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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Hydrus

    Version: 1.8 | Updated: 05/28/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.8
    Based on the Japanese release of 
    Wild Arms: 2nd Ignition 
    for the Sony PlayStation
    This is my first walkthrough, but I've seen too many bad ones to know 
    how to not make this suck.  I also know a good bit of Japanese, so I'll
    try to translate when I can.
    Hydrus (mpgemma@unity.ncsu.edu)
    9/23/99 - Started walkthrough
    10/22/99 - Started section on monsters.  A couple hours later, I 
               found the Kaiju Card Shop. -_-;;
    4/24/00 - Got to disc 2.  ^^;
    5/12/00 - Added section on learning Special Skills after getting emails 
              asking about Tim's.
              Updated instructions for getting High Magic.
              Changed "Roadblazer" to "Lord Blazer"
    5/13/00 - Finished the game
    5/21/00 - Updated Alchemic Plant section, since the password part has
              been screwing up people.  The password in the English version
              should be "ISK".  Added Music and Extra File.
    5/27/00 - Added info on the Death Rune (Archeim, Ch. 17)
              Added info on getting the three Guardian Lord Statues 
                (Dais, Ch. 19) and getting their three High Runes 
                (Reviving the Stone Gods, Other Stuff section)
              Added info on getting Luceid (Magic Wolf Cave, Ch. 21)
    5/28/00 - Added ARMs section, fixed misspellings
    Pinch Attack - The monsters will only attack one of your party members, 
    who must fight them alone.  Before the monsters appear, you'll see a 
    message like "Ashley no Pinchu".  After a few rounds, the rest of your 
    party will join in.
    Back Attack - The member(s) who are in the back row will get attacked,
    instead of your main group.  Your back row is anyone in the right
    three slots on your menu screen.
    Encounter Cancel - Before you get into a random fight, an exclamation
    point will appear above your head.  If the balloon is red, you cannot
    avoid the fight and may even be surprise attacked.  If the balloon is
    white or green, pressing Triangle, Square, or Start will cancel the
    encounter.  Select will bring up the map screen, but will NOT cancel
    the encounter.  Monsters are persistent though, so if you cancel the
    fight, expect to get another one in a few seconds.  After four or
    five cancels, you'll usually get a red exclamation point and have to
    fight.  Green usually means that you'll get first attack, but not
    Force Points - Unlike last game, you need a certain amount of Force
    Points to use your special skills, such as ARMs and Magic.  However,
    you don't lose FP when you use these skills.  Also unlike last game,
    you start each fight with FP equal to your current level, and get
    more FP as you use the Fight command or get attacked.
    If you switch out a confused party member during the fight, the guy who
    takes his place will look to be confused too, but won't be.
    Learning Special Skills:
    Ashley - Ashley will find wrenches in treasure chests that he can use 
             from the item screen to give himself new ARMs abilities.
    Brad - Brad will find white treasure chests along the way that he has 
           to kick open.  He'll receive an ARM from each chest that he can 
           use immediately.
    Riruka - Riruka can take Crest Graphs that she finds to magic shops 
             throughout Filgaia and get spells inscribed on them.  You 
             can have one spell per Crest Graph.  If you can figure out 
             how, you can learn how to use High Magic, which are more 
             powerful spells.
    Tim - Tim has 20+ Guardian Lore spells he can learn.  Each spell falls 
          into a subcategory corresponding to a type of Guardian Rune you 
          can find.  You need to kill monsters in order to learn these 
          spells, and Tim's status screen tells you how many monsters you 
          need to kill to learn each spell.  The trick is that Tim only 
          learns spells in the same category as the rune he currently has 
          equipped.  So if you're using Stoldark, the Water Rune, you'll 
          only gain points towards water spells.  Fight something easy like
          Balloons near Meria Town and you can learn all his spells in an 
          hour or so.  You'll be able to learn more spells when you get new 
    Kanon - Kanon receives new skills randomly as she uses her old ones.  For
            each of her skills, she has a fixed chance of learning a stronger
            version of that skill.  For example, when using a level 1 skill, 
            she may have a 60% chance of learning a level 2 skill.  Higher 
            level skills are harder to learn.  Your success rate is also 
            determined by Kanon's Luck.  If her luck isn't Best, you'll have 
            a hard time learning new skills.
    Mariabel - Mariabel starts out with a skill called Ability Drain.  Using 
               this skill on certain monsters will allow Mariabel to learn 
               their special attack.
    ARMs: (might not be a complete list)
       ARMs                Location
       Shot Weapon         Start
       March Blast         Under Traffics (Ch. 6)
       Bolt Fanning        Ray Line (Ch. 10)
       Dead Or Alive       Underground River (Ch. 13)
       Shock Slader        Closed Mine Shaft (Ch. 15)
       Phantom Fang        Lost Garden (Ch. 19)
       Blaster Guilty      Raypoint Muse (Ch. 21)
       Raging Nova         Spiral Tower (Ch.23)
       Revolver Cannon     Start
       Cracker Rave        Telepath Tower (Ch. 6)
       ABM Predator        Aguel Mine (Ch. 10)
       Pulse Craster       Sebokku Village (Ch.13)
       Linear Rail Cannon  End of Chapter 16
       Scud Launcher       Dormant Volcano (Ch. 20)
       Malduke Gaze        Raypoint Geo (Ch. 21)
       EZ-Misslemite       Spiral Tower (Ch.23)
    "WILDARMS 2ndIgnition ~ Donna Toki de mo Hitori Ja Nai"
    "Yozora" (Night Sky)
    "Atomic Arms"
    "Resistance Line"
    "Kiseki" (Miracle)
    "Last Ignition"
    Notes on the walkthrough:
    I don't have the best Japanese skills, so I might have misinterpreted 
    some of the scenes.  I did the best I could though, so you'll at least 
    have some idea of what's going on.  Item names, monster names, technique 
    names... almost all of these are written in katakana, which is the 
    Japanese way to write foreign words.  I assumed that all of these words 
    were taken from English, so I gave my best guess of what I thought they'd 
    be.  The problem comes with made-up words like "AGAATORAAMU", in which 
    case I came up with what I thought the best English spelling would be.  
    The official English release mangles the spelling into "Argetlahm" or 
    something similar.  
    Chapter names are my creation.  The game is not split into chapters, 
    but I wanted to divide the story up.
    Boss hit points are an approximation.  They'll be close enough.
    Also note that the official English spelling of Riruka is "Lilka".  Why, 
    I don't know.  It's clearly written in large English letters "Riruka 
    Eleniak" in the Japanese manual.
    To start the game, choose one of the three characters.  If you
    choose Brad first, start with Chapter 2.  If you choose Riruka,
    start with Chapter 3.  You will need to complete all three before
    moving on to Chapter 4, but the order doesn't matter.
    Chapter 1) Withered Ruins (Ashley's Opening)
    Scene: Army truck
    Ashley and five other boys are cooped up in an army transport.  Your 
    squad leader (bluish gray haired guy) is briefing you on the mission.  
    One of the boys asks you if this is your first mission, which gets you 
    both yelled at by the leader.  He yells, "New guy!  What's your name?"  
    The game now lets you choose your name.  The default name is Ashuree 
    (Ashley), but to make things easier on yourself, I'd erase that and put 
    in Ashley using the English letters.  When you're done, the leader yells 
    at you some more...
    Scene: Army camp
    The leader tells your group about monsters in the area, and the group 
    splits up.  You now have full control over Ashley at the entrance to 
    an underground area. 
    Scene: Withered Ruins
    Monsters: Kobold, Steege, Gagison 
    Items: Gimile Coin, Mini Carrot, Throw Knife Tool, Heal Berry x4, 
           Bullet Charge, Power Apple, Potion Berry x2
    There are doors to the left and right, and one in the top center.  The 
    right room just has a guy in it, so go in the left room and open the 
    chest for your first Gimile Coin.  Go through the south door and up the 
    steps to get on the walkway above the main room.  Continue down the 
    walkway and enter another small room with a chest.  Open it for a Mini 
    Carrot.  Head back down to the main room.  The guy standing next to the 
    middle door will heal you to top if you talk to him.  Go through the door.
    There's a guy on the other side who'll warn you that you're entering 
    monster territory now.  Ooo, scary.  You'll find fights now, but keep 
    heading south.  You'll find a guy on a ledge, looking across a gap at a 
    glowing blue pillar.  Talk to him, and he'll move out of the way to give 
    you a look.  You could go through the door on the right, but you'll come 
    back to it later anyway, so walk up to the ledge and jump off.   When you 
    land, you'll find a guy laying on the ground.  Talk to him and wake him up.
    He'll show you how throwing a knife at the blue pillars will open doors.  
    He then gives you your first Tool, the Throw Knife.  Push the Square 
    button to use it, as with all Tools.  The guy falls unconscious again.  
    Walk over to a ledge and the game will tell you how to jump off of 
    ledges.  Press the O button to jump off, then go through the door he just 
    opened for you.  You'll find a chest containing your first Heal Berry.  
    You may have noticed that you started with 10 of them, so this isn't too 
    big a deal.  Go back out the door and then up the stairs on the right 
    side.  In the next room you'll see a walkway covered with little gems.  
    Keep going out the north door.  Up some more stairs you'll find a chest 
    with another Heal Berry.  Go out the northeast door and you'll find 
    yourself back in the room with the ledge.  Throw a knife at the pillar 
    to open the west door.  You'll go under a bridge and through another door.
    After going up some steps, you'll find a door to the south and a passage 
    to the east.  Go through the door first and down the step to find a flame 
    surrounded by those little gems.  Every time you pick up a gem, you'll get 
    back 1 hit point.  Go through the north door and you'll be in a two storied 
    room with two chests above you and a guy who wishes he was up there.  Go 
    back to the room with the flaming staircase and this time go down the east 
    passage.  Now you'll be on the top floor of that room where you can reach 
    the two chests.  They both have Heal Berries in them.  If you fell for the 
    trap in the ledge between them, you'll have to go back up the stairs and 
    try again.  When you're done playing, go out the north door.  Cross the 
    bridge and go in the door.  You'll be in a room with a lot of narrow 
    walkways and sand waterfalls.  The dude tells you to watch out for traps.
    If you fall off though, you'll just reappear back at the door.  Doesn't 
    even hurt.  Go out the north door first and open the chest for a Bullet 
    Charge, then come back.  The door to the south is closed, so make your 
    way over to the pillar in the southeast corner and hit it with a knife.
    Go out the south door and jump off the ledge.  The guy at the bottom 
    will heal you, and the next room has a Save Point.  Use the O button 
    to talk to it, then choose the top option to save.  After saving, choose 
    the top option to continue.  Go out the north door, across the bridge, 
    and out the next door.  The next room is darker with a lot of gems, and 
    the one after that has a closed door and a pillar.  Make your way around 
    until you're directly east of the pillar and then throw a knife at it.  
    The knife will bounce off the wall and hit the pillar.  Go out the door 
    you just opened.  The next room has a series of ledges.  Jump down onto 
    the highest ledge and make your way down to the chest.  Open it for a 
    Power Apple.  If you missed the chest, there's no way back up to it.  
    Go out the west door.  At the end of the passage, you'll hear a voice 
    and walk through the door.  A kid has been taken prisoner by three guys.
    You'll listen to the guys talk for awhile, and you throw a knife to get 
    the kid's attention and ask him his name.  You can now enter his name 
    (default is Tonii). Once again, change it to Tony in English.  The plan 
    is for Tony to cause a distraction, which he does nicely.... and manages 
    to release a monster.
    Since this is your first Boss, the game will give you some info about 
    bosses.  Basically, each boss monster has separate parts, and destroying
    those parts first gets you more experience.
    Boss: Kalivos (Karivosu) ~ 400 HP
          Left Hand  ~ 200 HP
          Right Hand ~ 200 HP
    Kalivos has three parts, his main body, left hand, and right hand.  Use 
    your ARM to take out his hands, and use Heal Berries as necessary.  His 
    Laser Breath attack does around 25 points, so be ready to heal yourself.
    You'll get two Potion Berries for winning.  Don't use them until you 
    have a *lot* more hit points. ^_^;
    Scene: Outside of Ruins
    The place catches on fire and everyone walks out while the rest of the 
    squad cheers.  You talk to your leader, I think about how you doubted 
    yourself before the fight.  He tells you that's natural.  The chapter 
    ends and you get to save.
    Chapter 2) Greenhel and Beyond (Brad's Opening)
    Scene: Greenhel Forest, Raining
    Monsters: Barghest, Subone
    Items: Heal Berry (random), Power Apple, Hardy Apple, Kick Boots Tool, 
           Potion Berry
    Brad, an escaped prisoner number 666, is hiding from the guards.  The 
    guards walk off.  Flashback.  You get to name your character (default 
    is Buraddo).  Change it to Brad, though no matter what you call him 
    you'll be stuck with the last name Evans, which is always written in 
    katakana.  After seeing some more dialogue between the guards, you get 
    control.  Follow the path to a ring of gems around a tree.  There are 
    two chests, one to the left and one to the right.  Open both for two 
    Heal Berries.  The path continues north, then splits.  Take the west 
    path to find a chest with a Power Apple in it.  Go back to the east 
    path and jump down the ledge.  Follow the path to some boxes.  You 
    can pick up the boxes with the O button and throw them by pressing O 
    again.  Some boxes have Heal Berries in them, which will fall onto the 
    ground.  Keep following the path north until you get to a big cliff.  
    After Brad's done talking to himself, walk to the side directly above 
    the chest and jump off.  Open it for a Hardy Apple.  Break the boxes 
    for more Heal Berries, then head north.  A dog will run up to you, 
    then run off, then return with a Heal Berry.  He'll start following you 
    around.  The path splits north and east.  First go east to a house.  
    Inside the front door is a Save Point.  In the back room you'll find a 
    chest with Brad's first Tool, the Kick Boots.  Leave the house and go 
    around the right side to a gate.  Kick the gate open with the Square 
    button.  Go in the door to your left and open the chest for a Potion 
    Berry.  Keep going around the house and open the last chest for a 
    Bullet Charge.  Go back around the house to the front and leave to the 
    west.  Don't worry about the dog, he'll keep following you.  Take the 
    north path this time, breaking the four boxes in the way, then two 
    more later on, then one.  Be sure you pick up any Heal Berries.  
    You'll come to a ledge with a rope trolley.  Kick the post to get it 
    working, and you'll hop aboard.  Follow the path to the north.  Some 
    soldiers show up, and hear a growl behind them.  Brad runs up to help.
    Boss: Greymalkin (Guremarukin) ~ 750 HP
          Stomach ~ 400 HP
    Keep shooting him with your Revolver Cannon ARM, using Lock On when 
    you can.  Use Heal Berries as necessary.  You'll get a Potion Berry 
    for winning.  Brad, however, is pretty roughed up afterward.
    Scene: Field
    Monsters: Balloon
    Items: Response Apple
    Where to go now?  The sign reads "North - Sebokku Village, East - 
    Great Plains."  It also tells you how to use the Search System.  Go 
    southeast and search the middle of the circular forest (press the 
    Square button) for a Response Apple.  You'll also find a sign next 
    to the pond that tells you the village is to the northwest.  Head 
    northwest to the peninsula and search for the village.  Once you 
    find it, go in.
    Scene: Sebokku Village
    You stumble into the village with your dog close behind.  A girl takes 
    you to her stable and cleans you up.  She says her name is Meryl 
    (Meriru).  She asks if the dog is your friend. (she calls you ojiisan, 
    which means old man or grandpa)  Choose the top choice for yes, and the 
    bottom for no.  She asks you what the dog's name is.  Name the dog! 
    (default is Rasshu).  Change it to Rush.  You ask her why she's 
    helping you, and she says that since you have Rush, you can't be a bad 
    person.  Soldiers show up in the village and you go out to confront 
    them.  The leader throws something to you and the soldiers take you 
    away.  Meryl asks if Brad is a bad person, and the leader laughs.  He 
    refers to Brad as the "hero".  Mysterious...  The chapter ends and 
    lets you save.
    Chapter 3) The Millennium Puzzle (Riruka's Opening)
    Scene: Meeting Room
    Six men are sitting around a table discussing a "migratory bird"...  
    I think it's some sort of joke.  The village elder is the gray haired 
    man in the upper left.  In a flurry of sparkles, Riruka falls onto 
    the table and begins apologizing profusely.  She tells how she was 
    trying to get to Valeria's house using a Teleport Gem.  They ask her 
    name...  (default is Riruka)  Put in Riruka, and the scene changes.
    Scene: House
    Riruka and a boy are sitting at a table, with the boy's mother cooking.
    They get into a discussion on magic, which the boy is very interested 
    in.  She says that magic isn't all that special since anyone can use 
    it.  The boy says "Even me?"  "Of course!"  So she starts telling him 
    a story...
    Scene: Millennium Puzzle
    Monsters: Gome, Blue Book, Bogey
    Riruka is kneeling and crying on a floating block, calling for her big 
    sister.  (Everything in the black box is being said by her sister)  She 
    tells Riruka that the big block (Switch Block) behind will open the 
    door.  Riruka's magic doesn't work though.  Her sister tells her to 
    try the smaller Switch Blocks behind her.  She hits one, and a 
    teleporter appears.  She then tells Riruka how to use the Fire Rod. 
    (press Square)  Now you have control.  The object is to hit the 
    remaining three blocks to open the door.  The monsters here are tough, 
    so be careful.  Whenever possible, cast Heal on yourself in fights 
    instead of wasting Heal Berries.  And don't waste your time with attack 
    spells, they don't work well here.  Go south to the spinning green cube 
    and touch it.  The next room has a Save Point.  Keep heading south 
    through the next teleporter.  There are three switch blocks in this 
    room.  Stand on the single gray block and shoot the fire rod at the 
    block to the west.  The block you're on will slide over.  Stand in 
    between the next two blocks and shoot the east block.  You'll rise up.  
    If you shoot the wrong block, just shoot it again to reset it.  Next, 
    shoot the other block and jump off to the south.  There are three 
    teleporters here.  The north and east ones loop around to each other, 
    so go in the west one.  You'll come to a dead end.  Stand next to the 
    wall and shoot the switch block.  Go north through the teleporter.  In 
    the next room, stand next to the switch block and shoot it, then move 
    one square over and shoot it again to deactivate it.  Move south and 
    stand on the other moving block, then face diagonally towards the 
    switch and shoot it.  You'll now be able to reach the east teleporter.  
    When you get to the ledge with the switch block underneath it, jump 
    off and shoot the switch.  The wall will come down so you can reach 
    the south teleporter.  Stand on the gray tile behind the pillar and 
    shoot the switch.  Go in the teleporter.  Without moving, shoot the 
    switch to your north.  If you fall off, you'll have to do it all 
    again.  When you shoot the switch, the block you're on will disappear 
    and another teleporter will appear.  But the gate still won't open.  
    Two more to go.  Go through the west teleporter.  There are two 
    switches in this room.  Stand near the one farthest west and shoot 
    the *other* block.  The bridge will raise up.  Now shoot the block 
    near you and it will raise up again.  Go up the ramp and across the 
    bridge to the south teleporter.  The north one is a dead end.  Head 
    west and jump off a ledge down to a switch.  Move around it next to 
    the other ledge and shoot the switch.  Head north.  The next room 
    has a walkway below you that you can jump down to.  Jump down and 
    stand on the gray tile, then shoot the switch.  Go west.  You've 
    seen a room like the next one before.  Go up and you'll be back in 
    the main room.  Shoot the switch block like before.  The door still 
    won't open.  If you want to save, you can go through the south 
    teleporter to the save spot, but the last block is to the east.  
    You'll be in a big room with two switches.  There are four side 
    passages.  Stand on any of the four gray tiles and shoot diagonally 
    at the first switch to get to a passage.  Each passage has a colored 
    pillar.  Remember the color and height of each pillar.  Each time you 
    have to go back to the central room, reset the blocks, then move to a 
    different lift and shoot the switch to activate it.  When you're ready 
    to go on, go east, stand on the gray tile, and shoot the switch.  Go 
    out the east teleporter.  You'll be in a room with four colored tiles, 
    blue, red, yellow, and green.  When you stand on one, it'll rise up.  
    You need to jump off when it gets to the same height as the similarly 
    colored pillar in the previous room.  Red: One, Green: Three, Blue: 
    Three, Yellow: Two.  If you mess up, leave the room to reset them.  
    When you get it right, the wall will open up and you can head east.  
    Go up to the last switch block and shoot it.  The gate opens, but 
    there's nothing behind it...  Your sister's voice tells you not to 
    worry, then it fades away.
    Scene: House
    As Riruka finishes the story, the boy's father comes home.  Riruka 
    doesn't want to trouble the family anymore, but the boy brags to his 
    father about how Riruka can use magic.  Riruka is flustered... You 
    can now move around the house.  You can also read your first book up 
    in the boy's bedroom.  Go up to the bookcase and press O.  The title 
    is "Comet's Locus".  You can say Yes or No to reading it.  Books are 
    just interesting reading, they don't do anything for you.  Leave the 
    house.  You're now in Palace Village.  Talk to everyone outside.  One 
    guy will let you save, but all the buildings are locked up for the 
    night.  When you talk to the guy on the hill again, you hear a growl.
    You run to help the villagers.
    Boss: Oriviel (Orivieru) ~ 500 HP
          Feet ~ 200 HP
    Don't attack him with your umbrella or you'll get your butt kicked.  
    Cast Freeze twice on his feet, then alternate Flame on his head and 
    Heal on yourself until he dies.  Cast Heal when necessary, remember 
    that you can't run out.  You'll get a Potion Berry for winning.
    After the fight, you wonder whether you have the power your sister 
    did.  The boy calls you 'big sister' and tells you how great you 
    are.  You spin around, give the V for Victory pose and yell 
    "Heheee!  Victory!" 
    Scene: Road out of town
    The village elder thanks you for your help.  The lady hands you a 
    teleport gem, but before you can use it, the boy asks if you'll 
    come back.  "Of course!"  You teleport away and... a black cat 
    walks up.  They still think it will be alright. ^_^;   The chapter 
    Chapter 4) Marina
    Scene:  Girl standing on a ledge
    You see a young girl standing on the edge of a cliff looking at a 
    comet.  She turns to see a bright light forming over the hills.  
    Not knowing what it is, she runs off.
    Scene: Meria Town, Ariel view
    Items: Hardy Apple
    Three boys run over to the bakery, where a girl opens the door.  The 
    scene changes to a bedroom, where the bright light has just woken 
    Ashley up from being unconscious.  The game now lets you name the 
    girl (default is Marina).  Ashley recognizes Marina and says good 
    morning.  She tells Ashley that a friend of his has come to the 
    house, and to hurry and not keep him waiting.  You now get control 
    of Ashley.  Check the barrels in the corner of the room for a Hardy 
    Apple.  You can't go up the ladder yet, so head downstairs and 
    outside where Tony is waiting for you.  From now on, Tony will 
    affectionately refer to you as "An-chan".  He introduces you to his 
    two best friends, whom you have to name (defaults are Scott and Tim).  
    Scott is pretty formal, while Tim is a lot less so.  Neither of them 
    have parents.  And yes, Tim looks like a girl.  So much so, that I 
    named him Tina the first time...  Tony asks you for a favor.  Answer 
    #1 is "I understand" and #2 is "Nope, too busy."  If you say no, 
    Tony is disappointed.  If you say yes, you have to catch the black 
    cat on the roof of the Bakery.  I haven't yet figured out how to do 
    this, but apparently the guy on the roof of the inn gives you a 
    clue about it.  Tim tells you that he is a medium for the Guardians 
    and something about his mother dying...  He gives you the Gulgeif 
    Rune and tells you how to use it in battle through your Custom 
    Commands.  Marina comes outside and gives you a letter that a 
    soldier gave her this morning.  You're very excited about joining 
    this new organization.  Marina is upset though and runs off.
    Scene: Meria Town, the Next Morning
    The townspeople congratulate you.  Marina isn't there to see you off.
    They tell you that you need to go to the church to the northwest.  As 
    you're about to leave, Marina shows up.  You tell her that you'll come 
    back.  She apologizes for running off yesterday and tells you to 
    remember to come back.  You leave.
    Scene: Field
    Monsters: Pillbug, Balloon
    You can reenter the town now, but it's not necessary.  It's a good 
    idea if you want to save.  To the southwest are the Withered Ruins 
    from the beginning.  There's nothing else of interest in the area, 
    so head straight to the northwest and search for the church. 
    (It's on the small bright patch of ground)  
    Scene: Great Holy Hall of the Sword
    The introduction went by too fast for me to read.  I think it was 
    basically a welcoming into the ARMS (Awkward Rush & Mission Savers) 
    organization.  The stained glass window depicts the Holy Woman 
    holding the Guardian Blade.  Two guys haul in a sword in a stone.  
    This is the Sword of the Holy Woman, the Guardian Blade "Agartram".  
    Whoever can pull out the sword will become the new hero.  As the 
    others try, one of the boys starts up a conversation with you about 
    the sword and becoming a hero.  It's your turn.  You go up and start
    to pull on the sword...
    As the credits roll, you are told the legend of the Guardian Blade 
    and the Holy Woman.
    Nope, you didn't pull out the sword, but you went up there thinking 
    you just might do it.  More discussion on the sword and the Hero.  
    You can talk to everyone in the room, but the game won't continue 
    until you talk to the squad leader, the brown haired guy at the 
    upper left table.  While talking to him, the room starts shaking.  
    A dark rift starts opening on the stage, and one of the guys turns 
    into a green monster.  Everyone else starts changing too.  The 
    leader tells everyone to get out and you run down a hall where a 
    locked door stands in the way.  
