be defeated by a diffrent party member and the main part by Ashley and
    the other party members. After that's done there'll be another boss, but that's
    another story.
    Which party members have to take which root or the main part depends on you. 
    During the dungeon Glaive Le Gable you get the question to split up and which
    party member must take which road. On of the best ways you can take is to let
    Brad take the first road which will make him fight the first root, Lilka the
    second road and Kanon the third. That will leave Ashley, Tim and Marievel for 
    the main part. This is the best way you can go for the next four battles and I
    really don't think that other combinations will stand a chance, since Brad, 
    Lilka and Kanon have the best offense and defense abilities (Ashley MUST take
    the main part, whether you want it or not), Tim and Marievel won't stand a 
    chance on their own against the roots, plus Tim has a great function in the 
    battle against the main part (thrust me).
    So to cut is short:
    Ashley   - Must take the main part, whether you want it or not
    Brad     - Let him take the first road
    Lilka    - Let her take the second road
    Kanon    - Let her take the third road
    Tim      - Should join Ashley in the main fight. (Big help for Ashley and too 
               weak for the roots)
    Marievel - Should join Ashley in the main fight. (Too weak for the roots)
    Oh of course when you don't have Marievel around there's no big trouble, she'll
    rather bother you than help you.
    Boss 48a:       First Root
    Introduced as:  Encroaching Parrallel Universe
    Difficulty:     Depends if you listen to me to take the right preparations
                    If you did, it's rather simple
    Location:       Glaive Le Gable
    Party:          Brad 41
    Hitpoints:      15000
    Body Parts:     -
    Experience:     -
    Cash:           -
    Preparations:   Right personal skills and 2 bullets in the Rail Gun
    Well, Brad is the only one who can have a rather easy win, since he's 
    extreemly strong. If you have "Restore HP" at the maximum, there's a small
    hance you don't even need to heal yourself. But be carefull, he can do
    1500+ attacks and can cause nasty status changes. Brad's FP will however
    increase drasticly and soon he can do Rail Gun in combination with Boost.
    I managed a 7000+ attack with my Rail Gun Configuration. Doing this twice
    will finnish him off...
    Be only preparad that Brad is slower than this guy.
    Boss 48b:       Second Root
    Introduced as:  Encroaching Parrallel Universe
    Difficulty:     Depends if you listen to me to take the right preparations
                    and even then it's very hard
    Location:       Glaive Le Gable
    Party:          Lilka 41
    Hitpoints:      15000
    Body Parts:     -
    Experience:     -
    Cash:           -
    Preparations:   Right personal skills, "Heal", "Hi-Heal", "Restore" and
                    a nice attacking spell ("Saber" is a nice one)
    Now we have a problem. Lilka is NO MATCH AT ALL for this guy, still other
    choices would only result into battles far worse than this. So we may 
    say that we got a small problem. You must be willing to take risks that
    could be fatal, or else this fight will take forever. This guy can do
    1800+ attacks that will basically cut Lilka's HP into half, and that's
    what makes this guy so hard. If you have the confusion skill at the maximum
    it's almost impossible that Lilka gets confused, but pay attention to the
    word "ALMOST". It IS still possible. If you would happen to have a "Clear
    Chime" it's recommended to let her have it. You must dare to play about
    2000 HP. This guy can do 1800+ attacks, but playing that way gets the risk
    that you'll get dangerously wounded with the "Disease" status. If that happens
    your lost until you have 100FP. Because then you can do "Dual Cast", "Restore"
    and "Hi-Heal". STRICLY IN THAT ORDER!!!! Don't worry about the FP cost then
    because Lilka's FP increase rather quickly (as long as she doesn't get 
    Downhearted), but still you need to use "Dual Cast" only for that. If you see
    the chance to attack try some spells on him. Personally I used "Saber" to
    do a 1000+ attack. Patience is required, and this will probably be the 
    longest fight in the game.
