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"Same old, Same old, WA2 is just ok"

OK, since I loved Wild Arms 1 so much, I decided to pick up a copy of the sequel from EB second hand and give it a decent shot at impressing me.

Well, I liked the start of it I admit, and a pretty opening FMV (which plays every time you load a saved game by the way) which gets dull after watching it a couple times. Your party members all start the adventure in different places, and you begin you quest playing each character separately. Eventually they meet up and pursue the story together, nuff said without spoiling the game =)

The graphics in this game are the kind of graphics you got out of the initial release of games for the playstation... one could go so far to say that they are even worse. The character sprite animation is the only well-done graphical component of the game, which doesn't say much considering it's a big big world of ugly polygons, and little well-animated you sitting in the middle of it. I'm not letting graphics hurt the final rank of this game much, since you don't need state-of-the-art graphics to tell a story, which is the entire point of RPGs (*role* playing games)

STORY 5/10
Well it starts out good, and it starts out linear. And I was kinda getting into it. But along came an event, your standard hero and group of friends discuss what to do next, and after that, they shrug, and say something to the effect of ''uhh I dunno'', and this leaves the player with NO idea what to do next. Of course this is solved by talking to every civilian on the entire planet with every character you have until someone reveals something.

The gameplay is nice. You have plenty of options and variety in battle, which expands as you progress through the game, as is the standard to most RPGs. Also, characters can use ''TOOLS'' outside of battle to get themselves through puzzles and the sort, which isn't an original idea, but a cool one still. The ''SEARCH SYSTEM'' is terrible however, where players must actually search for towns and dungeons and the like with a press of the SQUARE button on the overworld map. It's not a major hindrance to the flow of the game however.

SOUND 8/10
Most of the music is great, other parts of the music is terrible. For example, Lilka, the caster, starts out in a dungeon, and the music there is... painful. It drives me crazy to hear that song (which is about 45 seconds long) play over and over again. There's a few other tracks like this also, which drive me nuts. There are still some very good tracks in this game though, more good than bad, so an 8/10 justifies it fairly.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/13/01, Updated 11/13/01

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