    Scene: Ashley's Mind
    Ashley finds himself in a strange place with no way out.  He hears 
    a strange voice that tells him that it will grant him power...
    Scene: Hallway
    Monsters: Proto Blazer
    Ashley finds himself surrounded by monsters.  He asks the voice, 
    "Who are you?"  The voice responds, "I am you."  Ashley screams in 
    pain, then  "... I'm sorry, Marina..."  He transforms into a white 
    monster and blasts one of the green ones.  You get control.  Fight 
    your way out of the room and into a long hallway.  To your left is 
    the meeting room that you started in and the first room on your 
    right has a Save Point.  There are a ton of books in this area on 
    the Guardian Blade, the Holy Woman, the Hero, and the Disaster.  
    You can fight as many guys as you want, but eventually you need to 
    go to the end of the hall and out the north door.  Keep going until 
    you reach the sword, then grab it.  You easily pull it out.
    Scene: Ashley's Mind
    Ashley and a woman are floating in space.  She should look pretty 
    familiar.  You tell her that you want to go home.  She asks if 
    that's an important promise. (your promise to Marina?)  She gives 
    you Agartram, which transforms you back to normal.  While you're 
    recovering, a man with a cane walks in.  His name is Irving 
    (Aavingu).  He walks up to you, and you collapse.
    Scene: Cliff
    Two men are talking on the edge of a cliff overlooking the 
    cathedral.  Their names are Caina (Kaiina) and Vinsfeld 
    (Vinsuferuto).  They keep saying "that man", but I believe 
    they're talking about Irving.
    Scene: Ashley's Mind (again)
    "Why do I hurt..."  The voice speaks again.  "You are you, but not 
    for long."  Ashley gets smacked around for good measure.  I can't 
    really say I know what's going on here, but it appears that Ashley 
    is possessed by a creature that doesn't have full control.
    Chapter 5) Valeria
    Scene: Meria Town
    Items: Heal Berry x2, Gimile Coin, 10 Gallon Hat
    Ashley wakes up in bed, and Marina walks in.  She tells you about 
    some terrorists doing something...  He asks her "I... am me?".  
    "Ashley is Ashley." (that's a yes)  They both go downstairs.  
    Grandma asks if he's all right and mentions Valeria, which Ashley 
    seems to remember from somewhere.  Marina tells you to go see 
    Valeria, and don't forget. (she's a real pain)  As soon as you walk 
    outside, you'll bump into Riruka.  Ashley thinks he's really hurt 
    her, but it turns out that she's just hungry. ^_^    They go inside.  
    Ashley recognizes her as a Crest Sorceress.  More complaining about 
    Teleport Gems and being out of money.  Grandma offers her some bread, 
    and she says she'll just have one... until her stomach growls again, 
    embarrassing the heck out of her.  She'll take 5 now.  (watch her 
    cheeks move while she's eating!)  No surprise, she's still looking 
    for Valeria.  They finally introduce themselves, then she joins your 
    party.  Now you can finally walk through town.  Make sure you stop 
    by the Personal Skill shop before you leave.  The Weapon shop is in 
    the same building.  The old man in a house to the west has Excalibur 
    the kitchen knife on his counter... and a Heal Berry in his barrel.  
    Another house with cats in it has a Gimile Coin in a barrel, the 
    house next door has a 10 Gallon Hat, and the house next to that has 
    a Heal Berry.  Exit town to the north to enter Meriabel Castle.
    Scene: Meriabel Castle
    Items: Full Revive, Potion Berry
    You can wander around the castle if you want.  In the basement next 
    to the army trucks, you'll find a chest with a Full Revive in it.  
    Another room has a Potion Berry in a barrel.  The guards won't let 
    you into the throne room though, so head back to town and out the 
    south exit.  You'll find Valeria's house by searching on the high 
    cliff in the middle of this area.
    Scene: Valeria Chateau
    Items: Stoldark (Shiturudaaku) Rune, Mau Gault (Mau Garuto) Rune
    You're greeted at the door and escorted to a room.  After a minute, 
    Irving walks in.  Duh, Irving's last name is Valeria.  Irving knows 
    you both of you are, and talks a lot about ARMS.  Irving's little 
    sister walks in.  Her name is Altaecia (Aruteishia).  Her hair looks 
    a lot blonder in the manual...  You talk more with Irving.  Apparently 
    the Eleniak sisters are pretty famous.  Riruka still doesn't think 
    she's a worthy magic user though.  Irving eventually leaves the room, 
    allowing you access to the whole place.  This place seems to be the 
    ARMS Headquarters.  You can save your game on the first floor.  The 
    central elevator lets you move between the three floors.  You'll find 
    the Stoldark and Mau Gault Runes in bedrooms on the 2nd floor.  After 
    talking to everyone inside (or perhaps triggered by getting both 
    Runes), when you leave the chateau, you'll meet two girls outside.  
    They tell you that you need to go back inside and meet Irving on the 
    3rd floor.  Go back upstairs and meet Irving in his study (on the 
    left).  He'll ask you have the right equipment.  Choose #1 to say no 
    and #2 for yes.  When you say yes, he'll pull out a gun and shoot one 
    of his cabinets, then he throws the gun to Ashley.  The guards come in 
    and Irving tells them to arrest him.
    Scene: Ilzubale Prison (Iruzubeiru)
    Monsters: Beast Pillar, Empusa, Barghest
    Items: Heal Berry x3, Pretty Ribbon, Jail Card
    Yelling at the guard doesn't seem to help, but Riruka comes to visit 
    Ashley.  She tells him not to worry.  The guard comes back and takes 
    you to the real prison.  Apparently this prison is on an island, making 
    it tough to escape.  The head of the prison gives you and some other 
    convicts a long speech about it.  Ashley is thrown in a cell, where 
    Riruka visits him again.  After talking for a bit, there's a loud 
    crash.  Riruka doesn't want to leave Ashley there, but he tells her 
    that he's all right.  You now get control of Riruka.  Talk to Ashley 
    any time to get healed.  Head north to the computer terminal, and 
    choose the first option to open the north door.  Go through the door 
    and search the lockers for two berries and a Pretty Ribbon.  The robot 
    in the corner will blast you if you walk in front of it, but you can 
    use your Flame Rod to toast it.  Leave the room and go down the stairs.
    Walk across the bridge, shooting both robots before they shoot you.  
    The terminal here mentions a Guard Creature.  Go through the door.  
    Ignore the door at the top of the ramp for now, and enter the door on 
    the far side of the room.  Go across another bridge and up the steps to 
    another row of cells.  Use the terminal to open the door here and go in.
    Blast the robots and use the terminal to open another door.  Inside this
    one is a Save Point and some lockers with a Heal Berry and a Jail Card.  
    Go back to Ashley's cell and use the Jail Card while facing the cell door 
    to open it.  Talk to Ashley (he'll re-equip himself) and then head back 
    to the door you passed on the ramp.  Go in and up the stairs to your left 
    and through the door.  You can see a guard down below here who will shoot 
    at you if you try going down there.  Instead, stand on the balcony east 
    of him and throw a knife against the wall, which will bounce off and fall 
    on his head, knocking him out. (switch characters by pressing Start)  Go 
    down there and through the door he was guarding, then down a long 
    hallway.  Make sure you fry any robot you see.  Go through the door, up 
    a ramp and past an orange door.  Go through the door at the bottom.  
    Ignore the terminal and cross the bridge and go up the stairs to another 
    row of cells.  Use the Jail Card on Brad's cell and talk to him.  It 
    seems Irving screwed him too.  After Brad joins you, use his Kick Boots 
    on the terminal to open the door.  Open the lockers inside for a Magic 
    Apple, Heal Berry, and a Mini Carrot.  Head back to the orange door and 
    kick it open.  Talk to the head of the prison inside. (Actually, check 
    out the side room first... I missed it)
    Boss: Prison Robot Gaonim (Gaonimu) ~ 1800 HP
          Right Hand ~ 1300 HP
    Use ARMS and Mau Gault to take out the Right Hand first while Riruka 
    heals you.  Then just beat on him until he blows up.  As long as you 
    heal every round, it's a piece of cake.
    The guy throws a fit as you walk out.  Then another guy comes in the 
    room and kills him.
    Scene: Shore
    As you walk along the shore, your group runs into Irving.  Ashley 
    doesn't like his explanation, so he socks him in the gut and walks 
    off.  The same dude you saw before is watching from on top of a 
    tower as guards talk below.
    Chapter 6) The Telepaths
    Scene: ARMS Conference Room, Valeria Chateau
    Items: Tsuushin (Your own personal Cell Phone)
    Somehow you end up back in Irving's conference room.  Brad and Irving 
    talk about ARMS and code words...  Then Irving's phone rings.  After 
    he hangs up, he tells you to go south and gives Ashley a 
    communications device.  It appears on your menu right below the 
    status icon.  The front door is locked, so head out the back.  You 
    might want to go back to Meria Town to upgrade your ARMS and your 
    Personal Skills.  When you're ready, head south and search near the 
    cliff to find a cave.
    Scene: Under Traffics Cave (Andaatorafikkusu) 
    Monsters: Gob, Dryad, Tattseruburumu
    Items: March Blast ARM (Maruchiburasuto), Moon Stone, Crest Graph,
           Map Scope
    Walk a little ways until you come to a box of dynamite and a big rock.  
    Use your Flame Rod on the box to blow up the rock, then go through the 
    door.  In the next room, kick the box up against the rock, then blast 
    it to break the rock.  The next room has three boxes.  Kick the 
    rightmost box east once, then south four times.  Blow it up to destroy 
    two rocks.  Then blow up the leftmost box to destroy one rock.  Walk 
    around a rock and kick the last box east three times (against the 
    wall), then south five times and blow it up.  Exit to the south.  
    You'll see some gems, but you have to go through the east door.  
    You'll be in a watery area with small wooden rafts.  Get on the first 
    one and kick the west wall to push off.  Get on the eastern raft and 
    kick off to the north.  Open the chest to get March Blast, a Bayonet 
    Cartridge.  Use it on Ashley to receive the March Blast ARM.  Go back 
    to the center island and kick off on the western raft.  Exit out the 
    southern door.  Blow up the box and pick up the gems, then go through 
    the southern opening.  Kick the box off the ledge, then kick it to the 
    north until it's in front of the half-hidden rock.  Blow it up and 
    enter to find two chests.  You'll find a Moon Stone and a Crest Graph.
    Go back and kick the box off the ledge again, but this time kick it 
    to the south and blow it up.  Go through the south door.  Kick both 
    boxes off the ledge, then blow them up one at a time to reach the 
    chest.  It has the Map Scope in it.  Leave the room and come back, 
    then kick both boxes off the ledge to form a bridge and cross it.  
    Go through the south door to find a Save Point.  In the next room you 
    find an injured man.  While you're deciding what to do, Irving calls. 
    He traces your location and tells you to go out the south exit, then 
    head southeast to the foot of a mountain where you'll find the town 
    of Damzen.  You head out.
    Scene: Field
    Monsters: Gob, Trilobite, Keraino
    Items: Lucky Card
    You'll notice now that the Map Scope gives you a small map in the 
    corner of the screen.  Head southeast and search the bright patch 
    of ground to find the town.  If you search right off the beach east 
    of town, you'll find a Lucky Card.
    Scene: Damzen (Damutsen)
    Items: Mystic Word, Heal Berry x2, Mitten
    A happy western place.  As soon as you enter, search the barrel on 
    your left to find Mystic Word.  It's a Gear that will raise Riruka's 
    magic abilities.  Make sure you visit the Magic Shop to use your new 
    Crest Graph.  Search a barrel next to the Saloon for a Heal Berry, 
    and one inside for a Mitten, a Gear that raises defense.  If you buy 
    something from the bartender, he'll tell you that you should head 
    northeast.  A barrel outside of Gallows Pole has another Heal Berry.  
    Talk to the doctor in the Clinic and he'll take care of the injured 
    guy.  He's very embarrassed for causing so much trouble.  Riruka 
    tells you to call Irving.  Irving says some stuff, then is 
    interrupted by two girls, Kate and Amy.  Irving says that they are 
    Telepath Mages...  Now the people in the saloon will start talking 
    about the Telepath Tower.  Go to the house west of the windmill and 
    talk to the old man upstairs.  He tells you that the Telepath Tower 
    is south of Damzen.  When you leave the house, Irving calls again 
    and you tell him what you just learned.  You tell him that you'll 
    head over to the tower.
    Scene: Suspicious Shop
    Items: Goat Doll, Funny Sandals
    If you follow the bartender's advice and head northeast, you'll find 
    a small house northeast of the circle of rocks.  This is the Kaiju 
    Card shop.  In here, you can view "trading cards" of all the monsters 
    in the game, even bosses!  The cards tell give you a rather large 
    drawing of the monster, all its stats and weaknesses, and what item 
    it might carry.  Interesting.  Sorta irritating though, since I was 
    already trying to keep track of this stuff the hard way...  
    Downstairs, another guy will let you change the names of your 
    characters.  There are also two magically sealed chests and a robot 
    blocking another stairway.  When you get Duplicators, you can open 
    the two chests and get a Goat Doll and the Funny Sandals, which 
    increase your encounter rate.
    Scene: Telepath Tower
    Monsters: Dark Light, Critter, Rat Monkey
    Items: Treasure Call Tool, Teleport Gem, Mini Carrot, Revive Fruit x2, 
           Crest Graph, Cracker Rave ARM, Lucky Card x2
    You start out in a large room with glowing boxes and closed doors.  
    Your goal is to throw a wooden box at each of the three glowing boxes.
    When you hit one, it turns red.  Stand just to the side of the two 
    that are up above in order to hit them.  When you hit all three, a 
    door to the south opens.  Go through and up a couple sets of stairs 
    to another door.  The next room has a lot of big gears and a computer 
    terminal (the Network System).  Go out the open door to the south and 
    up more steps.  You'll be in a room with a chest and a lever.  You 
    can't get to either yet, so go out the south door and up more steps.  
    You'll end up on the ledge above the lever.  Jump off onto the 
    platform with the lever on it and pull the lever.  The bridge above 
    you will lower.  Jump off and go back up the south stairs and across 
    the bridge.  Still can't get to the chest.  Go up more stairs to 
    reach a Save Point.  Go out the west door.  Turn right and go around 
    the corner to find a lever.  Pull it to unlock the door in the last 
    room.  If you go back in, you'll see that the door leads to an 
    elevator.  Take the elevator to the 3rd floor to reach that chest.  
    Open it to find a new Tool, the Treasure Call.  It works just like 
    the Radar in Wild Arms, that is, when you use it, any chest or 
    hidden item in the room that you're in will blink and beep.  Go back
    up to the 4th floor and onto the staircase.  You'll find a chest with 
    a Teleport Gem in it.  If you keep going up the stairs though, you'll 
    fall into a crack in the floor.  Go back and take the elevator up to 
    the 5th floor.  Go out the west door to reach the chests on the other 
    side of the crack.  Open them to get a Mini Carrot, a Revive Fruit, 
    and a Crest Graph.  Go back up the stairs and take the door to the 
    left of the elevator.  Go up more stairs to a room with a bunch of 
    levers.  I'll number them:
     10 9
    8 7 6   W
    5 4 3
      2 1
    Pull them in this order:  1, 2, 5, 4, 2, 3, 7, 9, 3, 4, 3  to reach 
    the exit.  Leave the room, then come back in and pull levers  10, 6, 
    and 4 to reach the white chest.  Have Brad kick it to receive a new 
    ARM (Kurakkaareibu).  Go out the south door and up the stairs.  And 
    go up more stairs.  You'll get to a noisy room with a lot of cubes 
    in it.  The center crystal starts glowing...  A sequence is shown 
    where Vinsfeld address all of Filgaia by appearing in every 
    reflective surface across the country.  I really wish I knew what 
    he's saying, because I'm sure it's important.  I think Vinsfeld is 
    part of a terrorist group called "Odessa".  Suddenly, the image 
    shuts off.  Brad kicks the machine a few times.  Pink smokes builds 
    up behind you, and a monster appears.
    Boss: Vajesta (Vajesuta) ~ 2600 HP
          Right Hand ~ 1100 HP
          Left Hand ~ 1100
    Your new arms will do heavy damage, so keep firing with them while 
    healing with Riruka.  Your attacks will miss while he's flashing, 
    so don't shoot.  You'll get a ton of experience and two Lucky 
    Cards for beating him, so use a Lucky Card if you have one.  When 
    the fight is over, Brad suggests going back to Damzen.
    Chapter 7)  Terrorists
    Scene: Damzen
    Go back to the house west of the windmill and talk to the people 
    inside.  When you leave, a girl will be waiting outside for you.  
    She knows something about the terrorists and tells you to head east 
    to Gall Wing.  You also have to name the... girl... or bat, whatever 
    it is.  The default name is Mariabel (Mariaberu).  She then teleports 
    away, and instantly Irving calls.  You keep him up to date on what 
    just happened.  Time to head east.  Go as far east as you can, up 
    onto the plateau.  Search near the bright spot on the eastern cliffs 
    to find a cave.
    Scene: Ponpoko Mountain
    Monsters: Keraino, Doryuu, Shrieker
    Items: Headgear, Crest Graph
    The first room has a strange rotating pyramid in it, and the south
    door is chained shut.  Head out the north door and up a ramp.  When 
    you reach a room with a train track in it, head out the east door 
    first.  There are a lot of gems in this room and two lifts.  Open the 
    chest on the far side of the room for a Headgear.  The lift doesn't 
    work, so head out the east door across from the platform with a lift 
    on it.  In the next room you'll see a cart teetering on the edge of a 
    hole in the floor.  First go through the north door and open the 
    chest for a Crest Graph, then come back.  Kick the cart into the hole,
    then jump in after it.  Kick the cart again to get it moving.  You'll 
    jump over the hole and end up next to a computer.  Search the right 
    side of the computer to find a pretty glowing stone, then pull the 
    giant lever on the left side.  Choose option #1 to switch it on.  
    This powers all of the lifts.  Jump on the lift to the right and head 
    out the east door into the room with the two lifts.  Get on the one 
    on the right side and walk around the corner until you get to a hole 
    in the floor.  Fall in the hole and you'll wind up on the platform 
    with the lift.  Get on this lift and you'll be carried up to a Save 
    Point.  Continue north until you reach the exit.
    Scene: On the Mountain
    You run into a dude on the mountain, who Ashley immediately tells to 
    leave because of dangerous terrorists in the area.  The guy already 
    knows.  Brad seems irritated, and the guy attacks.  Geez, just like 
    a terrorist to attack innocent people...
    Boss: Ptoromaea (Toromea) ~ 3200 HP
    He has an attack that will hit everyone for around 200, but he only 
    used it once on me.  Otherwise, he'll hit one of you for 200-300.  
    Hit him with your ARMS until he gives up, and heal whoever he attacks.
    After the fight, your group will confront the terrorists in front of 
    their ship.  They recognize you from the prison.  They were the guys 
    outside after you left.  You might also recognize one of them as 
    Caina from the end of Chapter 4.  You hear another voice (Vinsfeld, 
    most likely), then Odessa gets in their ship and flies off.
    Chapter 8) Ashley and Marina
    Scene: ARMS Conference Room, Valeria Chateau
    Ashley's pretty pissed off that you couldn't stop them.  You all 
    have a chat with Irving about the evilness of terrorism, then 
    Irving walks out.  "What now?" asks Riruka.  Ashley says that 
    he'll go back to Meria, and Riruka asks if he'll give the pretty 
    stone to Marina.  He's not too sure, so she asks "Well aren't 
    Ashley and Marina lovers?"  Ashley of course is like, "What are 
    you saying?!" so she teases him some more.  You get control of 
    just Ashley.  Brad just wants to relax, and Riruka playfully 
    tells you to hurry to Marina.  The guy right outside the door 
    tells you about a Reflector in the center of the forest to the 
    southwest.  This is probably a bug, since you don't need to know 
    this until later.  Well, time to go see Marina.
    Scene: Meria Town
    Tony, Scott, and Tim greet you at the entrance to the town.  Tony claims 
    that Tim is very interested in some girl, which he denies.  Scott doesn't 
    seem to know what the hell is going on.  Tony and Tim continue yelling at 
    each other until Ashley breaks it up and finally asks Scott what's going on.  
    He brings up Marina and Tim says something to which Ashley replies 
    "Marina and I aren't like that..."  He gets frustrated and walks off.
    Scene: Marina's House
    Item: Mystic Apple
    "I'm back, Marina."  They talk for a minute, and Ashley gives her the stone.  
    She loves it and thanks him.  Search the barrel right next to you for a Mystic 
    Apple (was this always here?).  Reload your ammo while you're here.  When 
    you try to leave the town, Riruka and Brad show up, as does Marina.  Brad 
    says that they have another mission.  Ashley tells Marina not to worry, then 
    your group walks off.
    Scene: ARMS Conference Room, Valeria Chateau
    Irving talks about the king of Meriabel and the king of Silverant. He suggests 
    going to Silverant Country to find the Live Reflector.  Riruka says that it was 
    a Lost Technology.  Irving gives you letter and you get to leave.  Head outside 
    and southwest to the forest.  Search to find a big pyramid, and go in.
    Scene: Live Reflector (Raiburifurekutaa)
    Item: Power Apple
    You're in a greenish looking temple.  Go up the right ramp and in the side 
    door.  You'll stop to talk first about the terrorists, then when you go in 
    you'll find Tony, Scott, and Tim.  Ashley yells at them, asking what they're 
    doing in such a dangerous place.  Riruka comments that Scott doesn't sound 
    very cute... ^_^; (Scott speaks very formally)  I'm not sure what their reason 
    is, but Tony says something about Tim's power.  The three join your group.  
    Go down the ramp and through the door.  Use the terminal in the next room.
    You try to activate the reflector, but it doesn't work.  There's a bright flash, 
    and a monster appears.  Ashley tells the kids to get out.
    Boss:  Elebart (Erebaruto) ~ 2500 HP
           Right Hand ~ 1000 HP
           Left Hand ~ 1000 HP
    This isn't much of a fight.  ARM, ARM, Heal until you kill it.  You get a 
    Power Apple for winning.  Ashley tries the reflector again, but it still won't 
    work.  Tony says that it needs more power, then Tim starts glowing.  He 
    says that it's the power of the Guardian Odoryuk (the Guardian of Life), 
    then he starts floating, much to his surprise.  The ball of light shoots 
    towards the reflector.  Everything seems alright now, so everyone walks 
    out into the central room.  There are three pictures on the walls.  Touch 
    the green one to activate a portal to Silverant Forest.  The yellow picture 
    leads to a volcano, and the red one to a mountain, but it tells you that the 
    generators for both are not working.  Once the green portal is activated, 
    step in.  You'll bounce around some satellites, then come back down to Filgaia.
    Scene: Odessa Hideout
    The boys of Odessa are discussing their plans.  Ptoromaea says his power 
    plant is 60% operational, or something like that.  Vinsfeld tells him to hurry 
    up.  The names of the four henchmen are now revealed to you (as if you 
    didn't read the manual...).  They are Caina, Ptoromaea, Judecca, and 
    Antenora, who along with their leader Vinsfeld make up the terrorist group 
    Odessa.  There's a lot of plotting.
    Chapter 9) Silverant Country
    Scene: Reflector
    Ashley's group lands in another reflector.  The blue picture will activate the 
    portal back to Meriabel, but obviously you don't want to go back yet.  Leave 
    the reflector and search the middle of the forest to find Silverant Castle.
    Scene: Silverant Castle (Shiruvaranto Shiro)
    Items: Red Cap, Olive Branch, Silver Harp, Clear Chime, Blue Bracelet
    You immediately go see the Queen and hand her the letter from the King of 
    Meriabel.  I guess he wants to join forces against Odessa, and I think the 
    Queen decides that she wants to meet with the King of Meriabel.  Then a 
    guard runs in.  The terrorists have attacked Halmetts Town.  Ashley gets 
    permission to go investigate.  You can wander around the castle now.  One 
    of the guards tells you that Halmetts Town is to the east.  Ring the bell in 
    the western part of the castle to wake up the sleeping guard in the eastern 
    half, then go open the treasure chest for a Red Cap.  Then go to the library 
    and search the bookshelf near the far wall to find a switch.  Stand on the 
    table to go down to the treasure room.  Open the chests for an Olive 
    Branch, a Silver Harp, a Clear Chime, and a Blue Bracelet.  As in the first 
    game, these items are very useful for Mystic-ing, since they won't disappear.
    You'll have to push the switch in this room too to get back upstairs.  Now 
    you're ready to head outside.
    Scene: Field
    Monsters: Peryuton
    Items: Duplicator, Bullet Charge
    There's a small niche in the mountain directly south of the castle.  Search 
    there for a Duplicator.  Also search in the circular shrubby area to the east 
    for a Bullet Charge.  To the northeast you'll find the town of Halmetts.
    Scene: Halmetts
    Your team will automatically start talking as soon as you enter.  Ashley 
    suggests you search the town, so your team splits up.  Nobody sees any 
    sign of life.  Suddenly the bell tower rings.  Brad thinks it's a trap, and 
    Ashley rushes over to push Riruka out of the way of an explosion.  
    Judecca appears on a rooftop and introduces himself.  He throws a ball of 
    energy at you, forcing you into a fight.
    Boss: Tarask (Tarasku) ~ 3700 HP
              Crystal (Kurisutaru) ~ ?
    This guy didn't do anything even remotely interesting.  Just keep hitting him 
    until Judecca intervenes.  After the fight, Tarask will cover everything in 
    darkness.  Ashley hears the demon inside of him speak, and he can't fight it 
    off.  When the darkness clears, Tarask is gone and the three of you are 
    unconscious.  Judecca isn't sure what happened, but that doesn't stop him 
    from throwing you in a cell.