    Boss 48c:       Third Root
    Introduced as:  Encroaching Parrallel Universe
    Difficulty:     Depends if you listen to me to take the right preparations
                    if you did, it's still fucking hard
    Location:       Glaive Le Gable
    Party:          Kanon
    Hitpoints:      15000
    Body Parts:     -
    Experience:     -
    Cash:           -
    Preparations:   Right personal skills and bring some "Big berries" and
                    "Mega Berries" and if possible some "Ambrosias"
    WELCOME TO HELL!!!! Kanon seems even weaker than Lilka because now this guy
    seems to be able to do a 2000+ attack. And once again some nasty status
    changes. Since Kanon has no healing spells it must come from you very rare
    Big Berries and Mega Berries. Luckily Ashley and Co. won't need them that
    much in their fight against the main body. If you see a chance to do some
    attacks try the best you have in combination with a "Gat" force. I used
    Gat - Level 3 with Vortex Cut to get a 2800+ attack which will make this
    battle much shorter. The "Restore HP" skill may be of big help, even since
    the HP you gain back are not that much they are significant to grant you
    chances to attack.
    Boss 49:        Kuiper Core
    Introduced as:  Encroaching Parrallel Universe
    Difficulty:     Depends if you listen to me to take the right preparations
                    If you did, not really hard.
    Party:          Ashley 41, Tim 41, Marievel 41
    Location:       Glaive Le Gable
    Hitpoints:      40000
    Body Parts:     Left Shoulder 20000, Right Shoulder 20000
    Experience:     150,000
    Cash:           -
    Personally I never thought that that weakling called Tim would become handy
    someday, but in this battle his presence will pay off. He will be the main 
    healer. That is a problem in that way that his magic is MUCH weaker than Lilka's
    but he can heal the whole party in once and nearly all the time he'll need to
    do that with his "First Aid" spell. Nearly every turn Tim should use that spell.
    In some situations it might be needed that Tim summons Odoryuk for stronger 
    healing or to recover status changes. If you do keep in mind that Tim must have
    24 FP left after that or else he can't do "First Aid" anymore, and his "First 
    Aid" will make him fast, but calling "Odoryuk" will make him slow, never forget
    If you have Marievel then I can say that she won't be of very big help. You can
    let her summon "Qubeley" all the time which will do 1000+ to his shoulders and
    main body, but Ashley can do attacks ten times stronger, but Qubeley may be of
    significance, since Ashley needs more time to do that move.
    And that move I'm talking about is BANISHER!!! Forget the bayonet, since it will
    only make the fight last longer, because it prevents increasing his FP. Go for
    Access and use Banisher. It will do 10,000+ to his body and shoulders. Two or
    three banishers should be the end of this fellow.
    If you would happen to have deafeated Bulkogidon, you might try "Asgrad 2".
    It does damage a little more significant.
    NEVER USE GUN BLAZE!!!! That will only heal him.
    B.T.W. Forget his shoulders. There's no point in attacking them. Casting 
    Banisher twice will finnish the shoulders off before the Main Body is getting
    killed. Plus you won't need the EXP that much any more since there's only
    one battle left...
    Boss 50:        The Blaze Of Disaster: Lord Blazer    **** FINAL BOSS ****
    Introduced as:  Blaze Of Disaster
    Difficulty:     Not hard at all, just know the trick
    Party:          Ashley 45
    Location:       Er... yeah... Where.
    Hitpoints:      Sooooo much that I can't tell you :)
    Body Parts:     -
    Experience:     -
    Cash:           -
    A final boss you'd never expect. A very original one I must say. The demon 
    within Ashley's body will break free and Ashley will turn into a a hybrid of
    Ashley and Anastasia and in this form he'll have to fight that demon. Ashley
    has no longer acces to his bayonet his normal forces, but he has the same 
    ability list as Anastasia. Now watch your forces and try to keep enough FP to
    heal in time you needed. For the offense you must if you get the chance use
    the force "Impulse" and the powers of your friends will hurt Lord Blazer. 
