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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Minesweeper

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/14/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    "This document Copyright 2001-2002 Nathan Norris"
                     #               ####                   ##   ##    ####
    ####     ## #    #  ####       ###    # #####   ##    ##    ##  ###
    ##  ##   ## ###  # ##  ##    ###     ###     #  ##  ###    ##  ##
    ##    #  ## ###### ##  ##   ###      ##     #   ##   ####  ##  ##
    ##   ##   # #  ###  #  #     ###     #######    ##     ### ##   ###
    ##  ##    # #    #   ##        ###    #     ##   #    ###  ##    ###
    ####      #                     ##### #       #  #   ##    ##    ###
    ###                                                ##       #    ###
                                 #######                           #
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                                #####       ###
                             #####     ######
        Dino Crisis 2: Playstatoin version - FAQ/Walkthrough Version 1.2
        By: Minesweeper (Nathan Norris) Email:  minesweeper1@hotmail.com
    Last Updated:  8/14/02
    Table of Contents
    1:  Revision History
    2:  Introduction
    3:  General Strategies
    4:  Walkthrough
    5:  Thanks
    6:  E-mail Policy
    7:  Copyright
    1:  Revision History
    Version 1.0 8/16/01 - First Edition
    Version 1.1 11/26/01 - I added some new ASCII art, plus I have added a
    notice entitling pxscodes.com to host my guides.
    Version 1.2 8/14/02 - I have a small copyright revision today and a new 
    email address.  http://faqs.ign.com may now host my guides, and my new email 
    address is minesweeper2@hotmail.com.
    2:  Introduction
    Welcome to my Dino Crisis 2 guide.  Here I am making another Survival Horror
    guide.  It has become my favorite genre ever since I picked up Resident Evil
    3, another great Capcom game.  I am on a quest to make a guide for every
    survival horror title I can.  I have already conquered Resident Evil, so I
    thought the next series I should tackle is Dino Crisis as it is a Capcom
    series and I am generally biased towards Capcom when it comes to survival
    3:  General Strategies
         __  __           __     ___  __      __
    |__||__ |__||   ||\ || _   |  |  |__ |\/||__
    |  ||__ |  ||__ || \||__|  |  |  |__ |  | __|
    Health is extremely important in this game.  You health meter pops up at the
    start of every room and while you are attacked.  As you take hits, your
    meter drops.  Let it get to the end and its GAME OVER, unless you have a
    RESUSCITATION PAK, which will give you the choice to continue if you die.
    If your health is reduced to half, then use a MED PAK SMALL, which heals
    half of your health.  If you are nearly dead, use a MED PAK MEDIUM, which
    heals you completely.  If you're nearly dead and bleeding, then use a MED
    PAK LARGE to stop the bleeding and fill up your health meter.
    If you are bleeding, then use a HEMOSTAT to stop your health from draining
    away, or you can wait in a silent area with no enemies for the bleeding to
    stop naturally after 40 seconds.  You can't die from bleeding, because you
    will stop losing health once it gets to the very end of the meter.  But,
    this means that you will be killed by the next blow, so hopefully you have a
    med pak waiting that will cure your wounds.  Bleeding also carries the
    problem of mosquitos.  After five seconds, a mosquito will come and start
    trying to bite you.  After every seven seconds, another mosquito will come
    until there is a maximum amount of four mosquitos.  The mosquitos cannot
    cause you damage, but your character will pause to try to swat them away.
    This will disrupt combat and leaves you open to more damage from attacking
    I have discovered that whenever you switch between characters, (sometimes)
    enter a minigame, or (sometimes) complete a minigame, you get a free
    heal-up.  Free heal-ups rule because you won't have to buy more medical
    supplies and you won't have to waste time checking the menu to use them.  If
    you are almost dead but are about to enter a minigame or change characters,
    then don't bother to heal.
    ___  __      __  __  ___
    |   |  ||\/||__||__|  |
    |__ |__||  ||__||  |  |
    The first thing to do upon entering a new room is to listen for audio cues
    like rustling bushes or footsteps.  This lets you know that the area has
    enemies in it.  Beware, some enemies are more crafty and will wait until you
    go deeper into the room before coming out of hiding, allowing them to
    effectively surround you.
    This is another effective way to tell if there are enemies lurking out of
    sight just after entering a new room.  If your character pivots to target
    something when you press R1, then that's a sign that enemies are hiding
    somewhere offscreen.
    180 SPIN
    If you are surrounded, this will be a life saver.  Tap R2 to automatically
    face the opposite direction.  You'll have a headstart on your foes when you
    start running, giving you more time to think of a way to fight back.
    In every Capcom survival horror game up until now you had to stay rooted to
    the spot where you were standing before you could fire your weapon.  Now
    that your characters are finally learning this technique, your fights will
    be considerably easier.  If a raptor gets in your way, you won't have to
    stop dead in your tracks to shoot it, you will simply raise your gun while
    running and then blast it out of the way.  This also works well when being
    cornered by a pack of dinos.  You could step backwards as you fire to keep
    at a safe distance.
    If you activate the "Step" feature on the controller menu on the options
    menu, then you will be able to use this feature.  To use it, press Triangle
    and left, right, or down at the same time.  Your character will leap in that
    direction, allowing you to evade attacks.
    ___    ___       __ ___   __        __  __       ___  __
    |__ \/  |  ||\ ||    |  ||  ||\ |  |__||  |||\ |  |  |__
    |__ /\  |  || \||__  |  ||__|| \|  |   |__||| \|  |   __|
    You earn these every time you kill a dinosaur.  They are vital to the
    completion of your mission as you will need these to purchase new weapons,
    medical supplies, and some other items.  Read below to read more info on
    getting more buck for your bang (sorry, couldn't resist :).
    You may be wondering why that word is in this game and not in one of
    Capcom's fighting games instead.  This does not refer to killing a dinosaur
    in a flashy array of kicks and punches like in a fighting game.  Instead, it
    means how many dinosaurs you can kill within a small time limit.  The more
    dinosaurs you can kill in a row, the more bonus points you get for each
    additional kill.
    To effectively combo, you need fast feet and a weapon that can fire and kill
    quickly.  You will notice that each type of dinosaur has a limit on how many
    can appear in the area at once.  For example, there can only be three
    raptors in the area at the same time.  Dead bodies also count.  So you must
    move from screen to screen in an area quickly to make the bodies vanish so
    live ones can replace them to attack you.  Don't ever get hit while comboing
    or the chain will reset, forcing you to start over.  Aside from points,
    there is one special thing that will happen if you combo upwards of 20
    raptor kills.  In the next room that raptors inhabit, you will be attacked
    by two special blue raptors.  They are very tough, requiring multiple hits
    from even the SOLID CANNON before dying.  However, if you manage to destroy
    them, you will earn 7,000 points for each kill, which adds up to 14,000
    EP!!!  Combos will net you more points than usual, but the following bonus
    outweighs this one a lot.
    This is the best way to rack up EP quickly.  If you kill at least 5
    dinosaurs in the area without being hit once, you will earn a hefty bonus,
    which ranges from 2,000 to 6,000 points, depending upon the degree of
    difficulty of the dinosaur type.  There is more, if you kill at least 10
    dinosaurs without being hit, which is quite a feat, you will earn double or
    triple the amount of the first one, depending upon difficulty.  I prefer to
    simply go for a 5-dinosaur kill bonus in each room as it keeps the game
    moving fast and it is easier to do than killing 10 dinosaurs without taking
    any damage.
    Only take advantage of this if you like to take risks.  What you must do to
    attain a counter bonus is to wait until right before an enemy hits you.  For
    example, a raptor leaps into the air to attack.  If you shoot it as it is
    flying through the air, you will attain a counter bonus.  The raptor will
    then be dazed from the attack, allowing you to do it in easily.  It's much
    more risky than its worth.  Don't go TRYING to score counters, rather, fight
    as you normally would and let counters happen on their own.
    ___  __  __  __  __  __  __ ___         __
    |__||__ |__||__ |__||__ |    |  | \  / |__
    |   |__ |  \ __||   |__ |__  |  |  \/  |__
    Whenever I say left or right, I mean it from the character's perspective.
    ___       __  __
    |__ ||   |__ |__
    |   ||__ |__  __|
    All files will be ignored unless they are vital to the completion of the
    game or they are DINO FILES.  Collecting all DINO FILES will give you
    infinite ammo at the end of the game, so I think it's worth picking them up.
    ___      __       __  __
    |__ |\ ||__ |\/|||__ |__
    |__ | \||__ |  |||__  __|
    Without enemies, this game would be pretty dull.  It would be nothing more
    than a 30 minute version of the dinosaur tour that the characters were
    forced to endure in Jurassic Park 1.  Here I will provide hints for each
    enemy in turn.  Beware, telling about these enemies reveals potential
    Base kill value - 100
    Counter bonus - 50
    No damage bonus for 5 kills - 2,000
    No damage bonus for 10 kills - 6,000
    They are your most frequent enemy.  They are extremely speedy and vicious,
    but take little damage.  Unless you have a powerful gun with a wide spread,
    stay on the move when fighting these guys.  If you get into a war of
    attrition with them, you will be swamped.  Never let them knock you down or
    they will chomp on you.  This also carries the very likely chance that your
    character will start bleeding.  Also beware that later in the game they will
    get tougher.  The SHOTGUN or the HANDGUN will be fine at the start, but
    later use the SOLID CANNON or the HEAVY MACHINE GUN.
