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"Wild?? No. Good game? Yes?"

I first bought this game by chance seeing it for only ten dollars at my local EB games store.
This was my first Non-squaresoft RPG and my first taste of what other RPG companies could put out. I was not disappointed at all. As for finding this game and its availability it should be commonly populating the racks of your local Video game stores. Another plus to this game is you will probably be buying it used which means only a ten to fifteen dollar loss if you don't like it. Now lets get on to the review of the meat of the game.

Graphics: Well as for the graphics I was amazed when I first turned on the Playstation and saw a beautiful intro. movie done all in Anime! However don't get to used to this seeing as there is only 2 more anime movies in the game total. Still for what WAS put in there I enjoyed it and it is a fun video to watch from time to time. The animation quality is good too boot. As for the in-game graphics and sprites. They are your average 2-D sprites on a 2-D shifting Plane backgrounds. Nothing too oohhh and awwww over but it gets the job done. However when I entered my first battle I was truly depressed as to the quality of the battle sprites. They could have done much better. The frames of the characters and enemies are blocky and pretty vague. Its a good thing the developers didn't want this to be realistic battles cause if I had to see blocky pixleated drops of blood fly everywhere then that would just make it two much to put up with. Putting all that aside the graphics are tolerable. Nothing more nothing less. The backgrounds of the game are very nice and actually one of the more pleasing features of the game. Seeing as some backgrounds are Hand painted drawings. When you put all of this in a blender and drink the results I come up with a nice and healthy 6/10 .

Story:Wow. Really this is what is gonna make or break the game for you because In my opinion it is a good story. Yes, it does have a ''save the world theme'' but I don't think it does it in a cheesy way seeing as there are a lot of plot twists and turns. I wont go any deeper down that road as to leave you to enjoy or hate the story for yourself which ever you decide to do. As for the Characters in the story I don't know if this has been done in other RPG's (I'm sure it has) but one thing I like is the fact at the beginning every character has a small individual mission do complete to give you some background on them. There are 3 initial playable characters with more to come in short time. One thing I do like about this game is that you can name just about every thing even characters you wont be playing as you can name. On replays naming everyone random words makes the text comical at times. Now as for the overall plot strength to draw you in I would give it a high the only thing is this might not happen to you as it did me but. The last half of the game seemed lackluster to me however this have my be due to the fact I was preoccupied playing other games at the time. When I restarted from where I left off I couldn't get back into the story. However now that I look at it from a neutral point of view I see that the plot has a nice fluid movement to it and it is well thought out. Overall for story ill give it a 7/10.

Gameplay:Ok now on to the core of the review. The battle system is a turn based system which works for this game nicely. Now as to other aspects to the game there are various ways to kill enemies for getting hit or hitting with psychical attacks you receive FP or Force Points. You can use your force points on Your Force Skills which do not require a loss of FP say once you get a character the necessary 4 FP to use a fire attack you can continue to use it until you die or use one of your personal skills every character has 3 Special attacks made only for them. They are potent however they do consume FP and will make your FP meter go down as you use them. Another aspect of game play is how you receive the skills. For some characters its a ''random unlock'' others its kill so many enemies and the such which will give you enough running around to do to unlock all of the sills needed to kill bosses etc. Some characters who use guns will have bullets that you will use these are refillable and DO run out. There use however is considered a special attack witch means you'll need FP to use them. There are many other good aspects to the battle system such as summoning attacks and the such. You may get frustrated with the battle system at times if you are used to a ATB system of play. Overall Ill say : 5/10

Shelf Life: This is where the game has its major fall on its face moment. There is no special ''modes'' no unlockable weapons or characters. However you may want to attempt to do the few side quests such as Really and I mean Really tough side bosses. However besides the few side quests not much is there. You'll probably beat it in about 12-15 hours if you have a steady rate of play. Experts I'm sure could go through in about 5-7. Overall Ill say it gets : 4/10

Now adding all the scores up and averaging them out I get a big fat 6. Buy it? Id say if your a RPG fan yes if your just the casual gamer looking to get into RPG's there's bigger fish to fry. However its worthy of a second glance.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/12/03, Updated 07/12/03

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