    Scene: Golgoda Prison (Gorugoda Keijou)
    Monsters: Bone Drake, Ghoul, Wight
    Items: Lucky Card, Heal Berry
    Riruka saw Ashley do something during the last fight that worries her, but 
    she keeps it to herself.  In the northwest corner of the room is a block that's 
    slightly out of place.  Have Brad kick it, then search it.  You can pull this 
    block around by holding down the O button and pressing back.  Pull it out of 
    the way, and you'll find a hole underneath where it used to be.  Go down the 
    hallway and this time push the block forward so it'll fall off the ledge.  Watch 
    out for the spikes in the floor and first go east and open the chest for a Lucky 
    Card, then head west through the door.  Go down the steps and flip the 
    switch, then back up and through the door.  Avoid the spears and open the 
    chest for a Heal Berry.  Go out the south door.  The next room has a winding 
    narrow path with a lot of spear traps.  Exit south again to an even narrower 
    ledge.  Get a good running start to avoid the traps.  Run past the closed door 
    and throw a knife at the blue pillar.  Run back and through the door you just 
    opened.  Save in the next room, then head north.  Don't search the blue stone 
    in the next room or you'll be hit by a spear.  Go north and you'll find a hall 
    with a lot of blue stones.  Open the third one down for a chest with a Crest 
    Graph and the sixth for the exit.  Go through, then down the steps.  Kick the 
    board back and forth until the door opens, then go through. (the blue stone 
    tells you to do that)  The hint in the next room is to use fire, so use the Fire 
    Rod to sneak a fireball past the spears and light the torch.  It might take 
    awhile.  Pick up some gems, then go to the next room where you'll see some 
    people.  Keep pulling on the lever until the door opens.  The people of 
    Halmetts are in the cell.  You introduce yourselves as the people who will 
    get rid of Odessa.  After talking to them, Ashley goes off by himself and the 
    guy blocking the door lets him through.  There's rubble blocking the way, so 
    go through the west door.  The next room is dark with traps on the floor.  
    You can't walk over the traps, so avoid them and find your way to an exit 
    on the east side of the room.  Go through the door straight across the hall to 
    find a meeting room full of Odessa soldiers.  After listening in, go back out 
    the west door and up the steps to the north.  The wall will collapse and block 
    your way back.  Head south out the exit.
    Scene: Outside
    Judecca immediately confronts you outside.  Riruka and Brad have been 
    captured and are hanging on crosses behind you. (This seems to be a pretty 
    common form of bondage for the Japanese...)  Judecca summons Tarask 
    again, who smacks Ashley around.  The demon voice speaks to him again, 
    and Ashley asks for the power.  As Ashley glows, Mariabel rescues Riruka 
    and Brad.  Mariabel says "The same light...", referring back to the beginning 
    of Chapter 4, I assume.
    Boss: Tarask ~ 2500+ HP
          Crystal ~ ?
    Ashley is dressed to take names in a spiky black and red outfit.  He finally 
    understands the power inside of him.  Save your FP until you have 50, then 
    use your Banishing Buster ability to toast him.  That should kill him.  When 
    you win, you'll learn the Access Force.  An exhausted Ashley transforms 
    back to Ashley.
    Scene: Silverant Throne Room
    The queen gives Ashley the key to activating another gate in the Live Reflector. 
    Irving shows up and stays behind to talk to the queen.  As you're about to leave 
    the castle, you'll run into the villagers.  They're amazed by Ashley's ability and 
    ask if he's the hero.  As usual, the three deny that they're heroes.  The villagers 
    also want to know if you'll be fighting Odessa.  Of course, ARMS will stand 
    up to them.
    Scene: Odessa Hideout
    Vinsfeld and Antenora discuss Judecca's stupidity.  They also talk about a Black 
    Horseman.  They might be referring to the transformed Ashley...
    Three Days Later...
    There's a flashback of Ashley going home to Marina.  He tells her that people 
    are calling him a hero, and as the hero he needs to save the world.  Marina 
    doesn't understand.  She wonders who he really is.  Ashley doesn't really know 
    what to say, and Marina rushes out.
    Chapter 10) Lost Technologies
    Scene: Irving's Office
    Irving and Mariabel talk to your group about what happens next.  It looks like 
    the Black Horseman does refer to Ashley.  The Alternate Form Black Horseman 
    is how they refer to it.  Mariabel also mentions Agartram a few times.  Irving also
    mentions an Emma Motor... a reference to the first Wild Arms.  Might be one of 
    the Lost Technologies they keep talking about.  When they're finally done talking, 
    your next step is to find Aguelite from Horust and Gelmatron from the Ray Line.  
    You'll probably want to go to Meria Town first though.  When you're ready, head 
    back to the reflector.
    Scene: Reflector
    You can now activate the yellow and red portals too, along with the green one 
    that takes you to Silverant Castle.  If you use the phone, Mariabel lets Kate talk 
    to you, and she tells you that you'll find Horust through the red portal and to the
    west.  She also says that the Ray Line is through the yellow portal and to the north.
    Scene: Field (Volcano)
    Monsters: Berserker, Assassin Bug
    Head northeast and you'll find the Ray Line temple.  There's a hidden item on the peninsula 
    to the east, but I didn't catch what it was.
    Scene: Ray Line
    Monsters: Jelly Blob, Laughing Haunt, Lilliput
    Items: Barrette, Teleport Gem, Bolt Fanning ARM
    Walk up to the first doorway, and you'll hear screaming.  Head through the door 
    and you'll be attacked.  Sort of.  You'll see a giant clown kicking the crap out of 
    some animals. (they were referred to as "lizard man A & B")  After some 
    discussion, you decide to fight.
    Boss: Undine (Undiine) ~ 2000 HP
          Stomach ~ 3000 HP
    The strongest attack I saw was he threw a rock at me that did 250.  Big deal.  But 
    as soon as I took out his stomach, he started pounding on me, doing a 550 point 
    stone throw.  Still, he's not that tough.  You get a One Gella Coin for winning.
    The two lizards introduce themselves as Toka (green one) and Ge (brown).  Ge 
    seems to only be able to say "ge" over and over.  After a long talk, they both 
    come along with you.  Go through the north door.  Walk up to the edge, and 
    Ge will throw Toka across the gap onto the lever.  Cross the bridge and flip 
    the other switch to get Toka back across.  Toka starts singing ("Punch, 
    Drunk"?).  Ashley asks him if he's all right and you keep going.  Head north 
    again, down the hall, and into a big room.  When you walk past the statues, 
    the walls come in to crush you, but you jump out of the way.  Walk over to the 
    west wall and push the button to reset the walls.  The group discusses how to 
    get across, then decides to just run for it, but Ge is too slow and ends up holding 
    the walls in place.  Toka gives him an encouraging "Let's go, Bushido!" (they 
    even made it rhyme!) and then starts singing.  Ashley is confused, and the three 
    of you get together.  Walk up to Ge and kick him in the stomach.  Wasn't that 
    fun?  Ok, go over to the ghost statue on the right and pull it out.  Push it into 
    place in front of Ge, and he'll jump over it to safety.  After more talking, the 
    walls crush the statue and return to their original positions.  The trap won't go 
    off again.  Head out the west door and you'll get to a treasure chest with a 
    Barrette in it.  Head back to the trap room and go through the north door.  
    You'll end up underneath the chest you just opened.  Walk over to the edge 
    towards the lever.  Everyone looks at Toka, and he starts complaining, but goes 
    along with it anyway.  Ge tosses him onto the lever and everyone else starts 
    walking off until Riruka stops them.  Just leave him there for now and go 
    through the doorway to find a Save Point.  Head south again and open the 
    chest for a Teleport Gem.  Go down the steps and pull the greenish block into 
    one of the two holes so that you can walk across.  Go out the door and down 
    the stairs to the north.  You need to push the two crates next to the statues over 
    to form a bridge.  Pull the one closest to the gap to the north, then push it 
    against the west wall.  Then move the over crate S, E, N to the wall, then pull 
    it west once and push it the rest of the way.  Pull the lever in the next room to 
    free Toka.  Head back up the steps and south through the door behind the two 
    torches.  Examine the stone face.  There's a picture in this conversation that I 
    guess is a light bulb, since it comes after Toka saying "Oh, it's simple!".  
    Interesting.  Too bad I couldn't understand what his explanation was.  Anyway, 
    Ge sticks his tail in the face's mouth and the wall opens.  Ge doesn't look too 
    happy.  Get behind the stone face and kick it to get Ge free.  Go out the south 
    door and down the halls until you get to a roped off lever.  Ge grabs Toka by 
    the tail and lowers him down.  I think Toka sneezes and Ge drops him.  While 
    everyone is watching the wall open, Toka falls into the pit.  Well, go through 
    the door anyway.  Go up the steps and across the bridge, then fall down onto 
    the ledge to get the chest (Bolt Fanning ARM).  Make sure you use the item 
    to get the ARM.  Jump off the ledge, then go back around to get back up to 
    the doorway.  Go through and down some steps.  In the next room you'll find 
    Toka a little woozy from his fall.  Throw a knife at him to snap him out of it.  
    He pulls the lever and joins you again.  Go up and open the chest.  You'll find 
    the Gelmatron crystal that Irving was looking for.  There's an argument 
    between Toka and Ashley, and the lizards attack you.  They're actually 
    working for Odessa.
    Boss: Toka ~ 2000 HP
          Ge ~ 3000 HP
    I took out Ge first, since he seemed like he'd be the bigger threat.  I just hit him with 
    my ARMS and had Riruka heal herself every round.  Toka has an attack that hits 
    everybody (including himself and Ge) for ~250.  After you win, they run off and you 
    leave the temple.  Time to head to Horust.  Go back to the reflector and go in the red 
    Scene: Field (Island)
    Monsters: Berserker, Assassin Bug, Cockatrice
    Items: One Gella Coin, Power Apple
    You'll find Horust Town near the smaller black rocks, on the other side of the plateau.  
    If you haven't saved in awhile, get to the town right away, because one surprise attack 
    could kill you off.  The apple is on the southeast shore.
    Scene: Horust Town
    Items: Bomb Tool, Mirror Shield
    The first building that you see is the Inn.  Go inside and up to the second floor.  Use your 
    Treasure Call tool and it'll blink on one of the beds.  Search that bed for Brad's Bomb 
    Tool.  It works exactly like Rudy's bombs from WA.  Search a barrel in the first house 
    next to the inn to find a Mirror Shield.  It's a secondary item that prevents petrification, 
    not armor.  If you need some money for armor though, save your game and fight a few 
    Assassin Bugs.  When you're ready, enter the mine.
    Scene: Aguel Mine (Agueru)
    Monsters: Water Ripper, Galleon, Raid Scissors
    Items: Heal Berry x3, Crest Graph, ABM Predator ARM.
    Go down the mine shaft until you get to some big boulders blocking the way.  Use Brad's 
    bombs to blow them up, then continue into the next room.  You'll find more gems, and if 
    you keep going, you'll get to a Y-intersection.  Go left first and bomb the boulder to get 
    by.  The next room has a chest with a Crest Graph in it.  Also bomb the crates for some 
    Heal Berries.  Go back to the intersection and take the right passage, following it until you 
    get to a Save Point.  Follow the tracks into the next room, then bomb or throw the crates 
    in the corner and pull the switch to open the gate.  First, head east and down a corridor 
    until you have to bomb some rocks out of the way.  Go in the small opening to the north to 
    find a room with three crates, a white chest, and a rotating pyramid.  Search the crates for 
    Heal Berries, then have Brad kick open the chest to get the ABM Predator (puredetaa) 
    ARM.  I still don't know what these pyramids do, so just leave it alone and head back up 
    to the yellow gate and pass through it.  You'll get to a room with what looks like a drilling 
    machine.  Drop a bomb next to the end closest to the sign to activate it.  Once the rock is 
    gone, you can go through the door.  You're now in some sort of tomb with a large stone 
    blocking the door to the north.  Drop a few bombs in front of it, and it will explode.  The 
    next room has four platforms and a red diamond in the center.  When you bomb one of 
    the platforms, it rises into the air for a short time.  Run around the room, placing a bomb 
    on each platform.  When all four are in the air, the diamond turns blue and the door opens.  
    Open the chest in the next room to get the Aguelite.  Since you now have both stones, the 
    group stops to talk about them for awhile, wondering what Irving will do with them.  You 
    automatically leave the mine.  When you're done upgrading stuff in the town, head outside 
    and use a Teleport Gem.  Valeria Chateau should be the second option.
    Chapter 11) Power of the Guardians 
    Scene: Irving's Office, Valeria Chateau
    As soon as you enter the chateau, you'll find yourselves in the office with Irving and 
    Mariabel.  Mariabel tells Riruka about Emma and the Emma Motor, then Irving gets 
    to your next mission, which brings up a discussion on Guardians.  Once again you 
    gain control of just Ashley, so it looks like it's time to visit Marina.
    Scene: Meria Town
    As soon as you enter, you'll see the three boys being chased by three men.  Tony calls 
    out to you for help and hides behind you.  The three guys run off, and you get a phone 
    call from Kate.  She talks about Odessa and Meria Town, and then you see a movie 
    sequence of Odessa's ship flying overhead.
    Scene: Odessa's Ship
    Ptolomaea and Antenora are in charge and yell some orders out.  A dragon drops out 
    of the ship.
    Scene: Valeria Chateau
    Ashley meets up with Brad and Riruka inside.  There's mention of Area 51...  Suddenly 
    there's a rumbling sound, and Irving is shown in the bridge of another ship, powered 
    by the Emma Motor.  Kate and Amy are engineers.  Irving calls it "Valeria Chateau's 
    secret".  So basically, the entire chateau pulls itself out of the ground and flies to Meria 
    Boss: Arufael (Arufaeru) ~ 5000 HP
          Right Foot ~ 1500+ HP
          Left Foot ~  1500+ HP
    This guy didn't do anything even remotely damaging to me.  After the fight, your group 
    goes to check on the town.  After talking to the boys, you convince Tim to follow you 
    to Valeria Chateau.  He talks with Irving for awhile.  The ground shakes a bit, then 
    you're given instructions on how to fly the chateau.
    Chateau Instructions:
    Press Up or the Circle button to go forwards.
    Press Left or Right to turn.
    Press Triangle to get to the menu.
    Press X to get the mini menu.
      The first option lets you continue flying.
      The second option brings you to the ship's bridge.
      The third option lets you land on a landing pad, or auto-pilots you to a landing pad.
    If you choose the third option, you'll go to the Baskar pad.  As soon as you land, you'll 
    get a phone call from Irving.  He tells you to go into the forest.  Just walk your way 
    straight north and search the end peninsula for Baskar.
    Scene: Baskar Village
    Remember Baskar Village from Wild Arms?  It was the Indian looking place with the 
    big fluffy dog and the altar to Zephyr, Guardian of Hope.  Tim was born here 12 years 
    ago.  Your group goes to talk to the village elder.  There's some back info on Tim and 
    his mother, Sabrina.  You now get control of Tim.  Go into the empty house to the 
    northeast and look at the red crystal on the table.  A girl comes in and startles Tim, 
    who drops the crystal under the table.  This girl talks pretty fast.  You'll have to enter 
    her name (default: Koretto)  I named her Colette.  Colette turns out to be a Medium, 
    like Tim.  There's a lot of talk about Tim and the Guardians.  Tim now joins your party 
    for good, with the rune of the Guardian of Life, Odoryuk.  He doesn't have any Tools 
    yet.  When you're ready to leave, Colette will be waiting for you at the village entrance.  
    She says to take her to a village to the south, in the middle of the forest.  Search a bit to 
    the south and you'll find a temple.
    Scene: Tim's Trial
    Monsters: Fairy Light
    Items: Crest Graph x3, Heart Leaf, Mini Carrot x2
    You convince Colette to wait for you at the entrance.  Go north and talk to the floating 
    monkey.  His name is Pooka, and he uses "no da" like Chichiri. (which I think Pioneer 
    decided to translate as "ya know"...)  Anyway, Pooka confuses the hell out of Tim and 
    decides to join you as Tim's first Tool.  Pooka will fly around the screen and push 
    switches for you.  In the next room, you'll find a large pillar with two orange buttons 
    on it.  Have Tim walk up to one and push it in, then fly Pooka over to the other one 
    and press the O button.  The wall will open to the north.  The next hall has two chests
    high up out of reach, so just head out the east door.  The next room has pits to the 
    north and south.  Go stand on the north platform and have Pooka push the button.  
    The platform will slide over to the door, but you have to walk off before it moves 
    back.  If you want to go back, go through the door and come back, and you'll find 
    the platform will now form a bridge.  You'll find another two button pillar leading to
    a treasure chest with a Heart Leaf in it.  Go back to the big room and cross the 
    southern platform.  Go in this door and up a ramp to find the two chests you missed
    before.  Get one of the chests on the screen and use Pooka to fly over and open it.  
    Both have Crest Graphs in them.  Head out the north door and down a ramp into the
    Heart Leaf room.  Go out the west door.  In this room, pressing the button on the 
    right raises the two platforms for a short time.  You'll need to stand just off of the 
    small ramp and use Pooka to press the button, then run across the first platform, up 
    the ramp, then across the second platform before it lowers.  Use Pooka again to press 
    the button up here and cross the third platform before it lowers.  Go out the north 
    door and down the hallway.  Go through the south door first and open the two chests 
    for two Mini Carrots.  Make sure Riruka is in your party, then go through the east 
    door and Tim will stop and talk to Pooka.  The room will shake and a big lizard 
    will appear.
    Boss: Reguleus (Regyureusu) ~ 5000 HP
    This guy's attack will put you to sleep and poison you, so it's a good idea to have 
    Riruka in your party.  Your ARMs should be doing between 600 and 1000, so this 
    fight shouldn't be much trouble.  If you have to, use Force Shift until you can 
    Access/Night Fencer him.
    Go through the east door and use the Save Point.  Walk up to the doorway and 
    Pooka will tell everyone about Combine.  Tim then walks through the door alone.
    Use Pooka to push the button on your right, then run across the platforms to the 
    next button.  Do this a few more times and pass a chest that you'll come back to 
    later.  Go north, then hop off the ledge you're on.  Ignore the button for now and 
    go up the ramp and out the west door.  You'll find that chest, which has a Crest 
    Graph in it.  Go back and use Pooka to reach the northeast door.  The platform 
    moves fast, so get as far away from the button as you can.  Keep walking north 
    until Tim starts glowing.  Odoryuk will talk to you and you'll get attacked.
    Boss: Gehenna Neros (Gehenanerosu) x2 ~ 3000 HP
    These guys also puts you to sleep and poison you.  Attacking is useless, since they 
    continually heal each other.  As Pooka says, you want to Guard until you have 
    Force Level 2 and use Combine, which is hard to do if you're asleep.  As soon as 
    you wake up, they'll put you to sleep again, making this a very annoying fight.  
    MAKE SURE you switch your rune to someone other than Odoryuk, or you'll 
    never win the fight.  You can do this from the first battle menu. (yes, Tim 
    combined with Odoryuk makes a cute little unicorn, but he won't help you win 
    this one)  Hit them once with Moa Gault to win.
    You'll return to the rest of the guys, and Pooka will teach them Combine.  Tim 
    returns to the temple entrance to meet Colette.  They run outside into the 
    flowers (aww...) and get all snuggly. (hey...)  Then you go back to the village.  
    Scene: Baskar Village
    The elder gives Tim 10 Heal Berries, 3 Potion Berries, and a Mini Carrot.  Tim 
    goes upstairs to rest and overhears the elder downstairs... plotting to kill him.  
    The elder hears Tim and his men surround him.  They close in, chanting "Kill..."
    and leave Tim's lifeless body on the floor.
    Scene: ARMs Conference Room
    Everyone else has gathered in the conference room for a meeting.  Baskar's elder is 
    there too.  There's arguing about Tim, then an alarm goes off and Kate warns of two 
    intruders.  There's a mention of "De La Metallica", an important book from the first 
    game, but I don't know what was said about it.  The elder and Colette run out.  You 
    can save right outside the room, then go into the elevator.  Judecca and Antenora are 
    shown on some stairs in the Chateau, then Tony and Scott talk, then you face off 
    against Antenora.
    Boss: Antenora ~ 6000 HP
    She can do over 600 to a single person, or hit everyone for 300 or so.  And she also 
    has a poison/sleep attack.  I guess you can't use Combine without Tim, because it 
    won't work.  Just use your ARMs and defensive spells. 
    After the fight, Antenora will teleport away.  Tim, in the meantime, has "gotten better" 
    and is pacing around in his room worrying about death.  He hears Colette scream, but 
    is too depressed to do anything until Tony and Scott show up.  Tony finally convinces 
    Tim to do something, and he runs off.  Judecca has found the elder and Colette, and is 
    holding them at gunpoint.  There's a bright flash of light, and Gurdijeff roars before Tim 
    appears in his place.
    Boss: Judecca ~ 4000 HP
    One on one, Judecca vs. Tim.  Yes, Tim looks a little overmatched.  Attack to build 
    your Force level and use Heal Berries when necessary.  Three Moa Gaults finished 
    him off.
    Judecca teleports away when everyone else shows up, but leaves behind his pet.  Kate 
    and Amy scan it and tell you how to fight it.  Meanwhile, it waits patiently for you to 
    finish talking.
    Boss: Blastodon (Burasutoodon) ~5000 HP
          Right Cannon ~ 4000 HP
          Left Cannon ~ 2500 HP
    He's weak against fire, so give Moa Gault to the first person who gets 2 full Force blocks 
    and use Combine on him.  It won't take much more than that, but you can also use Tim 
    or Riruka's Fire attacks.
    After the fight, they lock him down onto the catapult, but it breaks free.  Ashley jumps on 
    to hold him down, but the catapult starts moving with him on it.  Before he's launched off, 
    Ashley uses Access and gets away.
    Chapter 12) The Metal Bird
    Scene: Baskar Village
    Tim's still mad about the almost dying thing, but still wants to help the planet.  
    Irving and the rest leave, while Tim says some final words to Colette and the 
    elder.  He leaves, and Colette goes after him.
    Scene: Meriabel Castle
    Irving, Ashley, Brad, Riruka, and Tim go to Meriabel to talk to the King.  The 
    king says that the three kingdoms, Meriabel, Silverant, and Gildograd are 
    meeting at the Filgaia Summit.  The king wants Irving to be there also to 
    represent ARMS.
    Scene: 71st Filgaia Summit
    King Meriabel, Queen Silverant, Master Gildograd, and Irving begin the summit and 
    discuss Odessa.  Suddenly they're interrupted by Irving's phone (ominous music).  Kate 
    calls with news of Odessa.  Irving then unveils a giant grappling hook, the Assault 
    Anchor, that they shoot at Odessa's ship with your party inside of it.  They refer to
    something as the "Gull Wing" (your airship from Wild ARMS), so I guess it refers 
    to Odessa's ship.
    Scene: Gull Wing
    Monsters: Odessa Guard
    Go out the north door and down the hall.  Kick the blue machine in the middle 
    of the hall to destroy it.  The next room has a Save Point, and the one after that 
    has four doors.  
    East: Go into the room before you hit the laser beam.  Bust through some blue 
    machines to reach the computer in the back.  (if the computer doesn't work, go 
    to the West section)  Select option 1, then option 2 to turn off a barrier.  Then 
    use it again and select option 2 to find the C Code.  Mine was TC6503.  Leave 
    the room and head east, kick a few machines and keep going.  Go up the ramp 
    and press the button to lower the bridge.  Cross over and go up the other ramp, 
    then use Pooka to press the switch again.  Cross the bridge and use the 
    computer.  It asks for the C Code, so enter it and head back to the central room.
    West: Go into the room before you hit the laser beam.  Pull out the block and 
    push it into the other opening to make a bridge to the computer.  Select option 1 
    on the computer, then option 2 to turn off the barrier.  Use it again and select 
    option 2, then option 1 to turn on a switch.  Leave the room and head west.  In 
    the next room, use the computer to raise the bridge, then cross the bridge to a 
    second computer.  Choose the first option to activate a switch and the second 
    option to find the A Code.  Mine was TA2360.  Cross back over the bridge to 
    where the three blocks are.  I'll label block 1 as the one closest to the wall, 2 is 
    the middle one, and 3 is on the edge.  Pull 3 to the west one space, then jump 
    off and go back up the ramp and fall into the hole between blocks 1 and 2.  
    Push block 1 west one space and then pull it south one space.  Even though 
    they aren't lined up, you can still walk across all three and get to the door.  Go 
    through, then up to the computer and select option 1 to activate the crane.  
    Cross over the platform to the big computer.  It asks for the A Code, so enter 
    it and head back to the central room.
    North: In the upper right corner, you'll find five blocks.  Pull them out and push 
    them onto the platform with the rest of the blocks.  When all the blocks are in 
    place, the platform will fall to the floor, allowing you to reach the north door.  
    In the next room, you'll find a winding bridge with tiles that will collapse when 
    you step on them.  The blocks that will fall are just barely noticeable while the 
    room is rotating.  There are two computers in the next room.  If you went 
    through the top door, you can reach both of them.  There are traps here too, 
    so if you fall, kick one of the blue machines and go back up the ramp.  Choose 
    option 2 on the top computer to turn a barrier off, then go south two rooms 
    and take the west door.  There's a computer in here with the B Code.  Mine 
    was TB8180.  Go back north two rooms and fall onto the line of blue 
    machines to reach the second computer.  It asks for the B Code, so enter it 
    and head back to the center room.
    When all three codes have been entered, go out the south door and you'll be 
    stopped by Ptoromaea.