    Base kill value - 200
    Counter bonus - none
    No damage bonus for 5 kills - none
    No damage bonus for 10 kills - none
    They are only in two rooms.   All they do is spray a poison gas at
    intervals.  It is highly lethal to breathe, only two hits from it will kill
    you!  Burn them with the FLAME LAUNCHER or the FIRE WALL and move on, but
    remember to leave one of the plants intact in the room.  Why?  That one
    plant will keep the air too toxic for dinos to storm the area, so you will
    be able to cross through those rooms without interuption.
    Base kill value - 200
    Counter bonus - 50
    No damage bonus for 5 kills - 3,000
    No damage bonus for 10 kills - 7,000
    Urrrggghhh!!!  These flying nuisances are bound to annoy you even more than
    the T-rex or the Allosaurus.  Run like heck everytime you see them.  If you
    hear them make a screeching noise, that means they are about to dive-bomb
    you.  Run to the left or the right to evade the attack.  If you get knocked
    down, they will grab you and lift you into the air, then drop you, causing a
    lot of damage.  This also has the chance of causing bleeding.  Don't bother
    trying to hurt them, you'll have to spend the EP you get from them to pay
    for medical supplies to cure the wounds they inflicted on you.  If you
    decide to fight them, Regina's HEAVY MACHINE GUN or Dylan's ANTITANK RIFLE
    will fend them off.
    Base kill value - 100
    Counter bonus - 30
    No damage bonus for 5 kills - 2,000
    No damage bonus for 10 kills - 6,000
    These guys drive me insane!!!  The spit at you, they knock you down, they
    kick you, and they just don't seem to stop coming.  They go down easy, but
    up to FOUR of them can attack you at the same time.  Stay on the move or you
    will get swamped.  The SHOTGUN or anything more powerful will kill them
    Base kill value - 5,000
    Counter bonus - 800
    No damage bonus for 1 kill - 5,000
    You may think these guys are really dangerous, but they aren't to me.  To
    me, they are nothing but walking bucketfuls of EP.  Just don't stay on the
    same level of terrain as they are and you will win easily.  If you survive
    the whole battle without taking a hit, then you'll get 10,000 EP!  When you
    see one of these guys rear back, that means they are about to leap up at you
    from below.  Get out of the way and prepare to jump down.  The jump can
    damage you.  If you are below, then shoot at them from next to the ledge
    they are standing on.  The Allosaurus will not attempt to reach down to hit
    you, and your bullets will magically pass through the wall to hit him.  If
    you have the SOLID CANNON, then you can get to his side and repeatedly hit
    him with energy blasts.  The Allosaurus will constantly be pushed around too
    much to attack.   Never let up the assault and you will win easily without
    taking a single hit.
    Base kill value - none
    Counter bonus - none
    No damage bonus for 5 kills - none
    No damage bonus for 10 kills - none
    You don't actually fight them, occasionally you can see them scamper away
    when you pass by.  There is one point when *spoiler* you must recover an
    important item from a compy who stole it from you. *end spoiler*  That's
    about all they are, small details.
    Base kill value - 400
    Counter bonus - 50
    No damage bonus for 5 kills - 4,000
    No damage bonus for 10 kills - 10,000
    They are little more than fleshy columns that pop up out of the water for
    you to shoot.  Just one little bullet from the HEAVY MACHINE GUN is all that
    is needed to silence them.  Ironically, they give out the largest amount of
    points for any non-boss, non-Allosaurus enemy.  As they appear rapidly, it
    will be easy to rack up combos and points.  If you can nail 10 of them
    without getting hit, (which you could do with one arm tied behind your back)
    you'll get like 18,000 EP!!!
    Base kill value - 10,000
    Counter bonus - 300
    No damage bonus for 5 kills - none
    No damage bonus for 10 kills - none
    Now this is more like it.  This time you are fighting in the plesiosaurus's
    territory, underwater.  Just find a good spot to shoot from and hit it
    several times with the AQUA GRENADE, then it will die.  Don't worry about
    the wounds you suffer, there are enough medical supplies around the arena to
    supply every hospital in China.
    Base kill value - 600
    Counter bonus - 200
    No damage bonus for 5 kills - 6,000
    No damage bonus for 10 kills - 12,000
    They will torment you throughout the underwater part of the game.  They
    aren't very fast, but they don't have to be, as your character moves more
    slowly in the water.  Hopefully when you see them first, they will be far
    away, so you will have time to ready your weapon.  You can evade them
    somewhat by using your jetpack, but you won't be able to keep it up until
    you reach the exit, so you should kill them.  One shot from the AQUA GRENADE
    or several volleys from the NEEDLE GUN will destroy them.
    Base kill value - 600
    Counter bonus - 400
    No damage bonus for 5 kills - 6,000
    No damage bonus for 10 kills - 12,000
    You won't meet these monsters until late in the game.  They move slowly, but
    they are also extremely tough.  Their underbelly is their weak point.  You
    can use the CHAINMINE to flip them on their backs.  They will then flop
    around like turtles that are upside down.  Use this time to hit them on
    their weakspot.  The most effective way to kill them is to flip them over
    with the CHAINMINE, then use the SOLID CANNON to kill it with one hit.
    Never sit still when fighting them or you'll get nailed.
    Base kill value - none
    Counter bonus - 500
    No damage bonus for 5 kills - none
    No damage bonus for 10 kills - none
    This big guy will pursue your characters throughout the game.  Always keep
    running when you see him because your weapons will have almost no effect.
    Gunfire will stun him briefly at best.
    Base kill value - 15,000
    Counter bonus - 1,000
    No damage bonus for 1 kill - 15,000
    You will fight him twice in the game.  Like his little brother, T. Rex, he
    is nearly invincible to bullets.  A shot from something tough like the
    ROCKET LAUNCHER will stun him for a few seconds, but that is all it will do.
      You need to find some other way to hurt him...
           __  __  __  __      __
    \    /|__ |__||__||  ||\ ||__
    \/\/ |__ |  ||   |__|| \| __|
    These are vital to the completion of the mission.  Without them, you would
    be nothing but a helpless tourist.
    Price - Free
    Regina only
    This weapon fires quickly and has cheap ammunition, but it will be ditched
    halfway through Regina's first turn in Part 1.  It simply doesn't make an
    effective weapon for killing off large groups of dinosaurs.
    Price - Free
    Dylan only
    This is a MUCH better standard weapon than Regina's, as it has a wide
    spread, fires quickly enough, ammo is cheap, you can run while shooting, all
    kinds of good things.  It will be a frequent travel companion of yours
    during Part 1, but don't expect to be able to use it effectively anywhere
    past that.
    Price - 18,000 EP
    Dylan only
    This will be a frequent travel companion of Dylan's all throughout the game,
    for its unique characteristics.  It shoots a ball of energy, which has an
    effective range of a few feet, but if you run while shooting, you can leave
    a trail of energy balls behind you for the dinosaurs to run into, making it
    quite good at pulling off no damage bonuses.  It is also an exellent
    Allosaurus killer.  This gun will pay for itself after two Allosaurus deaths
    with no damage in either fight.
    Price - 8,000 EP
    This weapon is required to finish the game, as we will need it to destroy
    the poisonous plants blocking two of the paths in the JUNGLE AREA.  I never
    use this after that task is completed, but if you want to try it out, be
    sure to wave it around so you have a flame shield in front of you to keep
    attacking dinos away.  You can only walk in it, and because of its heavy
    weight, you won't be able to use a sub-weapon.
    Price - 12,000 EP
    Regina only
    One of my dreams for a Resident Evil game was to have MP5's in it somewhere,
    and now at least my wish has somewhat come true in Dino Crisis 2.  They spit
    out an enormous amount of lead in a short amount of time, but it takes tons
    of bullets to kill a single enemy, limiting its combo potential.  I would
    much rather buy the more powerful HEAVY MACHINE GUN.
    Price - 36,000 EP
    Regina only
    This is my favorite gun in the game.  The ammo is cheap, the bullets hit
    hard, it's accurate, what more could I ask?  It will pay for itself within
    two rooms of killing off 10 Plesiosauruses without taking damage.  The only
    bad thing about it is that you have to walk while shooting.
    Price - Free
    Underwater only
    Uhh, what's the point of this gun?  It's weak, I ditch it right after the
    first room of the underwater part of this game and get the AQUA GRENADE.  It
    will be totally useless if you are being swarmed from both sides.
    Price - 20,000 EP
    Underwater only
    This is more like it, it destroys Mosasauruses in one hit, making it much
    easier to deal with being ambushed.  You will not regret paying the extra
    money to use this instead of the NEEDLE GUN.  One disadvantage is that it is
    slow to ready, giving Mosasauruses time to attack.  It may be two-handed,
    but the only sub-weapon you can use underwater stinks anyway, so it doesn't
    really matter.
    Price - 38,000 EP
    Dylan only
    This is like a really powerful shotgun.  It has lots of spread and high
    damage, even at a distance.  Save it for the real tough raptors towards the
    end of the game, Allosauruses, or Pterodactyls.  Be careful, you have to
    stop dead in your tracks if you want to shoot this gun.
