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"THIS proves a game does not need GOOD GRAPHICS to be a good game."

Wild Arms 2 was possibly one of the best purchases I ever made. At the time, I was bored and couldn't think of any RPG's to play. Lately I had been giving the Wild Arms series a try. Wild Arms 2 was getting a lot of bad reviews from magazines and game sites. It seemed like a pretty good game to me and I got it. When it finally arrived I had no idea what a great adventure I was about to embark on...

Graphics:6/10:Wild Arms 2 Graphics are pretty bad to be honest. Out of battles the Graphics are fine. In battle Graphics are pretty bad. Characters and enemies look extremely blocky. Spell animations are very poor too. Boss designs are quite poor as well. Overall the Graphics might be bad, but don't let it stop you from playing this excellent game.

Gameplay:9.8/10:Oh, so close to a 10. Wild Arms 2 is probably one of the most fun RPG's ever created. The game isn't like most turn based RPG's. Yes, you go from town to dungeon as usual. At town you'll upgrade equipment and rest at the Inn. At towns you can also distribute skill points into Skills. Allowing for more customization in characters throughout the game. Once done at town you proceed through the next dungeon to the next town. Battles and exploration are done with a three man party. Each party member has their own advantages/disadvantages in battle. Battles go by a little slower then they should due to the animations taking a little longer then they should. Outside of battles you'll solve puzzles mostly. Each character has their own set of tools for solving puzzles. The puzzles make dungeons entertaining. I have to admit most of the puzzles are easy, but they are most importantly a lot of fun. If you love Zelda basically, then you'll love the puzzle solving outside of battles in Wild Arms 2. Wild Arms 2 is a extremely fun game, but it has a few minor flaws.

Every battle is too easy. Regular and boss battles included. The two hardest optional bosses in the game will give players a extremely good challenge though. Another problem is how you dash in the game. It's awkward because you have to constantly stop to make a turn when dashing. Last is during battles some characters are less useful then others. Specific attackers are better then others. Aside, from these three problems though nothing else really wrong with the game. Battles and exploration/puzzle solving is a lot of fun. Wild Arms 2 has amazing Gameplay and is one of the most fun games I've ever had the honor to play.

Story:9.5/10:Wild Arms 2 has a great Storyline. The dialogue in the game is written pretty well. The main cast is pretty good and most of the characters have their own motivation for joining together. Most of the characters get pretty good development throughout the game. Especially the main character Ashley. The antagonists get great development too and I loved the main antagonist group of Wild Arms 2. Throughout the game you'll also find out about several plot twists. One plot twist at the end really stunned me emotionally. Overall the Storyline in Wild Arms 2 is great. You'll love the main cast and the antagonists.

Music:9.6/10:The Music in Wild Arms 2 is extremely good. I loved the battle music. I loved the boss and dungeon songs. I also loved the town songs a lot. Sometimes while playing I would turn up the volume extremely loud because I loved listening to the wonderful soundtrack. The only thing that prevented me from giving the Music a 10/10 is the sounds. The sound effects in the game are pretty bad.

Overall:10/10:Wild Arms 2 is a nearly perfect game. It's a lot of fun to play. The battles are fun and so are the puzzles you solve in dungeons. The Storyline is great as well. Main characters are developed pretty well and the antagonists are fantastic. The dialogue throughout the game is written quite well. The music in the game is wonderful too, but the sound effects are disappointing. I have to admit the Graphics are pretty bad in it. Wild Arms 2 is just great it combines turn based battles with Zelda puzzle solving outside of battles. Overall Wild Arms 2 is one of the best games I've ever played. When I beat it I felt a amazing amount of satisfaction I had never felt before.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/18/08

Game Release: Wild ARMs 2 (US, 04/30/00)

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