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    Upgrading FAQ by MGillis

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/10/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                Wild ARMS 2
                             ARM Upgrading FAQ
                              by Mike Gillis
    version 1.0
    Unpublished work copyright 2001 Mike Gillis
    Reproducing this work (or any information in it) on your website:
    Just ask me first, and make sure you credit the information to me.
    I honestly don't mind it getting around.  I do mind people claiming
    my work as their own.  So, just ask first.
    Upgrading your ARMS
    Frankly, this can be the most annoying aspect of the entire game.
    Some people hate ARMS, some people love them.  They are really
    powerful weapons, but unless you upgrade them well, they're
    useless after a while, since you can only upgrade them 10 times.
    Since few gamers can figure out how to make the ARMs work well, I
    experimented with them, and this FAQ is the result.  I know that
    some people have already written up some of the concepts I use,
    but I guarantee that I came up with this all on my own.
    Anyway, on to the ARMs...
    Ashley's ARMS
    These are new gun cartriges for Ashley's bayonet.  You get them by
    finding the cartridge in a chest, and then using it from the item
    menu.  I'm not going to describe where they are, because you can
    find that in every other walkthrough that has been written.  If
    you need to know, look it up.  WA2 Crew's Walktrough is excellent,
    and its on GameFAQs.  Keep in mind that you'll need a load of
    money to follow my guide lines.  Here's how you should upgrade the
         -Upgrade the Attack Power all the way.
         -This is pretty good for killing stronger enemies, and the
         bosses until you get the BoltAction cartridge.
         -Upgrade the Hit Percentage once.  Then add anywhere
         from 0-2 Bullets, depending on how much you'll use it.
         Finaly, upgrade the Attack Power all you can.
         -This one is good for killing groups of enemies, and you'll
         probably use it for a long time.
         -Upgrade the Attack Power all the way.
         -This will become one of your more reliable weapons.  Use it
         to take out the bosses.
         -Upgrade the Hit Percentage once.  Then upgrade the Attack
         Power all you can.
         -You get this a while after the BoltAction, and ironically it
         has a similar purpose.  Use it to take out bosses, just be
         aware that it has a tendancy to miss at bad times.
         -Upgrade the Hit Percentage once.  Then add 2 Bullets.
         Lastly, max out the Attack Power.
         -This ARM is comparable in power to the MultiBlast.  It isn't
         critical to upgrade this one, so spend the money on something
         -Upgrade the Hit Percentage once.  Now, upgrade Attack Power
         as much as you can.
         -This one is best used without upgrading the bullets.  This
         way, you get a lot of attack power for your money.  This will
         become your strongest ARM for bosses for a long time.
    Blast 'em:
         -Upgrade the Hit Percentage once.  Next, add 2 Bullets.  Now,
         max out the Attack Power.
         -This will replace the MultiBlast as your weapon of choice for
         eliminating normal enemies.
         -Upgrade the Hit Percentage twice, and max the Attack Power.
         -This is Ashley's most powerful ARM, but you may not want to
         bother, as Knight Blazer tends to be more powerful than this.
    Miscellaneous Notes on Ashley's ARMs:
    You'll notice that I usually upgraded the Hit Percentage.  If you
    don't do this, the ARMs won't be as useful, as they will tend to
    miss.  You will get more power out of them, though.  It's really
    your choice, but I gave my personal preferences.  If you want more
    power, just change the upgrades of the Hit Percentage to Attack
    Brad's ARMs
    These are heavy weapons that Brad uses.  You'll find these in silver
    boxes inside dungeons, which you must open by kicking.  These tend to
    have more attack power than Ashley's, and are much more useful
    because of Brad's force abilities.  Again, consult another FAQ if
    you need to find any of these.  Here's how you upgrade them:
         -Upgrade the Attack Power all the way.
         -This is a very good weapon for a while.  Use it to take out
         those early bosses.
         -Max out the Attack Power, and add 1 Bullet if you want.
         -This is decent for taking out multiple enemies, but you will
         probably end up just attacking the normal enemies.
    AM Cluster:
         -Upgrade the attack power as much as you can!
         -Good for taking out all sorts of bosses.  This does about as
         much damage as even the Rail Gun until you get Boost.  You
         really want to get this one upgraded!  It is much more powerful
         than it looks, because it does multiple hits.
         -Upgrade the Attack Power all the way.
         -As this is the first ARM you get that hits all enemies, it is
         extremely useful.  This will be your best weapon for taking out
         normal enemies for most of the game.
    Mini Scud:
         -Max out the Attack Power.
         -For a long time, this is only slightly stronger than the
         AM Cluster.  With Boost, though, it is much better.  You
         Can use it as an alternative to the Rail Gun when it runs out of
         bullets.  You should probably use the AM Cluster on Bosses
         instead of this one, but keep the Mini Scud upgraded as a backup
    Sky Eye:
         -Add 2 Bullets, then max out the Attack Power.
         -This is about as good as Pineapple, but the Lawnmower is still
         much better for taking out enemy groups.
    EZ Missle:
         -Add 3 Bullets, and as much Attack Power as you can.
         -This is the best weapon for taking out normal enemies, but you
         don't get it until the end of the game.
    Rail Gun:
         -Add 2 Bullets, and upgrade the Attack Power as much as you can.
         -This is Brad's best ARM.  However, only use it with Boost, and
         only on bosses. Unless you're using Boost with it, it's not much
         better than the AM Cluster.  Just remember that the Attack Power
         it has is a bit misleading.  It is really less powerful than you
         would think, based on it's Attack Power rating.
    Well, that's it!  I hope this FAQ was useful to you.  Just remember to
    ask me before posting it somewhere else.
    Unpublished work copyright 2001 Mike Gillis

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