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Reviewed: 08/17/02 | Updated: 08/17/02

One of the Best Games I've Ever Played and the 2nd Most Original.

The Pitch: A man named Ashley is sent to save 3 kidnapped children little did he know that its was just the beginning… little did he know what he would become…

Game Play 9/10
Although it may use the turn based battle system it does have lots of original features. The first happens before the battle, if you see a red “!” you go into battle but if you see a white or green “!” you can avoid it by pressing the cancel button and if its green it also means you have never fought that enemy before. Also once you’re in a battle there are lots of tactics you can use. You can change equipment and change party members with out using up a turn, plus all members that are still alive or don't have some status effects gain EXP. regardless of if they participated or not and each character has there own unique attacks witch require FP to use(witch you get form getting hit). The magic system is really cool too since you can only have so many at a time, oh and lets not for get about the puzzles and you also get a good deal of character development with out getting so much that they could all end up the same. Another cool thing is each character has their own special way of learning skill witch helps to make each character feel unique(unlike in some games where they all feel the same). Lastly the search system is cool.
Fun Factor 9/10: Wale the random battles might not be that fun the puzzles and boss battles(witch there are plenty of) make up for it.
Controls 10/10: Perfect, but then again what RPGs controls aren't?

Graphics 7/10
Good but nothing special, although I like the map, character and monster designs.

Sound 10/10
Music 10/10: I love it and it is quite original too… wild west techno music how did they think that one up.
Sound effects 10/10: As with almost every game great.
Voice Acting ?/10: No voice acting… sorry.

Story 9/10
It's a great story with lots of plot twits, lots of character development and some cool side stories too. Trust me this story well keep you in sapience right you to the end… well more like till almost the end.
Originality 8/10: Its got some un-original elements in it but for the most part its original if not well done
Script 6/10: Some translation errors here and there but its not half bad.

Value 10/10
I’d say a good 40 hours to beat if your fast, but I would say for most it'd be at least 50 not including extras and lost of the puzzles can take hours to figure out(one actually did take me 7 hours before I finally got it).
Replay Value 7/10: Lots of side quests, a hidden character and some hidden tools. It even has hidden skills and tons of hidden super bosses… even after you beat it there's still lots left to do.
Multi-Player ?/10: None

Buy or Rent
This is a must buy for all RPG fans and even if your not it's still worth a buy.

Bottom Line
One of the PlayStation grates that's well most likely be over looked, but if your looking for a great and vary original RPG that well hold your interest till the end and beyond then this is the game for you.
Pros: Lots of original features, great battle system(witch FFX copied), super bosses that aren't easy to beat
Cons: Some of the puzzles are the wrong kind of hard(you know the piss you off kind of hard), one of Ashley's skills makes some of the battles too easy, there are some really cheap battle tactics you can use later in the game(can be seen as a pro. or con. depending on how you look at it)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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