"Worthy sequel, in my opinion!"

One of my favorite RPG's for PSX was Wild Arms. It was the first PSX RPG that I had come to appreciate. Well, I guess that's mainly due to the fact that the RPG I played before that one was Beyond the Beyond (as you can probably see, I gave that game a 4). While in my high school computer's class, I happened to check into IGN (or some place like that) and see a section on what was called 2nd Ignition: Wild Arms. I caught a glimpse of one screen shot that had over three characters in battle (Either I was hallucinating or they changed it). I was already hyped for the game. Then, it finally came. I was able to pick me up a copy at my local BX for a cheap price. Right as I began playing, I fell in love (so to speak) with it.

Filgaia... Umpteen, Some-odd Years Later...
I'm not sure exactly how long in the future this one takes place, but it is quite a ways into it as the plate tectonics have obviously done a number on the world. In this one, you play as Ashley Winchester. He eventually meets up with a woman lady named Lilka and a fugitive named Brad to stop an organization of terrorists called Odessa. At the same time, Ashley has a major struggle within that he must resolve. He has no realization as to how powerful the the clash within him is.

Basic Gameplay
The game is presented a bit differently than the original. To start, instead of a 2D format for environmental graphics, it's all done in 3D. The graphics maintain a beauty to them even in 3D. You can do basically the same as in the first one. You walk around the environment until you've encountered enemies. You can also use tools on the environment screen.

Practically the same battle system. There really isn't much new to it. The only real difference is that there are new abilities that your characters can learn. A good example would be Marivel's skills which are learned from enemies. In the battle system, you are to pick out the actions for all three of your characters at the beginning of the round. All targets will execute their commands and the round ends.

Boss Introductions
This is one of my favorite parts of the game! When you encounter a boss, you'll see a red screen pop up with sinister music playing. Then, a black silhouete of the boss will appear and move around a bit, then the boss' name and brief character description will appear. I actually like the idea and I hope they incorporate it into the third Wild Arms game.

Game Elements
The graphics are not bad. The character graphics are better than the first, but still a lacking a little refinement. At least they have more detail in battle. The sounds are fairly good as well. Decent music combined with good sound effects to make a solid sound scheme. The controls are basic RPG controls, meaning there's little to no complexities. The storyline is awesome. I would actually stay up just about every night to 4 AM playing this game just to watch the storyline unravel more and more. I can't say that for too many other games. It had a lot that kept me interested and wanting to continue playing. As far as the gameplay goes, the game is strangely addictive.

Graphics: Big improvement over the first 9/10
Sounds: They fit in, at least 8/10
Controls: Work great 10/10
Plot/Storyline: Riveting 10/10
Gameplay: Like I said before, addictive 9/10
All Together: 10/10

I'd say that RPG fans should at least give this a try. There's no full guarantee you'll like this game because I'm raving about it so much, though, but do give it a try.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/23/01, Updated 06/15/01

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