    Price - 50,000 EP
    Dylan only
    Don't get this, the money you waste is simply not worth the raw power of
    this weapon.  Its only useful purpose is slowing down the Gigantosaurus at
    the end of the game, which you don't even really need to do as the game is
    almost over and you really shouldn't be caring about counter points that
    late in the game.  Plus, it has a LOT of disadvantages:  slow fire rate,
    needs two hands, costs a lot to buy weapon and to maintain ammo, worthless
    against large groups of enemies, available too late in the game to be
    especially useful, etc.
    Price - 50,000 EP
    Regina only
    This is more like it, Regina's bazooka shoots several rockets at the same
    time, and they also track enemies.  VERY handy when going up against those
    annoying Pterodactyls.  But, it suffers from most of the same defects as
    Dylan's rocket launcher:  expensive to buy and maintain, needs two hands,
    ___      __           __  __  __  __      __
    |__ |  ||__| _ \    /|__ |__||__||  ||\ ||__
    ___||__||__|    \/\/ |__ |  ||   |__|| \| __|
    These are mostly useful to beginners, as an expert can make effective-enough
    usage of main weapons to make up for the absence of a backup.
    Price - Free
    Dylan only
    I don't use this at all for combat, a firearm is much better protection than
    a big knife, even if this isn't the infamous Resident Evil knife.
    Price - Free
    Regina only
    I also never use this as Regina's firearms are a lot more useful than this
    cheap laser-pointer.
    Price - 5,000 EP
    It makes a shield of fire in front of your character, handy for dino crowd
    control.  It will be good for beginners, who are having trouble knocking
    dinos back enough for breathing room.  Don't use it solely for killing
    enemies, it is only to be used to serve as a defense.
    Price - 12,000 EP
    This releases a string of mines which detonate shortly thereafter.  I never
    use it for anything other than its required tasks: blowing up boulders in
    the LAVA CAVES and flipping over Inostrancevia.  It makes quite a bang and
    can knock back dinos real well, so you could use it for more than those
    Price - Free
    Underwater only
    This makes a shockwave in the water which knocks dinos back and pushes you
    out of danger.  Oh yeah, it's totally worthless :)
         __  __  __  __       __   __  __  __       __  __
    |\/||__|| _ |__|  / ||\ ||__  |__ |__ |__||\  /|   |__
    |  ||  ||__||  | /_ || \||__   __||__ |  \| \/ |__ |__
    This will be vital to beginners, but as you get better at not wasting ammo
    and being able to use the most damaging type of ammo to the right dinosaur,
    the need for it will gradually grow smaller and smaller until this service
    is not needed at all.
    ___  __  __     __
    |  |  ||  ||  |__
    |  |__||__||__ __|
    None of these tools are necessary for success, but they can make things a
    lot easier.  I never buy anything from this menu anymore except for the
    LIGHT ARMOR on hard mode, but you may want something so I am making this
    Price - 15,000
    This will increase the power of Dylan's MACHETE by five times.  I don't buy
    this, as I seldom use the MACHETE for combat anyway.  But, if you like using
    the MACHETE, then you should get it.
    Price - 15,000
    This will increase the power of Regina's STUN GUN by five times.  I don't
    buy this, as I seldom use the STUN GUN for combat anyway.  But, if you like
    using the STUN GUN, then you should get it.
    Price - 20,000
    This will stop you from bleeding altogether.  I used to buy this a lot, but
    as I got better at dodging, my need for it gradually disappeared.  I am so
    good now I go entire games without bleeding at all, so this is useless for
    me.  Beginners may really need this as they will get in close spots all the
    time, providing more of a chance for bleeding to start.
    Price - 35,000
    This cuts your damage in half.  I also used to buy this a lot, but as I got
    better at dodging, I didn't really need it anymore.  However, this item is
    an absolute MUST on hard mode as only three raptor attacks can kill you.
    This is another beginner item, at least on normal mode.
    Price - 20,000
    It will give you two extra seconds per combo kill.  This is not important to
    your quest unless you like to combo a lot, or want to make catching a glance
    of the elusive blue raptor easier.
    Price - 40,000
    This will double the point value of enemies.  This item may be expensive,
    but if you are planning to kill a lot of enemies towards the end of the
    game, then you will like this item.  It will pay for itself within a few
    4:  Walkthrough
    ______   _____   _____   _____     ___
    |  _  | |  _  | |  _  | |_   _|   /_  |
    | |_| | | |_| | | |_| |   | |       | |
    |  ___| |  _  | |  _  /   | |       | |    -  THE JUNGLE AREA
    | |     | | | | | | \ \   | |      _| |_
    |_|     |_| |_| |_|  \_\  |_|     |_____|
    Before you read the walkthrough I should say that I am writing this guide on
    NORMAL mode.  HARD mode is pretty much the same, except the dinosaurs are
    tougher and freebie med paks lying around are virtually nonexistent.  For
    most of the game, I will not tell you how to pass the dinosaurs in an area
    as the dinosaurs appear too randomly to make a precise strategy.   I also
    often won't tell you to kill dinosaurs because then this whole walkthrough
    would just be me repeating "Kill the dinosaurs" in many different
    variations.  You ought to be smart enough to do that without me telling you
    to do it anyway.  Also, everytime you come to a save room, recharge your
    weapons.  I won't tell you to do that either.
                __      __
    . ||  ||\ || _ |   |__
    __||__|| \||__||__ |__
    ___  __    __         __
    |__||__   |  \\_/|   |__||\ |
    |  | __|  |__/ | |__ |  || \|
    After the spectacular opening that Capcom always gives us, Dylan and Regina
    are in a little caged-in place at the bottom of the hill they slid down.
    Regina tries to open the gate covered with vines, but quickly gives up
    (she's probably afraid she'll break a nail if she tries to tear off the
    vines).  David then shows off his masterful (not) handling of his machete.
    Regina then decides that they ought to split up, with her taking a door that
    is electronically locked so that you can't follow her.  Search the dead body
    for a MED PAK SMALL and leave through the gate that Dylan slashed open in
    the cutscene.
    Run forward some and then the dino slugfest begins.  Also for the rest of
    the game, I would recommend trying to pull off a 5 KILL NO-DAMAGE BONUS for
    every room you pass through.  Not EVERY room, get a bonus in four out of
    every five rooms and you'll probably never have to backtrack to earn more
    points if you only buy what I tell you to buy.  Run forward and you will
    come to a choice of paths.  Not really, only one leads any farther into the
    game.  Take the path on the right and you will come to a dead end where a
    MED PAK MEDIUM is, but be prepared to waste some extra dinosaurs if you
    choose to pick it up.  After you've done that, take the left path and go up
    the ladder.  Here you come to another split in the path.  Take either route,
    as both will eventually lead you to the exit ladder.
    Run down the path and get to the ladder at the other end.  Beware the part
    when you pass under the logs, it's a favorite ambush spot for the raptors.
    While one taunts you from the ledge, the others rush in and get you from
    behind.  After climbing down that ladder, go down a second ladder to exit
    the area.
    This part of the first path is probably the most dangerous, as you are in
    close confines with the raptors, and their spawn points are at critical
    locations, like at the bottom of the first ladder.  Get to the exit ladder
    as fast as you can!
    Following the most dangerous part, we get the least dangerous part.  The
    paths are nice and wide, plus there are a couple of big clearings.  Run down
    the path and go up the ladder.  Around here there are a lot of ladders.
    Climb up on top of the shipping crates to collect a MED PAK SMALL.  Jump
    down again and take the other ladder.  Up here we get a MED PAK LARGE.  Jump
    down more ledges and you will come to another clearing.  Run straight ahead
    to collide with a garage door.  Enter it.
    Congratuations, you sucessfully made it to your first safe area.  The
    introduction to this new area begins with a mysterious man with a helmet
    running away from you, but before Dylan can question him, he manages to
    escape.  Climb up near the water tower and take the RESUSCITATION PAK.  Go
    to the EP SERVICE.  You won't have enough money for the SOLID CANNON yet,
    but that's okay.  You won't be having to kill anything tougher than a raptor
    for quite a while.  Take the red DINO FILE near the EP SERVICE and leave out
    the door around behind the water tower.
    You have now reentered the raptor territory.  Go straight at the fork and
    leave out the gates there.  Don't bother going down the tunnel to the left;
    it leads to a dead end with a MED PAK MEDIUM is.  It's likely you'll have to
    go through an extra set of raptors.  We'll pick it up later, so don't worry.
    Sprint down the wide path through the grassy plain and into a camp.  Enter
    the doors beyond the tents.  Watch out when crossing the fields, raptors
    have a nasty habit of jumping out of the thick grass and ambushing you a la
    Jurassic Park:  The Lost World.
               ___  __  __       __  __  __        ___
    |\/|||   |  |  |__||__|\_/  |__ |__||   ||   |  |  \_/
    |  |||__ |  |  |  ||  \ |   |   |  ||__ ||__ |  |   |
    Upon entry, Dylan nearly gets crushed behind a shipping container that was
    shoved across the yard.  It's the T. Rex, back for more I see!  However, all
    you have with you is a SHOTGUN and a MACHETE, which will do little more than
    give him an itch.  Turn tail and climb up the ladder behind you.  Run along
    the platform and jump down at the other end of it.  Quickly sprint across
    the concrete to the next ladder.  Climb up it and take the MED PAK LARGE.
    Run down the platform and leap off when you reach the other end.  Now try to
    continue further, and the weird helmet guy along with a new buddy will shoot
    exploding frisbees at Dylan while the T. Rex tries to crush him.  Dylan
    quickly sprints to the safety of a building.
