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"Buy this game for your little brother or sister, but you NEED this game for the minigames."

Yes, if you're out of the cartoon age, this game has incredibly fun minigames just for you. Well, even the story mode will appeal to game players of all ages. Let's start off with the basic ratings.

[Graphics] 8

The graphics are well done and look amazingly similar to the 101 Dalmatians animated movie. The artwork gives you the impression that you're watching a cartoon, more so than Megaman Legends 2.

The downfall of the graphics department is the layer priorities problem that the game has. You can see the glitches throughout the game. For example, in the first stage, you might appear on top of a bench, when you are actually under, so you have to walk back and try to jump on it again. Another stage this happens is De Vil Manor. A bone looks like it's inside the TV set, when it's really behind it. Other than that, don't feel like you shouldn't buy this game because ''the graphics suck.''

[Sound] 8

There is a shortcoming in this area too, but it makes up with the voice acting. The voices are perfect. Cartoony, well done, and they fit the characters well. No corny stuff like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Just perfection, like Metal Gear Solid. That's the only word for it.

Where the sound lacks is in the music. It sounds like it was recorded at a lower quality, kind of like it's coming out of an AM radio. The music fits the stages as well though.

[Replay Value] 9

The story mode can last awhile, if you didn't achieve all the things you needed to do to complete your Sticker Book. They aren't hard to find, so you should be able to complete that the first time through.

The reason the Replay Value is so high is because of the minigames. The two best games in existence are on there: Minigolf and Checkers. You can't go wrong with either choice. Who doesn't love getting annoyed at a game of miniature golf with the hole on a hill and taking you 20 strokes just to get it in? And checkers, EVERYBODY loves checkers. If you don't, you need to CHECK yourself. =P

This game is a rental if you are a loner and play story mode, but I think it's a definite buy for minigolf and checkers. THE END.

Ack, I don't have enough words again. =| The maker is Disney, so you know you're getting a quality game. The distributor is Eidos, and they have good games as well. So if you don't want this game, you would only have to attribute it to ''Bah, I just don't like this game.'' Okay, THE END for sure this time. =D

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/05/01, Updated 02/13/03

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