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This is a very hard game to properly give points to or to take points away from!Everything is
very contradictive. Although you'd want to remove points at first, then you find somethings that
encourage you not to!Lets take a more indepth into this weird game!

A major dillemma. When i saw the anime intro which was accompanied by great music, i thought
''hey, these guys might have something new coming ahead!''.Then as the first WA, i chose a scenario
and my expected happiness was blown to dust!The graphics are VERY MUCH like the prequel. To those
who havent played the prequel, its like a MUCH more advanced LUNAR SST,or a much more advanced
FF6.Characters are HARDLY 3D!and the battles of the first part were actually a bit nicer.
Also, the dungeons and castles remind you of FF6 a bit!
The characters look childish and after the examples set to us by FF8 and Legend of dragoon,
the animation and graphics in this game is way outta league, but hey, this is not the end of
the on to find out why..
Graphics are 6/10

First thing to please you in this game. The intro music is simply BEAUTIFUL! And the in-game music
is not great, but it is VERY atmospherical and easily sets you in the desired mood. At points,
you can actually predict the game BY THE MUSIC!But most of the soundtrack fails to be memorable
and some of the music is kinda childish too. But it is VERY nice.But i think that the
champion of soundtracks till now, is FF8.Also, the soundeffects are kinda childish too.
They are not bad, but they are not THAT INNOVATIVE!
Soundtrack takes: 8/10

DISTURBING PUZZLES, a usually comfortable encounter rate(actually most battles are by choice.
i.e, you can choose to skip most random encounters!!!!!!),
and slow battles!you actually decide on the commands for all the characters and then START the
turns!But a very welcomed feature in battle, is that you can switch characters IN THAT BATTLE!
so, if you need some physical attacks till you destroy the, for example, anti-magic shield,
so you assign your best attackers.When the sheild is gone, get those magicians and blast away!
Actually, the game is kinda like FF7 in difficulty.All is easy, then you have to prepare for
a while for the last battle.But actually, to be honest, after 3 hours of gameplay, you start
to forget about the demerits of this game and you actually start to enjoy it. Kinda like,
only better, Lunar when it came on first you are shocked, then you learn to
get on with your life and make the best out of it.also, each character has individual abilities
using certain TOOLs they acquire.Which are used to, for example, light lanterns, jump long
distances.They really give the game a new experience.and you'll visit those old dungeons AGAIN
for what you left out!
Gameplay is : 7/10

AHHHH!All i have to say is, although, as an overall, it is sorta used up(check XENOGEARS),
and kinda childish, but there is a plot Twist in the beggining of the game that will keep your
ehm....BUTT INTACT WITH THE CHAIR till you know whats gonna happen after that twist!By the time
you find out, it'll be too late to drop the game!A VERY SMART TOUCH by the game makers.
I give the story: 8/10

Get this game if you liked part one, if you liked the idea of Xenogears!Also, if you are bored,
this is a good past-time!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/06/00, Updated 09/06/00

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