    Boss: Ptoromaea ~ 7500 HP
    He can hit everyone for around 150, but my force regeneration canceled that out.  
    All I did was normal attacks (and Night Fencer) until I killed him.  After the fight, 
    he'll run off and Brad will keep Ashley from running after him.  The place starts 
    falling apart, so you call up Irving to get you out of there.  He tells you to go to 
    the cockpit, so get on the elevator Ptoromaea showed up on, then head north 
    and look at the computer.  The Gull Wing crashes into the water, and everyone 
    climbs out on top and waits for the Chateau.
    Chapter 13) Search and Recovery, Magic & Data Tablets
    Scene: Meriabel Castle
    The King celebrates your victory and lets you use his hovercraft, which is to the 
    west.  Your mission is to find the three missing Data Tablets from the Gull Wing.
    Head into town first and stock up.  Make sure you use all of your Crest Graphs 
    and Tim's Personal Skill points and refill your ammo.  Leave Meria Town and go 
    to the hovercraft.  It's marked on your map with a yellow square.  You're given 
    instructions on how to use it.
    Hovercraft Instructions:
    Press Up or the Circle button to go forwards.
    Press Left or Right to turn.
    Press Triangle to get to the menu.
    Press X to get off, but only when you're on a beach.
    Press Square to use the Map Scope.
    Scene: Inner Sea
    Monsters: Bower
    You now have to drive around in the sea and search for the three tablets.  It's a 
    pretty circular sea, so you won't get lost... unless you go down the river to the 
    Tablet 1: Center of sea, next to island beach.
    Tablet 2: North center, next to the beach.
    Tablet 3: West center, next to the beach.
    Once you have all three, you have call Irving.  He'll tell you to come back to 
    Meriabel Castle.  So... go back to Meriabel Castle.
    Scene: Meriabel Castle
    Once you enter the castle, you'll automatically go to the throne room.  The King 
    tells you to go to Sielje (Shieruje) next, and since Riruka doesn't want to use a 
    Teleport Gem, he suggests you use a tunnel near Damzen to get there.  Use a 
    Teleport Gem or the Hovercraft to get to Damzen.
    Scene: Damzen
    The people in the town have information about the tunnel.  Talk to one of the 
    guys in the saloon to get an orange crystal. (oyakata no akashi)  Some other 
    guys in town give you leads on places to go.  Head east to Ponpoko 
    Mountain, and you start in the room with the spinning pyramid and locked 
    door.  Go to the locked door and use the orange crystal from your item menu.
    The door will open.
    Scene: Underground River
    Monsters: See Ponpoko Mountain (Chapter 7), Vacuumon, Cavetoraus
    Items: Dead Or Alive ARM, Freeze Rod Tool, Heal Berry, Migrant Hat, Duplicator
    Follow the river and go through the door.  You'll be in a room with a series of 
    walkways and purple flames.  Go out the east door and open the chest to get the 
    Dead Or Alive ARM for Ashley. Go out the southwest door and open the chest to 
    get Riruka's second Tool, the Freeze Rod.  Use the Freeze Rod on all three flames 
    to make them disappear, then go out the south door.  Go down the ramp and pull 
    the crate until it's directly under the southern doorway.  Then go up the ramp and 
    throw a knife at the blue pillar.  Jump onto the crate that just fell and go through 
    the door.  Open the chest for a Heal Berry, then keep going out the south door.  
    Jump off a ledge from above to get to the chest here, which has a Migrant Hat in 
    it.  Ashley loves his cowboy hats.  Do the same thing to get to the other chest, 
    which has a Duplicator.  Go out the southwest door.  This room has two red 
    switches on the floor that you need to pull the crates onto.  Pull the crate onto the
    easternmost switch first to lower the second crate to the floor.  Pull it west once 
    and north twice to fill a hole.  Then pull the first crate over to the other switch and 
    go out the east door.  Go down the hall and out the door.
    Scene: Snow Fields
    Monsters: Wendigo, Fluretti, White Fear
    Items: Mystic Apple
    Heading south will bring you to the Gate Bridge, so head northwest and 
    search around the black rocks for a Mystic Apple.  Then search the center 
    of that area to find Sielje.
    Scene: Sielje
    Items: Serenade, Magic Feather, Baitsadasuto (Bites the Dust?)
    Stand in the center of the circle of light to be transported to the town.  This is a 
    town of magic users who know Riruka.  One boy walks up and greets Riruka.  
    You have to name him (default: Terii), so enter Terry.  You can now explore the 
    town.  There are new weapons here, but they're expensive...  You can take an 
    elevator on your right up to the observatory, but there's not much to do there 
    right now.  In the northern part of town, you can walk along a narrow ledge to 
    find two treasure chests.  The Serenade is a hat for Riruka, and the Magic 
    Feather is a hat for Tim.  You need to use Pooka to get the Feather.  Head 
    into the library and talk to Karayan, then go up the stairs and to the left room 
    to find Terry and MacGregor.  After talking to MacGregor, you'll talk to Irving 
    through a projection system.  Terry seems to be concerned about Riruka, but 
    she responds with "I hate you" and walks off...  She goes to find Ashley and 
    pulls him aside to talk about her sister.  She then goes downstairs to look for 
    something and an alarm goes off.  As Ashley suspected, you find out that the 
    three data tablets were stolen.  Irving contacts you and tell you go head 
    southwest to the Gate Bridge.  MacGregor gives you the Gate Bridge Key.  
    As you try to leave town, Terry stops Riruka and gives her the Baitsadasuto 
    doll.  They both seem happy now.
    Scene: Gate Bridge
    Monsters: Ninja Hound, Iron Maiden, Cray Puppet
    Use the Gate Bridge Key when you get to the entrance to unlock it.  When you 
    go in, the place will start shaking and you'll see Toka and Ge messing around 
    with the bridge controls.  Brad then goes over to another panel and fixes the 
    bridge, but only temporarily.  You have 5:00 to get across.  In the first section, 
    just avoid the robots.  Don't worry if you get into a fight though, because time 
    won't pass while you're fighting.  In the second room, throw a knife at the blue 
    pillar, then avoid the two narrow strips on the floor that will cause the gate to 
    drop if you step on them.  Avoid more robots... (or fight them...)  In the next 
    room, get close to the gate and then throw your knife diagonally at the pillar. 
    More robots... then an empty room.  Go through the last door and you'll be at 
    the midpoint of the bridge.  Toka and Ge will make their plans, then it's time to
    confront them.
    Boss: Toka ~ 3500 HP
          Ge ~ 4000 HP
    Ge can really pound on your guys (1200+), so take him out first.  Use Lock On 
    combined with the ABM Predator to finish the job quick.  Have Riruka heal 
    whoever Ge attacks to keep yourself alive.
    Boss: Kaizou Tarask ~ 4500 HP
          Crystal ~ 4500 HP HP
    This guy can also hit you for 1200+, or everyone for 400+.  You shouldn't have 
    any problem if you guys regenerate and Riruka heals every round.  After the fight, 
    save and leave the Gate Bridge.
    Scene: Field
    Monsters: Arch Bug, Melcom
    Kate will call you up on the phone as soon as you leave.  She tells you that they 
    detect the data tablets to the northwest.  Search the far west to find a Sorcery Apple.  
    You'll find two white pillars marking the entrance to Greenhel Forest.
    Scene: Greenhel Forest
    Monsters: Storas, Triffid, Barghest
    This is where Brad started the game.  He tells the other about a village he knows of in 
    the forest.  There are flashbacks of Brad and another guy.  If you missed any of the 
    treasure chests before, you can pick them up now.  Go the same way you went the 
    first time, then over to Sebokku Village.
    Scene: Sebokku Village
    Items: Crest Graph, Teleport Opal, Data Tablet 3, Pulse Craster
    The first building to the left has an ARM in it.  Have Brad kick the chest to get the 
    Pulse Craster.  There's a large dog in front of one of the buildings.  If you talk to it, a 
    girl comes running up, calling you Grandpa.  It's Meryl, from the beginning of the 
    game.  You need to name the dog now, and no default name is given.  I think you 
    need to give it the same name you gave it before (Rush).  Meryl says that it's been 5 
    years since Brad came to the village, and they talk.  She leads you to a house where 
    a boy is in a wheelchair.  You need to name him too. (default is Billy)  Brad reveals 
    some information about Vinsfeld's background... I believe he was some sort of 
    political leader in Brad's home country.  The others are skeptical about Brad's 
    loyalties, but he assures them that he's on ARMS's side.  After you're done talking, 
    check the barrel for a Crest Graph.  Go talk to Rush, and he'll run off and bring you 
    back a Teleport Gem and Data Tablet 3.  The Teleport Gem turns out to be a 
    Teleport Orb.  Irving says the next town, Quartly, is to the southwest of the Inner 
    Sea, so use the orb to teleport to your hovercraft.  Drive over to Baskar, and then 
    go down the little river to the side of it.  The river will turn to the northwest and lead 
    to a desert region.  Park on the beach.
    Chapter 14) Infiltration
    Scene: Desert
    Item: Lucky Card, Duplicator, Bullet Charge
    Monsters: Antlion, Sand Scissors, Tsuin Tail
    On a peninsula to the north you'll find a Lucky Card.  On the southwest peninsula 
    you'll find a Hardy Apple? (green).  Somewhere in the middle of the desert I found a 
    Duplicator and a Bullet Charge.  You need to search near the northwestern part of 
    the desert to find a bridge that'll cross over the ravine.  There's a dark orange circle 
    where the bridge will appear.
    Scene: Quartly
    You can get new weapons and armor at the item shop here.  When you get halfway 
    through town, you'll be stopped by a woman with green hair.  She asks you for a favor, 
    but Ashley is suspicious... You ask for her name (default is Kanon).  She walks off, 
    and the rest of you go to the hotel to rest.  During the night you discover that Brad is 
    gone.  Ashley goes outside and sees him talking to someone in the alley.  He comes 
    back inside, but Ashley doesn't like all the Slayheim business that's going on.  When 
    you're ready, leave through the north exit.
    Scene: Salt Field
    Monsters: Remnant, Necrozaulus, Makyarbul
    Items: Vitality Apple, Ambrosia
    Search the area to the southwest to find a Vitality Apple, and to the southeast you'll 
    find an Ambrosia.  Make sure you don't miss it.  If you go into the center of the ring 
    of pillars, you'd expect to find a town there... but searching there does nothing.  I 
    spent two hours talking to people in Quartly, reading the magazines in the PS shop, 
    and talking to people again.  I finally went outside and tried to use the Teleport Orb 
    to warp to Valeria Chateau, and the orb malfunctioned and sent me to a tiny island.  
    The orb will not malfunction UNLESS you've spoken to Karayan in Sielje and Riruka is
    your active character (the one shown on the screen).  Search to find a house.
    Scene: Separated Island Agency (Ritou no Shutchoujo)
    Inside the house a blue haired dude will stop you, probably wondering how the hell 
    you got there.  He's a little nutso.  Seems to have a problem with Sielje, and he tells 
    you about the High Crests, then gives one to you and tells you his name is John Dee.  
    One of the guys in Sielje mentioned him...  Go outside the house and stay as close to 
    the outside of the fence as possible to sneak your way around back.  Then go up and 
    open the treasure chest to get the Kazamidori, which I think protects you against Pinch 
    Attacks.  Teleport back to Sielje and talk to Karayan again to show him the High 
    Crest.  He'll take it and teleport away.  Now you can come back to John Dee, and 
    he'll teach you High Magic.  Just remove some of your other spells to make room for 
    the new ones.  When you're ready, head back to Quartly.  Go to the northeast edge 
    of the salt field and you'll find another dark spot.  Search there to find Slayheim 
    Castle.  Thanks to Rob (rob@gwu.edu) for pointing me in the right direction.
    Scene: Slayheim Castle (Sureihaimu Shiro)
    Monsters: Helterskelter, Brad Ruby, Nahat Gheist
    Items: Duplicator, Elven Boots, Lone Wolf, Prassband
    There's another rotating pyramid in here, but you still can't do anything 
    with it... There are three doors to the north.  Go in the right doorway, 
    then keep heading north through another doorway.  Examine the painting of 
    a fire and choose the first option (Yes) to fix it.  This will unlock the 
    door to your left.  Go through it and you'll see a flashback of Brad and 
    his friend from before.  Open the chest in here to get a Duplicator.  Leave 
    the room and go down the east hall, up the stairs and through the door to a 
    room full of crates.  Bomb away the crates in the middle of the room to get 
    to the back.  Go through the door and down some stairs.  Push the blue 
    button on the left wall to open the door, then go through.  There's a Save 
    Point in the next room.  Go through the double doors to the north to watch 
    another flashback.  The center door will also be shown opening.  Open the 
    chest in this room to get the Lone Wolf hat, then head back to the main 
    room with the three doors.  Go in the left doorway, then keep heading north 
    through another doorway.  Kick the bookshelf that has the purple book on it 
    to knock the book off.  Pick it up. (Sukebebonderakkusu)  Leave the room 
    and head down the west hall and up the stairs and through the door.  Stand 
    behind the large metal spike thing and kick it.  It will swing forward, 
    then knock you across the pit.  Open the chest to get the Elven Boots.  Go 
    through the north doorway and head down the steps.  Push the blue button 
    on the left wall to open the door, then go through.  Save, then head back 
    to the main room with the three doors.  Go through the center door now and 
    down the stairs.  There's a blue button high on the wall and a plaque to 
    your left giving you a clue.  Go back up to the top of the steps and kick 
    the pillar to the right of the door.  It'll fall over and a chain reaction 
    will lead to the button being pushed and the door opening.  Go back down 
    and through the door.  You'll see another flashback.  Open the chest to get 
    the Prassband.  Now head back up to the main room and you'll hear a voice.  
    Kanon will walk in and talk to you, and she's pissed off.  She's draws her 
    knife and attacks.
    Boss: Kanon ~ 5000 HP
    She has a nasty attack that does 1400+ and another that does 1700+, so 
    this won't be your regular boss fight cakewalk.  Have Riruka cast Quick 
    on herself twice to give her the first attack, unless you're comfortable 
    with attacking after Kanon.  She attacked and killed Tim every round, 
    and I revived him right afterward.  That's the way the entire fight went, 
    so if you're lucky, it'll happen to you too.  After the fight, Kanon runs 
    off and you can leave the castle.  Head back to Quartly.
    Scene: Quartly Inn
    When you get to town, your party will be in the inn.  Ashley decides to 
    call Irving.  He wants you to check out the desert area, which a guy 
    next to the inn tells you is to the south.  Head back south to a point 
    just north of where your hovercraft is and search there to find a black 
    pyramid.  It's the plant that everyone kept talking about earlier.
    Scene: Alchemic Plant (Arukemiku Puranto)
    Items: Voice Recorder
    Monsters: Shanzen, Blackau
    When you enter, you'll see a cut scene of Antenora informing Vinsfeld 
    that you have entered the plant.  There goes your cover.  Looks like 
    he's also trying to put the moves on her, but she backs off and he 
    leaves.  When he's gone, she cries.  You'll immediately get detected 
    by a robot and get into a fight.  Walk along the catwalk east and go 
    through the door, then go around the corner and down the steps.  Skip 
    the first doorway on your right and enter the second one.  Go up the 
    short ramp, then jump off to the north and keep walking along the path 
    until you get to another ramp.  This time jump off to the east and 
    you'll reach the door.  Go through to a room with a lot of water in 
    it.  Head up the steps and through the door to another walkway.  Head 
    east along this one and out another door, then continue on to a door 
    with a red outline.  This leads to a metal catwalk.  On the other 
    side, you'll get to a room with a big computer.  Brad stays behind to 
    deal with things from there, so the rest of you can leave through the 
    north door.  Walk to the end of the catwalk and jump off the north 
    side.  The robot guarding the door will blast you with a laser if you 
    get near, but you can blow it up with the Fire Rod.  Go through the 
    door and down the hall to a locked door with a guy behind it.  Go up 
    to the door and use your phone to listen in on the guy's 
    conversation [B].  Then keep walking east.  There's a gray door here 
    that asks you for a password.  Go through the door opposite it on the 
    south wall.  Search the lockers in here to find a memo.  It's 
    completely in katakana, so I had no chance of understanding it.  Go 
    back to the password door and up the stairs that circle around it.  
    Go down the hall to another locked door and listen to this guy's 
    conversation [C].  This conversation should give you a hint about 
    the password, which is "toromu" in katakana, so go open it and go 
    through.  (NOTE: In the English version, the password should be "ISK".)
    Save your game and head east.  Head up some steps and listen in on 
    another conversation [F]. Go out the south door, then up more steps 
    and listen in here [another F].  Backtrack to the last guy and listen 
    in again.  His conversation will have changed.  Now come back to the 
    second F room and the door will be open.  Search one of the middle 
    lockers to find the Voice Recorder.  Now go through the west door.  
    The next room winds up, down, and around, but you'll end up going out 
    the west door.  Listen in on the next conversation to hear Antenora 
    talking to Soldier E.  Ashley comments on how he can use Antenora's 
    voice, so use the Voice Recorder to record her conversation.  Head 
    down some stairs and out the east door.  The next room has a lot of 
    robots in it and a door in the southeast you need to go through.
    But first listen in to the last conversation [D to G].  You'll wind 
    up back at the Save Point.  Use the Voice Recorder while standing in 
    front of the giant metal door to get it to open.  You've reached the 
    main computer room, and Antenora comes out to greet you.
    Boss: Antenora ~ 6500 HP
    She has a 1000+ damage attack that can put you to sleep and poison 
    you, and one that does 500+ to everybody.  Combining with the Life 
    Rune does well as far as healing goes.  Just have Ashley smack her 
    around with ARMs.  
    When she's had enough, Brad will come in the room and the guards will 
    turn into clones of Brad... Antenora says that they're Dopplegangers. 
    But the real Brad shows up and literally kicks some ass.  Ashley 
    throws him a grenade and he blows a hole in the floor, taking out 
    the Dopplegangers, but Antenora teleports away.  More guards show up 
    and Brad stays behind to finish things there.  The rest of you 
    escape, but the base explodes.  You return to the Chateau without him.
    Chapter 15) Gildograd and the Open Sea
    Scene: Valeria Chateau
    The three of you talk to Irving about what happened.  Ashley blames 
    himself for not saving Brad.  Irving now wants you to go north of 
    Quartly to Uraltu Station.  Go to the bridge and talk to Elvin to take
    off, then park the ship somewhere and use the Teleport Orb to warp to 
    Quartly.  Head as far northwest as you can and search the suspicious 
    looking area next to the mountains to find the station.
    Scene: Uraltu Station
    Head downstairs and you'll meet up with Gildograd's son (Noel Anaheim 
    Gildograd) and his troops.  After a long discussion, you'll all board 
    the train.  After going for a ways, there's a problem and the train 
    stops.  The conductor will save your game if you talk to him.  Head out
    the north door.
    Scene: Emulator Zone
    Monsters: Odessa 2nd Rank
    You somehow end up in a bizarre floating crystal world... Go up to the 
    dark blue block and pull it back, then push it onto the pink square and
    walk through the pink door that opens up.  You're now in a maze...
    From the first room after the gate, go: East, South, East, South
    You'll be in a room with a pink stone that talk to you.  Now go North 
    twice to get in a room with an inactive gate.  Go back South through 
    the door you just came in.  There will be a chest on a floating 
    platform to the west.  Use Pooka to open the chest, and Tim will get 
    his second Tool, the Aerial Bullet.  You can now shoot gusts of wind 
    that will move blocks.  Shoot the blue block south once, then east 
    onto the pink square.  Go through the north door.  A voice will talk 
    to you, and Caina, master of the Giant Key(tm), will come out to fight
    you.  He says something that REALLY pisses of Ashley, and the fight 
    Boss: Caina ~ 5000-7000 HP
    His main attack shoots white orbs at you and does between 700-800 HP.
    His physical attacks do around 450, but miss a lot.  I Force Shifted 
    Ashley until he could Access, then beat the hell out of him with a 
    Banishing Buster attack which did 3700.  
    After the fight, he teleports away.  Walk through the pink gate.  
    There are two staircases in the next room.  Go down the left one and 
    stand on the purple diamond.  Then walk down and around to the 
    diamond on the other side, but don't step on it.  Instead, fall of 
    the north edge onto the platform below and stand on that diamond.  Go
    through the door right next to you, and you'll be in a room with a 
    bunch of pink and white octagons.  Keep walking onto diamonds until 
    you're teleported next to a door that's NOT on the west side and go 
    through it.  The next room has a large pink crystal in it, the 
    Emulator's generator.  Walk up to the edge of the platform you're on
    and use the Aerial Bullet to push on of the blocks in the wall inward,
    then go back through the door you came in.  Keep teleporting around 
    until you get to another door, either on the north, east, or south 
    side.  Go in the door and knock another block out of the wall.  Once 
    you get the third block knocked out, the crystal will fall through and
    Kanon will show up and attack you again.
    Boss: Kanon ~ 7500 HP
    "This body flows with the Hero's blood..." she says.  She's obsessed 
    with the Holy Sword.  She has the same nasty attacks as before, so 
    follow the same pattern.  One called "Meteo Drop" did 2000 to Tim...
    So once again, I spent every round casting Revive on Tim while Ashley
    used Night Fencer.  
    After you win, Kanon gives you some encouraging words and leaves.  You
    have 5:00 to get out, and once again, fights don't affect the timer.  
    You want to go through the door to the west, so use some of the 
    diamonds on the west side until it shows up.  After you go through the
    first pink doorway, go north, then back through the same door again to 
    get back to the beginning.  It shouldn't take you more than a minute to
    get back to the train.  When you get on, the train speeds off, but not 
    fast enough for Ashley's tastes.  You wind up dropping a car to go 
    faster.  After you get off, Noel says to head northeast.  Head up the 
    stairs and outside.
    Scene: Gildograd Country
    Monsters: Despai, Uraenus, Tsabat
    Items: Bullet Charge, Lucky Card
    Search the circle of stones to the west to find a Bullet Charge, then 
    follow the road to Gildograd Castle.  It's in the obvious place.  If 
    you imagine that the land mass is shaped like a dragon, there's a Lucky
    Card in the middle of its right wing.
    Scene: Gildograd 
    Items: Crest Capsule, Crest Graph x4
    After a quick tour of the place, you and Noel meet up with Master 
    Gildograd, who's steaming mad at you.  He argues with his son for 
    awhile.  Then the scene switches to Vinsfeld and his crew in their 
    base.   More talk of the Lost Technologies.  Back to Gildograd, who 
    wants to "Version Up" your hovercraft.  You now have free range of the 
    place, which is pretty big and confusing, but it has all the regular 
    shops in it.  Head straight south from the throne room all the way to 
    the wall and search there for a hidden switch.  This will open a 
    locked door on the second floor with a yellow outline.  Open the chest
    in there to get a Crest Capsule.  You can also use a Duplicator to open
    the door to the treasure room on the north side of the castle.  Inside 
    are 4 Crest Graphs.  When you leave the castle, you'll find your 
    hovercraft is parked on the beach to the west.  You can now sail in the
    Outer Sea.
    Scene: Outer Sea
    Monsters: Olveda
    Amy gives you a hint about your next destination being somewhere around 
    Horust and Damzen.  Head to Horust and ask around, and someone will tell
    you about a mine shaft to the northeast.
    Other areas you can visit:
       Scene: Island NE of the Agency
       Monsters: Graboid, Sazan Needle
       Nothing here yet.
       Scene: Large Island to the NE
       Monsters: Fafuneel, Shambling Mound
       Items: Duplicator, Goat Doll
       Scene: Small Island with Circular Forest
       Monsters: Round Anemone
       Scene: Island NE of Meria Town
       Ilzubale Island Prison is located here.  If you missed going in the 
    library before the final fight, you can do it now.  Only two bookcases 
    in there though.
       Scene: Beach southwest of Halmetts
       Monsters: Shapeshifter, Humpty, Dumpty
       Items: Gamaguchi
       This is an area only reachable by hovercraft.  There's a sign here 
    that mentions Toka twice.  You'll also find the Gamaguchi here, which 
    will double the amount of gella you find 1/3 of the time.
       Scene: Island in North Sea
       Monsters: Gargoyle, Gila Monster
       There's an island with a landing pad and a cave on it.  The Wind 
    something Cave.  Pyramid here too.  After you cross a bridge, you'll
    come to a windy room.  Light the two torches with the fire rod before 
    they can blow out and the door will open.  In the second room, try 
    lighting the torch closest to the door first, then the next closest, 
    then the one on the east side.  In room three, go from east to west.  
    Try to light the last two with the same shot.  When you cross the next 
    bridge, you'll find a floating yellow crystal.  Examine it to get the 
    power of Fengalon, the Wind Rune.
    Scene: Horust Island
    Monsters: Basilisk, Rikkugob
    Items: Duplicator
    Get on your hovercraft and sail around to the north side of the island, 
    then park and search for the mine.  It's north of the sign that says 
    "North -> Closed mine shaft".  There's a duplicator in the middle of 
    the field on the west side.
    Scene: Closed Mine Shaft
    Monsters: Basilisk, Cobalt King (Secret Boss)
    Items: Crest Graph, Shock Slader ARM, Blue Ribbon, Omega Crusher (SB)
    Another pyramid.  There's a door to the north, though it's hard to 
    see.  Throughout this hallway, bats will swoop down and attack you,
    doing damage to your party if you're hit.  Just wait for them to fly 
    by and walk past.  Activate the stick in the next room to blow up 
    the north wall, then go through.  A lot of crates, but I'm not 
    finding any Heal Berries... Blow up another wall, cross a straight 
    bridge, then a winding one.  A regular hall, then one with more bats.