    This building is empty of dino life, at least for the moment.  Go the table
    to the right of the reception desk and take the DINO FILE there.  Enter the
    door to the left of the reception desk.
    Sprint down the empty hall.  Ignore the door to the left for the moment.
    When you come to the locked door at the end of the hall, check the shelves
    to the left for a MED PAK MEDIUM.  Enter the door you passed earlier.
    Walk around the curtain to find a KEY PLATE on the bed.  Search the cabinet
    near the medicine cart to find another RESCUCITATION PAK.  Leave the room.
    As you exit, you are attacked by three raptors.  Gun them down if you want
    to, and leave out the door you used to get into this corridor.
    Raptors have also invaded this area.  Exit through the front door.
    Run down the passage and enter the building to the left.  Move fast enough
    and you won't even see the T. Rex making all that racket.
    Keep running straight and you will eventually collide with a panel that has
    a red light.  Use the KEY PLATE on it.  You will recieve the RESEARCH
    FACILITY KEYCARD.  Unfortunately, this triggers the security system and
    traps Dylan in the room.  He contacts Regina who agrees to come free him.
    Now you get to take over as her.
                __      __
    . ||  ||\ || _ |   |__
    __||__|| \||__||__ |__
    ___  __    __  __  __       __
    |__||__   |__||__ | _ ||\ ||__|
    |  | __|  |  \|__ |__||| \||  |
    Regina's quest begins on the dock.  Run down the path to the gates sealed
    with the electronic lock.  Use the STUN GUN to shock the lock into working
    again, then go thru the gates.
    Check the body to the left for a DINO FILE, then search around on the right
    side of the little platform for a RESUSCITATION PAK.  You won't be able to
    see it until you're nearly on top of it, so don't get worried about it not
    being there.  Cross the bridge and enter the gate at the other end.
    As Regina is armed with only a HANDGUN and the STUN GUN, she ought to do
    more running rather than fighting.  Sprint down the path to the ladder at
    the other end.
    Go down the muddy track.  Ignore the first door and take the second one at
    the end of the path instead.
    Run across the clearing and climb the ladder.  The tank above you is then
    shoved over the ledge and nearly crushes Regina, but what's even more
    terrifying is what pushed that tank down.  An Allosaurus leaps down for a
    snack, but Regina is fast food (I couldn't resist, sorry! :)  She quickly
    scrambles up the ladder to temorary safety, then you regain control.  Turn
    tail and continue climbing up until you reach the sturdy iron doors at the
    top of the ledges.  Enter them.  If you kill the Allosaurus now it will only
    make traversing this area more difficult later.
    ___  __  __  __  __  __  __        __  __  __        ___
    |__||__ |__ |__ |__||__||   |__|  |__ |__||   ||   |  |  \_/
    |  \|__  __||__ |  ||  \|__ |  |  |   |  ||__ ||__ |  |   |
    Climb up the ladder to the left and walk along the platform.  Jump down at
    the next ladder.  Ignore the door to the left, as Regina is still afraid of
    breaking nails while tearing vines off of doors.  Instead, enter the door to
    the right.  If you are *really* desperate for health, then you can collect a
    MED PAK SMALL at the end of the path where the broken bridge is.  It's not
    really worth the trouble as you must gun down an extra group of raptors.
    Go over to the EP SERVICE and buy the FLAME LAUNCHER for 8,000 credits.  You
    will need this weapon in a short while.  Leave out the door again.
    After exiting, Regina sees the helmet people and they shoot some exploding
    frisbees her way.  Regina dodges swiftly, then those guys leap over the
    broken bridge, except for the last one.  She tries to jump, but the bridge
    collapses underfoot before she can do so.  Whoops!  Reggie runs over and
    saves her from falling, then drags her back to safety.  She then tears the
    helmet off to reveal a young woman's face.  Regina then drags her into the
    The girl is still uncooperative, but Regina manages to slap some handcuffs
    on her wrists and behind a pipe before she can get away.  Exit the room.
    Go back out through the main entrance.
                __      __
    . ||  ||\ || _ |   |__
    __||__|| \||__||__ |__
    Now is the time to engage the Allosaurus.  Shoot at him while he scrambles
    up the ledges.  When he manages to reach yours, leap down and shoot him from
    there.  When he jumps down again, climb up the ladder again and continue
    firing.  Repeat the pattern until the Allosaurus dies.  Be careful, the
    Allosaurus can bite you if you get too close to the ledge above him and his
    leap can also damage you if you don't get out of the way.  If you managed to
    kill him without being hit once, you will be given 10,000+ EP!  Exit out the
    gate at the bottom of the ledges.
    Run down along the path and enter the blue door you come to on the left.
    Take out your FLAME LAUNCHER and burn every poison plant along the way,
    except for one.  This is to keep the air poisonous to dinosaurs so they
    won't move in and make trouble for you.  If you do all this fast enough and
    get a 12 combo, you'll be netted 5,000 EP!  Leave out the gate at the other
    end of the passage.  The best plant to leave alive is the one near the
    ladder that leads to the POSION GAS AREA.  You won't be going down there
    until Part 4 anyway.
    Burn every poison plant around here too, but like the last area, you ought
    to leave one around to keep the dinosaurs away from this area.  The one that
    I recommend leaving alive is the plant on the far right in a group of four
    (from the camera's perspective).  Leave out the blue door at the end of the
    passage.  If you get through this area quickly enough, you will get a 10
    combo and 3,800 points.  If you have earned both of the max combo bonuses,
    then your FLAME LAUNCHER has just paid for itself.
    Run around the water tower and enter the door that you used to exit this
    area as Dylan.  Don't bother recharging the HANDGUN as we won't be killing
    much for the rest of Reggie's turn, and by the time we are done with Dylan's
    next mission, we will already have enough EP for weapons that outweigh the
    HANDGUN a hundred times.
    The path will be empty of raptors, at least for the moment.  When you
    approach the Hummer, another barrage of frisbees is launched Reggie's way.
    Regina however skillfully knocks them out of the air with her STUN GUN.  The
    helmet people then get scared and run off.  As this area is empty, thanks to
    those guys, you can now search the tunnel and take the MED PAK MEDIUM.
    Leave out the gates at the end of the path.
    Run down the road to the doors at the far end of the path.  The only
    dinosaurs inhabiting this area at the moment are some triceratops peacefully
    grazing in the field, so you are in no danger.
               ___  __  __       __  __  __        ___
    |\/|||   |  |  |__||__|\_/  |__ |__||   ||   |  |  \_/
    |  |||__ |  |  |  ||  \ |   |   |  ||__ ||__ |  |   |
    Upon entry of the area, start running.  You will shortly be attacked by
    pterodactyls.  If you run in a zig zag pattern, you can somewhat evade their
    attacks, but don't stick around long, as you are sure to get swamped.  Go
    into the building where we last left Dylan.
    Take the KEY PLATE Dylan threw under the door before signing off, then turn
    tail and exit.
    Turn right and proceed to the double doors over there.  Beware 'dactyl
    Run to the only other accessible door.
    Run down the hall and use the STUN GUN to shock the lock into working again,
    then enter the doors.
    Go past the row of work stations to a panel where there are five other KEY
    PLATES.  Put your KEY PLATE back in its place, then check the panel again.
    You will then be asked which colored button you would like to press.  Choose
    blue and take that KEY PLATE.  Leave the room.
    Run back down the hall to the door at the far end.
    Leave out the double doors.
    Run back to the building where Dylan is imprisoned.
    Use the KEY PLATE on the panel to at long last free Dylan.  Regina brags
    about how she managed to capture a survivor, and then says she will take her
    back to the patrol ship.  You are then automatically warped back to the
                __      __
    . ||  ||\ || _ |   |__
    __||__|| \||__||__ |__
    How Regina managed to drag that girl all the way here through
    heavily-infested raptor territory I do not know.  Dylan then appears and
    says Regina had better come look at something Dylan saw.
    Dylan tries to calm down the girl but she is still resisting orders.  He
    says he is here to help, then handcuffs the girl to another pipe.  What a
    nice guy.  Go to the EP SERVICE and buy that SOLID CANNON you've been ogling
    at since the game began.  In the next two areas we will put it to good use.
    Go outside.
    Equip the SOLID CANNON and walk around the deck and climb up the ladder onto
    the dock.
    As the lock on the gates broke itself again, we won't be able to follow
    Regina's path to the RESEARCH FACILITY.  Instead, go right and you will be
    confronted by an Allosaurus on top of some crates.  Climb up there with him
    and start pounding him with energy blasts.  Don't let up and you should kill
    him easily without getting hurt.  Climb down again and enter the door
    You can hear another Allosaurus roaring.  Quickly leap down into the water
    and climb up the ladder nearby before the big guy can close in.  Wait for
    him to follow you, then start blasting away with the SOLID CANNON again.
    After you win, jump down into the section of stream you haven't explored yet
    and examine the spring.  A leaf will then fall down from the spring and
    drift near the rocks dividing the stream.  Then, it will vanish.  Search the
    area near where it vanishes to find the 3RD ENERGY FACILITY KEYCARD, which
    will be important in the near future.  Climb up the ladder near the spring
    and leave out the gate back there.
