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"The best of RPG of 200 and quite possibly the best RPG ever along with Lunar!!!"

I rissked trading 3 games to buy 1 game by the name of ''Wild Arms 2'' I admit I felt stupid doing this since I was not too sure I would like Wild Arms 2. Wild Arms is great and all but I did not care for the story. I was worrying about the story for this one. Luckily after I played it I saw one of the best opening cinemas ever. The anime (japanese animation) was superb and it was one I kept on watching. SO far the start was good... Now I will explain the game!
The graphics while no mean bad could have been alittle better. The graphics can sometimes get sloppy. The battle graphics character design was too blocky. The characters also lost the cute characters from the first one. Nothing huge but still a mild problem. The graphics are similar tp Xenogears. They are cleaner but not as detailed as Xenogears. So expect graphics up to par with Xenogears.
The music is excellent. At first glance it may sound ''blah'' but then it becomes memorable and fits the mood well. The music in the opening is awesome. The soundtrack is by the same composer as the first one. Expect great western style music. It is truly great and well done music. The sound effects are also good. Nothing amazing but still close to perfect.
The gameplay is very unique and interesting! I love the gameplay SO much and its SOOOO fun. First of all the map system is awesome. Some may not like it but you have to find the places. There are clues to where it is and you will eventually find it. Its hard to explain but still play it and you will see!!! The battle system isn't new at all but its still plain old fun! The dungeons are interesting and fun to play also.
Story:10/10 Note: There is no spoilers.
The story is ''Save the world from evil.'' To me that is okay though since the characters make the story so good. All the characters are interesting and mysterious. The story is about the terrorist group ''Odessa'' who is trying to rule the world. The bad guys are the best bad guys I ever saw. I don't know why but I love having human bosses. Having a 100% human person trying to rule the world is more interesting then a masked unknown thing ruling the world. There is MUCH more to the story.
Overall you MUST buy this perfect game. It is SOOO good!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/10/00, Updated 05/10/00

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