    "Impulse" is the only way to prevent that this fight will take forever, since
    Lord Blazer has EXTREEMLY much HP. You just have to keep on using "Impulse" when
    you're sure you'll have enough FP left after that to heal in case and in the end
    it will do 99,999 damage finishing him off. If that happens, congratulations 
    you've completed "Wild Arms II".
    ******* OPTIONAL BOSSES ******* 
    Just like WA1, there are some optional bosses around. If you think they are
    worth the trouble to beat... Go ahead... But I've got to warn you that most
    of them are really hard... The game can be won without beating them, since
    they are optional... :)
    Optional Boss 1: Ghost     (Ghost of Vinsfeld)
    Introduced as:   Remaining Poltergeist
    Difficulty:      It's just a silly trick
    Party:           Ashley 45, Brad 44, Lilka 45, Tim 45, Kanon 45, Marievel 44
    Body Parts:      -
    Location:        Fiercy Wreckage
    Experience:      12,000
    Cash:            12,000 Gella
    How to meet him: At the fiercy wreackage there's a sword. Try to get it
                     and the ghost of Vinsfeld will appear.
    Reward:          Except for the EXP and the cash, nothing at all.
    First of all I'd like to thank someone who mailed me under the name "Somebody
    Else" for pointing this method. This guy seems impossible since he's invulnerable
    to everything and his "Incur My Wrath" does 6000+ damage. The trick is to let
    Tim cast "Turn Undead" (He can obtain it by killing a certain ammount for enemies
    with "Odoryuk" medium as guard). This will kill Vinsfeld in one blow
    Optional Boss 2: Titanius
    Introduced as:   Steel Dragon Of The Bowels Of The Earth
    Difficulty:      There's a stupid trick
    Party:           All party members approx. lv 41
    Body Parts:      -
    Location:        Halmetz
    Experience:      50,000
    Cash:            75,000 Gella
    Preperations:    Ashley should have the mastered DeadOrAlive bayonet cartridge
    How to meet him: Marievel needs her third tool "My Mike". Use it when
                     standing close to the pyramid in the town Halmetz                 
    Reward:          Shootin' Star... Very good weapon for Ashley
    This guy has 1500+ attack on one or all party members. Lilka can heal against
    it, quite nicely, but she might have a little trouble. However this damage he
    causes you is not the biggest problem. His "Start Regeneration" will refill
    his HP to the maximum which means you have to kill him in ONE blow. I know
    three methods to do that... Ashley's DeadOrAlive... That can take a few times
    though... Tim's Arcana 13... If you have it use it... If you don't have it, 
    don't go for it... You need so many kills for that spell that Ashley's DeadOrAlive 
    will do the job much faster :)
    The last method is Marivel's Guilotine, which can be acquired by using skill drain
    on a hope diamond (Promised Catacombs)
    Optional Boss 3: Kobold King
    Difficulty:      Very fucking hard
    Party:           Ashley 43, Brad 43, Lilka 43, Tim 43, Kanon 43, Marievel 43
    Body Parts:      -
    Location:        Closed Mine
    Experience:      50,000
    Cash:            75,000 Gella
    Preperations:    The spell "Hi-Revive" may save your butt. Bring also some
    How to meet him: Use "My Mike" at the entrance of the closed mine to make
                     him come out of his pyramid
    Reward:          Omega Crush.... SUPER powerfull weapon for Brad
    This fellow is superhard. And then to think he's one of the easier optional
    bosses... That will show how much more difficult they're gonna get. His
    normal attacks can do 1500+, and that's what he does most of the time, if
    Lilka has enough FP to cast "Hi-Heal" she'll easily heal against it. He
    also has "Buried Alive" which can do 2000+ to all party members, but he
    doesn't seem very fond of that move. Critical can do 3000+. His absolute
    powermove is "Tactless" which can do 8000+ which will mostly kill you 
    instantly. The good thing is that this move misses pretty much, still
    it will give you a very hard time. "Hi-Revive" will be needed to put
    everybody back on his/her feet and you'll need some "Hi-Revives" for when
    Lilka gets the victim of "Tactless".
