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"Blade made game makes RE zombies roll in their graves"

Blade is one of the coolest action-movie stars in film making history. Unfortunately, this coolness does not translate well into video gaming. While I did have a fair amount of fun and enjoyment when playing the game, I did write the FAQ/Walkthrough on the game, so I suppose I forced myself to like it.

Gameplay: 7
Fans of the Resident Evil series will find this game entertaining. Granted it is a very watered down version of the popular zombie slaying games, but it delivers the same basic effect. Think about it like this: Blade the game is to Blade the movie as Resident Evil the movie is to Resident Evil the game. I will give Blade points for the unique targeting system that allows for critical hits. Overall, Blade provides seven hours of senseless, mind numbing quality entertainment.

Story: 4
The plot line is nothing like the movie; so don’t expect an awesome showdown with Deacon Frost at the end. Truthfully, there is very little plot to speak of. You are Blade and you must kill everything. Oh yeah, and something about the Pallintine tribe awakening an ancient evil that will create eternal night. You must stop this. A high point of the story is the occasional cut scene dialogue between Blade and Whistler, which are true to their relationship in the movie.

Graphics: 5
The graphics are the same basic polygonal structure seen in most PlayStation games of its time. They are bad by any means, and definitely enhance the gaming experience, but are nothing to goggle at. They are about the same quality of the first Resident Evil. Blade is drawn well; I only wish that he would change costumes from level to level.

Sound: 6
The sound effects do their job, but nothing more. The music, however, at least tries. When I say ‘tries,’ I really mean that it tries to try. The ‘techno’ music really just adds background droning. There are a number of tracks, so at least you won’t be stuck with the SAME droning.

Control: 6
The controls are decent, as long as you DO NOT USE THE ANALOG control stick when you play. While the game is compatible with the Dual Analog controller, I would strongly recommend against using it. The jumping is done poorly; fortunately doing so is a rare event in the game. Otherwise, the targeting and weapons controls are done well.

Replay Value: 3
There is an easy and hard mode, but they are almost identical. Going through a second time, you will find more glyphs and secrets, but other than that you are just going to be experiencing a painful deja vu.

Overall Rating: 6
Time killer for RE and Blade fans alike.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/22/02, Updated 11/08/02

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