Review by DrunkenRhino

Reviewed: 05/20/00 | Updated: 05/20/00

Makes me wonder why Sony doesnt make more RPGs

Gameplay-7/10- Hmm easy or hard? this all really depends on how familiar you are with RPG's...Ive played alot, basically name a Playstation RPG and Ive played it...But I definitely wouldnt say this game is impossible for anyone, its basically medium difficulty, unless you wanna go into the optional stuff...just the optional stuff makes this game insanely fun and at times challenging, some of the optional bosses make the last boss look like a pile of clay. In general, its a fun gameand its not to challenging.

Story-6/10-Well...there's not much to it, basically it just lays out in front of you...there are very very few plot twists. And the few plot twists in it, are usually pretty obvious. And if not obvious, they quickly present the twist
then within 30 minutes, you've figured it out. There's just no tension to the game. But...the dialogue is superbly done, and the translation is probably one of the best Ive seen. Most of the time the characters actually act their age, and its very mature in some instances. Also, the characters are very well developed. Unlike in some games where some characters talk twice, and you dont even know their last name, age, or anything.

Audio-9/10-I LOOOOVE this music, I cant get enough of it, at times Id leave the music on while I did other stuff, I mean its just that good. I dont care what you say about FF7 having the best music of all time, THIS GAMES MUSIC ROCKS. I mean its just so inspiring at points. Sure its not alot of tracks, but the few tracks there are add sooo much feeling to the game, the mere fact that there arent that many tracks to it, give it a 9 and notta 10.

Graphics-6/10-Characters are all sprite based, but still well done. The world map, towns, and dungeons, are all 3D, nothing special. The graphics are really just average...nothing amazing, but nothing horrible. But personally who cares about graphics if the story is good? However this game has a pretty bland story which unfolds rather quickly, so this doesnt help the game any.

Replayability-7/10-There are tons of optionalenjoyable quests to this game, so after you beat the game, there are still tons of secrets to uncover and play around with so the replayablitiy isnt that bad Id say there's still an extra 10 hours on the game just with option stuff.

BuyRent-hmmm well I was a big fan of Wild Arms, so I instantly bought this game a few days after it came out...and I did enjoy it. So basically here's all Im gunna say..if you liked Wild Arms, this is a DEFINITE buy, because this game is extremely similar to Wild Arms, and improves on everything Wild Arms screwed up on. But otherwise, Id only suggest you rent this game and try it out.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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