"Could any game be tighter than this!"

First of all, before I start anything about the review I want to inform you to BUY THIS GAME! I dont care what your doing just get up and buy it. OK. Wild Arms 2 is a beutifully made RPG masterpeice that just breaks across the finish line in the ''Best RPG race of the year 2000''. Let me redefine that.....this game is the best! Ok, heres the review.

This story is the best iv'e seen scense Final Fantasy 7. It starts out slow but soon develops into an intriguing story line with dips and twists all over the place. Heres the scoop, a man named Vincent Valeria is trying to develop a world wide organazation called ARMS. Agile Remote Military Squad. This group shall fight agianst wide world threats. He gathers 3 people. Brad Evans, who is a con in a Highly gaurded prison. He is a speicalist in Heavy Weaponry and yeilds a Huge bazooka. The next person is Lilkia. She is a Crest Sorceress From the Seilge Region. She is innocent and kind but when she is forced to battle, she weilds curative magic, and deadly destructive magic, which can waste enimeis soon. Then there is Ashley Whinchester. He is the main character in the game, and the whole game is based on him. He weilds a huge boynett, which is a cross between Squall's Gunblade and Cloud's Sword. Later on in the game, he aquires new and dangerous powers, but I wont spoil it for you. The game is about a group of terrorists called Odessa, wich trys to rule the world, and its up to you to stop them.

Thes graphics are pretty good. There 2D rendered onto a 3D backround, very nice. The anime Sequences are put togather extrtemelly well. Good flare to the game.


The gamplay is simply wonderfull. In battles You accumulate FP, wich lets you do speical moves. For example, If you accumulate 6 FP (Or is it 12?)you can do Brad's Bazzooka move. Its the same with magic. But whats really fun is outside the battles. You slowly earn tools wich you can use in dungeons. For example, you find a door but it is shut by a switch. You switch to AShley and throw the Hurl Knife across the room. It lands on a switch and the door opens. GAmeplay in this game is real fun!
A long drawn out RPG weith drawn out gameplay, what more could you want. It will be a blast when you aqqumulate more characters and tools. The dungeons and bosses will get pretty hard and the Pyrimid bosses are VERY difficult. This game is exallent and I reccomend it to anyone.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/23/00, Updated 10/23/00

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