ArtistMichael Cairns
ArtistJonathan Chater
ArtistRichard Coates
ArtistOliver Gainford
ArtistBrian Howie
ArtistSteven Mulholland
ArtistAnthony Thornton
ArtistMark Ward
Game DesignPaul Jobling
Game DesignBrian Jobling
Game DesignDarren Jobling
Game DesignMalcolm Montgomery
Game DesignAndrew Perella
Game DesignKev Shaw
Lead ProgrammerPeter Davies
Menu MusicAllister Brimble
ProgrammerCaleb Leeke
ProgrammerJoanne Middleton
ProgrammerCameron Patterson
ProgrammerSteven Stewart
Programming ManagerAndrew Perella
Project ManagerBrian Jobling
Sound EffectsJonathan Colling
Studio ManagerMalcolm Montgomery
Voice: James BondAdam Blackwood
Voice: RJohn Cleese


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