    The next room has a bunch of leaking pipes that will put out the fuse
    before it can get to the dynamite.  You need to twist the valves to 
    shut of the water to each pipe, but it's only temporary as the water 
    will come back on in five seconds.  Luckily the spark moves slowly, so 
    it's only a matter of timing it right.  The next room has a lot of 
    holes in the floor and only one path to the exit, but you have to 
    dodge bats on the way.  There's a Save Point ahead.  You'll next come 
    to a room with three chests in it.  The two side ones are trapped, so 
    get Pooka to open them.  They contain a Crest Graph and a Blue Ribbon.
    The middle one has the Shock Slader ARM for Ashley.  There's a small 
    passage on the left side of the room you can slip through to exit out 
    a door to the north.  You'll wind up in a throne room with Kanon 
    waiting for you.  Tim and Riruka try to prevent a fight this time 
    though.  Doesn't work.
    Boss: Kanon ~ 9500 HP
    "Holy woman's blood and devil's flesh..."  She still has the same 
    attacks and the same strategy of killing Tim...  Though she did 
    actually attack Riruka a few times.  Quick seems to really help you 
    dodge her attacks.
    Seems like Kanon might finally give up.  Ashley offers her a hand.  
    She refuses, but he knows how she feels and asks her to join you.  
    Before she can answer, Judecca comes in and sets off some explosives.
    You get out, but Kanon is still hurt, so you rush her to Horust where
    Mariabel greets you.
    Scene: Horust
    All of you go to the inn to talk, but an explosion interrupts you.  
    Mariabel stays with Kanon while the rest of you go to investigate.  
    One of the buildings is on fire, and you rush to help while Judecca 
    watches from above.  Suddenly, Kanon appears next to him and attacks.
    Boss: Judecca ~ 6000 HP
    Before you start attacking, you can equip her with a Rune if you want.  
    Gatling Level 1 does a good amount of damage, no matter which technique 
    you use.  I also learned the Drill Pressure technique in the middle of 
    the fight.  Use Potion Berries when you get low on HPs. 
    After the fight, Judecca teleports away.  You all head off to Valeria 
    Chateau for a meeting with Irving.
    Chapter 16) Revenge
    Scene: Valeria Chateau
    Irving says that your next hit is an energy pipeline near the Alchemic 
    Plant, south of Quartly.  Irving confronts Kanon after you leave, 
    calling her "Aisha Burnadette".  You'll get instruction for using 
    Kanon's Silhouette ARM.  You also get instructions on your new radar 
    system that locates hidden objects for you.  Yellow dots are items and
    green dots are buildings or caves.  You can easily go search out more 
    powerful Runes now, which is what I'll go through next.  I didn't do 
    this until much later, but at some point talking to Mariabel in 
    Irving's bedroom will allow her to upgrade your map scope.  At this 
    point I went back to Horust Island and into the temple in the forest 
    there, but first you should go to a Personal Skills shop for Kanon.
    Scene: Dark Logic
    This is a strange crystal temple with drop away floors and little light.
    Every time you step on a red square, your circle of light gets smaller.
    In the first room you'll find three doors.  Run across the walkways so 
    that they don't fall and head through the rightmost door.  Run straight 
    forward and through another door.  Next, take the fourth door from the 
    right.  Run across the bridge, but avoid the hole in the middle at the 
    end.  When you go in the next room, you'll see a floating yellow crystal.
    Examine it to get the power of Reidea Sooku, the Gloom Rune.
    Scene: Abandoned Refrigerator (Kiterareta Rifurijiretaa)
    Monsters: Mysterious Pot, Kelberos
    Items: Sorcery Apple, Power Apple, Lucky Card x2
    To get to this cave, you need to teleport to Halmetts and cross the 
    small lake in your hovercraft.  The main room contains an obelisk 
    with writing on it, and the first room has a plaque on the left wall 
    with more writing, along with two chests on a ledge above you.  Keep 
    going north, then up the ramps to your left and through the doorway.  
    Now use Pooka to open the two chests and get a Sorcery Apple and a 
    Power Apple.  Head back down the ramps and go through the east 
    doorway.  You'll find another plaque, and a door at the north end of 
    the hall.  The next room has a third chest and two more chests on a 
    ledge.  Get them the exact same way as before (Lucky Card x2) and 
    head back to where you'll find 6 different colored crystals.  You 
    need to step on them in a certain order to open the door.  If you 
    read the story that was told on the three plaques, you'd know that 
    the order is blue, green, yellow, red, black, and white.  Go through 
    the door to receive the power of Aru Sulato, the Snow Rune.
    Scene: Thunderclap's (I can't find this character)
    Monsters: Thunder Drake, Lycanthrope
    Items: Album Converter
    This temple is located on the west side of the Inner Sea, northwest of 
    Baskar Village.  When you enter, you'll immediately see a chest to your 
    left.  Stand on the stairs and use Pooka to open it to get an Album 
    Converter.  The small room to the right of the main stairs has a lot of 
    health crystals in it.  Head down the left steps and through the door, 
    then up a lot of stairs to a ledge with a lever on it.  When you pull the 
    lever, the blue pillar down below raises up a bit.  Head back down to the 
    first room and do the same thing on the right side.  Now go back to the 
    main room and up the center steps.  You'll wind up on a ledge with two 
    chests, one of which needs a Duplicator to open.  They contain a Crest 
    Graph and a Crest Capsule.  Drop down and hit the blue pillar with a 
    knife to open the southern door.  Inside you'll receive the power of Nua 
    Shakks, the Thunder Rune.
    Back to the real game.  Search in the desert southeast of Quartly to 
    find another temple.
    Scene: Tomb? of 100 Eyes
    Monsters: Mashu Fushu, Gray Marine
    Items: Wire Hook Tool, D. Bison, Shield Jacket, Duplicator, Diari 
           Umbrella, Potion Berry x2, Small Flower x2, Bullet Charge x2
    After some discussion, you're ready to head in.  Go down the ramp and 
    ride down the elevator, then go through the door.  Ignore the chest for 
    now and go through the north door.  Go around the right corner and 
    through another door to reach the chest, which contains Kanon's first 
    Tool, the Wire Hook.  Use the hook to grab onto the gray post and swing 
    over, then go through the right door.  Go up the steps, then jump down 
    until you're on the same level as the chest.  Swing over and open it to 
    get a Shield Jacket.  Fall off the right ledge, then go through the door 
    you came in.  If you try to continue north, you'll just end up back where
    you started.  Go back to the room where you first got the Wire Hook and
    go through the left door.  Swing across a few gaps, then over to the 
    chest, but don't try to grab the post straight on or you'll fall.  Open 
    the chest to get a D. Bison gun.  Keep going through the west door.  Use
    the blue computer here to open the door.  In the northwest corner of the
    next room you'll find a blue pillar surrounded by posts.  Just throw a 
    knife at it to open the next door.  Go through swing across the gap and 
    use Pooka to open the chest to get a Duplicator.  Do not go through the 
    east door, or you'll end up back where you started.  Swing back across 
    the gap and go through the north door to find a Save Point.  Head east 
    and swing across three gaps to reach another door.  Activate the blue 
    pillar to start the gears moving, then move north some more and hit a 
    second blue pillar to open the way to the door.  Keep heading north 
    through another door, then go back through the south door to your left.
    Swing across the gap and open the chest to get a Diari Umbrella.  Go 
    back through the door and west a bit, then use Pooka to open two more 
    chests to get two Potion Berries.  Keep heading west and go through the 
    door.  Go down the ramp and head south through another door, then cross 
    one gap, go through the door and open a chest for a Crest Wand.  Then 
    come back the way you came and go through the north door to reach 
    another blue computer.  Go through the door and hit the blue pillar to 
    move the block, then swing across two gaps and hit another pillar.  The 
    last post will be off the screen, but you'll still connect with it and 
    swing across.  Go through the door and you'll hear singing.  It's Toka 
    and Ge again, and they'll attack you.
    Boss: Toka ~ 4000 HP
          Ge ~ 5000 HP
    Use Quick on Riruka in the first round so that she can react before Ge 
    does.  Ge can smack you for 2000+ HP, and Toka can hit everybody for 
    1000+ HP each.  Keep yourself alive by using Mystic on a Potion Berry 
    whenever you need healing, or use High Heal if only one person needs 
    it.  When you win, you'll get two Small Flowers.
    They'll send the real boss after you next.
    Boss: ARMS Killer ~ 7500 HP
          Right Hand ~ 3000 HP
          Left Hand ~ 3000 HP
    He can hit one guy for 1500+.  His left hand is weak against Break, but 
    use ARMs and Kanon's techniques on his main body.  As long as you keep 
    yourself at top, you have nothing to worry about.  Use a Lucky Card 
    since you'll get a ton of experience for this guy.  You'll get two 
    Bullet Charges for winning.
    Toka and Ge will run off after the fight.  Go up to the computer and 
    use it.  You'll learn more about the four Magic World Pillars and then 
    you'll decide to call the Valeria Chateau.  Use your phone to talk to 
    Kate and Amy, who don't have good news.  You all leave the temple to 
    find Odessa's ship flying overhead.  The Odessa members have a 
    discussion about their power levels, but then the camera zooms in on 
    Brad below with a very large gun.  There's a flashback of what happened
    to Brad after you left.
    Scene: Brad's Flashback
    As you watch Brad, you'll have to control him as he fights off his 
    clones.  He can do just as much damage as you, so watch out.  If you 
    use your new Double ARM ability, you can take him out quickly.  After
    the fight, he'll throw one of the clones into the generator to blow it
    Scene: Desert
    After the flashback, Brad will fire his over the shoulder beam cannon 
    at Odessa's ship, which takes a nasty hit.  Vinsfeld doesn't seem too 
    worried though.  The rest of you go to reunite with Brad.  You'll all 
    meet up with Irving in the Chateau. (You now have the Linear Rail
    Cannon ARM)
    Chapter 17) Pillars of the World
    Scene: Valeria Chateau, Conference Room
    Everyone discusses what to do next.  Irving says that your next mission 
    is to find the Magic World Pillars and destroy their generators.  I 
    believe that only three of these towers are mandatory and one is 
    optional, and they can be done in any order.
    Scene: Meria Town
    Ashley wakes up in his bed and goes out to find Marina.  They talk in 
    the hallway.  Marina still wishes he could stay there, and they hug.  
    Ashley once again promises that he'll come back.  Everyone walks out of
    the castle and meets up with Irving's crew.  You'll now be in control 
    of the Chateau.
    Scene: Magical World Pillar: Caina Sect
    Monsters: Tiny Gem, Fyulfyuul, Shibyura, Okyupet, Rockbaster (outside)
    Items: Blue Wind
    The first pillar I found was Caina's, located just southwest of 
    Gildograd.  Land the Chateau on the landing pad there.  Head inside 
    and up the steps to the area above the entrance where you'll find a 
    blue crystal.  Examine it and you'll be teleported.  Make your way up 
    to another crystal and you'll be teleported again.  The next room is 
    like an arcade game.  Use the Wire Hook or Throw Knife to hit the blue 
    cube, but the three blue shields will try to block you.  Hit it three 
    times to form a bridge.  Cross the bridge to teleport again, then make 
    your way up to another crystal.  As you walk up the psychedelic 
    staircase, you'll be surrounded by a ring of shields and cubes.  Hit 
    any of the cubes three times to destroy the ring.   Keep heading west 
    and go through the teleporter, up the tower again and through another 
    teleporter.  More psychedelic stairs, where you'll find a pink gas 
    cloud.  Pooka warns Tim to be careful, but Tim is convinced that he's 
    strong enough.
    Boss: Droadu (Doroodu) ~ 9500 HP
          Right Head ~ 5500 HP
          Left Head ~ 4500 HP
    Basically all he can do is hit everyone for 500+.  Just Mystic some 
    berries and you'll be fine.  You'll get a Blue Wind coat for winning.
    Keep heading west to another teleporter and up the tower some more and 
    through another teleporter.  You'll find a Save Point here.  Move on 
    through the next teleporter and up the tower again.  The next room you 
    come to has a glowing floor and blue squares with green diamond in 
    them.  When you step forward, all the lights turn off.  While you're 
    standing on a blue square, the lights turn on.  It's basically a giant 
    maze where you can't see the walls.  It's really not too difficult 
    though... From the start, take the right path all the way to the wall,
    then all the way up to another blue square.  From here, there is one 
    other blue square on the screen to your upper left.  Walk down, left,
    left, down, left, left, then up to that square.  From here go north one 
    square, west to a wall, south to a wall, east one, south to a wall, 
    then west to the teleporter.  Up the tower some more... and you're 
    finally at the top.  Head up the spiraling staircase to face Caina at 
    the top.
    Boss: Caina ~ 20000 HP
    Caina can do 1700+ to a single person, or 1000+ to everyone with random 
    status effects.  This fight will take a long time, so keep your hit 
    points up.  Get your Force Points up in the first few rounds, then hit 
    him with strong techniques and good ARMs like the Linear Rail Cannon.  
    Riruka is absolutely necessary.
    After the fight, the generator is destroyed.  "Randolph" seems to be 
    some powerful being superior to the Odessa flunkies, and "he" punishes
    Caina by pulling him into a black hole.  Caina is not happy.  Step 
    into the teleporter that appears to leave the tower.  Head to a town 
    to refill your ARMs before moving on.
    Scene: Magical World Pillar: Antenora Sect
    Monsters: Necromancer, Harvestman, Balfon, Mimic
    Items: Vitality Apple, Sapphire Bische
    To get to this pillar, warp to Silverant Castle and take your 
    hovercraft north to the first beach you come to.  The tower is in the 
    wooded area below Baskar village.  Search north of the tower to find 
    a Vitality Apple.  The setup is the same as Caina's tower.  The first
    puzzle room is a set of crisscrossing lines with blocks at the 
    intersections that rise up when you step on them, preventing you from 
    backtracking.  The idea is to get all of the blocks raised without 
    falling off.  To do this, go right (north) for two blocks, up one, 
    left two, down one, left one, up four, right one, down one, right two,
    up one, and left one.  In the second puzzle room, there are 9 blue 
    squares and Antenora will show you a sequence of lighting the squares 
    that you need to follow.  If you get it wrong, it'll just make you 
    try again.  The sequences she shows you should go in this order:
    Where the squares are set up like the Number Pad on your computer:
    7 8 9
    4 5 6  -> North
    1 2 3
    You only have to get one sequence right to move on.  Room three is 
    the mini-boss, just like in the first tower.  This time, Riruka is in 
    Boss: Prisonas ~ 8500 HP
          Chest ~ 10000 HP
    He can do 600+ or 1300+ to everyone, so keep your hit points high.  If 
    you upgraded the Linear Rail Cannon to max, it'll do 3000+ to him.  
    When you win, you'll get a Sapphire Bische for Riruka.
    Head up to the fourth room, which has a Save Point in it.  The fifth 
    room has a pillar in the center with 8 blue squares on it.  Hit all 
    of the squares with your Throw Knives except for the bottom one closest 
    to the teleporter.  Then jump off the staircase and go in the 
    teleporter.  You'll be at the top of the tower now where you'll face 
    Boss: Antenora ~ 15000 HP
    She can do 900+ to everyone, or hit one person for 1500+.  Not too 
    difficult.  She's really slow too.
    Once again, the generator will be destroyed after the fight.  Antenora 
    will talk about her relationship with Vinsfeld and disappear into a 
    blue light.  Jump into the teleporter to exit.
    Scene: Magic Capital Archeim
    Monsters: Reanimator, Evil Dead
    Items: Potion Berry x3, Lute Conductor, Mini Carrot, Sorcery Apple x2
    At this point I went back to the white field north of Quartly and 
    searched the spot in the center of the pillars to find this deserted 
    city.  The building on the west side of town has some boxes which 
    contain a Potion Berry and the Lute Conductor, a purple crystal.  The
    building in the southwest corner has the doorway blocked.  Go to the
    west side and bomb away the discolored wall to get inside.  Examine
    the yellow Rune crystal to gain the power of Ge Ramtos, the Death
    Rune.  The building on the east side has a Mini Carrot in one of the 
    crates.  The large building in the back has a Save Point in the right
    room, and a chest in the left one.  Use Pooka to reach the chest, 
    which contains another Lute Conductor.  I didn't figure out how to 
    open the crates though. Head back into the center room and use one 
    of the Lute Conductors on the gray slab to activate an elevator.  In 
    the next room, flip the two switches to open the large gate.  Now 
    head into the other door on the east side of town.  You can use a 
    Duplicator here to get into a room with two chests behind a fence 
    and a few crates.  Inside the crates you'll find two Potion Berries 
    and a Silver Circlet.  Upstairs you'll notice that the back wall has
    a weak point in it.  Bomb the wall to break through and get to the 
    roof.  Use the Wire Hook to get to the roof of the center building 
    and fall through the hole in the roof.  Flipping the switch will 
    open the door that was sealed before, then put your other Conductor 
    in the slab to activate the elevator.  When you get to the bottom, a 
    monster appears.
    Boss: Jasoul ~ 9000 HP
          Right Hand ~ 5500 HP
          Left Hand ~ 5500 HP
    He doesn't do much damage, but he can drain one person for 500+.  He's 
    very easy to beat, and you'll get two Sorcery Apples for winning.  Go 
    through the gate.
    Scene: Slayheim Live Reflector
    Items: Missanga, Holy Grail
    You'll end up in a Live Reflector temple.  There's a side door on the 
    right where you can use a Duplicator to get a Missanga.  You'll be 
    able to activate one transporter here, Serpent Road.  Use the plaque 
    on the wall and step into the transporter.  When you get to the other 
    side, you can go into another side room and use another Duplicator to 
    get the Holy Grail.  When you leave, you'll find yourself on the 
    large island in the northwest corner of the map.  Follow the path to 
    the southeast and search at the end to find the optional Magic Pillar.
    Scene: Magical World Pillar: Judecca Sect
    Monsters: Catoblepas, Gargoyle, Gildaburil, Gleamrock
    Items: Ramera, War Alnim
    The first puzzle room that you come to has a platform that will move 
    along a track.  You have to avoid spiked balls as the platform moves 
    or you'll be knocked of.  The second floor has the mini-boss this time, 
    and Kanon will lead the way.
    Boss: Magmarizer ~ 9000 HP
          Head ~ 10000 HP
    This guy looks mean, but he's really easy.  He has one attack that 
    hits everyone for 500+, but he doesn't use it often.  He seemed to 
    prefer physical attacks, which my guys dodged.  You'll get the Ramera 
    glove for Kanon.
    The next floor has a Save Point.  Room four is like the first, avoid 
    the spikes.  Room five has a walkway with spikes rotating around it.  
    Just wait for each spike to pass and walk by it.  Don't try to run or 
    you might throw off your timing.  You'll next come to the top of the 
    tower, where you'll face Judecca.
    Boss: Judecca ~ 17000 HP
    He can hit one person for 2000+ or everyone for 600+.  Just be ready 
    to use High Heal and hit him with strong attacks.  When you win you'll
    get a War Alnim.
    After the fight, there's a red flash and Judecca falls backward off 
    the tower?  Did he kill himself?  Enter the teleporter to leave.
    Scene: Magical World Pillar: Ptolomaea Sect
    Monsters: Decarabia, Land Lamprey
    Items: Best Obu Vest, War Alnim
    This pillar can be found in the middle of the dark waters northeast of 
    Sielje.  In the first puzzle room, Giant blocks will roll their way 
    towards you.  If you hit them enough with bombs, they'll blow up, but 
    it a lot easier to just let them hit you and walk through.  The second 
    puzzle room has a walkway that goes around in a circle.  There will be 
    one giant block trying to run you down, and you need to bomb it until 
    it blows up.  Once it's destroyed, another faster block will take its 
    place.  After four or five blocks, a bridge will form to the teleporter
    in the center.  The third floor is the mini-boss, and it's Brad's turn 
    to take charge.
    Boss: Belkreil ~ 9500 HP
          Drill ~ 6000 HP
          Chest ~ 5000 HP
    He can swipe at everybody for 1000+ or hit one person for 600+.  Heal 
    Berries were enough to keep me going for the entire fight... barely.  
    For winning you'll get the Best Obu Vest. (I don't know what they were 
    trying to call this, but it almost looks like a play on Best Of The Best)
    As you might have guessed, next is the Save Point.  In the next room, 
    there are three lines of blocks that roll at you.  You have to figure 
    out which block in the line is able to be blown up and take it out 
    before the line reaches the end.  Once again, it's much, much easier 
    to just let the blocks hit you and walk through them, as the hit 
    detection for the bombs is awful.  Once past there, you're on your 
    way to the top to face Ptolomaea.
    Boss: Ptolomaea ~ 20000 HP
    His main attack hits everyone for 1000+, but he also can use physical 
    attacks (which should be useless to your guys at this point)  You'll 
    get another War Alnim for winning.
    After the fight, Ptolomaea falls to the ground and disappears in a 
    purple flash of light.  Leave through the transporter.  Once outside,
    you'll get a phone call from Irving.  He congratulates you and tells 
    you the location of Heimdall Gasso, south of Sielje.  Fly the Chateau 
    over the sea to the south-southeast of Sielje and you should see a 
    yellow object floating in the sky, casting a shadow on the water that
    looks like an Egyptian symbol.  Fly up to the ship and board it.
    Scene: Heimdall Gasso
    Monsters: Doppleganger, Odessa 3rd Rank
    As soon as you enter, Ashley gives your group an inspirational pep talk.
    "It's not impossible!  Let's go!  Everyone!"  Go up to the north wall 
    and open the blue door, then go through.  After the second blue door, 
    you'll be in a room with two red doors and a blue one.  Go through the 
    blue one and use the panel.  It will say that Green doors are now locked, 
    and Red and Blue doors are open.  Go back out and through the left red 
    door, then through another red door to the west.  You'll be in a dark 
    maze.  Make your way to the southwest corner where you'll find a console 
    for turning on the lights.  Then head north and step on the green 
    transporter and go through the red door.  Use the panel in here to lock 
    Blue doors and open Red and Green doors.  Head back to the room with 
    three doors and open the center door (Red), then go through the green 
    door and another red door.  Now you'll have to take teleporters to get 
    to where you want to go.  Go in the north teleporter, then the southeast 
    one, then fall off the east edge twice and go in the north one.  Go in 
    the northwest one to get to a panel that will lock Green and unlock Red 
    and Blue.  Fall off the south ledge and go in the south teleporter to 
    reach a room with large health crystals in it.  Then go back through 
    the teleporter and make your way up to the teleporter in the northwest 
    corner of the room.  Take the southwest one, then walk into the last 
    one to end up at the blue door.  There's a Save Point in here and a 
    teleporter that will take you back to the entrance of the ship.  Go 
    through the red door, then use the panel to lock Red and unlock Blue 
    and Green.  Go through the last door and you'll be on the bridge with 
    Boss: Vinsfeld ~ 24000 HP
    He counters a lot, so it might be a good idea to use Quick on your 
    guys so that they'll be able to avoid him easily.  He seems to prefer 
    using Caina's main attack, which is relatively weak, but he can also 
    hit all your guys for 1000+.  He's nothing special.
    After the fight, Vinsfeld sets the ship to self-destruct, then 
    teleports away.  Head through the green door below.  Everyone will 
    get into a separate transporter while Ashley uses the control panel.
    First you'll control Brad, but he can't continue because the door is 
    locked.  Switch to Riruka and go through the blue door.  Go down the 
    steps and push the block onto the blue square, then go back up the 
    steps and head south and east through the blue door.  Ignore the blue 
    door and use the control panel to lock Blue and unlock Red and Green.
    Switch to Tim and go through the red door.  Step on the blue diamond 
    and continue through the red door.  Ignore the blocks and switches in 
    this room and keep going through the green door.  Turn to the right 
    and go through the south green door.  Step on the diamond and use your 
    Arial Bullet to push the block twice onto the switch.  Switch back to 
    Riruka and move her onto the block you just lowered, then switch back 
    to Tim and shoot the block once more to move it off the diamond.  
    Switch back to Riruka again and jump off on the side with the diamond 
    and go through the green door.  Stand on the diamond and switch to 
    Kanon.  Go through the red door and stand on the diamond.  Switch to 
    Brad and have him stand on the next diamond to open the way for Kanon.
    Switch back to Kanon and go through the red door.  Stand on the 
    diamond until the wall lowers, then run over it.  You should make it 
    over the wall before it raises.  Go through the green door, then 
    through the red door.  Stand on the diamond (Riruka should be on the 
    other side) and the wall will lower.  Switch to Tim and go through 
    the green door, then head east and use Pooka to reach the control 
    panel which will lock Green and unlock Red and Blue.  Switch to Kanon 
    and go through the red door, then through the blue door to the east.  
    Pull the block northward off the diamond, then fall off the wall and 
    walk around to the diamond.  While standing on it, push the block 
    north and into the gap to form a bridge.  Stand on the diamond and 
    switch to Brad and go through the blue door.  Pull the block south 
    one, then push it east once and north twice onto the diamond.  Go 
    through the east blue door, stand on the diamond and walk over to 
    the other blue door.  This room took me a good long while to figure 
    out.  Have Brad push the block across the bridge, then push it back 
    onto the center of the bridge from the east side.  Then stand on the 
    diamond next to the wall to lower the block down.  Now switch to Tim.
    Go through the blue door to the north, under the bridge and through 
    another blue door.  Use the Arial Bullet to knock the block you just 
    lowered onto the diamond and switch back to Brad.  Walk over to the 
    other diamond and stand on it to let Tim past.  Switch to Tim and go 
    through the red door.  You should be able to reach the control panel 
    with Kanon on the diamond above.  Use it to lock Red doors and unlock 
    Blue and Green, then  go through the green door.  Ashley will activate 
    the escape pod for him and the game switches to Brad.  Go through the 
    green door and he'll escape too.  Do the same for Riruka and Kanon.  