    Optional Boss 4: Bulkogidon
    Difficulty:      Very EXTREEEMLY SUPER MEGA hard
    Party:           Ashley 43, Brad 43, Lilka 43, Tim 43, Kanon 43, Marievel 43
    Body Parts:      Belly, Drill
    Location:        Fab Lab
    Experience:      20,000 (Main body only)
    Cash:            30,000 (Main body only)
    How to meet him: Let Marievel talk to the girl in the saloon of Damzen.
                     The girl will talk about a lab south of Sylvaland. Go
                     there and meet Liz and Ard again. They'll join you in
                     this dungeon and during this dungeon you'll meet this guy
    Reward:          Access to the rest of this secret dungeon which can result
                     that Marievel learns her forces "Lucifer" and "Asgrad 2"
    Preperations:    Bring a lot of "Revive Fruits", "Full Revive" and Continues.
                     And bring at least one "Full Carrot" or rather a few more.
    Beating Bulkogidon at low levels seems impossible and indeed a lot of
    luck is required on this one. His moves are soooo strong that they
    nearly all result into instant kill. Brad is the only one strong enough
    to survive them. Use a Full Carrot on Ashley in the first turn and use
    "Acces". As soon as he can he should use "Gun Blaze" all the time. The only 
    move that hurts Bulkogidon really bad. (Very bad).... If you can do this
    about 4 times or so he'll fall. I ignored his body parts. If you got
    enough healing items Kanon should do the the healing. She's the only one
    fast enough to beat this guy in speed. Speeding up Lilka takes too many
    turns and when she dies (which will happen, trust me) it'll get dispelled.
    If Kanon is not needed PUT HER IN THE BACK. IF SHE'S DEAD YOU'RE HISTORY!!!
    If Lilka is around level 50 or so, forget Kanon, because Lilka will now be
    fast enough... Let Lilka do the healing and only use Kanon if Lilka dies
    and in case of emergency... If both Lilka and Kanon are dead, you got a big
    big problem... :(
    Optional Boss 5: Xenon
    Introduced as:   Giant Monster Of Light
    Difficulty:      Take the right preperations and he'll become a lot easier
    Party:           Ashley 51, Brad 49, Lilka 51, Tim 52, Kanon 51, Marievel 51
    Body Parts:      Belly
    Location:        Slayheim Castle
    Experience:      ?
    Cash:            ?
    How to meet him: My Mike at the entrance of Slayheim Castle
    Reward:          Violator, best weapon for Kanon
    Preperations:    Life Orb is strongly recommended. It's behind a duplicator
                     door in the Lost city archheim. Wind cloack is require to
                     take it.
                     Have everybody equipped with a light ring.
                     If Tim is higher than level 45 then have the Guardian
                     Leita Salk
    His big deal move is basically only ray force which will undoubtly kill you
    all in once. The damage can be halved by equipping everybody with a light ring,
    but this has a dark side. Your normal attacks will get holy which will heal him
    so that makes you must do everything with your special abilities.
    The first round can be used to speed up Lilka. Xenon will use barrier which has
    no effect. Second turn will always be Ray Force. If you are not sure Lilka is fast
    enough you should use Mystic "Life Orb". If Lilka wasn't fast enough you can mostly
    use the third turn safely to speed up Lilka again, if she was that you'll have to 
    use Mystic-Life Orb again (I suppose you'll soon understand why)...
