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"The best RPG the history of the world."

A while back, around 1997 I saw the original Wild Arms for PSX. I looked at the back of the game case and thought,''Hey, I'd like to have this.'' So I bought it. Little did I know how awesome it was. After playing it through I dreamed of a second one. That wish came true in this year (2000), when I bought it for $40. WOW!!!!! This is without a doubt, no turning back, no exceptions, the best RPG I have EVER played. No single Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, or any other Squaresoft game has beaten this game. The graphics are stunning. The music kicks major butt. The storyline is the best since the first. No other single game has been so good. Why, you may ask? Look below.

Okay, first off, you get to choose which scenario of three to start off with in the beginning (just like Wild Arms 1). Each character is then brought together by some odd event (not going to tell you; just like Wild Arms 1). You are then put together as a group of the government called ARMs. The rest unfolds as you play the game.

This game is absolutely without any major flaws. If you haven't played it or don't have it, I suggest you do so. Below are the game stats.

Okay. Some RPGS lack graphic quality because it isn't really necessary. This is not one of those RPGs. The animated sequences and the game graphics themselves are simply stunning and up to date.

The music, from beginning to end, is a masterpiece. The battle music, boss music, maze music, etc. simply was amazing. Congrats to the composers, editors, and such of the music in this game. Simply stunning.

The way the controls are run in this game is excellent. You can change the camera angle, move in actually 360 degrees, and do whatever you want. The special items the characters get are awesome and add the the play control and game effects.

The challenge wasn't perfect, and the final bosses, let alone the regular bosses weren't the hardest (nor easiest, though) in any RPG. Thank goodness the makers of this game got rid of the 255 item trick. However, there were quite a few tough baddies.

I can't reveal the storyline, but it is simply amazing. Play the game and you will be as surprised and astonished as I was.

This game kicks butt. Magic spells you can name, characters you can name (trust me, you can name almost EVERYBODY!!). Stunning music and graphics, excellent character development (lots!!!). It is all here.

If you haven't played this game or the first, do so!!! These two RPGs are simply amazing, and I suggest you buy them. No other RPG(s) have amazed me so much.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/05/00, Updated 11/05/00

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