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"Horrible gameplay, insanely high difficulty"

I was a big fan of the movie, so when I heard that a Blade game for the Playstation came out, I immediately bought it. Now I wished I spent the money on something else, because this game certainly did not live up to expectations. It could have been as good as Spiderman, but it has way too many problems.

Gameplay: 3/10
I'll get right to the point. This game is HARD! Even the ordinary thugs you find in the first level can take out a third of Blade's life bar with a single burst from their guns, which is not right considering that Blade is a half-vampire so he should be able to take a lot more bullets before going down. The bosses and some larger enemies are so tough, they can kill Blade just by running up to him and hitting him with two or three punches. Even if Blade has full health, he will still get destroyed in a second or two by these big guys. In fact, I'm sure the difficulty level alone will make people hate this game to the point of giving negative scores. The only way I managed to beat the game was with cheat codes.

The game is played with a third person view, like Tomb Raider but with a lot more fighting than jumping. Blade has a large arsenal of weapons. The problem is that they only look impressive. The UV Cannon can only fire for a few seconds, then you cannot use it again for a while. The sword does too little damage and drains Blade's energy (not his health), so each swing gets slower and slower until Blade stops attacking. Not a good thing if you are out of ammo and surrounded by enemies. Using the Multilauncher, the target often dodges the rather slow moving projectiles while moving closer. The only good weapon is the shotgun, but you will run out of shells sooner or later.

Graphics: 6/10
Mediocre. If you do a critical shot on someone standing in front of wall, bloodstains will appear on that wall. However, if you move closer you will notice that the blood seems to be floating in the air instead of sticking to the wall. The way the vampires disintegrate when they die is just like in the movie. Blade is well animated when he is swinging his sword, but looks stiff when firing a gun, as if there is no recoil at all. He is also motionless and stiff like a statue when standing still and turning around. The explosions look more like flashes of light, but they can momentarily light up a dark corridor. The UV grenades do a good job of temporarily filling a huge area with purple light.

Sound: 8/10
The sounds are realistic enough. From the sound of a submachine gun firing to Blade's grunts when he gets hit, everything is done realistically enough. One small problem is that the explosions from grenades and UV grenades are barely audible.

Story: 4/10
When there is a Blade game, I would expect Deacon Frost to be in as the final boss. But no, he is not in the game, aside from a short description that has to be unlocked. Between some levels, there are cutscenes where Blade talks to Whistler and eventually reveals the plot. No mention of Deacon Frost anywhere.

Replay Value: 5/10
As I mentioned earlier, the difficulty level is extremely high. Only those who have become experts at this game will want to play it again to look for the various glyphs hidden throughout the game. Each glyph unlocks information about the characters and the tribes of vampires that can be accessed from the main menu. They are worth unlocking only for those who are interested in knowing more about the characters. And also, in a few levels there are multiple paths to take. They lead to different levels and glyphs might be hidden in those levels, and later you will end up in the same places.

Overall: 2/10
If you are a die-hard Blade fan, rent the game before you buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 09/04/01, Updated 09/04/01

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