    If that's settled you can go for it. Going crazy with Gun Blaze is nice even since
    the damage is halved it hurts him pretty much. If Tim is level 45 or higher you can
    make this fight awfully much shorter... Place him in the front and go crazy feeding
    him mini carrots (you can buy them at the odd HQ, see my location FAQ) and let him
    summon Leita Salk all the time... If you follow this Technique, he'll be dead, very
    soon... Having Ashley to go crazy with Gun Blaze will still do a great deal. BUT ONLY
    Optional Boss 6: Angolmois     (a.k.a. the big A) 
    Introduced as:   Demon King
    Remark:          Not tested by me yet. The data about this boss is sent to
                     me by Æther SPOON! and I just copied it into my FAQ
    Difficulty:      Harder then any boss in the game hands over feet- even Buikoden
                     was easy compared to him.
    Party:           Ashley 64, Brad 63, Lilka 63, Tim 63, Kanon 63, Marievel 61
    Body parts:      -
    Location:        Golgotha Prison
    Experience:      0
    Cash:            0 Gella
    How to meet him: Enter Golgatha Prison, go to the right of the entrance, you'll see the 
                     pyramid.  Use My Mike near the pyramid.
    Reward:          Force Unit (increases the amount of force gained) and the knowledge
                     that you killed the hardest boss in the game (Even Ragu O Ragala was 
                     easy compared to him)
    How I survived- everyone defended (execpt for Brad, who had just enough 
    life to survive the attack w/o defending) :)
    BTW:  The Big A *really* liked the 7th moon- he used it about every 
    other turn (unless regenerating or using the thing that nullifies all 
    added effects).
    Okay, here is a better description (feel free to replace Marivel at any 
    point where I use Tim execpt when I'm High-guardian + Raftinaing (wow, new 
    word)) from my memory.
    First Turn- Ashley Attack (can't remember now), Lilka cast Mystic + Life 
    Orb, Tim Defend.  Big A uses Great Disaster
    Second Turn- All 3 defend, big A uses 7th moon.
    Third Turn- Switch Party, Defend.  Big A uses 7th moon (See what I mean 
    Fourth Turn- Defend, same party.  Big A uses 7th moon (this is why it took 
    me forever to do...), Marivel dies, Kanon is almost dead, Brad has around 
    3000 life.
    Fifth Turn- Switch Party, Ashley Accesses, Lilka uses DualCast + 
    HypeWeapon (on Ashley) and Quick (on Tim), have Tim Defend.  Big A uses 
    Void Effect, knocking out all my added bonuses from the force levels.
    Sixth Turn- Switch Lilka with Brad.  Have Ashley defend, Brad use 
    Combonation + Odorok, Tim use HiCombo + Raftina.  Big A used Regeneration, 
    healing 0 points.
    Seventh Turn- Ashley Defend, Brad use the Tailsman + Raftina trick, Tim 
    Defends.  Big A uses 7th moon.
    Eighth Turn- Switched Brad with Lilka again.  Ashley uses Gun Blaze (hits 
    for around 3500), Tim uses First Aid, Lilka uses Mystic + Life Orb.  Big A 
    uses Great Disaster, confusing Lilka.
    Ninth Turn- Switched Brad back.  This is where I kept going on and on (and 
    on and on and...) until I eventually hit him with 3 Final Bursts w/o him 
    healing.  At that Point, here is what I did (Turn X would be the turn 
    where I hit him with the third Final Burst..  this caused Angolmois to use 
    7th Moon almost every turn):
    X+1th turn- Ashley defends, Tim Hi-Combos with Raftina Again, Brad 
    Defends.  Big A uses 7th Moon.  At this point, Big A is going last.
    X+2th turn- Ashley Accesses, Tim Defends, and Brad uses Tailsman + 
    Raftina.  Big A uses 7th moon, killing Ashley and Tim.
    X+3 Turn- Brad uses Tailsman + Raftina, Big A uses 7th moon.
    Repeat Tailsman + Raftina until Brad is full on HP
    Y+1 Turn- Brad Boost + Rail Gun, Big A uses 7th moon.  Make sure Brad has 
    Full Libra or Clear Chimes equipped incase Big A uses Great Disaster!  
    (about a 1/5 chance)
    Repeat Tailsman + Raftina until Brad is full on HP
    Z+1 Turn- Brad uses an Ammo Clip on the Rail Gun, Big A uses 7th moon. 