    (BTW, if you have managed to defeat both Allosaurus without taking any
    damage at all, then your SOLID CANNON has just paid for itself, thanks to
    Remember this place?  Yeah, this is where the raptors first attacked little
    old you.  Turn left and climb up the ladder over there.  Run down the path
    and climb down the exit ladder you will eventually collide with.
    You can hear loud footsteps nearby.  As you pass under the logs, you can see
    raptors fleeing from something.  When you proceed forward some, you can see
    that T. Rex is in the neighborhood and has scared away all the enemies,
    leaving you a nice, clear path to the next area.  Don't worry, he won't see
    you as you pass by.
    Proceed to the exit ladder at the other end of the path.
    Go down the passage to the garage door at the far end of the path.
    Hang a left at the EP SERVICE and enter the blue door around the corner.
    As we left one plant alive, the air is still poisonous and as such you will
    have a nice, quiet jog to the next gate.
    Read description for "POISON PLANTS NORTH AREA."
    Turn right and follow the path to the exit gate.
    Dactyls have invaded the airspace around here, so get to the iron doors atop
    the hill as fast as you can.
    ___  __  __  __  __  __  __        __  __  __        ___
    |__||__ |__ |__ |__||__||   |__|  |__ |__||   ||   |  |  \_/
    |  \|__  __||__ |  ||  \|__ |  |  |   |  ||__ ||__ |  |   |
    Go to the door that is held down by vines, then kill all raptors in the
    area.  You don't want to get slashed to bits while you try to "unlock" the
    Move into the room a little bit, and you will have your first encounter with
    the oviraptors.  They WILL annoy you, I guarantee it.  Run around the vines
    in the middle of the room until you come to a door locked with a card-swipe.
      Kill off all the oviraptors before trying to unlock the door with the
    Go a little ways down the hall to the right to discover another door covered
    with vines.  Slash them off then enter the door.
    The first order of business here is to close all the little doors throughout
    this series of rooms except for one.  Close the door to the left of the EP
    SERVICE, then proceed further into the room and go into the little
    walled-off area.  Search the unlocked cage on the left for a new DINO FILE,
    then take the MED PAK SMALL.  This is the little door I want you to leave
    open.  Leave the cubicle and search the last part of the room you haven't
    been in yet.  Close the little door here, then hack the vines off the big
    door and enter it.
    Go down the hall.  Don't bother searching around, all you will find is a
    worthless file.  When you arrive at the second door, close the little door
    next to it and take the big door.
    Run down the corridor to the door at the far end of the hall.  Use the
    RESEARCH FACILITY KEYCARD.  Suddenly, a compy leaps from above at Dylan.  He
    flinches like a wimp and lets the compy swipe the card.  "Hey!  That's
    mine!"  Awww, is Dillie angweeee? :)  Anyway, scare the little guy into the
    door you left open near the exit.  If the compy runs behind a patch of
    vines, swing the knife to scare it out.  Anyway, after FINALLY steering the
    compy through the door, enter the RESEARCH LOUNGE.
    The compy has moved to the middle of the room, so you don't have to worry
    about it sneaking out the door.  Upon entry, run to the cubicle cages and
    close the door to trap the compy in the room.  Right now, the compy should
    be hiding somewhere around the tables in the main part of the room.  Steer
    the compy into the cubicle.  When it enters the cage, it will throw away the
    key it stole.  Reclaim the RESEARCH FACILITY KEYCARD and exit out the door
    near the EP SERVICE.
    Oviraptors have found their way inside the corridor.  Turn left and go to
    the door at the end of the hall.  Kill off all oviraptors there then unlock
    the door.  Go thru it.
    Ignore everything in this room and go to the computer unit at the other side
    of the lab.  Get the STARTER BATTERY then leave.
    Run down the corridor to the other door that requires the keycard.  Like all
    locked doors in this facility, make sure to exterminate all oviraptors in
    the area before attempting to unlock the door.
    Run to the door on the other side of the vines.
    We are now going to backtrack all the way to the patrol ship.  Please
    forgive the boring sentences.  You have totally looted this area of all
    useful trinkets, so let's leave out the iron doors on the other side of the
                __      __
    . ||  ||\ || _ |   |__
    __||__|| \||__||__ |__
    An Allosaurus has reclaimed this territory from the pterodactyls.  It's not
    necessary to fight this one unless you wish to buy yourself a few extra toys
    like the FIREWALL or the SUBMACHINE GUNS.  You know how to deal with
    Allosauruses if you do wish to fight though.  Enter the gate at the bottom
    of the hill.
    Take the first door you come to, which leads to the POISON PLANTS SOUTH
    AREA.  Don't bother trying to shortcut through SOUTH ROUTE 1, as you will
    get stopped at the SUSPENSION BRIDGE by the electronically-locked door.
    Go down the path, enjoying the scenery as the poison plant is still keeping
    those nasty dinosaurs away.
    Go out through the garage door.
    Go to the ladder at the other end of the path.
    Same as NORTH ROUTE 4.
    Same as NORTH ROUTE 4.
    Enter the gate near the first ladder.
    Wade through the dino-infested stream to the gate at the other end of the
    Go down the ladder to board the patrol ship.
    Enter the interior of the ship.
    Dylan discovers that the girl has managed to uncuff herself and has escaped.
      Heh, he shouldn't have left that one arm free...:)  Anyway, Regina gladly
    accepts the STARTER BATTERY and gets the ship in working order again.  Walk
    over to the fancy computer near the controls to pick a destination to send
    the boat to.  Choose the 3RD ENERGY FACILITY, as EDWARD CITY is currently a
    dead-end.  As soon as the boat starts up, it jerks violently.  Engine
    trouble?  No, a herd of Plesiosauruses has decided to attack your boat.  Now
    you must go outside to BEAT them DOWN.  Save your game if you wish, as this
    next little part can be a tad hard at first for newbies.
    Dinosaur Target-Practice
    Dylan boots up that big machine gun on the rear of the boat, and then the
    assault begins.  You will first be attacked by the Plesiosauruses.  The head
    is their weakpoint, one shot to the noggin will take down the dinosaur.
    Sweep your gun back and forth so as not to miss any.  After you destroy
    them, you will be engaged by Pterodactyls, as if they are going to put up
    much more of a fight.  One hit anywhere will knock them into the water.
    When they have all been put down, both species will attack simultaneously.
    Sweep back and forth and try not to accidentally let an enemy go undetected.
      If you do really well here you can get upwards of 30,000 EP!
    When you finally kill everything, you arrive at your destination.
    ______   _____   _____   _____     _____
    |  _  | |  _  | |  _  | |_   _|   |___  |
    | |_| | | |_| | | |_| |   | |      ___| |
    |  ___| |  _  | |  _  /   | |     |  ___|    -  THE 3RD ENERGY FACILITY
    | |     | | | | | | \ \   | |     | |___
    |_|     |_| |_| |_|  \_\  |_|     |_____|
    __  __  __    __      __  __  __       __  __  __        ___
    __||__||  \  |__ |\ ||__ |__|| _ \_/  |__ |__||   ||   |  |  \_/
    __||  \|__/  |__ | \||__ |  \|__| |   |   |  ||__ ||__ |  |   |
    ___  __    __  __  __       __
    |__||__   |__||__ | _ ||\ ||__|
    |  | __|  |  \|__ |__||| \||  |
    Go to the EP SERVICE and purchase the HEAVY MACHINE GUN.  You don't really
    need the SUBMACHINE GUNS.  They are more of weapons to play with rather than
    earning mega points.  Go outside.
    Cross over onto the DOCK.
    The Plesiosauruses have returned for another round, hoping to get revenge
    for their humiliating defeat earlier.  Unfortunately, you have the HEAVY
    MACHINE GUN, the best anti-plesiosaurus weapon in the game.  Just one little
    bullet from this gun will send the dinosaur back to the slimy deep it came
    from.  After you rack up a 10 combo with no damage, leave the area through
    the gates at the other end of the walkway.  When you exit, you will have
    gained 20,000+ EP.
    Same as DOCK.  If you got through this area and the previous area with a 10
    combo and no damage, your HEAVY MACHINE GUN has just paid for itself.  Isn't
    it nice how most of the purchases in this game tend to pay for themselves?
    :)  There is also a MED PAK LARGE in the area if you want it.
    You will be attacked by Pterodactyls here.  Feel free to get revenge on
    them, as the HEAVY MACHINE GUN is also good for slaying these birds.  Like
    the Plesiosaurus, you will get mega points for not getting any damage.  Go
    to the gate at the other end of the walkway when you are finished.
    Run straight and you will collide with a wrecked truck.  Search underneath
    it for a DINO FILE.  Run to the other end of this place to find a door that
    needs a keycard.  Use the 3RD ENERGY FACILITY KEYCARD on the door to unlock
    Just go to the door at the far end of the walkway, while trying to score a
    no damage bonus of 10 kills.
    Go upstairs and look around on the central island in the room for the
    incredible KEY TO THE BOX, which will allow you to...open a box!  Also, go
    to the door in this room that leads outside, and search the counter across
    the aisle from it to find a DINO FILE.  Now, take the I was referring to.
    Run down the catwalk and search the dead body for the MECHANIC'S ID CARD.
    Go back inside.
    Go downstairs and out the door down there.
    Run back along the walkway until you come to a boat with a flashing panel on
    it.  Use the KEY FOR THE BOX on it to get a file, which will tell you the
    code to the elevator in the 3RD ENERGY CONTROL ROOM.  Backtrack to the door
    you used to enter this area.