    As Ashley turns to leave, he's confronted by Vinsfeld.  They fight.
    Boss: Vinsfeld ~ 13000 HP
    Hit points shouldn't be a problem if you have high enough regeneration.
    Use Access, then Night Fencer until you beat him.
    Vinsfeld is confident that he can destroy the world now.  His ship 
    builds up a beam of power which shoots into space and forms a hexagram 
    in space bigger than the planet.  Then he... melts.  A blinding light 
    surrounds Ashley.
    Scene: Meria Town
    Marina and Mariabel are watching the stars from the top of the bakery.
    They see a shooting star.  Mariabel asks Marina what she wished for.
    She wants everybody to come back.
    Scene: Escape Pod Crash Site
    The four of you that escaped meet.  Riruka starts crying.  You see the
    planet from outer space as debris of Odessa's ship flies through orbit.
    Ashley's body is shown floating out in space.
    (My time, 55 hours, but a lot of time was spent translating parts)
    Chapter 18) Life After Death
    Scene: Empty Field
    Marina is standing alone in a field.  Altaecia walks up to her and asks 
    why she's there again.  Marina says that she's still waiting for Ashley 
    to return.
    Scene: The Afterlife
    Ashley is standing in front of a temple with an extremely bright light in 
    the background.  "Where am I?  I'm in pain... What is this place...  This 
    isn't Filgaia... This isn't possible, but I clearly remember this place... 
    Where am I?"  A woman walks up to him and tells him that this isn't his 
    home.  Ashley realizes that the Guardian Blade brought him there and the 
    woman says that she's Anastasia.  He asks her if she's the Sword of the 
    Holy Woman and she laughs.  They start walking, and Anastasia asks him 
    embarrassing questions about his personal life.  She seems really easy-
    going.  She asks him if he wants to return to Filgaia... the world where 
    Marina awaits him.  Ashley says that he knew this place wasn't Filgaia.  
    She says something about it being her world.
    Scene: Temple
    Monsters: Imp, Buel, Ettin
    As Ashley and Anastasia stand inside the entrance to the giant temple, 
    Luceid appears next to her.  She tells Ashley about Luceid, and they 
    both join your party.  Head north until you get to the blue pillar, 
    and hit it with a knife.  A girl in a cape will drop down.  After 
    talking to her, she leaves.  Go through the north door.  There are 
    invisible walls in here, so just walk around them and go through the 
    north door.  You'll find a white crystal in here.  When you examine 
    it, you'll be shown a fiery scene with a large winged demon.  I 
    believe that Anastasia tells him that this is the demon inside of 
    him and that it's called Lord Blazer...  Head north again and shoot 
    the blue pillar when it comes into sight, then go through the door.  
    Go up the right steps and you'll find the cape-girl standing behind a 
    pillar.  Anastasia tells her that the demon got into Ashley.  She 
    walks off again.  Throw a knife at the blue pillar to the west and 
    then jump off and head north through the door.  Shoot both pillars, 
    then head up through the next door.  Go up and examine the crystal 
    here to see a scene of Anastasia and the Guardian Blade.  She tells 
    of how she took up the blade to save Filgaia.  You then see Irving 
    walk up to the Guardian Blade in the stone, as you did at the 
    beginning of the game.  He tries to pull it out twice, but fails.  
    He then cuts his hands on the blade to put his blood on it and calls 
    on the power of the sword.  When he tries to pull it out again, it 
    shocks him so bad he's thrown into the wall.  He doesn't understand, 
    since he has the blood of the Valeria family in him.  He wakes up 
    from the dream he was having.  Head all the way up the left side and 
    hit the pillar there, then go back across the bridge and up the right 
    side to get to the door.  Go up and hit the pillar in the next room 
    to find cape-girl again.  Ashley tells her that they should fight for 
    Filgaia, and she leaves.  Follow her through the door.  Head up the 
    center and shoot the pillar, then shoot the pillar that drops down.  
    Go back and up and around the left side and through the door.  There's 
    another crystal here.  This time you'll see Anastasia and Luceid in a 
    dark temple.  She tells you about her travels with Luceid.  After that, 
    she says that you should go back to Filgaia.  Shoot the first blue 
    pillar, then hit the second one diagonally.  Go across the bridges 
    and through the door.  Shoot the pillars to form bridges, and talk 
    to cape-girl again at the end.  Ashley tells her that even though it's 
    bad now, and it may be bad tomorrow, they should still fight.  Follow 
    her through the door.  Shoot the pillar and continue on through another 
    door to another crystal.  You'll see the bridge of the Chateau, where 
    Kate, Amy, and Irving are talking.  
    Scene: Valeria Chateau
    The ship has detected that Ashley is still alive, I think.  Irving meets 
    with the others and tells them.  The Millennium Puzzle has something to 
    do with finding him, so although she doesn't want to, Riruka opens the 
    Scene: Millennium Puzzle
    Monsters: Talguem, Grabusk, Praimvalus
    This time there are five switch blocks for you to get to.  There's a Save 
    Point immediately through the south teleporter that you can go to at any 
    Shoot your fire rod diagonally at the switch to lower the first wall, 
    then shoot the second switch to lower the second wall.  After walking 
    over it, shoot the same switch again to lower the third wall and reach 
    the teleporter at the top of the ramp.  Stand on the block at the end 
    of the path, then shoot the switch to the southeast.  Move to the last
    block to the west and shoot the switch to the northeast.  Walk south 
    and stand on the second to last block, then shoot the switch to the 
    south.  Move to the last block and shoot the same switch to reach the 
    teleporter.  Walk down to the next teleporter, then shoot the first 
    switch and stand on the corner block and shoot the switch to your 
    south.  You have to be in just the right place to hit the switch.  
    From here, shoot the switch to the northeast to lower the walls.  Move 
    over to the next block and shoot the switch to the northwest, walk 
    north and shoot the switch again.  Move over to the final block and 
    shoot the switch to the northeast to reach the teleporter.  Go up the 
    spiral to the teleporter.  Don't move or you'll fall and have to start 
    over.  Shoot the switch block. (Yellow: 4)
    Cross the two moving blocks when they line up with the path, then head 
    up to the teleporter.  Line yourself up and fall down until you get to 
    the teleporter to the west.  Fall down and stand on the northwest block 
    and hit the switch to your right, then go through the transporter and 
    onto the bridge.  Fall off and go through the west teleporter.  Go up 
    the spiral, through the teleporter, and shoot the switch block. (Blue: 1)
    Go back in the southeast, but this time in the second room, go down to 
    the south teleporter.  Do some more block riding to reach the next 
    teleporter, then walk around a spiral and up a second to reach another 
    switch block. (Green: 2)
    It took a long, long time, but I figured out that you can use your 
    Freeze Rod to freeze the moving blue blocks.  Freeze the one that's 
    moving North-South when it's lined up with the pathway, then use it 
    to reach the second moving block and get to the teleporter.  From 
    here, just follow the path until you reach the switch block. (Red: 3)
    The first room you come to has a Save Point.  Through the next 
    teleporter you'll find the same sort of colored pillar puzzle you 
    had to do the first time.  The solution, if you've been paying 
    attention, is Blue:1, Green:2, Red:3, Yellow:4.  Go through the 
    teleporter to reach the last switch block.
    A giant switch block will appear in the center.   Walk up to the 
    sealed door and Riruka will try to activate the switch, but will 
    fail.  The others support her, and you all teleport away.
    Chapter 19) The Return
    Scene: Dark Tunnel
    Anastasia and Luceid are walking down a path, leading Ashley back 
    to Filgaia.  They stop when they see the light at the end.  Ashley 
    wants her to come too, but she says that this is her world, although 
    she loves so much of the other one.  After Ashley walks off into the 
    light, she sends Luceid through too.
    Scene: Marina's Room
    Marina is holding some sort of object that starts glowing as she 
    thinks of Ashley.  At the same moment, Ashley appears in the Hall 
    of the Sword in front of the stained glass picture of Anastasia.  
    Also at that moment, the Valeria Chateau detects the signal and 
    calls for a staff meeting.  You'll see each member of the team's 
    reaction to hearing the news, and Ashley's first person perspective 
    of returning to Meria Town where Marina is waiting.  He walks into 
    her room to find her crying.  "I'm home."  "Yes... Welcome back."  
    Tim wants to go in and see him, but Riruka blocks the stairs.  
    There's one last shot of Ashley and Marina embracing.
    Scene: Valeria Chateau, Conference Room
    The whole ARMs group is assembled for a meeting.  Irving tells Ashley 
    how the planet has gone to hell since he left.  There's a shot of the 
    outside, and the sky is swirling with dark blue mist.  Tim suggests 
    they consult the Baskar Elder on what to do, and Irving agrees.  
    Ashley stays behind and talks to Irving about Anastasia.  When you 
    get control again, it's time to head to Baskar.  The world map music 
    has changed too.
    Scene: Baskar Village
    When you get to Baskar, you'll immediately meet with the elder in his 
    house.  You talk about the Guardians and Tim's power.  I'm not sure 
    what all they talked about, but Irving wants you to go to Sielje next.
    Scene: Sielje
    Go to the back of town and talk to MacGregor.  He tells you to head 
    southeast.  Get in your hovercraft and head to the beach to the south.
    Walk across the red bridge and search to find a temple.
    Scene: Ruld's Spring (Grotto of Loudres)
    Monsters: Wiseman
    Items: Miracle Berry, Potion Berry x3, Crest Graph, Lucky Card, 
           Mini Carrot, Main Gauche
    Walk up to the door and an optic scanner will check for admittance.  
    Only Kanon will be accepted, so use her to open the door.  Go down 
    the hall and you'll come to a large room with a Save Point.  There 
    are six doors in this room.  The one you came through, the one that 
    you just saw open, and four more that are sealed.  Head north through 
    the one that just opened.  You'll come to a room full of lava.  Use 
    the Wire Hook to reach the north side of the room, then fall off the 
    ledge and open the chest.  You'll get Kanon's second Tool, the Roller 
    Dash.  It's exactly like Rudy's Roller Skates in WA 1.  Roll your way 
    south (you'll probably go right out the door), then roll back north in 
    the exact center so that you run into the lever.  Pull it down to open 
    the door, then roll back south and hook your way back to the north end 
    so that you can go through the door.  Stand on the platform in the 
    next room to be transported into a misty place.  A girl comes walking 
    up, and Kanon asks her where they are.  The girl talks about her mother, 
    and when Kanon asks her who she is, she says "Aisha".  Kanon finds 
    herself back with the others.  Head back to the main room and another 
    door will open.  Go through the newly opened door and roll over the 
    lava in the first room, then hook your way through the second.  You'll 
    come to another platform.  This time Kanon sees her mother.  Her mother 
    tells her that she is of the same bloodline as the Holy Woman, and that 
    the Burnadette house is also a descendant, like the Valeria house.  The 
    vision fades.  Head back to the main room and go in the south door.  
    Stick to one of the sides so that you don't roll your way into the 
    water.  In the next room, hook your way across the water, and use 
    Pooka at the end to open the chest and get a Miracle Berry.  When you 
    reach the lava, roll diagonally up through the opening, then up the 
    ramp so that you hit the lever.  Pull it down to open the door, then 
    go through. (or you could always walk through the lava.  It doesn't 
    hurt that much)  Walk up to another platform.  This time you'll see 
    Aisha as a child talking to herself.  Kanon pulls out her knife and 
    laughs like a crazy person, and you're told something about Kanon's 
    link to Anastasia and the Guardian Blade...  Head back to the main 
    room and go through the east door.  Hook your away across the water, 
    then back to get the four chests.  The first two have a Potion Berry 
    and a Crest Graph in them, then use Pooka to open the others for 
    another Potion Berry and a Lucky Card.  Walk across the crate and 
    pull the lever to open the door.  This part also took me a few 
    minutes to figure out, but you need to stand on the crate and kick 
    the wall to move it.  It'll float over and let you get to the door.  
    Stand on the platform.  There's no vision this time, just Kanon 
    talking to herself about Lord Blazer.  Head back to the main room 
    and the last door will open to the southwest.  Go down the hall and 
    swing over the gap to reach two chests with a Potion Berry and a Mini 
    Carrot.  Swing over two more gaps to get to a third chest with a Main 
    Gauche in it.  Then head through the south door and stand on the final 
    platform.  The game will tell you more about Anastasia and Lord Blazer.
    After it's over, Kanon will learn Gatling Level 3.
    Scene: Gift of the Sky
    Monsters: Mold Gnome, Troll
    Items: Elemental Artifacts
    Since I really don't know where to go next, head down to the giant 
    crater southwest of Sielje and search the center to find a cave.  
    The doorway in this first room is very hard to see.  Walk down the 
    ramp into the water, then back up a ramp on the other side, where 
    there's a doorway to the north.  Go through and up a steep slope 
    and fall into the hole at the top.  You can use Pooka to open the 
    chest that's on the screen after you fall.  Inside is the Flame 
    Hatred, which your item screen lists as a Fire Artifact...  Jump 
    down a few ledges until you're at the same level as the other 
    chest, then use Pooka to open it.  You'll get the Snow Crystal.  
    Fall down once more and go through the west doorway.  Walk up 
    the ramp and while the chest is still on the screen, use Pooka to 
    open it.  Inside is the Thunder Fang.  Go back down the ramp and 
    through the bottom door on the south side.  Open the chest to get 
    the Dark Hitonade(?).  Go back through the same door, then up to 
    the top level.  There's a bunch of holes in the floor here.  
    There's a chest on the west side that has the Water Whisper in 
    it.  Go to the hole that's farthest south and fall through.  
    You'll land on a ledge with a lever that you need to pull.  Fall 
    down to the south and open the chest to get the Earth Groan.  Go 
    up the ramps to the west and through the door.  Fall through the 
    easternmost hole this time and open the chest for the Flash Blow.  
    Walk along the ledge to the north and go through the doorway you 
    just opened up.  Open the chest here for the Hurricane Claw.  Go 
    up the south ramp to find a yellow crystal rune.  Examine it to 
    get the power of Rigdobrite, the Star Rune.  The special ability 
    of this rune is to let you use any of the artifacts you just 
    found in battle.  Fall of the ledge to the south and leave.
    Scene: Separated Island Agency
    Monsters: Sarasenian
    Head back to the island where you learned High Magic.  Switch to 
    Riruka and talk to Dee, and you'll receive her third Force, 
    Extension.  This will let you cast spells on groups.  You'll 
    notice that there's a green dot on your radar to the south, 
    which is where you should go next.  Teleport to Gildograd, 
    then sail around to the beach south of where you just were.
    This place won't show up unless you've talked to the chief in
    Baskar Village.
    Scene: Dais of Life
    Monsters: Geshupenst, Roper, Hydra
    Items: Sunbird Hat, Hyper Gia, Miracle Feather, Dragon God Statue,
           Lion King Statue, Goddess Statue
    Keep going north until you get to a gap in the floor.  There's 
    a button on the left side that you can hit with a Throw Knife.  
    When you get to the next gap, you'll see that the plaque on the
    right side is hanging close to the ground.  Stand beside it and 
    kick it to reveal a button underneath.  Hit that with a Throw 
    Knife and go through the door.  This hallway has a statue of
    a dragon in it, and if you look very closely, you can find a
    hidden door right next to the door you just came through.
    Fall off the side right in front of the first pillar on the
    left side.  You'll land on a small ledge right in front of a
    door. (if you rotate your view, you can see this door below)
    Go through the door and up the stairs.  You'll come to a large
    room with the signs of the Zodiac on the floor in a circle.
    Stand on the picture of the bow and arrow (Sagittarius) for
    about 5 seconds and it will flash and the door will open.  Go
    through the door and open the chest to get the Dragon God Statue.
    Step into the circle of light to be transported back to the dragon
    statue.  Go down the hall and into a room with a chest and a lever.
    Open the chest to get a Sunbird Hat, then pull the lever.  There 
    are two blocks on either side of the pit that you call pull out 
    and use to form a bridge.  Push one of them into the gap, then 
    push the other block over the first one and into the gap in the 
    stairway.  Go up the stairs and pull the lever, then go through 
    the door.  You'll see that the platform on the north side is too 
    high for you to walk across, so go down below it and kick the 
    pillar that's supporting it.  The platform will fall down to a 
    reasonable height.  Walk across and open the chest to get a Hyper 
    Gia, then go down under the platform on the south side of the 
    room.  You'll find a hidden doorway underneath it.  Go in and up 
    the steps.  You'll come to a room with a large clock on the floor.
    Go up one of the side stairways and jump off the ledge onto either
    of the two faces sticking out of the wall.  Then jump off onto the
    gray statue below.  While standing on the statue, shoot the Fire
    Rod at the gray statue to the south that's higher up than the other
    three.  If you hit it, the door will open.  Go through and open the
    chest to get the Lion King Statue.  Step into the circle of light
    to be transported back to the lion statue.  Go through the east door.
    There's a Save Point in this room.  Go north again and you'll find a 
    red diamond on the floor.  Step on it to move the two large blocks 
    towards the center, then walk along one of the walls past the gap in
    the floor.  Step on the other red diamond in the corner to move the 
    block that lets you use the stairs.  Go up the stairs and around the
    walkway until you get to the chest, then jump off and open it to get
    the Miracle Feather (a hat).  Jump off and step on the diamond right
    next to the chest, then walk around and step on the second diamond 
    again.  Go up the stairs and take the walkway all the way up until 
    you're standing directly above the last button.  Jump off the ledge
    to the south and you'll land on the button and activate it.  Head 
    out the north door.  In the next room you'll find four pillars with 
    stars on the top.  Have Brad kick the blocks in between the two 
    eastern pillars to open a doorway.  Go through, up some stairs, and 
    through another door.  You'll come to a large room with a lot of 
    colored symbols on the floor.  There are also pits of water in each 
    corner, and red, yellow, and blue stones.  Push the red block into 
    the northwest pit, the yellow block into the southeast pit, and the
    blue block into the southwest pit.  The pits will flash, and the 
    door will open.  Go through the north door and open the chest to 
    get the Stone Goddess.  Step in the circle of light and you'll be 
    transported back to the room with the four pillars.  (See "Reviving
    the Stone Gods" at the bottom of this FAQ for info on what to do
    with them)  Head out to the east and go up the steps.  Tim will start 
    glowing.  The glowing ball will float over to the platform and speak 
    to you, calling itself "Gaia".  Pooka goes over and talks to it.  
    Gaia tells you about what's happening to the planet (which I didn't 
    understand) and asks Tim to do something, but Tim says no.  Tim says 
    he will protect the planet.  Gaia returns to Tim, and he receives his 
    third Force, Power Divide.  As you head out the door, you get a phone 
    call.  Irving tells Ashley that something happened to Marina 
    (kidnapped?).  You immediately head back to the Chateau.
    Scene: Valeria Chateau, Conference Room
    There's a ransom note telling you to come to an island in the Inner Sea, 
    the Lost Garden.  Irving lets you go take care of business.  Exit the 
    Chateau, then teleport back to the Chateau to move your hovercraft into 
    position.  Then teleport to the hovercraft and sail to the small island 
    northeast of the main peninsula.  Search to find the Lost Garden.
    Scene: Lost Garden
    Monsters: Chimera, Gizmo, Avery Gnome
    Items: Phantom Fang ARM, Miracle Berry
    Ashley is pretty pissed off, but the others calm him down.  Head up the 
    stairs and down the hall, then go through the doorway at the end.  
    There's a red and blue block in here.  First stand on the blue block 
    to make the red one go down, then stand on the red block to raise it 
    back up and allow you to reach the door.  In the next room you'll find 
    a block with a happy face on it.  Ignore it for now (you'll come back 
    much later) and go over to the two hallways.  The right one leads to a 
    magically locked chest (I'm out of Duplicators).  Go up the left 
    hallway and through the door.  This room has a green hexagram on the 
    floor.  One of your party members has to stay behind to keep the circle 
    active.  Choose whoever you don't use much (but not Ashley).  This will 
    open the west door, so go through and all the way up the stairs.  Head 
    down the hall and through the door.  Go up the ramp in the next room 
    and jump down onto the lower of the two red blocks.  It'll raise up and 
    you can continue on to the blue blocks.  When you fall down onto the 
    first, you'll be trapped.  But if you run into the other blue block, it 
    will lower and you can jump down onto it.  After it raises, you can 
    continue out the doorway.  (You're supposed to jump off onto the blue 
    block on the east side of the room before you reach the other two)  
    The next room has another green hexagram and a hole in the floor.  If 
    you fall in the hole, you'll end up back in the first hexagram room.  
    This isn't recommended.  Instead, drop somebody off on the hexagram 
    and continue through the door.  The next room has a lot of red and blue
    blocks in it.  First step on the northeast red block, then take the 
    west side with the three red blocks and one blue.  When you get to the 
    third red block, take the side bridge over to the red block on the 
    other side.  This one will raise you up to the platform with the door.  
    Go through, up the steps, and down another hall.  In the next room, 
    fall in the little pit at the entrance to land on a red block.  Then 
    go up the ramp and across two more red blocks.  Go up the side ramp 
    and the blue block will carry you up to the chest.  Open it to get 
    Phantom Fang, an ARM for Ashley. (which is strange, because I thought 
    I left him on the first floor...)  Head up and out the east door.  
    Leave your third person behind here and continue through the door.  
    There's a Save Point on your way up the stairs.  Keep going up and 
    down the hall to the next room.  There's a large pit and a moving 
    platform.  Get on it when it comes by, and step on the blue block.  
    When it passes the west side of the room, step off onto one of the 
    blue blocks there, then move onto the other one to lower the set.  
    Step on the red block here, then go back to the same blue blocks and 
    wait for the platform to return.  Jump on and ride around to the row 
    of red blocks.  Jump off onto one and wait for the second platform to 
    come around.  Jump onto it and ride it around until you get to the 
    west side of the room.  Get off and go through the door.  Open the 
    chest here to get a Miracle Berry.  Go back and get on the platform, 
    then get off on the south side and go through that door.  Drop off 
    one more person and go through the door.  Guess what?  You need 
    Ashley here.  And I left the son of a bitch on the first floor.  When 
    you do finally get here with just Ashley, first fall off onto the red 
    block to the left.  Then walk down the east row of blocks and activate 
    the green one at the end.  Now when you go to the south green block, 
    it will raise you up.  Throw a knife south and it will bounce off the 
    wall and hit the blue pillar, which will bring a set of stairs over.  
    Go up the stairs and into the red mouth and Ashley will try to confront 
    Caina.  He teleports in with Marina.  After pushing her to the ground, 
    he starts glowing brightly.  Ashley jumps on him to protect Marina.  
    The scene switches to Irving in his study, apparently researching.  
    He discovers that Ashley can access a new form, Overheat Blazer.
    Boss: Caina ~ 20000
    Ashley has now transformed into a golden version of the Black Horseman.
    Caina is stunned, but fights anyway.  You should have no trouble at all 
    winning.  I saved up my power and used Final Bust to kill him, which I 
    think is supposed to kill me too...  But it didn't this time.  Caina 
    dies, and Ashley transforms back.  Marina is very upset because she 
    doesn't know who Ashley really is.  She breaks down and they bring her 
    to the hospital.
    Chapter 20) Dragon Strike
    Scene: Sielje Observatory
    The astronomers look through the telescope and mention something called
    the Grausvine or Grausvein...  The planet is aligned with its two moons,
    and a meteor is heading towards it.
    Scene: Gildograd War Room
    The country leaders are assembled for a meeting.  Irving calls it the 
    "dragon 'Grauswein'".  They discuss what to do about this new problem.
    The people of Gildograd start getting to work.
    Scene: Bridge of the Chateau
    Items: Force Carrot
    Irving briefs the party on Grauswein.  He tells Ashley that they'll 
    need the power of Lord Blazer to fight him.  Talk to the pilot and 
    he'll put the Chateau in position.
    Boss: Nuclear Dragon Grauswein ~ 9000 HP
          Chest ~ 7000 HP
    Wow, this dude is huge.  While the others are outside, Ashley is in 
    his room thinking when the fight starts.  He can hit everyone for 
    1600+, and usually will.  Use the Life Rune or Mystic a Potion 
    Berry to recover when you have to.  But his low amount of hit points 
    doesn't make him that much of a threat.  After the fight, Ashley 
    flies in to take him on single-handedly.
    Boss: Nuclear Dragon Grauswein ~ 11000 HP
          Chest ~ 8000 HP
    Remember that if you use your Banishing Buster, you'll change back 
    into regular Ashley.  Use your second ability to hit him for around 
    5000 each time.  You'll get a Force Carrot for winning.
    Ashley isn't in complete control of himself, and the others try to 
    calm him down.  Then Marina comes over.  Brad tries to keep her 
    away from Ashley, but she's determined to help him.  They talk for 
    awhile, but just when he seems to be alright, he grabs by the neck 
    and lifts her into the air.  She talks to him calmly, telling him 
    it's alright.  He puts her down, changes back to normal, and 
    collapses into her arms.
    Scene: Gildograd War Room
    The four leaders talk about the dragon and Odessa.  A lot of arguing, 
    it seems.
    Scene: Chateau Conference Room
    Your group meets up to get orders from Irving.  They talk some more 
    about the dragon and Lord Blazer.  The next energy point that they 
    need to attack is inside a volcano.  Unfortunately, there's no way 
    to fly the Chateau to the volcano, and there's no beach to land the 
    hovercraft at.  What you need to do is use the Live Reflector system 
    to transport there.  Warp to Silverant Castle, then walk over to the 
    Live Reflector and activate the yellow transporter.  This will take 
    you to the volcano.  Walk northwest and search for a cave.