    Make sure Brad has Full Libra or Clear Chimes equipped incase Big A uses 
    Great Disaster!  (about a 1/5 chance)
    Go back to *** and keep repeating until Big A croaks.
    PS:  I had enough Necromicons for everyone, and had already defeated Ragu 
    for the Sheriff's Star (always equipped on Ashley).  Until the point where 
    I was using Ashley, Tim, and Brad, I always had Necromicon equipped 
    (unless otherwise mentioned) on 2/3 characters (all if Ashley is not 
    there).  After that, Ashley had Sheriff's Star, Tim had Clear Chimes, and 
    Brad had either Tailsman or Full Libra.  Looking back, I would have given 
    Brad the Sheriff's Star instead of Ashley.
    -Æther SPOON!
    Optional Boss 7: Zolinge
    Difficulty:      Very hard, but still possible
    Party:           Ashley 45, Brad 44, Lilka 44, Tim 45, Kanon 45, Marievel 45
    Body parts:      Belly
    Location:        Wind Tiger Den
    Experience:      50,000 (Belly not included)
    Cash:            75,000 Gella
    How to meet him: Wind Tiger Den is an optional dungeon located North East of
                     Raypoint Geo (if I haven't mistaken). When you enter it the
                     pyramid that holds this boss is the first thing you'll see
                     you absolutly can't miss it! :)
                     My Mike will start the battle as usual.
    Reward:          Dist Dims (Best weapon for Tim)
    This guy is extreemly fast. What I read from other FAQs it's even the fastest
    guy in the game. Speeding up? IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE (where did I hear that
    line before). His speed however is a very big enemy. Not only that, but
    he counterattacks easily. I gave scapegoats to Lilka so she could survive
    because his boomerang will kill her instantly. His blade Arm is about 3000+ 
    damage and he FR Blade is 1000+ with chance of instant kill. Having Lilka
    for the healing and hoping for the best is the best you can do. The only
    attack that really hurts him is Banisher, but it can take a long time to
    be so far to use it. Hot fencer and Gun blaze (available in lord form) will
    hurt him very bad. Even though Gun Blaze seems to be resistant it still does
    3000+ attack, so it's a nice one to make the battle go faster. I decided not
    to waste time on its belly. Having very much healing berries and big berries
    can save a lot of trouble
    Optional Boss 8: Zyclus & Zetrim
    Introduced as:   Vortex Brothers
    Difficulty:      Hard
    Party:           Ashley 45?, Brad 45?, Lilka 45?, Kanon 46, Tim 46, Marievel 45
    Body Parts:      -
    Location:        Mt. Chug-chug
    Experience:      200,000 (Lucky card used)
    Cash:            300,000 Gella
    How to meet them:Enter the Mt Chug-chug from Damzen and use My Mike
    Reward:          Mad Goggles (Nice for Marievel) and a lot of EXP :)
    The only bad thing is that there are two of them. And that's all. Zyclus (Red one)
    is also extreemly fast. Even "First Aid" was beaten by his speed. Should be clear
    that speeding up doesn't make much sense. Zetrim (black one) is a lot slower but I 
    heard he was stronger. I can only say that goes for his one-person-water-attack
    (don't remember the exact name) which does 3000+ from Zetrim and 1000+ from Zyclus.
    For the rest are all of their special abilities 1000+ attacks, so that's not really
    to worry about. But since there are two of them and since one of them is extreemly
    fast Lilka might have a rough time healing everything.
    The fastest way to kill them is definatly to transform Ashley in Lord Blazer form
    and to let him use Gun Blazer all the time. This causes a 7000+ attack.
    Banisher is NOT recommened. It does a 10,000+ attack on both, but it can take too
    long until you got enough FP to do it again. Maybe you could do it if there are
    still two of them and Ashley is at 100 FP.