    Go to the elevator and use the MECHANIC'S ID CARD.  Enter the code you
    learned from the file at WALKWAY 3 and use it to unlock the elevator.  Take
    the elevator down.
    ___      __         __      __
    |__ |  ||__| _ |   |__ \  /|__ |
    ___||__||__|   |__ |__  \/ |__ |__
    Go down this hall to the door at the other end.
    Turn right and run down the catwalk until you happen upon a panel with three
    red lights around it.  Start up the computer, now it's time to relive that
    ancient Chuckie-Cheese classic, Whack-a-Mole!
    This game is easy to understand.  Every time a light flashes red, quickly
    strike it with your STUN GUN to shock it green again.  Don't let a light
    stay red for too long or you will have to start over.  Later in the game the
    lights will start going off together, forcing you to act quickly.  Don't
    worry, it's not that difficult.  When the lights turn blue, you have
    finished the game.
    After completing the game, leap down into the water, then cross the room to
    the lockers.  Take the DIVING SUIT from its place, then jump down again and
    turn on the computer next to the crates.  You will automatically put on the
    suit and go underwater.
             __  __  __        __  ___  __  __
    |  ||\ ||  \|__ |__|\    /|__|  |  |__ |__|
    |__|| \||__/|__ |  \ \/\/ |  |  |  |__ |  \
    Something is blocking the elevator's passage, according to the computer.
    While Regina fiddles with the console to sort out the problem, a figure
    appears behind her.  It's a Mosasaurus, soon to be the biggest nuisance for
    this part of the game.  Unfortunately, the scene drops you off surrouded by
    the creatures.  I recommend running from them for now as all you have is a
    NEEDLE GUN (mostly useless) and a SHOCKWAVE (totally useless).  Sprint
    around the crates and jump down onto the platform beneath the elevator.
    Take the MED PAK SMALL here, then keep going down until you come to a
    platform with a door.  Before taking it, go past it to discover a MED PAK
    LARGE.  Take it and exit through the door here.
    Go down this little passage until you come to an EP SERVICE.  Buy the AQUA
    GRENADE and be sure to get a 20+ CARTRIDGE UPGRADE for it if you are
    planning on using it a lot like I usually do.  Go past various pieces of
    machinery until you come to a big metal door.  Take it.
    Go down this boring tunnel.  After turning the corner, you will come to a
    half closed shutter.  Leap over it and enter the door beyond.
    Enter the door at the other side of this little area.  Don't bother fussing
    with the elevator as it isn't turned on.
    Follow the wall to the right and eventually you will come to a door.  DO NOT
    go thru it yet.  Instead, leap on the platform next to it.  You will find a
    MED PAK MEDIUM here.   Jump up again onto another ledge.  Follow the catwalk
    until you come to a junction after a gap in the floor.  Take the MED PAK
    SMALL, then after traversing the hole, turn left and go that way.  After
    crossing yet another gap, you are standing next to a platform with a
    destroyed ladder.  Shoot the column under the platform with the AQUA GRENADE
    to cause the ledge to fall down.  Use the rubble to climb up to the exit.
    Pull the lever in front of you if you want to.  It's not necessary, as the
    switch only activates the elevator.  You'll never really need to use it
    unless you slip and fall off this ledge.  Continue moving down the small
    bridge, leaping over the pipes blocking the way.  After crossing it, drop
    down to the ledge where a dead maintenance man is.  Take the PLUG and jump
    down to the door below.
    Go to the door at the other end of the tunnel.
    Jump up over the ladder and go to the computer monitors.  Use the PLUG here
    and then operate the shutter controls to give access to a new area.  Exit
    the room thru the door you used to enter.
    Go to the door at the other end of the tunnel.
    Go out the door on the other side of the bottom floor.
    Follow the wall on the left to a door.  Enter it.
    Use the EP SERVICE nearby to refill your AQUA GRENADE if you have only a few
    rounds left (by a few, I mean like 10).  Use the elevator then proceed down
    the passageway until you happen upon another unlucky diver.  Take the CITY
    KEYCARD and enter the little alcove to the left.  Hurray!  We can finally
    get out of these blasted tunnels!  Take the DINO FILE and use the elevator
    to go down.  Go thru the door here to at long last go to this reactor we've
    been hearing so much about since we landed at this facility (assuming you've
    been reading the files you see along the way).
    After entering the room, a Plesiosaurus interferes with your escape plans
    and damages the reactor.  The computer then executes an automatic security
    procedure to prevent explosions by locking down the room.  Umm, yeah, that's
    just great.  We have to fight our way out now. To kill the Plesiosaurus,
    just enter the next camera angle.  From here you can see the dopey dinosaur
    coming a mile away.  Hit it several times with the AQUA GRENADE, then it
    will die, coughing up 10,000 EP.  Don't worry about the wounds you suffer,
    there are enough medical supplies around the arena to supply every hospital
    in China.  Keep climbing up the ledges with red lights and you will
    eventually come to an elevator.  Press the switch next to it, then enter the
    lift.  Take it to the surface.
    ______   _____   _____   _____     _____
    |  _  | |  _  | |  _  | |_   _|   |___  |
    | |_| | | |_| | | |_| |   | |      ___| |
    |  ___| |  _  | |  _  /   | |     |___  |    -  EDWARD CITY
    | |     | | | | | | \ \   | |      ___| |
    |_|     |_| |_| |_|  \_\  |_|     |_____|
    ___  __  __  __        __      ___  __    __   ___
    |__||__||__ |__|\    /|__|\_/   |  |  |  |   |  |  \_/
    |  ||  \|__ |  | \/\/ |  | |    |  |__|  |__ |  |   |
    Go down the stairs to trigger a conversation between Dylan and Regina.  How
    they managed to just run into each other here in this huge lost world I do
    not know.  Anyway, we get a transmission from David, and he says he has
    found a band of 1,000 survivors in Edward City, but he needs help.  Regina
    quickly runs over and unlocks the gate leading into the city and runs off.
    ___  __    __         __
    |__||__   |  \\_/|   |__||\ |
    |  | __|  |__/ | |__ |  || \|
    Follow Regina thru the gate.
    Immediately after entry turn left and run down the road.  Enter the door on
    the left wall.  If raptors get in the way, use the SOLID CANNON, as they
    have "evolved" into much tougher raptors that can resist SHOTGUN shells.
    Run down the "corridor" until you come to an open area.  A Allosaurus will
    then leap through the huge gap in the wall.  Give it some SOLID CANNON love
    then check the EP SERVICE in the corner.  A lot of new items are now
    available, but the only thing you absolutely MUST buy is the CHAIN MINE.
    You can also get the ANTITANK RIFLE, which is not necessary but quite
    useful.  As for the tools service, you can now get the LIGHT ARMOR and the
    INNER SUIT.  If you are a beginner then you will likely need them, but if
    you have become a master in dodging and evading, then they will not be
    necessary at all to you.  Make sure your SOLID CANNON is recharged before
    you go.  Leave the area after making your purchases.
    Go past the machinery in the road, and you will find another DINO FILE near
    a dead body.  Go down the sidepath to the right as the main road is blocked
    by a chemical truck.  When you get to the gate, you discover it is covered
    with vines.  Kill all currently-active raptors before you set to work on the
    Go down the path and you will see David has left the mark of the cowboy on
    the tree.  After you pass by the sign, you are attacked by oviraptors.
    Proceed down the path to the gate at the end.
    Go down the path and across the bridge to find another gate.  Enter it.
         __      __    __  __      __  __
    |   |__|\  /|__|  |   |__|\  /|__ |__
    |__ |  | \/ |  |  |__ |  | \/ |__  __|
    CAVE 1
    You won't be able to access the map in this area, but don't worry, as long
    as you follow my directions, you will find the way out.  Equip the SOLID
    CANNON and the CHAIN MINE before entering.  Blow up the boulder in your path
    with the CHAIN MINE then go inside.  When you come to the area with lava,
    blow up the boulder to gain access to the MED PAK LARGE on the ledge.  Climb
    up the ladder in the rear of the chamber.
    CAVE 2
    Here, you are confronted by Inostrancevia.  They are nearly invunerable to
    your weapons because of their tough skin.  What you must do is flip them
    over with the CHAIN MINE.  After that, one shot from the SOLID CANNON will
    destroy them.  Follow the tunnel to the exit ladder.
    CAVE 3
    Blow up the boulder on the right, then go down that way.  Be careful when
    crossing the natural bridges over the lava, as you could be knocked into it.
      But, if you use your CHAIN MINE, sometimes the Inostrancevia will fall
    into the lava!  Go straight at the fork and after a long and winding path,
    you will arrive at the exit ladder.
    CAVE 4
    Blow up the boulder on the right if you want a MED PAK MEDIUM.  Then blow up
    the left boulder.  Go down this tunnel, past the yellow pools.  Follow the
    path past the opening in the cave wall where you can see grass growing, then
    continue to move on and you will eventually come to a small gate.  Go thru
    ___  __          __      __     __ ___  __  ___   __
    |   |  ||\/||\/||__||\ ||  \   |__  |  |__|  |  ||  ||\ |
    |__ |__||  ||  ||  || \||__/    __| |  |  |  |  ||__|| \|
    Before rushing up the ladder, recharge your guns at the EP SERVICE.  After
    you climb over the barrier, you collide with Regina again.  She ignores
    Dylan's greeting and leaps down onto the open area.  Big mistake.  An
    Allosaurus makes a suprise attack, but Dylan manages to hit it with a nearby
    turrent.  He then throws Regina a SIGNAL BULLET to help guide his fire.
