Review by The Great Db

"Has what many rpgs forget: fun"

Story: 7/10
Game Play: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Challenge: 3/10
Replayibility: 8/10

Well, let's see. Here's a good game. However, in a way, only a rpg fan could like it, and in a way, an rpg fan would probably scorn it. Cliched to death, no challenge, and it gets real monotonous REAL fast. However, monotonous or not, this game is fun. I could sit here all day dissing this game, but then I would forgeting all the times I stayed up late unable to put this game down. The story, when you think about it, is something out of a bad science fiction story, but it is fun to play out. This isn't a book, or a movie, or a play, this is a game. The greatest stories would suck in a game. So here we go:

Good Things:

1. Graphics: Maybe this is only a good thing for my tastes, but I like this style over all else. I would rather play with these than with those way realistic graphics. They are like Final Fantasy Tactics, or Breath of Fire III's, and Xenogears. It's hard to describe them, so pick one of these games up to see what I mean. Very underground, but in their own right very popular. This game has very bright colors, which I think is a plus. Plus, the camera can rotate 360 degrees and stay in a certain part in order to see things.

2. Fun Factor: Well, let's see. This is a long-time rpg-er's heaven. Hardly any random battles, short dungeons (though God knows there's a lot of 'em), and my favorite, a long game. Another bonus, your mp only runs out on certain attacks, and it resets after every battle. Also, as an added goodie, the puzzles in this are not mazes where you must go from side to the next. They are either riddles, or using tools. They are these little neato gadgets you get to hit switches, blow up doors, cross gaps, etc. The fun on these wears off after a while, but at first they are a blast. Too bad, you can't hurt people with them...

3. It's Simple: No hard to understand things, there is really no need to conserve usually, and no battles with 4 page long walkthroughs which take 5 hours to prepare for. This sorta goes under fun factor, but this deserves its own category.

Bad Things

1. Too Easy: Other than an optional boss or too, this is probably the easiet rpg I have ever played. FF7-9 are hard compared to this. The Buikoden, and those brothers, and maybe some others are the only hard battles. And those are totally optional. And they are nothing compared to another games bosses. If you play through this game and think it's hard, play another rpg, please. You'll see what hard is.

2. It get's old: I have beaten it three times, and every time I have blazed through it to no time, then towards the end I just stop playing it. I will wait a couple weeks, then finally finish it off. Of course, at first it is way fun. But then, I don't know what it is, maybe it's just me, but the fun seems to end. Then, 3 months, later, I dust it off and yet again it seems like the funnest game I have ever played.

3. Originality: Other than the tool system, no particular thing distinguishes it from another run of the mill rpg. No revolutionary battle system, no great gameplay or character that everyone cannot seem to get enough of. They should have some big thing to make this different. Coming from a new series and a company with no other famous rpgs to boast, this game needed a game selling feature that it didn't get.

Rent or Buy? If you are an avid rpg collecter, or just seem to like what you hear, buy this as quick as possible. Outside of that select group, I don't know. Rent it if it sounds fun, but after that it is up to you. This might make my top twenty games on a good day. Will it make yours? Who knows.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/29/01, Updated 10/29/01

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