    If one of them is gone the fight will be a LOT easier.... :)
    Optional Boss 9: Zavorg
    Difficulty:      Very Hard
    Party:           Ashley 49, Brad 48, Lilka 49, Tim 50, Kanon 50, Marievel 50
    Body Parts:      A belly I believe
    Location:        Meteor Crater (optional dungeon)
    Experience:      75000
    Cash:            125000 Gella
    How to meet him: My Mike at the pyramid at the entrance of the crater
    Reward:          Black Queen, best weapon for Lilka
    Preperations:    I suppose a Life Orb (see Xenon) will do a great job.
                     I was so stupid to fight without it.
    I'm not really sure about his speed any more (maybe I should check that again), but
    he throws much turns away with assist magic even when it doesn't work any more. That
    makes him a little easier, but the problem is that he's still hard. Most of his moves
    (nmodified spell??? - 3000+ on everybody and Swarschz Strahl 4500+) could be survived.
    Only Lilka had trouble surviving it. His whole body attack did miss easily on me but
    when it hit it was a 6800+ attack. Even Brad (who was the only one with 6000+ HP)
    couldn't survive it. But as long as Lilka is alive with more than 60 FP you won't have
    much trouble. And that's the trouble. Lilka is easily killed. But as long as Lilka isn't
    attacked, I'm sure you'll be cool.
    For the attack I went crazy with Gun Blaze and heavy ARMS.
    If you prefer Kanon in stead of Brad one warning... When Brad has trouble surviving his
    heaviest move, you can be sure Kanon won't!!!
    Optional Boss 10: Gatlorg
    Introduced as:    Monster Battleship
    Difficulty:       Easy
    Party:            Ashley 46, Brad 47, Lilka 47, Tim 46, Kanon 47, Marievel 47
    Body Parts:       -
    Location:         Pirate's Warren
    Experience:       50,000
    Cash:             75,000 Gella
    Reward:           Possibilty to get Power Boost if you got a duplicator. 
                      Save your duplicators for something else. 
    How to meet him:  This one and the Ghost of Vinsfeld are the only two that
                      do NOT require Marivel. Ashley need his last tool the
                      "Flare Gun", available in the Spiral Tower (final part
                      of the game). The Pirate's Warren is located east of
                      Ptolomea's Diablo Pillar. Open a door by shooting
                      at the dragon head with the Flare Gun and the door will
                      open. Through the door this beast will appear out of
    This one is soooooo easy. His attacks are mostly around 1000+, and he has
    a few status changes to cause. Nothing Lilka can't fix. The problem is
    that he dogdes all normal attacks. Using ARMS or bayonet misses also a lot,
    but he has so many HP that it won't make so much sense to use that. Feed
    Ashley mini carrots (if you have them) to speed up this battle and let him
    "Access" as soon as he can. As soon as you can use "Gun Blaze" go crazy 
    with it and this one will die soon.
    As a third person in the front rank I strongly recommend Brad. Not that
    Brads attacks are helpful, but Kanon's, Tim's and Marivel's attack won't
    do anything super, as well. I mostly let Brad defend all the time since
    he can't do too much else. But with the others you would probably do the
    same. But if you need a character just to do nothing at all then Brad is
    the one with the highest defensive cababilities, and that can save Lilka
    a lot of trouble in healing.
    P.S. Lilka can do something with flame spells, since it's his weakness,
         but her spells are too weak to be significant so save yourself the
    More optional bosses may be in the next update of this FAQ. If you found some
    please let me know. Describing those unknown optional bosses is allowed and it's
    possible I copy you description litterally in this FAQ, as long as you also put
    the the data "Difficulty", "Party" (Party members + your levels), "Body Parts",
    "Location", "Experience", "Cash", "How to meet him" and "Reward" with it. And 
    you'll be credited unless you state that you don't want the credits. My e-mail
    address is at the top of this FAQ.
    Optional Boss 11: Ragu O Ragula
    Remark:           This strategy has been written by Paatsan
    Level:            99
    Hitpoints:        99,999
    Difficulty:       HARDEST but there's a way.