    Scene: Dormant Volcano
    Monsters: Giga Mantis, Salamandra, Dendrobium
    Items: Scud Launcher ARM, Moon Barrette, Full Revive, Force Carrot
    Follow the path to the northwest and you'll find a small ledge that 
    you can jump off.  Going east will bring you back to the entrance, 
    so head north until you get to another screen.  You'll find a sign 
    and a gas vent here.  Use Riruka's Fire Rod to ignite the gas and 
    blow up the wall.  Head through the opening to the west.  There's a 
    river of lava here that will hurt you if you step on it.  Use Kanon's 
    Roller Dash to go straight across, then aim yourself north and dash 
    that way to a white chest.  Have Brad kick it open to get the Scud 
    Launcher ARM.  Dash back to the north and go through the west door.
    Ignite the gas vent here, then head back to the previous room.  This 
    time dash south and go through that door.  Dash over to the mini 
    island, then jump off the south end and make your way west.  Open 
    the chest on the next island for a Moon Barrette.   Head out the 
    north doorway.  There's a Save Point here.  Walk along the ledge 
    and go out the south door.  Just run across the lava and go over the 
    narrow bridge to get to another doorway.  You'll be on a small ledge 
    with a gas vent across a gap.  Ignite it and head back.  Jump off the 
    ledge and go through the west doorway on the ground.  Make your way up 
    an incline to the north and hop off a ledge right next to a doorway.  
    Go through it and you'll find a chest with a Full Revive in it.  Make
    your way around the west, then back east to find another chest with a 
    Miracle Berry in it.  Head through the east doorway.  Ignite the vent 
    here to complete the walkway.  Walk along the path and you'll find a 
    tall rock at the top.  Bomb it out of the way and a gas vent will 
    spring up.  Ignite it to find another doorway, then go through.  
    You'll enter a large chamber and hear a voice.  Lombardia, a giant 
    mech dragon will drop down and transform from a spaceship to a robot.
    You'll chat a bit, then he'll attack.
    Boss: Dragon Caliber Lombardia ~ 9000 HP
          Chest ~ 7000 HP
    This guy's physical attack misses a lot, and his magic attack will 
    hit everyone for 800+.  Nothing to worry about.  You'll get a Force 
    Carrot for beating it.
    The volcano will start shaking and will erupt.  You'll see Lombardia 
    fly out and take you onto the Chateau.
    Chapter 21) The Four Elements
    Scene: Chateau Conference Room
    Irving will talk to you about the Rayline and the Life Energy of 
    Filgaia, Mana.  He also tells you about the Caiber Belt, which I 
    think is a star system.  Lombardia will launch from the Chateau, 
    and you'll get instructions for flying it.
    O - Go forward
    X - Land (Not on forests, water, deserts, or mountains)
    Up - Ascend
    Down - Descend
    R, L, right, and left - Turn
    Triangle - Menu
    At this point you can do the Mariabel side quest, or explore other 
    areas of the map that you couldn't get to before.
    I'm pretty sure you can do this as soon as you beat the dragons...  
    Go to Gildograd and have Ashley talk to Noel in the throne.  He'll 
    learn his third Force, Fall Flat.
    Scene: Magic Wolf Cave
    Monsters: Armon
    This cave is south of Gildograd and doesn't have much light.  Go 
    through the doorway to the west.  You can wander around in here,
    but it helps a lot to have the Photosphere Tool, which you don't get
    until the very end of the game.  Go through the south doorway, then
    go down a ramp and bomb the north section of the wall at the end.
    Go through the opening and immediately bomb the west wall to make
    a large opening.  Go through into a lit room.  Go up the ramp and
    jump off onto the floor with the hexagram, then stand in the middle
    of it.  A voice will speak to you, and you have to speak the wolf's
    name.  Put in "Luceid" in the English version, or "Ru.shi.e.do" in the
    Japanese version.  Ashley will be teleported away.  Luceid will join
    him in the darkness.  They'll talk, then Luceid will join you.  Luceid
    will replace Ashley's Night Fencer attack, though it won't look any
    different...  I did do 12800 to an Armon with it though.
    Scene: Bequeathed Island Underground Cellar (Pirate's Treasure)
    Items: Power Buster
    This temple is on the small island on the eastern border of the map.  
    There's a door to either side, and a path leading to a locked door 
    down the center.  Through each door is three magically locked chests 
    that you need Duplicators to open.  To open the locked door, stand
    under the dragon head and use Ashley's third Tool (which you won't
    get until much later on).  Go through the door and you'll see a single 
    magically locked chest.  As you walk up to it, you'll fight a boss.
    Boss: Gatorogue ~ 75000 HP
    This giant octopus seems to be very good at dodging physical attacks.
    His attacks do between 1000 and 2000, or 1000 to everyone, which is 
    pretty weak for a secret boss.  As you may have guessed, his weakness 
    is lightning, so hit him with High Sparks.  Lock On will also let 
    Brad do damage, and Tim can use Plasma Bust.  It'll be a long fight.
    You can now use a Duplicator on the chest to get the Power Buster,
    which raises Strength and Attack Power.
    Your next mission is to find the Raypoints.  Amy will tell you where 
    four of them are if you call her on the phone.  
    1) Raypoint Frey
    This one is located on the big island north of Meria Town.  But first 
    search in the grass there to find Palace Village.
    Scene: Palace Village
    This is the first town where you can get either level 1 or level 2 
    magic.  And in case you didn't notice the giant green dot on your 
    radar, the villagers will tell you where the Raypoint is.  And 
    there's new equipment for everybody, so make sure you stop buy the 
    weapon shop.  When you're ready, go over to the Raypoint.
    Scene: Raypoint Fray
    Monsters: Debonoba, Haborim, GigaFlame
    Items: Power Apple, Hardy Apple, Sorcery Apple, Vitality Apple, 
           Elder Record Miracle Berry, Terrace Tiara, Crest Graph, 
           Lucky Card, Purubokarubobarubo, Vamblaze
    Walk north and fall off the orange bridge to get to the chest.  Open 
    it to get Riruka's third Tool, the Change Rod.  Using the Change Rod 
    on the orange bricks will turn them into large Health crystals.  
    Then hook your way over to the door and go through.  Change some 
    more bricks and keep going.  You'll end up in front of four burned 
    out torches.  The outer two are red, and the inner two are tan.  
    Use the Fire Rod to light only the two red ones and they'll disappear 
    and the door will open.  Don't worry about the chest yet and go 
    through the east door.  Shoot the Change Rod across the two sets of 
    bricks and crystals to change their positions.  You want a brick to 
    be directly above the blue pillar.  Then go down the stairs and open 
    the four chests to get an apple of each type.  Go back up and clear 
    a path around that one brick you want to keep, then walk around and 
    throw a knife at it.  The knife will bounce off and hit the blue 
    pillar, which will open the door at the top of the stairs.  Go up the 
    stairs and open the chest in the next room to get a One Gella Coin.  
    Go back to the last room and through the door opposite the blue 
    pillar.  At the bottom of the stairs is a ring of torches.  Shoot 
    across both outside rows from any direction to light six of the 
    torches, then shoot your Freeze Rod across the row of the two lit 
    tan torches to put them out.  Go through the now open door.  Change 
    the three crystals to bricks and use them as a bridge to reach the
    chest.  It has the Elder Record in it.  Go out the east door.  You 
    have to light the three torches fast before the go out to open the 
    door.  Start with the top one, then jump down and get the other two.
    Go down the stairs and change the three crystals, then walk across 
    them to reach a chest.  It contains the Vamblaze.  Go around and 
    through the east door.  There's a ring of torches here that you 
    need to light before the rest go out.  Stand in the center and shoot
    each torch one at a time.  A stairway will open up which you can go 
    down.  Go down the stairs to find the boss.  
    Boss: Knight of Fray ~ 9500 HP
          Shield ~ 7500 HP
    This guy didn't seem to do very much.  He had one group attack that 
    did around 500 HP.  Keep Riruka ready just in case.  When you win 
    you'll get a Miracle Berry and the Terrace Tiara.
    A Save Point will appear in the center of the room.  Continue east 
    and avoid the fireballs as you walk along the walkway.  You'll 
    find four torches blocking the way.  Shoot diagonally to just hit 
    the two red torches and the door will open.  But first use Pooka 
    to open the chest to get a Crest Graph, then go through the door.  
    Go up and down the steps, clearing out the orange bricks if you 
    need to.  The next room has more fireballs.  Just find the three 
    red torches and light them to open the next door, then go to the 
    south and use Pooka to open the chest to get a Lucky Card.  Go 
    through the northeast door and light the single red torch at the 
    end of the hallway.  Go back and open the chest you passed to get 
    the Mirage Blazer.  Go back east and through the door at the end of 
    the hall.  At the end of the next hall, there are stairs into the 
    lava to the north.  Use the Roller Dash to the north and you'll 
    reach a chest.  It's a new weapon for Riruka, but I don't know what 
    the heck its name is.  Dash back and go through the door.  You'll 
    reach a bridge with 8 torches on it.  Light the first two, then the
    next three, then the last three, then go through the door to find a 
    red crystal.  The Spirit of Fray will talk to Riruka.  A light will 
    appear and speak to Riruka as her older sister.  Riruka loves 
    everybody now and the Mana of Fray teaches her the Dual Cast Force 
    2) Raypoint Geo
    This one is located on the round island in the north sea.  Nothing 
    else here other than the temple. 
    Scene: Raypoint Geo
    Monsters: GigaPoison, Aligatiger
    Items: Malduke Gaze ARM, Sensou Alnim x4, Cromwell, Giga Tech Fist
    After going down the main hallway, you'll get to a room with small 
    rooms separated by moveable stone walls.  Activate the brown switches 
    by dropping a bomb next to them.  The switches only stay on for a 
    small period of time, so move on to the next one before the walls 
    raise up again.  Then go through the north door and up the stairs.  
    Jump down the ledges until you get to the bottom next to the other 
    doorway, then go up that staircase and fall off onto the ledge with 
    the treasure chest.  Open it to get Brad's third Tool, the Earth 
    Shaker.  Using it will knock over any loose blocks.  Go through the 
    northeast doorway.  Use the Earth Shaker to start the swings moving, 
    then ride them to the other side.  Kick open the white chest in the 
    next room to get the Malduke Gaze ARM.  Go through the north door 
    and bomb the first crate with a skull on it.  The chain reaction will 
    lower the blocks at the top of the stairs.  Go back around and up the 
    stairs, then walk diagonally across to the two blocks, then back to 
    the stairs on the other side.  Jump off and go through the door.  
    Open the four chests here to get four Sensou Alnims, then go through 
    the west door.  There are a lot of large floating blocks here.  Go as 
    far west as you can, then use the Earth Shaker to start the blocks 
    moving downward.  As soon as the blocks line up, go west until you 
    can jump off to the ledge below.  Then go up the stairs and through 
    the door.  Go up the stairs and fall off two ledges to reach the 
    chest.  Open it to get the Cromwell.  Head out the north door and 
    you'll find the boss.
    Boss: Knight of Geo ~ 9500 HP
          Shield ~ 7500 HP
    Like the others, she can hit one person for 1700+, but other than 
    that she's pretty tame.  She does have an attack like the Fray 
    knight that will hit everyone for 1000+.  When you win you'll get 
    a Miracle Berry and the Dead Heat.
    After the fight a Save Point will appear.  Go through the north door, 
    then head east and go through the east door.  Walk as far east as you 
    can, then use the Earth Shaker.  Use the two blocks to the northeast, 
    since they'll fall slower.  Go up the stairs and out the door.  Go up 
    more stairs and out another door.  You'll find a large stone slab at 
    the top of some stairs.  Get behind it and give it a good kick to 
    knock it over, then head back three rooms.  When you get to the 
    falling block room, start in the southeast and use the blocks to your
    southwest.  When you get to the room with the island in the center, 
    walk around the island and go through the door in the northwest 
    corner.  Bomb the brown switch and continue until you see the chest.  
    Wait on top of the wall that will carry you up to the chest, then 
    open it to get the Giga Tech Fist.  Fall off next to the switch, 
    then bomb it and continue north.  Head through the door.  Pick up 
    some crystals and head through the east door.  The slab you kicked
    over will form a bridge for you here, so continue out the north door 
    and down the hall to find the Earth crystal.  The Spirit of Geo 
    gives Brad the Mana of Geo, and he learns the Boost Attack Force.
    3) Raypoint Wing
    This temple is floating in the air just north of the large forested 
    island in the southwest.  Enter from the air.
    Scene: Raypoint Wing
    Monsters: Briareos, GigaCloud
    Items: Fortune Staff, Shellwind, Feather of Nisab, Miracle Berry
    After going into the first room, you'll find a drawbridge and a 
    button.  Use Tim's Arial Bullet to knock the bridge into place,
    then cross it and go through the door.  There are two bridges here.
    Use the Arial Bullet so that you can walk onto the first bridge, 
    then use Pooka to open the chest to the north to get Tim's third
    Tool, the Mist Cloak.  The Mist Cloak will turn your body into a 
    mist and move you forward one step.  You can use it to walk through 
    fences or cross one space wide gaps.  Use it to get to the ledge to 
    the south, then shoot the second bridge with the Arial Bullet.  
    Float over with the Mist Cloak, then float over to the west to reach 
    the door.  Continue north through another door and up the steps to 
    find an air vent.  Stand in front of it and use the Mist Cloak to 
    float over to the door.  This room has doors around the outside and 
    four vents in the center to carry you to the outside halls.  Go out 
    the northwest door and you'll find a weather vane.  You want the 
    west vent to be activated, so shoot the weather vane from the west
    with the Aerial Bullet.  The rooster should be facing east now.  Go 
    back inside and float over to the west hall.  Use the Cloak again to 
    go through the fence and open the chest to get the Fortune Staff.  
    Fall off the ledge, then go back and shoot the weather vane from the 
    south until the rooster is facing north.  Go back inside and float 
    over to the south hall.  Use the Cloak to go through the fence and 
    open the chest to get the Shellwind.  Go back and shoot the vane 
    until the rooster is facing south.  Go inside and float to the 
    north hall and go through the door.  As you walk between the trees, 
    you'll find the boss.
    Boss: Knight of Wing ~ 9500 HP
          Shield ~ 8500 HP
    This one could hit one of my guys for 1400+, or did the same group 
    attack as the others which hit for 2000+.  Luckily she only used that 
    once, so it seemed like an easy fight.  You'll get a Miracle Berry 
    and the Feather of Nisab for winning.
    A Save Point will appear.  Go north when you're ready and use the Mist 
    Cloak while standing on top of the vent.  There are four side walkways 
    here and a door in the center.  
    Go through the door at the end.  Hook over to the red diamond and step 
    on it.  Fall off, then use the south vent to float to the small 
    platform next to the bridge (which should be straight up now).  Then 
    float over and land on the edge of the bridge, then float again over 
    to the fence, then through the fence and open the chest to get the 
    Moon Piece.
    Go through the door.  There are two large bridges here.  Shoot both 
    of them with the Aerial Bullet, then go up the stairs and fall down 
    onto the first.  Stand on the very edge and use the Mist Cloak to 
    float over to the second.  Then stand on the north edge of the 
    second and use the Cloak again to float west to the door.  Go 
    through and open the chest to get the Star Piece.
    Go through the door.  Shoot the one bridge, then go up the stairs and 
    use the Mist Cloak to float over the button and land on the bridge.  
    Float again over to the door and go through.  Open the chest to get 
    the Sun Piece.
    Go past the first door and up the side ramp to find another door.  Use 
    the Aerial Bullet to knock over the white block with the chest on it.  
    Use Pooka to open the chest and get the Cloud Piece.
    Now go into the center room where you'll find four pedestals.  From 
    north to south, put a piece in each pedestal in the order Cloud, Moon, 
    Sun, Star.  The door will open and you'll find the Wing crystal.  The 
    light will turn into the Baskar Elder, then into Tim, then into 
    Colette, then into all three at once.  Then Tim will talk to Pooka 
    and Pooka will bring him the Mana of Wing, which gives Tim the High 
    Combine Force.
    4) Raypoint Muse
    Items: Blaster Guilty ARM
    You need the Mist Cloak from Raypoint Wing to get here.  First, land 
    Lombardia next to the west entrance of the Gate Bridge (the long 
    bridge next to Sielje).  Use the Mist Cloak to walk through the 
    fence and open the chest to get the Blaster Guilty ARM.  Use the 
    computer there to raise the bridge.  Now warp to your hovercraft 
    and sail under the bridge.  The temple is on the north shore.
    Scene: Raypoint Muse
    Monsters: Gobashu, Electrigger, GigaFrost
    Items: Bullet Charge x3, Crest Graph, Perish Knife, Miracle Berry x3, 
           Chamille, Ambrosia
    Halfway down the steps, there is a blue switch behind one of the 
    pillars.  Push the switch to open the sealed door at the bottom.  
    In the next room, use the Mist Cloak to float onto and off of the 
    floating bridge, then open the north door and go through.  Stand 
    halfway down the stairs in the next room and use Pooka to open the 
    chest to get a Bullet Charge.  There's a group of blocks in the 
    next room that you have to push out of the way.  When you get to 
    the other end, you'll step on a switch that makes them all disappear.
    Walk over and open the chest to get a Crest Graph, then exit to the 
    east.  You'll find a valve on the north wall.  Open it, then go back 
    to the room with the floating bridge.  You'll be able to reach the 
    east door now, so go through and use Pooka as you did before to get 
    a Bullet Charge.  In the next room, pull the middle block back one,
    then push the right block forward two.  Go north one space, east two, 
    then push the block to your south. Open the chest to get the Perish 
    Knife.  Open another valve in the next room, then head back to the 
    floating bridge.  This time go through the west door.  Use Pooka to 
    get another Bullet Charge.  In this next puzzle room, there are three
    rows of four blocks each.  In row 1 (closest to you), push blocks 1 
    and 3 to the west, then push 2 to the south and pull 4 to the south 
    one.  In row 2, push block 2 and block 4 both to the west once, then 
    push all the blocks you have lined up in the 3 position against the 
    wall.  Now pull the three blocks against the south wall one space to 
    the north.  Now push blocks 1 and 3 in row 3 to the west once, then 
    push block 2 out of the way to get to the other end.  Open the chest 
    to get a Guard Cuiras.  Go through the north door and open the valve.
    Go back to the floating bridge room and you can now reach the double 
    doors at the bottom.  Go through to find the boss.
    Boss: Knight of Muse ~ 9000 HP
          Shield ~ 8500 HP
    This guy has a nasty water attack that hits everyone for 2500+.  
    This was actually The hardest fight I had all game (up to this
    point).  Just be ready to Mystic a Potion Berry every once in 
    awhile and you should be okay.  Also remember that you can switch 
    out hurt or dead party members in the middle of the fight.  
    You'll get a Miracle Berry and the Chamille for winning.  
    After the fight a Save Point will appear in the center of the room.
    Go through the lower level door on the north side and jump down to 
    open the chest.  You'll get Kanon's third Tool, the Jump Shoes.  
    Stand on the yellow seal and use the Jump Shoes to vault yourself 
    back up to the stairway.  Go back to the room where the floating 
    bridge used to be and you'll see that there are four seals on the 
    floor that will let you reach the four upper level doors.  Use the 
    Jump Boots on the south seal, which will jump you up to the north 
    door.  Go through and over to the puzzle room that only had one 
    statue in it.  You'll find a faded tile near the treasure chest.
    Stand on the tile and use the Jump Shoes 2 or 3 times and you'll 
    fall through.  Go out the north door, then through the east door.  
    Jump up the three steps and go through the door.  There are four 
    wooden panels on the floor.  Jump on the third one from the west 
    and you'll fall through.  Walk north and use Pooka to open the 
    three chests.  You'll get two Miracle Berries and an Ambrosia.  Go 
    through the west door.  Jump across the water channel and open the 
    chest to get the Reflex.  Jump back and jump up to the door above.
    There are four more wood panels here.  Jump on the second one from 
    the west and you'll be able to reach the north door.  The next room
    has sixteen statues, each with a switch on them.  You want each 
    statue in the room to face another one.  First start with the three
    statues that have broken switches by turning the statue that 
    they're facing to face them.  (Like numbers face each other)
    1 2 2 3
    1 4 4 3
    5 5 7 8
    6 6 7 8
    When you're done, the door will open.  Go through and you'll find 
    a large crystal that will speak to Kanon.  The light will form a 
    child Aisha, who will talk to Kanon about her powers.  The Mana of 
    Muse will give Kanon the power of her Level 4 Gatling Force.
    Chapter 22) Trapped
    When you've gotten all four Mana powers, you need to call Irving.  
    You'll see a pink cloud pulsating in space.  The Trapezohedron will 
    surround the cloud and bring it down to Filgaia.  Your next mission 
    is to attack the Trapezohedron, which is located north of Quartly 
    now.  But before that, go back into Archeim and into the downstairs 
    room on the east side of town.  Use the Mist Cloak to go through the 
    fence and open the two chests to get a Goat Doll and a Life Orb.  
    Head to a point just south of Archeim and search there to find the 
    Scene: Trapezohedron
    Monsters: Round Anemone, Asmodeus
    Items: One Gella Coin
    You'll get a call from Irving as you try to enter, just to warn you 
    about some stuff.  Walk forward and a bridge will appear in front of
    you.  Each of the four paths leads to a transporter.  Go to the 
    southwest, then when you get a choice again, go to the one to the 
    northwest.  Ignore the bridge that forms and keep going northwest to 
    the next transporter.  Take the northeast path this time.  Ignore the 
    first two bridges and take the third to the west.  Move along and two
    bridges will form to the east and north.  Take the east bridge and go 
    in the east transporter, then go straight east again into another 
    transporter.  You're in a red area now.  Go south when a bridge forms, 
    but don't go down the second bridge that forms.  Green area now, go 
    north, ignore the bridge, then take the north bridge when two form.  
    You should be in a purple area with a Save Point now.  Head into the 
    next transporter.  Go straight north across the bridge into a gray
    area, then take the east bridge that forms, then another east bridge,
    then go southwest and across the south bridge, then go northeast and 
    southeast into a transporter.  A bridge forms to the east, then one 
    to the north.  Go north and into the transporter.  Go into the bridge 
    that forms to the south, then ignore the bridge to the east and go in 
    the southeast transporter.  At the next intersection, go into the
    transporter to the southwest.  A bridge will form to the north.  Head
    west until you find a transporter that still has crystals in front of 
    it and go through.  A bridge forms west, then north.  Go north into 
    the transporter.  Head north again and into another transporter with 
    crystals in front of it.  A bridge forms to the north, then later one 
    to the west and east.  Go in the east transporter.  Jump off the ledge
    where you see the trail of crystals and go in the transporter.  Follow
    the bridge into the next transporter.  Three long bridges will form 
    here.  Do NOT go east or west.  Take the north transporter to find a 
    yellow cloud.
    Boss: Ralva ~ 10000 HP
          Mouth ~ 10000 HP
    This guy does a lot of status changing, so have Riruka ready to cast 
    Restore on whoever needs it.  Other than that, he can hit one of 
    your guys for between 1000 and 2000.  You'll get a One Gella Coin 
    for beating him.
    After the fight you'll get a call from Irving.  He says that it's 
    dangerous to stay there and that you should return to the Chateau.
    Chapter 23) The Fate of ARMS
    Scene: Valeria Chateau, Conference Room
    More talk about the fate of Filgaia.  Irving wants to take a break 
    and heads off to his room.  He thinks about the Caiber Belt, 
    Anastasia, Lord Blazer, and Ashley.  Nice camera work here too.  
    Altaecia comes in to see him.  Irving goes a little crazy and tries 
    to seduce her...  The scene shifts back to the conference room where 
    everyone is gathered again.  Irving wants you to check out the area 
    near Halmetts for a monster.  Leave the Chateau and teleport over to 
    there, then hop in Lombardia and fly a little to the east where 
    you'll find a cave.
    Scene: (something)'s Crazy Heat
    Monsters: Gelgob, Sabretooth
    Items: Ovaries Cruncher, Red Jacket
    There's a lot of wreckage around here.  Use the Mist Cloak north of 
    the first yellow ramp you find, then use the Earth Shaker to blow 
    out all the sealed openings in the ship.  Float back and walk up 
    the larger yellow ramp, then float to the north onto the ledge of 
    the ship and go in the large door.  Fall down and open the chest to 
    get the Ovaries Cruncher. (I don't think that's what they had in 
    mind...)  Leave the ship and come back around to the large door.  
    Go in the door north of the chest and turn on the computer.  Leave 
    the room and go in the room on the right side and turn on the 
    computer there.  Then go through the larger center door and turn
    on the two side computers.  Outside right next to the first yellow 
    ramp there's another opening in the ship.  Use the Mist Cloak to 
    float right into the doorway.  Turn on the computer here, then go 
    through the south door.  Open the chest here to get the Red Jacket.  
    Now you'll be able to activate the large computer, and everyone will 
    start reading data from the computer.  You'll get a call from Kate, 
    who's worried about something.  Irving and Altaecia have apparently 
    disappeared from the Chateau.  Ashley tells her that they'd look 
    into it.
    Scene: Chateau Bridge
    Ashley gets a transmission on the computer.  I guess that Odessa 
    has Irving now?  Your group confirms their goals of saving the planet.
    Scene: Billy's House
    Brad returns to Sebokku Village to talk to Billy.  Meryl tells him that 
    Billy looks happy.
