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"If you got tired of the first one, you'll already be tired of this one."

Lemme level with ya. The first Wild Arms wasn't the greatest RPG ever. It had it's flaws and shortcomings, but it was a solid game, and above all, it was original. That was probably why it was so popular. Now, years later, Sony comes out with the second Wild Arms, a carbon copy of the first. At first the total lack of originality doesn't really bother you, but after twenty minutes of gameplay you have to check the CD your playing to make sure that it's not the first Wild Arms. In short, Wild Arms 2 failed to capture the best element of it's predecessor, originality.

Graphical Appearance: (4/10) Ugh. Super Nintendo could've produced these graphics. The only thing that saves it from a 1 are the nifty cinema scenes (which are few and far between).

Graphical Views: (8/10) To clarify the category, this is how well you can see things in the game. The rotating camera was probably the best addition to Wild Arms 2, as it made the whole system easier to use. Still, some scenes are cluttered and hard to see.

Gameplay: (7/10) Good and bad. I still like the tools system. The whole ''avoiding battles'' thing was quite odd, and I personally prefer just running from them. Also, I thought there was way too much stress on money in the game (for buying armor and upgrading ARMs). Overall, the gameplay was quite acceptable, but nothing special.

Puzzles: (1/10) YES I MADE THIS ITS OWN CATEGORY! I can't stand it when games have too many puzzles, and Wild Arms 2 has WAY too many puzzles. Every frickin' room of every frickin' dungeon is a puzzle. Dont' get me wrong, it's not that I can't do puzzles or that I just don't like them, it's that the puzzles are simple, unoriginal, and tedious to do. Stuff like tugging blocks onto switches is ok....for the first 20 times! The puzzles take so long to do, even after you do figure out what your supposed to do (which often seems unimportant). I've found more exciting things in the toilet than the puzzles in this game.

Battles: (2/10) GOOD LORD. What the hell is wrong with Sony? The battle system sucked in the first one, and the battle system still sucks in the second one. FF8 had better battles. Sony went, again, back to the old ''all i have to do is keep hitting X and I'll eventually kill the enemy'' system, which is an absolute travesty.

Plot: (3/10) Keeping with the theme of unoriginality, Sony goes to the ''Boy who wants to be a hero and eventually becomes one'' plot, used by 99% of all RPG's. At least the main character talks (unlike, oh, let's say Jade Cocoon).

Good Extras: What? Good extras? Nah, you won't find any here. Well, if I have to choose one, I'll say the battle music is real good, and the overall music was pretty good.

Bad Extras:: Where do I start? First, the Search system is just about the stupidest thing I've ever had the displeasure to lay my eyes on. Second, the dialouge is boring, and the flashback scenes make little to no sense. Finally, the charicterization is terrible, and I didn't feel for ANY of the characters.

Nitpicks: Booty Call: No, not a Jamie Foxx movie, but the ''itemfinder'' of Wild Arms 2. I still can't say it with a straight face. Also, the main character's name is Ashley??? AND IT'S A GUY!! You CAN rename characters; the problem is you rename virtually every single person you meet who has any significance on the story at all, even if you never have them in your party. That got annoying.

Overall, this game isn't very good. If Sony had made any effort to change it from the first, it would've at least gotten a 7. Oh well, it seems the general public really liked this game, so I suggest you rent it, and decide for yourself. You know, Wild Arms 2 had one original thing about it: It's the only game that is better if you HAVEN'T played the first one. That way you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/15/00, Updated 06/15/00

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