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"Wild arms 2: a true classic(spoilers)"

Ok. Now, I will start off by saying that this is one of my favorite games of all time. Trust me, you will have to play it to understand how truely great it is. Anyway, here is my review.

Story: Well, the story revolves around Ashley Winchester, a young man with a bayonet. He has many different attacks, blah blah blah... anyway, there are also 5 other characters. They are Brad, a war hero who everyone now thinks is a criminal for some reason. Then there is Lilka, a young crest sorceress who wants to surpass her sister. Tim, a summoner, is a young boy from the village of Baskar. Kanon starts off as an enemy, but you will get here later. She believes a demon is in ashley, and she wants to exorsise is. By killing Ashley. There is also a secret 6th character, but I don't want to spoil that. Anyway, Ashley and his friends will have to take down the evil empire, Odessa. Odessa is a terrorist group led by Vinsfeld. They have 4 other main members. Ptolomia(Did I spell that right?) is a guy who thinks he is cool, but really isn't. Judecca is a master with guns, and loves to set traps for you. Antenora is a young woman who is a master at "Hit all party members with stupid attacks that cause lots of status effects" attacks and stuff like that. Then there is Cania, a psychic mastermind that manipulates Randolf the Magic Key(Where did they come up with that???) Also, there are a LOT of plot twists everywhere, and this made it all very interesting for me to play. Right when they think they saved the world, something bigger comes. Love those games.

Graphics: Well yeah, compared to today's games these graphics are awful. But a few years back, these were amazing. In the dungeons and towns, and the world map, the characters look like something from a gameboy game, while the backgrounds are all 3D. But in battle, the characters are all 3D, and look pretty cool. They graphics and battle action are FAR better than it was in the first game. So it was great in it's time.

Sound: Ok, now this is honestly one of my favorite parts. Sure, the attacks and explosions from arms attacks all sound pretty good, but the music is unbelievable. Honestly, this is probably the best soundtrack I have ever heard in a game. Also, many different bosses have different themes, so it isn't just the enemy/boss/final boss themes like in most games. There are at least 10 different battle themes. Of course, being wild arms, there are no voices. But that seems to work just fine with this kind of game. Huh.

Gameplay: Well, you basically explore towns and dungeons, trying to solve mysteries and battle enemies. In town, you can buy items, weapons, armor, and upgrade your ARMS weapons. They also have inns. In dungeons, well, you wonder around solving puzzles and fighting enemies. And you can summon powerful gaurdians in battle to smash your enemies, so that is really cool. On the world map, you have to use the square button to search for towns/dungeons. But you must first find info about the town or dungeon before you can even find it. You must use "Tools" to solve puzzles. These are like knives, bombs, magic wands, you name it. Oh, and some of these puzzles are VERY confusing, so be prepared to stare at your T.V. in confusion for hours and hours as you try to figure them out.

Well, overall this is a great game that EVERY RPG fan should own. I have beat it about 6 times and I still love to play it over and over. This may tick some of you off, but this game was WAY better then most of the final fantasies of it's time. Only 6 and 7 come within it's ranks. Final score:10/10. THIS GAME ROCKS SO HARD! IF YOU HAVEN'T BOUGHT IT, DO IT NOW!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/09/06

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