    Allosaurus Blast
    For this area, you will alternate characters as you work your way through
    the compound, each taking turns running and firing turrents.  To get
    assistance from your character, fire the SIGNAL BULLET and your partner will
    fire a round at the location you were standing at when you fired the bullet.
      The blast cannot hurt you, so don't worry about getting burned.
    ___  __    __  __  __       __
    |__||__   |__||__ | _ ||\ ||__|
    |  | __|  |  \|__ |__||| \||  |
    Run over to the crates and use the SIGNAL BULLET to make Dylan destroy them.
      Climb up the ladder near the MED PAK SMALL and run down the walkway.  When
    you get to the next turrent, it's Dylan's turn.
    ___  __    __         __
    |__||__   |  \\_/|   |__||\ |
    |  | __|  |__/ | |__ |  || \|
    Dylan's run will be easier as the crates have already been cleared away.
    Sprint across the open area and up the ladder.  Walk along the ledge and
    past the turrent Regina is manning.  Leap down and keep running.  Remove the
    crate from the path, and take the MED PAK SMALL up on the ledge above if you
    want it.  Next, continue running up the path and remove yet another crate.
    Climb up that ladder, then run across the platform to get Dylan to safety.
    Now we have to pull Regina out.
    ___  __    __  __  __       __
    |__||__   |__||__ | _ ||\ ||__|
    |  | __|  |  \|__ |__||| \||  |
    Follow the cleared path to the turrent Dylan is manning to get to safety.
    Regina throws away the SIGNAL BULLET and they move on.
    ___  __    __         __
    |__||__   |  \\_/|   |__||\ |
    |  | __|  |__/ | |__ |  || \|
    Take the DINO FILE from the dead body and walk out the gates and into the
    street.  Dylan moans about how terrible the violence was around here.  Then
    suddenly, a Triceratops decides to come and attack.  Dylan and Regina leap
    in the back of an nearby jeep and manage to burn out of there right before
    they are rammed from the front.  Now, another fun mini-game begins!
    Triceratops Chase
    The goal for this mini-game is to fend off the Triceratops attacks with the
    rifle mounted on the back of the jeep.  Unfortunantely, as the front side of
    a Triceratops is heavily armored, you will have a tough time trying to get
    it to back off.  One effective but risky strategy I like to use is to wait
    until right before the Triceratops tries to ram the jeep, then fire off a
    well-timed shot.  This knocks the Triceratops back a ways, plus you'll get a
    counter bonus.  After some pounding, the Triceratops runs away for a short
    while and then returns with a friend!  You now have to deal with two of them
    at the same time!
    They always attack one after the other.  The first one will try for a ram,
    then after the attack, the second one will always move in to ram.  Be
    careful, sometimes the second one will try to catch you off-guard by rushing
    in right behind the other.  Also, another favorite trick of theirs is to
    have one crash into the trees bordering the road.  While you keep an eye on
    the one in the middle of the road, the other one will launch a suprise
    attack from the trees.  After that, the one who remained in the road will
    attack after him.  If you see one of them crash thru the trees, then ignore
    the one on the road.  He will never attack you, he is only there to draw
    your fire.  Keep an eye on the trees the other triceratops crashed thru, and
    you will have an easy time nailing him.
    Be careful after you knock down one of them, the second will pour on the
    speed and stay next to your jeep in a desparate maneuver.  Repeatedly shoot
    it and eventually it will fall back as well.  You will get 3,000 EP for each
    kill.  If you put up a good fight, you ought to get about 17,000 EP.
    Dylan congratulates Regina on her "cool driving," but right after that
    comment, her "cool driving" sends them over a cliff and they crash-land in a
    grassy field.  I guess Regina's driving isn't as cool as Dylan thinks. :)
    Raptors then swarm them and prepare for dinner, but then explosions from
    nowhere destroy them.  It's David to the rescue!  He uses his attack
    helicopter to remove all lizard skin in the area, then flys over Edward City
    to check up on his survivors.  It turns out that while he was gone, the
    dinos moved in for lunch.  Regina and Dylan then automatically enter Edward
    ___  __        __  __  __    __   ___
    |__ |  \\    /|__||__||  \  |   |  |  \_/
    |__ |__/ \/\/ |  ||  \|__/  |__ |  |   |
    It turns out that those survivors David found were the only ones left.  Now
    everybody's dead.  Regina says there is still the task of locating the 3RD
    ENERGY DATA, then everybody moves out.  David sadly walks away.  Poor guy.
    After the scene is over, you are free to explore.  Because I played Resident
    Evil a lot before I got this game, it felt very bizarre walking around a
    Racoon-esque city in broad daylight.  Anyway, search the jeeps in front of
    you for another DINO FILE, then turn right and enter the store near the
    yellow van.
    Take the MED PAK SMALL behind the counter, then search the dead body in the
    corner for the LIVING QUARTERS KEY.  Leave the store.
    Pterodactyls have invaded the street.  As fast as you can, get through the
    door at the other end of the area.
    If you need it, you can search on top of the ledge near the exit for a
    RESUSCITATION PAK.  Unlock the door at the other end of the street with the
    LIVING QUARTERS KEY.  Go thru the door.
    Here the T. Rex attacks you.  How it managed to track you all the way here
    from the JUNGLE AREA I do not know.  Anyway, Dylan quickly leaps inside a
    nearby tank and launches his own attack.
    Tank Chase
    In this game, you are not supposed to kill the T. Rex, you are merely
    supposed to get away from him before he can destroy you.  Your tank has an
    unlimited amount of shells, and six FLASH BOMBS as a sub weapon.  The most
    effective way to escape damage is not to relentlessly pound T. Rex with
    shells, its to not shoot until he is about to hit you, like the Triceratops
    in the jeep chase.  You can knock him down temporarily for 1,000 EP, but I
    HIGHLY don't recommend trying to knock him down as much as possible.  Every
    now and then, you will come to a barricade in the street.  You can remove
    them with the tank's gun, but this will give the T. Rex an opening to
    attack.  Use a FLASH BOMB to slow him down while you are doing this.  After
    you get to the area with the catwalk, you have passed all barricades so feel
    free to use whatever flash bombs you have left on T. Rex.  Eventually, you
    will come to the exit.  The gate will crush your tank, but you'll escape
    Run around the jeep and take the all-mighty GAS MASK.  You are then attacked
    by a helmet guy.  You didn't think they'd just forget about you, did you?
    After dodging some frisbees, the helmet guy comes in for a close shot.
    However, that girl you captured a long time ago comes to the rescue to save
    the day!  She and Dylan manage to stop him, and he falls over the ledge.
    The girl then just vanishes.  Regina comes out of nowhere like she usually
    has during this part, and Dylan tells Regina about his past.  They are then
    automatically warped back to the patrol ship.  I'm VERY glad for that, it
    would have been a pain to run all the way back to the dock from here.
    Go to the console and choose the JUNGLE AREA.
    _____   _____   _____   _____     _   _
    |  _  | |  _  | |  _  | |_   _|   | | | |
    | |_| | | |_| | | |_| |   | |     | |_| |
    |  ___| |  _  | |  _  /   | |     |___  |    -  THE JUNGLE AREA
    | |     | | | | | | \ \   | |         | |          REVISITED
    |_|     |_| |_| |_|  \_\  |_|         |_|
                __      __
    . ||  ||\ || _ |   |__
    __||__|| \||__||__ |__
    Exit the cabin.
    Climb up the ladder to exit the boat.
    Run over to the door with the electronic lock.  Use the STUN GUN to make the
    door unlock.  Go thru the door.
    Cross the bridge.
    Climb the ladder at the other end of the path.
    Go to the blue door at the bend in the path.
    Go to the ladder near the poison plant you left alive that long time ago.
    Just get to the door at the other end of this desolate place.  No dinosaurs
    will attack you because the air is also too toxic around here for them.
          __  __       __   __       __
    |\/|||__ |__ ||   |__  |__ ||   |  |
    |  || __| __|||__ |__   __|||__ |__|
    Go to the EP SERVICE and recharge your guns.  If you want it, you can get
    the EPS GOLD CARD now to double the point value of every dinosaur.  Leave
    out the other door in this room.
    Run to the other end of this wide path and go down the stairs.  Enter the
    door at the bottom.
    Check the computer that has been turned on to get the 3RD ENERGY DISK.  You
    have completed the mission, now all you have to do is get out of here!
    Before leaving, search the computers to the left of the computer you just
    checked to get the final DINO FILE.  As the other door in here is locked,
    you will have to go back the way you came.
    Go up the stairs to be confronted by the T. Rex, AGAIN.  But, this time, a
    new friend interferes.  The Gigantosaurus crashes through the wall and
    Regina barely manages to avoid getting smashed by the debris.  She escapes
    down the stairs again.  The Gigantosaurus then chomps and throws T. Rex and
    prepares for dinner...
    As Gigantosaurus is making a real big mess of things outside, another
    automatic security feature that was supposed to help ends up working against
    you.  The missle in the silo automatically activates and will be launched in
    ten minutes.  As the doors don't open automatically in the silo, that could
    be rather bad...Regina quickly runs to the elevator.