    Party:            60 + doesn't matter as long as Brad have at least 8,000 Hp
    Body parts:       None
    Location:         Anguelite mine
    Experience:       None
    Cash:             None
    How to meet:      I think the next room after save point, take right route
                      instead of front. (Note from Tricrokra... You need My Mike)
    Reward:           Sherriff Star, best equipment item in the game.
    To beat him all you need is Brad, Raftina medium and talisman. It's
    important he has more than 8,000 HP ( I prfer more), Up Param., and Restore
    HP. Don't use Viper Fang to him, I'd rather use it to Angolmois than to him.
    The technique is to equip Brad BEST equipment as possible, while others tries
    to attack Ragu. For Brad attack with normal, if he's damaged use other team
    members to heal him. If Marivel is available use her to try sleep on him
    (sometimes he uses void effect). It doesn't matter if the team dies. Watch
    for Brad HP, when it reaches 2,000 to 3,000 change his equipment to 
    talisman and Raftina. Then using Raftina's power to execute Invincible
    so any attack on him misses, at the end of the turn he'll recover bit 
    by bit. Keep doing this until he gets full HP and start to attack again.
    When his FP reaches 100 use boost with any arm. And the whole process 
    starts over again, it's ALOT of changing equipment and if you have Up 
    Param. You should be able to lower Ragu's attacks. As he weakens he'll use 
    Impact Bomber which does even lower damage than any of his early moves. 
    You have to be VERY patient and focussed, the only thing you have to watch 
    out for is Smitthereens, which may kill Brad in one hit so I prefer Brad 
    heals every round he takes damages. This is the cheap way, if you have 
    unlimited full carrot you can do another technique using Tim's Hi Combo with 
    Dan Diram. I never tried that though.
    ******* PERSONAL SKILLS ******* 
    Okay, I'll cut short the important personal skills and the recommended order of
    taking those skills
    - Most important to start with "Restore HP" and "HP up". For Lilka it may be
      important to go for "HP up" first and for "Restore HP" as soon as "HP up" is 
      at its maximum.
    - Use "Convert HP" to save yourself a lot of healing trouble
      Up your resistance against "Confusion", "Sleep" and "Silence (Blocking)", also
      nice to take the "Critical" skill to shorten the boss battles. For Tim I 
      recommend not to take "Critical". Since only fools use Tim in boss battles and
      since he'll need his healing skills more there's no point in having criticals.
      "Gehenna Neros" can only be defeated with Guardians and on Judecca you won't
      really need it as well and on Kuiper Core, Tim will hardly attack.
      important healing must come from Lilka, Tim or the the "Restore HP" skill it's
      recommended not to take "Counter", since it will ruin your healing and could
      oblige you to use Healing Berries, which are rare and can't be bought in 
      shops (Only in the secret one, but you can only reach it when you have Marivel
      in your party)!!!
    ******* AN EXTRA HINT *******
    If you buy a milk at the pub in Damzen, the bartender will tell you about
    a strange building North East of the Village. Search it and you can you'll
    find the "Odd Headquaters".
    Here you can change your name and see a list of all defeated enemies.
    Once you have Marievel in your party let her use her electricity toy on the 
    robot downstairs and you'll be abel to get in a black market where they sell
    Heal Berries, Big Berries, Small Carrots, Revive Fruits and War Respites
    It's really worth it to check it out!!!!
    (As far as I found out, Marivel is required for this, but I'm not quite sure)
    I need to thank diefox for telling me about this.
    ******* MY OTHER FAQS ******* 
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    I have an archive with all my FAQs at http://www.geocities.com/tric_faq.
    You can go there to take a look at my latest faqs, or if you want to ask me
    something about the games I played. My FAQs can also be found at:
    Wanna play a free RPG? There's a simple but still a very nice RPG game
    coded by my called "Power Of The Rings" you can download from:
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