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Reviewed: 05/14/00 | Updated: 05/14/00

Wild Arms 2 made another Great HIT!

Wild Arms 2 is a long await game by Contrail formerly known as Media Vision. Wild Arms 2 is definitely a game WORTH BUYING AND NOT RENTING! Filled with an efficient battle systems and tons of puzzles for you to crack your brain on, this game is not to be missed. The game has everything rpg gamers has asked for. Unlike the former Wild Arms, this second series has a lot more special systems. For those who have plaed Wild Arms, you may recognise some of the things brought back from it into Wild Arms 2.

Long Ago, there was a great disaster that was bestowed upon Filgaia. This was known as the Blaze Disaster. The Disaster has made into Filgaia as what is is today. The daughter of a nobleman was drawn to the call of the legendary guardian blade ''Argetlahm''. She was the Sword Magess. On the seventh day after obtaining Argetlahm, the sword Magess leave the world together with the Blaze Disaster and the Argetlahm plunged deep in the Earth

Years later, Ashley was borned. He became a recruit of the Musketeer Brigade. Through defying orders from his leader when he wanted to save everyone from a monster, he was suspended. Upon that, however, he was promoted to be in an organisation known as ARMS. During the Ceremony at the sword cathedral, there was a demon summoning experiment, Ashley was transformed into a demon. This is when a voice called out to him to get power. With it, he pulled the legendary guardian blade Argetlahm out of the earth and combined with it to form another even more powerful force, Access,allowing Ashley to transfrom into the KnightBlazer.

The characters are nonethless quite the same as before but there are more members added to the party and you can choose between them. Ashley represent Rudy, Brad represents Jack and Lilka represent Cecilia.

Battle System
The battle system are quite similar to the previous Wild Arms. However, this time it enables youu to change your party members during a battle.

The power are back. With the forces, the characters can do more damages to their enemies. However the great thing about forces is that they can combine to summon another beast from the medium that you are equipped with. I like the forces of Ashley especially as it enables you to gain Access, the power to transform into the Knight Blazer. Though forces are useful, they need FP to execute them. FP can be obtained by taking damages and hitting enemies. There is an indicator which will reveal four bars at the bottom of the screen during a battle. This four bars promptly allow you to bring out Forces from your character. The first bar brings out the first force and so on.

One thing that I am impressed by Wild Arms 2 is the creation of the Skills System. This skill system is definitely useful. You can learn your skills at a Skills workshop. However, in order to learn, you will need skills points. They can be obtained by gaining levels up. Each level up will mean one skill point. You will need to choose your skills carefully so as not to waste the skill point.

On the world map, unlike most role playing games, towns are not revealed.Instead, you will need to use the square button to detect the prescene of a town. Such things are quite troublesome. To look on the bright side,this system helps you to gain invaluable items such as STR apples sometimes.

The controls are easy to control when you are controling a character.It is the same for the Hovercraft. The controls for flying Valeria Chateau are complicated to understand. However once you get the hang of it, it will prove to be a advantage.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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