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"Am awesome RPG adventure that blows its predecessor right out of the water."

Wild Arms was rather boring and repetitive, but Wild Arms 2 is a rather gripping and superb title. First off the advantages it has over the first one; It's got more than three characters and it isn't nearly as repetitive and well, the story is much better. The graphics could have been better, they are a bit undefined and pixelated on close ups. The sound leaves something to be desired since they're isn't one piece in the game that surpasses descent, but the gameplay with all its options is great. You've got up to six characters to choose from, each with their powers/abilities. Like ARMS which are your basic power weapons, or magic which can deal damage, heal, or enchant other creatures. You can use guardian learned spells, or use gat. bionic weapons and more. Alos you can summon guardians, the most pwerful spells in the game. Alos you have the option of buying special abilities with personal sills points ( you earn one everytime you go up a level). These skills can be up defense, offense, counter attack, critical attack etc.

Graphics 8/10- Undefined polygons often open up and pixelate on close ups, which can be rather annoying. But the great backgrounds and boss detail makes up for some of it.

Control 9/10- The great amount of control options is awesome! especially with the easy access in battle mode, the only problem is that you have to stop running if you intend to switch direction. But since the camera is completely rotatable, its ok.

Sound 7/10- While nothing si wrong with the music, nothing is great either. Compared to most great PSX RPGs this music is flat and uninspired, especially the boss music.

Gameplay 10/10- I love the dungeons, the puzzles are great. With all the different attack commands at your isposal, you'll never get bored. Every character has his/hers strengths and weaknesses, so no team is alike.

Story 9.5/10- Yes, the first and probably last .5 I'll have. Any way the story is cool. You a young mercenary are promoted to ARMS a high defensive unit for the king, but when a terrorist organization kills all but you, you find something lurking inside and are exposed to new and fantastic powers. As you team up with a sorceress in training and a former war hero, you are up against impossible odds against an evil terrorist and something even darker.

Replay 10/10- All the secrets in this game are cool. Over 15 secret bosses, tons of hidden items and guardians and whole dungeons leave you playing for many hours after you've beaten the game. But no secret is as cool as the secret character..... Ah you thought I was going to tell you! Well you'll have to find out for yourself, but if you want the full, great flavour of this game you'll need this secret character.

Overall 9/10- Through it all despite the lacking definement and mediocre tunes, WA2 is a game guarented to keep you busy with its numerous options and unique dungeon setup, so if your looking for a new school RPG witha bit of the old school flavour, look no furhter than Wild Arms 2.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/16/00, Updated 06/16/00

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