    Scene: Sielje
    Riruka is sitting at the front desk of a classroom while Terry talks to 
    her.  Riruka tries to tell him that he's really talented or something.  
    He gets embarrassed.
    Scene: Baskar Village
    Tim is on the altar to Zephyr talking to Colette.  She holds his hand.
    Scene: Damzen
    Kanon is on top of a windmill in front of the hospital.  She talks 
    to herself about her bloodline.
    Scene: Meria Town
    Mariabel is on one of the walls talking to Tony.  She calls him 
    "Master" a couple of times.  I think they maybe be blood related.
    Scene: Marina's Room
    Ashley and Marina are talking in here.  She gets up close to him as 
    the screen fades out.
    Scene: Valeria Chateau Bridge
    Ashley is alone in front of the computer.  Each of the party members 
    returns one at a time and gives their support to Ashley.  He decides 
    to set out again.  Kate tells you to head to the Inner Sea near the 
    Lost Garden.  The whole area is covered in forest though, so you'll 
    need to park Lombardia far to the southeast and walk the rest of the 
    way.  Take a detour first...
    Scene: Absolute Luck Zone (Good Luck Zone)
    Monsters: Golpa
    Items: Crest Graph, Texas Number
    This large dungeon is located directly west of Sielje on the other 
    side of the bay.  In the first room you'll notice that there are 
    two locked doors.  Equip the Fengalon Rune, then wander around in 
    here until you get into a fight with a Golpa. During the fight, 
    use the Fengalon Rune to steal from it until you get the Secret 
    Key.  Use the key from your item menu while standing in front of 
    the left door, then go through.  Open the chest to get a Crest 
    Graph, then go back and unlock the right door.  In the next room, 
    unlock the right door first and open the chest to get the Texas 
    Number.  Go back and unlock the left door.  Unlock the left door 
    in the next room and open the chest to get the Amulet.  Then
    unlock the right door and unlock the door in the next room.  
    You'll find a tablet in the next room.  Have any of your 
    characters with Best luck read the tablet, then walk up and open 
    the door. (equip the Amulet if you need better luck)  In the last 
    room you'll receive the power of Chapapanga, the Luck Rune.
    The tower is at the north edge of the peninsula.  There's a very
    narrow path leading up to the plateau which the tower is on.
    Scene: High Spiral Tower
    Monsters: Barole, Mercurius, Leprechaun, Pabilsog, Aero, Elbaki,
              Sunflayer, Coatl
    Items: Miracle Berry x6, Ambrosia x3, EZ-Misslemite ARM, Raging Nova ARM
    Head down the hall and down the stairs.  You'll come to a bridge of blocks,
    some of which fall when you step on them.  Just keep trying until you get 
    across.  Before you go through the door, go up the east stairs and back 
    across the room to find a chest with a Miracle Berry.  Go through the door
    and down more steps.  There's a black stone with red writing on it here, 
    and seven plaques on the wall.  You need to press each plaque in a certain
    order.  The correct order is the order of the Japanese days of the week.  
    (The Japanese week starts with Monday) They go Moonday, Fireday, Waterday,
    Woodday, Goldday, Earthday, Sunday, so push the plaques accordingly. 
    (thanks to Rob's FAQ for the hint)
    Moon        Tree
    Earth       Gold
    Water       Fire
    (Note: The English version also corresponds to the days of the week)
    If you get the order right, the door will immediately open.  Go 
    down some more stairs.  In the next room you'll find a red diamond
    and a purple dome.  Place a bomb next to the dome and then stand
    on the diamond before the bomb explodes.  Go up the stairs and over
    the entrance and do the same with the other two domes.  Go up the
    stairs and use the Mist Cloak to float over to the chest, which has
    a Miracle Berry in it.  Go through the south door and down the stairs.
    The next room has three domes and three switches.  Activate them one
    at a time, then go up the stairs and use the Cloak to get over the
    gap.  Go up top and bomb the last dome, then run over to the last
    switch.  Head out the north door.  There are two blocks here with
    blue triangles on them.  Float over to the first one, then step on
    the triangle.  The block will move backwards.  Move off and step on 
    it again to move it back.  Then step on the second triangle and
    continue to the east, floating over to the ledge.  Float over to
    the central stairway and go through the west door.  Open the chest
    in here to get the last Tool, Ashley's Photosphere.  This is a flare
    gun that shoots straight up and brightens any dark room.  Go back into
    the last room and float off the south ledge, then go over to the south
    door.  Use the Photosphere while standing in front of the door to hit
    the switch above it.  Go through the door and down the stairs.  The
    next room has three sets of moving blocks.  Float onto the first red
    block and step on the triangle.  Move over onto the second red triangle.
    Now float of the east side onto the red block below.  Step on the
    triangle, move off, then step on it again.  Move over onto the second
    triangle, then walk off to the east and go up the stairs.  Float off
    onto the blue block and step on the triangle, move off, then step on
    it again.  Move over to the second blue triangle, then float off to
    the north onto the red block.  Step on the triangle, then move onto
    the second triangle and float off the north side.  Go up the stairs
    and float off onto the upper red block.  Step on the triangle, then
    move off onto the second triangle.  Step off the west side onto the
    blue block below, then float to the west, go up the stairs, and out
    the door.  And down another staircase.  Use Photosphere to lighten
    the next room, then leave out the south door and go down another
    staircase.  You need to light the same torches that were lit on the
    last floor, which were the four that aren't on the corners.  Light
    the north, east, and west torches, then put out any unwanted flames
    by shooting your Freeze Rod diagonally at the flame so that the ice
    hits the wall after putting the fire out.  Then stand in front of the
    south door and light the south flame by shooting straight north.  The
    walls will raise and you can walk around and out the north door.  Go
    down the stairs.  When you get to the bottom, a boss will appear.
    Boss: Grodine ~ 8000 HP
          Left Hand ~ 10000 HP
    He can bubble attack everyone for 700+, or hit one person for 900+.
    He's weak against lightning, so High Spark is very effective.  With
    Riruka and Tim, you shouldn't need more than 2 rounds to finish him.
    You'll get an Ambrosia for winning.
    A Save Point will appear after the fight.  Go out the south door
    and down another staircase.  You'll find a large wall at the bottom
    with an eye on it.  Touch the wall and you'll get into a fight.  Do
    the same with the other wall.  Go out the north door, then come back
    in.  The walls should be back.  Go up the west stairs and walk across
    the first wall, then go to the back and open the chest to get an
    Ambrosia.  Go back through the north door and down the stairs.  There
    are a lot of walls in the next room.  Go up one of the side stairs
    and activate the dome switch there.  Walk across the wall you just
    lowered and over to the southern wall.  There's a little bit of space
    free that you can drop down onto in front of the wall.  Fight it and
    land on the two blue blocks.  Then just float over to the door and
    go through.  Go down the staircase.  Go up the stairs in the next room,
    walk across the wall, float south onto the platform below, then walk
    to the north and open the chest to get an Ambrosia.  Go back and stand
    on the first wall.  Float over onto the second, then the third, then
    float over to the left ledge, walk up, and float over onto the last wall.
    Walk across it and float off the other side onto the ledge.  Float over
    and fall in front of the door, then go up the other stairs and open the
    chest to get a Miracle Berry.  Go out the north door and down the stairs.
    There are many walls in this next room. If you have Mariabel, have her
    Electel the lightning bolt on the east wall.  Either way, fight the
    first wall in the western-most hall and open the chest behind it to get
    a Miracle Berry.  For the least amount of fighting, clear out the three
    walls in the eastern-most hall.  Go out the west door if you opened it
    and kick open the chest to get Brad's strongest group ARM, the 
    EZ-Misslemite.  Then go back and through the south door.  Fight the 
    first two walls in the western-most hall, then move to the hall to the 
    right and fight that wall, then right again and fight another wall, then 
    right again and fight the last two walls.  Go up the stairs and use all 
    the walls you left behind as bridges to reach the door.  Go through and 
    down the stairs.  Go across the bridge and down more stairs.  And if 
    this whole experience hasn't been boring enough, cross another bridge 
    and go down more stairs.  Here you can try your luck to see what's 
    behind any of the walls, or just keep going south out the door.  I'll 
    do the work for you and tell you that only one wall has something behind 
    it, and that's the second from the north on the east side.  If you have
    Mariabel, use the Electel from the second step of the stairway closest
    to the lightning bolt.  Shoot diagonally and you should hit the target.
    If you don't have Mariabel, you wasted your time (I certainly did).  
    Go through the new doorway to get Ashley's Raging Nova ARM.  Go out the
    south door and down the stairs.  You'll finally be at the bottom.
    Boss: Manufestu ~ 10000 HP
          Right Knee ~ 5000 HP
          Left Knee ~ 5000 HP
    His attacks are kinda weak, but he can instantly kill one of your
    characters.  Give yourself enough FP to cast High Revive, then
    hit him with whatever you want.  First Aid should keep you from
    dying.  You'll get two Miracle Berries for winning.
    Walk towards the light and you'll be transported to the final area,
    Glaive Le Gable.
    Scene: Glaive Le Gable (Gurabu Ru Gaburu)
    Monsters: Will o' Wisp, Mollusk, Algos, Doomsday, Orgon Energy, 
              Prometheus, Cronzon, Hyuberion
    There are six pillars in this area that are switches to open
    doors in the next area.  Each door leads to one of the best
    armors in the game (except for Mariabel's), so it's a good
    idea to get them all.  Each one will raise your defense by
    at least 100 and double your magic resistance.  This part is
    tricky, so I'll draw a map.  The 2's represent places where
    there is a locked door and two skull pillars.  You have to
    look closely to see the skull faces on them.  To open the doors,
    both skulls have to be facing the door.  When you rotate one
    pillar 90 degrees, the other one rotates 180 degrees in the
    opposite direction.  There are two steps to getting them to
    face the door...
    1) Rotate one pillar until both are facing in the same direction
    2) Alternate rotating one, then the other until the door opens.
    For each of the pillars marked with an X, keep rotating them
    until you hear a click and the screen shakes.
              _           __   __
             |X|            |O|
         ____| |_________   | |  
        |                |  |2|
        | |--| |-------+ |  | |        
     ___| |__| |   ____| |__| |____
    |X         |  |              X|
     ---| |----+  | |--| |--| |----
        | |_______| |__| |  | | 
        |                |  |X| 
        +---------| |----+  ---
        __________| |__________
        |X   2            2  X|
        ----------| |----------
                  | |
    When you get to the Save Point (marked O), you'll find the
    six doors leading to treasure chests.  You'll get the Brave 
    Vest, the Auto Kuchul, the Lovely Sotos, the Perfect Libra, 
    the Coshta Bauwer, and the Nine Lives.  Take the big center
    door to move on.  Go straight again and you'll hear Irving's
    voice.  He tells you to split up your party.  You have to
    choose three people to go out on their own.  All three will
    have to cross swinging bridges, then fight one of the three
    roots.  All three are difficult fights.  I highly suggest
    using Brad, Riruka, and Kanon, in that order.  Before the
    fights, equip Riruka with the Clear Chime and Kanon with
    the Perfect Libra.
    Boss: First Root ~ 15000 HP
    He can do between 500 and 2000 to you a round, so use a
    Potion Berry or Miracle Berry if your HP get below 2000.
    I didn't see any surprises.  Get 100 FP as soon as you
    can and use Lock On/Linear Rail Cannon until it dies.
    Boss: Second Root ~ 15000 HP
    Same as First Root, but some of his attacks caused
    status changes.  Confusion is bad, so equip the Clear
    Chime.  Use any of the High elemental spells, Restore
    when you get poisoned, and High Heal when your HP get low.
    Boss: Third Root ~ 15000 HP
    Same as Second Root.  Use the strongest attacks you can,
    but hold off on using Gatling until you're sure you can
    kill it.  My Gatling Level 3 with Phalanx did 5000.
    After the fights, the citizens of Meria Town will be outside
    waiting for the King.  The people are upset, but Marina calms
    them down.  She prays for everyone's safety.
    You control the three that are left now.  You'll find six skull 
    pillars in front of a sealed door.  When you rotate one, the two 
    beside it rotate in the opposite direction.  Start at any of the 
    pillars and rotate it once, then go around the circle rotating 
    each pillar once.  Do this a second time, and they should all be 
    facing the door, which will open.  The next door will open
    automatically, and you'll find Irving and Altaecia on the other
    side.  Ashley confronts Irving, who seems to be the mastermind
    behind Odessa(?)  Altaecia flashes and Ashley finds himself
    alone.  Until a really ugly monster shows up.
    Boss: Caiber Belt Core ~ 32100
          Right Shoulder ~ 20000 HP
          Left Shoulder ~ 20000 HP
    This guy can hit you with a lot of status changing attacks,
    so equip the appropriate items if you have them.  Tim should
    use First Aid almost every round, and Ashley should Access
    as soon as he can.  The Right Shoulder is weak against ice,
    and the Left is weak against fire.  The core absorbs any
    elemental attack, so just use Night Fencer.  If he uses his
    status change attack often, this fight will be very difficult.
    And Mariabel was practically useless for me.
    After the fight, everyone gets back together.  As they start
    to leave, Ashley explodes.  Sort of.  He finds himself alone
    on the moon or something with Agartram stuck into the ground.
    Lord Blazer talks to him about "heroes" and Filgaia.  Ashley 
    goes to draw Agartram.  "We don't need such things as hereos!"
    The others get up and give their power to Ashley.  He draws
    the sword and becomes the new Sword Hero.
    Boss: Lord Blazer ~ A lot
    You have new abilities now.  Refresh will heal you, Providence
    will raise your magic resistance, Aerial Guard will raise your
    physical resistance, and I don't know what Salvation does...
    might resurrect you if you die.  Blade Graze will heal you
    to top, I think.  The first time you use Arc Impulse, Anastasia
    will notice and give you her power.  The second time, Colette
    and the Baskar people will give you their power.  The third time,
    Terry and the people of Sielje will give you their power.  The
    fourth time it's Noel and the people of Gildograd.  Fifth is Meryl,
    Rush, and the people of Sebokku Village.  Sixth is Tony, Scott, and
    the crew of the Chateau.  Seventh is Marina, Irving, Altaecia, and
    the people of Meria Town.  This last shot will kill him.
    Ashley is transported back to Glaive Le Gable with the others.
    They all go back to Filgaia together.
    Colette paces back and forth until Tim walks over and takes her hand.
    The crew of the Chateau gives a gun salute.
    Marina and Mariabel help rebuild Meria Town.
    Brad helps rebuild Sebokku Village.
    Riruka looks at the stars, and Terry comes up to see her, then gets
    really embarrassed.
    Tim, Riruka, Ashley, and Brad come to a crossroads, then go
    their separate ways.
    The cat finally gets off the roof.
    Ashley comes home to Meria Town with Marina.  They kiss.
    Ashley tries to bake bread. ^^;
    Riruka is asleep at her desk.
    Brad reads a letter.
    Colette brings a letter to Tim.
    Kanon reads a letter at a bar which is a mess...
    Mariabel reads a letter under an umbrella while chaos goes on 
    in the background...
    There's a collection of pictures of characters from the story.
    One Year Later...
    Riruka meets Brad, Tim, Mariabel, and Kanon in a field in front
    of Agartram.  Ashley and Marina show up with their newborn babies.
    You are asked if you want to save your statistics to an Extra File.
    Do NOT save over your previous game, as this save won't allow you
    to play.  When you load the Extra File, it brings you straight to
    the menu screen.  On the right from top to bottom are Status,
    Album, Movie 1, Movie 2, Movie 3, Movie 4, Movie 5, Movie 6.  Status
    and Album are the same as they were in the game.
    Movie 1 - OP of Disc 1, "WILDARMS 2ndIgnition ~ Donna Toki de mo 
              Hitori Ja Nai"
    Movie 2 - Quit movie of Disc 1, shots of Riruka
    Movie 3 - End movie of Disc 1, wreckage and Ashley's body in space
    Movie 4 - OP of Disc 2 
    Movie 5 - Quit movie of Disc 2, Anastasia and Luceid
    Movie 6 - End movie of Disc 2, showing credits and the "letters" shots  
    I've made some Windows Desktop wallpapers from these movies:
    Movie 1 - http://www4.ncsu.edu/unity/users/m/mpgemma/home/op2000.zip
    Movie 4 - http://www4.ncsu.edu/unity/users/m/mpgemma/home/wo2000.zip
    Movie 6 - http://www4.ncsu.edu/unity/users/m/mpgemma/home/we2000.zip
    If these links don't work, email me at mike.gemma@southpeak.com
    Other Stuff:
    Reviving the Stone Gods
    If you have the three Statues from where Tim gets his third force,
    then you'll be able to revive the three High Gods.  At some point 
    late in the game, the game will let you do this.  If anyone knows
    the exact point, email me.
    Raftina: Go to Colette's house in Baskar Village and talk to her
             using Tim.  A scene will play out where Tim and Colette
             are alone, and they say that they love each other.  This
             will awaken Guardian Lord Raftina, Goddess of Love, and
             you'll receive the Love Rune. (This allows Tim to learn
             Full Repair, which heals one person to top)
    Justine: Go to Billy's house in Sebokku Village and talk to him
             using Brad.  Brad and a younger Billy will be shown
             alone, and Brad will talk to him about being a hero.
             They'll awaken Guardian Lord Justine, God of Courage,
             and you'll receive the Courage Rune. (This allows Tim
             to learn Brave Lancer, the best single enemy spell)
    Zephyr: Go to Marina's house in Meria and talk to her using
            Ashley.  Late in the game, Marina will be on the second
            floor of Valeria Chateau in one of the side rooms.  A young
            Marina grows up as Ashley talks to her.  She tells Ashley
            how much the fighting hurts her.  They hold hands and make
            a wish for hope for the future, and Guardian Lord Zephyr,
            God of Hope, speaks to them.  You get the Hope Rune.
            (This allows Tim to learn Judgement Day, the best enemy
            group spell)
    Mariabel Side Quest
    Scene: Noble Red Castle
    Monsters: Vermillion, Body Snatcher, Caryupudes, Mistereg
    Items: Sensou Alnim x4
    This castle is located south of Gildograd.  It's also big and confusing.
    First go up the stairs on the left side, then through the upper west 
    doorway. Go straight north and through the doorway to the east.  From 
    here you'll be able to drop down and open the two chests, both which 
    have Sensou Alnims in them. (Use Pooka to save time)  Head north and 
    up the stairway.  Pull only the lever on the right, then go back 
    downstairs and through the north door.  Go over the wall you just 
    lowered and through the north door.  Go north, then down the east hall 
    and through the door there.  Then go north down the hall where you'll 
    find two doors on the left and one on the right.  Through the right door 
    is a Save Point.  Go back out into the hall and through the south door 
    on the left.  Pull the lever, then go back and head through the northern 
    door.  Cross a bridge and go through the door.  Go south and through the 
    first east door to find another lever.  Pull it, then go back and head 
    out the south door.  Go through the door to the east, then through the 
    door to the north, where you'll cross a bridge and pull another lever.  
    Head around to the northeast where the Save Point is, then head south 
    and around to the center of the castle (where the long red carpets 
    are).  Go north past where the three walls that you've lowered were, 
    and you'll end up finding a white tablet.  Keep going down the stairway 
    past two more white tablets to find a coffin at the bottom.  The coffin 
    will open and the vampire girl will come out, who it turns out is 
    Mariabel!! o_o  She'll tell you a little about herself, then search 
    around in her coffin to get her Tool, the Electel.  It sends out a 
    high-voltage lightning bolt in the direction you're facing.
    Once you're transported outside, go back in and use Mariabel to read
    all of the books in the castle.  When you find a book entitled "Golem",
    (from the entrance, go up the stairs and through the east door, then
    keep heading north and east) look around the room for a lightning bolt 
    symbol on the wall.  Use the Electel on the symbol to open a doorway.  
    Go through and down the staircase.  You'll find a platform like 
    Mariabel's with a green crystal on it.  Examine the crystal to learn 
    her Level 2 Force, Arsgalz.  This attack summons the golem from the 
    Disc 2 opening, who'll hit all enemies for 2000+.
    Scene: Kaiju Card Shop
    Items: Stuffed Bear
    You can now head downstairs and electrocute the little robot.  He'll 
    move out of the way and let you go down the stairs.  Downstairs is a 
    shop where you can buy Heal Berries and Mini Carrots.  Use the Change 
    Rod to turn the large health crystals into bricks, then use the Mist 
    Cloak to go through the fence.  Throw a knife diagonally at the wall 
    to have it fall down onto the blue pillar, then use the Mist Cloak to 
    float over the gap and press the button that was behind the block.  A 
    chest will fall down that contains the Stuffed Bear.  If you talk to 
    the guy at the upstairs desk, he'll give you the Album which will let 
    you see all the monsters you've fought anytime you want by choosing 
    "Album" from the main menu. (This is apparently because I've been
    carrying around an item called an "Album Coupon" for a long time...)
    Scene: Meriabel Castle
    Head to Meria Town and enter the castle.  In the western part, you'll 
    find a large library with a painting on the wall of Margaret Shin 
    Meriabel, Queen Meriabel the 14th, who looks surprisingly like 
    Mariabel...  There's a book on the east side that only Mariabel can 
    read.  This book will give you the location of another castle on a 
    southern island.  Fly over to the large forested island in the 
    southwest corner of the map and land in the the small clearing, then 
    go over and search for the castle.
    Scene: Catacomb of Promise
    Monsters: Angrang, Founder Lizard, Myukal, Scarecrow
    Items: Ebony Shadow, Manga Zenmai Tool, Mecha Screw, Space/Time Rune
    You need to have Tim's Mist Cloak to even get into this place.  (See 
    Raypoint Wing)  Once you float over the gap, go up to the lightning 
    bolt symbol on the wall in the northwest corner.  Shoot it with the 
    Electel to blow open a doorway.  Go through the door and down the 
    stairway, then through another door.  Go down the walkway and open 
    the chest to get the Manga Zenmai Tool.  It's basically a turnkey that 
    will activate certain blocks.  If you're not next to a block that she 
    can use it on, she'll just throw the key into the air and let it 
    bounce off her head.  Use it on the smiling block in the center of 
    the room to rotate the walkway.  Open the chest on the west side of 
    the room to get the Ebony Shadow.  Go through the east door and use 
    the key on the block here.  It will move in small increments across 
    an invisible walkway, and you need to follow it without falling off.
    There's no easy way to do this, you just need to keep trying.  When
    you finish (use the Mist Cloak at the end), you can open the two 
    chests to get a Crest Graph and a Mecha Screw.  Go through the north 
    door and into a room with four coffins.  There's a magic door to the 
    east that can be opened with a Duplicator.  Inside you'll find Dan 
    Dairam's Rune, the Space/Time Rune. (Huge magic boost)  Go back and 
    through the north door, then down the stairs to find a nice living 
    area.  Mariabel will remember her parents and you'll leave the 
    catacombs.  Teleport to Valeria Chateau, then teleport to your 
    hovercraft and sail back to the Lost Garden.
    Scene: Lost Garden
    Items: My Mike Tool, Full Revive, Duplicator, Crest Graph, Mecha Screw
    In the second room you'll find a smiling block.  Use the key on it and
    it will hop backwards and into the hole in the floor, opening the door.
    Go through and you'll find five chests.  Open them to receive a Full 
    Revive, a Duplicator, a Crest Graph, a Mecha Screw, and Mariabel's last 
    Tool, My Mike.  You can use My Mike at any of the rotating pyramids to 
    summon a monster.
    Now go to Damzen and have Mariabel talk to Luca in the saloon.  Luca
    tells you to go south of Silverant to find a strange place.
    Scene: Fab Laboratory
    (Warning: You must be really high level to finish this place.
              43rd didn't cut it.)
    After reading the Keep Out! sign, Toka and Ge will show up behind
    you.  You have a nice comic relief conversation with them.  Ashley
    agrees to let them help you, but Riruka is a little skeptical.
    When they finally shut up, you'll need to get on one of the elevated
    ledges to the left or right of the closed door and hit the post with
    the lightning bolt on top of it with the Electel Tool.  The door will
    open.  In the next room you'll find Toka and Ge's UFO.  Toka says that
    they come from the lizard star.  Go through the door to the south.
    When you go up the stairs you'll find three computers.  Examine one
    of them to start up another conversation.  Each terminal will ask you
    a question about the game.
    A question about:
      Health Crystals (Ans. 10% 1%)
      Emma Motor (Ans. Electromagnetic)
      the boss Kalivos (Ans. Temporary?)
      Lombardia (Ans. 40)
      Item you can steal from a Rindbulm (Ans. Potion Berry)
      The ages of your party members (Ans. 46)
      Experience for leveling up (Ans. The same)
      The #1 character
      How much you can buy a Heal Berry for in Halmetts
      Crest Sorcerer (Ans. 40 Spells)
      Resistance Parameter
      Gear Items (Ans. Holy Grail)
      Males, Females, and Luceid (Ans. Male)
    Try opening the door.  If one of your answers is wrong, it will buzz
    and the lights will turn red.  I couldn't read the specifics of the
    questions, so I just guessed until I got through.  If you know an
    answer that I don't have, send me an email.  In the next room you'll
    find another set of terminals...  The questions are the same though.
    You'll finally reach a large computer and a boss.
    Boss: Bulkokidon ~ 28700... at least
          Chest ~ ?
          Drill ~ ?
    I doubt I was even close to killing it.
    Thanks to:
    Rob, creator of the original WA2 FAQ
    Kath Windy
    Keegan Bridgman
    Tom Slattery
    John Wong
    Kerropi Cute
    John Marasigan
    Brent Bourgoine
    copyright 2000, Mike Gemma
    Do not use publicly without permission

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