    Gigantosaurus somehow manages to find his way inside to put a stop to
    Regina's simple plan.  Fortunately, she gets the bright idea of using the
    fuel pumps on the catwalks.  Regina turns one on and then uses her STUN GUN
    to give the big guy a nasty burn.  After that, you are forced to take over.
    Run forward and activate the fuel pump again.  Do as Regina did in the
    cutscene and use the STUN GUN to make it a flamethrower.  While the beast is
    shaking off the flames, run to the other fuel pump at the other end of the
    catwalk.  Ignite the gas again to score another hit.  Repeat this maneuver
    over and over until Gigantosaurus is put down for the count.  You'll then
    gain 15,000 EP!  Run down the path and take the MED PAK MEDIUM and the MED
    PAK LARGE, then go all the way down the catwalk and you will collide with a
    glowing computer monitor.  Activate it to begin a familiar mini-game.
    Whack-a-Light Again
    It's the same as last time, only now you have to keep FIVE from turning red.
      Don't let a light stay red for too long or you will have to start over.
    Later in the game the lights will start going off together, forcing you to
    act quickly.  Don't worry, it's not that difficult.  When the lights turn
    blue, you have finished the game.
    The lift will then rise up, giving you access to the missile.  Take the
    elevator on the side of the shaft and then activate the terminal to the
    right of the missle.  Finally, go over to the missile itself and turn off
    the program.  Now, take the elevator back down and start heading to the
    exit.  I bet all of you just KNEW that the Gigantosaurus wasn't going to
    simply allow you to walk out of here.  Anyway, he destroys the missile's
    support and it falls over, threatening to crush Regina!  She crashes through
    the observation window, which would have to be a couple of inches thick at
    the very least.  The missile crashes down and blows up.  Oh well, we ALMOST
    kept this place from blowing up!
    Reload your HEAVY MACHINE GUN and CHAINMINE at the EP SERVICE, then leave
    out the door at the bottom of the stairs.  There's no need to reload
    anything else as Regina's last turn is nearly up.
    Run to the door at the other end of the corridor.
    Regina and the rest of the crew leap in the boat to try to escape the
    detonation, but there's a problem to be solved first of course.  The
    watergate is closed so now Dylan and David have to go out and open it up
    ___  __    __         __
    |__||__   |  \\_/|   |__||\ |
    |  | __|  |__/ | |__ |  || \|
    As David begins turning the valve, the raptors spring another abmush.
    Fortunately, David had the foresight to put Dylan on the watchtower.  Now,
    it's up to you to protect him.
    This game's point is very simple:  make sure to keep David alive long enough
    to open up the gate.  Keep your targeting cross near him at all times so
    raptors won't try to sneak in bites on one side while you are busy with the
    other one.
    After David manages to clear the way, he and Dylan start back for the ship,
    but get ambushed by an Allosaurus.  David saves Dylan but unfortunately
    doesn't get away himself.  Meanwhile, Dylan is being swept downstream to who
    knows where.
                __      __
    . ||  ||\ || _ |   |__
    __||__|| \||__||__ |__
    You are confronted by the mysterious girl again, and she says the words
    "Home."  You may as well go with her, as you have nowhere else to go.
    Unfortunately, there are forces in this world that do not wish for this plan
    to go into effect, namely oviraptors.  Everytime the girl pauses, it means
    that oviraptors are attacking her.  If she dies, its GAME OVER.  Shoot the
    girl with the SOLID CANNON whenever that happens.  The shots won't harm her,
    but they will work like a shield to protect her from blows while killing
    oviraptors.  You can't use MED PAKS on her so you have to be careful in this
    area.  Follow her across the area to a big door.
    Its the same procedure here, but watch out for when you two get separated at
    the wall.  You'll need the SHOTGUN here to knock away the oviraptors before
    they can get to her.
         __  __   ___  __  ___   __  __  __        ___
    |__||__||__||  |  |__|  |   |__ |__||   ||   |  |  \_/
    |  ||  ||__||  |  |  |  |   |   |  ||__ ||__ |  |   |
    The girl runs off from you and into the strange building.  You will no
    longer need to worry about protecting her.  Try to follow her into the
    building, and then you will get stopped by a series of laser beams.  You'll
    now have to trigger the red, blue, yellow and green terminals in the area.
    After you do that, check the panel next to the lasers and they will
    deactivate.  Follow the girl's trail.
    Go around the colorful table in the middle of the room and cross the blue
    bridge into the next room.
    Pick up all the MED PAKS in the area.  Make sure you've got a lot of healing
    items ready, as the final battle draws nigh.  You really won't need your
    weapons so you don't have to bother to reload them.  When you are ready,
    enter the door beyond the EP SERVICE.
    Run down the stairs in the middle of the room, to begin a pivotial cinema in
    the progress of this game.  I won't spoil it for you.  Enter the door after
    the cinema.
    Upon entry, the self-destruct sequence is activated.  Great, it's that
    over-used plot device again, that has been in EVERY Resident Evil game to
    date.  Anyway, the Gigantosaurus somehow breaks into the room and you are
    forced to flee for your life.  Run across the bridge in the middle of the
    room.  Be quick because Gigantosaurus will try to knock it down with you on
    it.  If you fall to the floor you will be killed.  Check the computer
    directly in front of you.  It will direct you as to what to do next.  Turn
    left and activate the monitor there.  Now, run back the way you came and
    waaaaaaay over to the other side of the catwalk.   Activate the terminal
    there, then run back to the main one in the middle of the catwalk.  Did I
    mention that during the whole time while you are doing this Gigantosaurus
    will be pounding on you like crazy?  There's little you can do to prevent
    this except maybe fire off rounds from a tough weapon, preferably the SOLID
    CANNON.  Just keep running while doing this and heal as needed.  After you
    do all this, a satellite activates in outer space, and BEATS Gigantosaurus
    DOWN.  Now all you will have to do is go to the exit door to finish the
    You have now completed the game.  You should now be awarded with he EPS
    PLATINUM CARD, as you have collected all the DINO FILES in the game.  You
    will now be asked what characters you would like to purchase for use in the
    DINO COLOSSEUM.  Hopefully, you will be able to afford all the human
    characters on your first game.   You'll probably need to do two or three
    more games to get the rest of the dinosaurs as they are all real expensive.
    5:  Thanks
    - Thanks to myself because if it wasn't for me, this FAQ wouldn't exist!
    - Thanks to my dad for giving me jobs to do to pay for my Playstation 2  and
    this game!
    - Thanks to Capcom!  I am really looking forward to Resident Evil: Code
    Veronica X.
    - Thanks to S.D. Perry for her brilliant novelization of the Resident Evil
    - BIG, Big thanks to GameFaqs, THE best video game site on the net!
    6:  E-mail Policy
    I have recieved a lot of stupid e-mail in the past, but now it is starting
    to get ridiculous so I am going to start enforcing what kinds of messages
    will and will not get answered.
    Please DO:
    - read the whole document before sending a question.  If you have time to
    waste your life away on video games, then you have enough time to scan my
    document for a few minutes for an answer to a problem.
    - put the name of the game in the message topic.  It makes it A LOT easier
    for me to pick out which messages are on games and which are not.  Also if
    the name is not there, I might accidentally delete it, thinking it is junk
    - spell correctly.  I won't be able to help much with your problem if you
    send me something like "Hy mn cn u hlp me wth ths 1 prblm, I cnt bt ths 1
    lvl ok thnks gby."
    - send a message in English.  I can barely read Spanish, let alone translate
    Japanese.  You wouldn't believe how many messages I have recieved in some
    foreign languages that I don't even know which continent they are from.
    - be polite.  Any mail with excessive flaming will be instantly deleted.
    Please DO NOT:
    - write the title of the message as "About your walkthrough" or something
    similar to that.
    - flame.  I hate flaming.  Especially messages with the f-word or the
    s-word.  These will be instantly deleted.
    - send advertisements.  These will be considered junk mail and will be
    deleted instantly.
    - ask me something that is already answered in the walkthrough or the
    manual.  C'mon, would you rather spend a few minutes skimming my guide, or
    would you rather spend a few hours, days, or even weeks waiting for me to
    get back to you?
    - forget to include the name of the game in the message or on the title.  I
    am not a psychic.  I cannot tell what game you are after if you do not
    include the name in it.
    - send me a message in any language other than English.  The only other
    language I can barely understand at all is Spanish, and even then, I can
    hardly form simple sentences.  So don't send the message in any language
    besides English or I simply won't be able to help you.
    7:  Copyright
    This guide is the sole property of Nathan Norris, author of this guide.
    Don't rip off this guide in part or whole, or I will be forced to act
    against you.  Don't rip off this guide then alter it to death and claim it
    as your own.  This guide may not be used for ANY profitable reasons
    whatsoever, even if no money is made.
    I'm tired of all these websites requesting my guides for their sites, so
    from now on, these are the only sites which may use my guides:
    This makes it very simple for me to keep track of what state each version is
    in each site.  If you find this guide on some other site, and it is
    incomplete, go to www.gamefaqs.com. before requesting help from me.  Since
    gamefaqs.com is the first place I send every piece of my work, they are sure
    to have the most up-to-date version of my guides.
    Also, if you find this guide on www.cheatcc.com, notify me immediately.
    They have ripped off of me before and I'm not gonna let them do it again.
    I bid you farewell.

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