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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ghidrah

    Updated: 12/11/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Title: Dino Crisis
    Producer: Capcom
    For: Sony Playstation
    font: Courier 10
    Created: 11/10/00
    By: Ghidrah
    EMaul: Darn139@AOL.COM
    If anyone wishes to use this on their site, I would like to know. I 
    don't have a problem with it's use by others on Gaming forums or being 
    copied for personal use, etc. I do, however, have a problem with someone 
    making money from it, however unlikely that may be. It wouldn't be 
    ethical, eh! I would like to know if it's to be used on a site, just so 
    I could drop by and see it.
     Table of Contents
    01. Controllers
    02. Weapons Service
    03. Magazine Service
    04. Armor
    05. Recovery Service
    06. EPS Cards
    07. Jurassic Stars
    08. Battle Hints
      The introduction will consist of all the information necessary to 
    minimize the hassle playing Dino Crisis 2 as much as possible. Not that 
    DC2 is all that difficult. All the weapons will be outlined and will 
    have some insights into what they're best suited for and whether they 
    warrant being used at all. The Recovery Service. The pros and cons of 
    the items in Tool Service. Tool Service items will be included in the 
    other Service sections because many of the items are used as sub 
    weapons, enhancements to sub weapons, EPS cards or armor, and info on 
    the Dinos to assist in planning manuevers. I am leaving a full 
    disclosure of The Dino Files and the other files out of the walkthrough. 
    For the most part, they give a superficial look at the lives of the 
    castaways. The last two files give you the most detail about the story. 
    The walkthrough gives the locations of all files and you can store them, 
    unlike DC1. I would suggest that you collect all the files and save in 
    the Facility before having Dylan go down to meet himself and Tango with 
    El Gigante. You will then have all files saved and can read them any 
     This walkthrough will be for a Normal Mode game. Many of the MedPaks 
    that are strewn over the games' landscape in Normal Mode are gone in 
    Hard Mode.
      Everyone has been playing with Playstation for so long that there 
    isn't any need to go into controller configuration. If you have modified 
    the default setup, you've probably been using it long enough that you 
    don't need anyone suggesting how to set it up.
      Objects in Weapon's Service that have only one EP value are the same 
    whether in normal or hard mode.
      SEMI AUTO PISTOL: a default weapon, it can be used with a sub weapon. 
    It has a decent range and Regina is an excellent shot, so most or all of 
    her releases hit their intended target. It has a rapid reload time, so 
    she can throw tons of lead fast. It works well up close and will take a 
    raptor out within three rounds, easily. It can be used on the run and 
    Regina can back- step while firing. This is a good thing. When there are 
    two or three Dinos in front and up close, back stepping often seems to 
    keep them at bay long enough to be killed. When speed gaming, Regina can 
    stay with the pistol 'til her encounters with the underwater dinos and 
    the Inostrancevias as she leaves the Missle Silo.
      SHOTGUN: default. Can be used along with a sub weapon. This pistol-
    gripped autoloader does very well for itself. It has a quick refire time 
    and more than adequate range. It has an excellent shot spread for the 
    much needed collateral damage when two or three dinos are bearing down 
    on Dylan at the same time from the same direction. I haven't had great 
    scores on Dactyls. To me, it's a waste of ammo to fire at them with the 
      FLAME LAUNCHER: 8K EPs Normal, 16K EPs Hard. A two-handed weapon, this 
    device is used mostly for clearing the plants out in the poison marsh 
    area. It throws the fire out in front of you to get at the plants that 
    sit off the path. It keeps Regina at a safe distance from them to keep 
    her healthy. It works against the Dinos, too, but takes too long to cook 
    them thoroughly without rotating. If you're low on your preferred 
    weapon's ammo, this will keep the raptors away from you 'til the next 
    Save Point. You can't run while using the Flamer; this is a walk and 
    flame gun, which makes it slightly impractical as a weapon because of 
    it's short range and because it doesn't work on Dactyls.
      SUB MACHINE GUNS: 12K EPs Normal, 24K EPs Hard. A two-handed weapon, 
    the "TWINS" are one of my favorite weapons in the game. Firstly, because 
    they throw lead so fast it seems like a spray. Secondly, because of the 
    added ability to target multiple objects, this becomes one of the 
    deadliest weapons in the game. Let's say there are multiple targets from 
    different directions. Regina will target and fire at the closest 
    hostile. Turn her slightly in the direction of the second or third 
    target and she will adjust to pick up the additional object and include 
    it. Sometimes when this happens, the system may not be able to handle 
    all the movements and the frame rate slows down to maybe half the 
    default rate. (I don't know if this is just my old system or systemic of 
    the programing of the game.) The advance of the dinos is halted and she 
    removes them from play. When not playing with the infinite ammo, be 
    aware that they do use up ammo quickly, so, unless you have increased 
    the magazine capacity of the "twins", keep their remaining ammo in mind. 
    The twins are good at Dactyl hunting - better than the pistol or 
    shotgun. In open areas, you can actually see them tracking Dactyls in 
    flight, just like the ground targets. When they are tracking, you should 
    be firing. Don't stay too long in one spot when hunting the Dactyls 
    because you can get hacked by one outside of the periferal vision of the 
    "twins". It pays to use the "kill-and- move" tactic. The "twins" work 
    well on all dinos, minus the Inostrancevia and the underwater dinos.
      SOLID CANNON: 18K EPs Normal, 36K EPs Hard. It can be used with a sub 
    weapon. This is an in-your-face killer. For me, this is the all-around 
    best weapon in the game, mainly because of it's lingering effects. On 
    normal mode, the cannon will take out Raptors, Dactyls, Oviraptors and 
    Allosaurs. I've  never tried it on Plesiosaurs.
    You can run through the discharge without being damaged, but the 
    monsters can't - which is good when you're being run down by Ovis and 
    Raptors. Because you can run while firing, this gun has use in speed 
      HEAVY MACHINE GUN: 35K EPs Normal, 70K EPs Hard. It can be used with a 
    sub weapon. This puppy is the best weapon against Dactyls. The only 
    place I have had any problems with it is in tight quarters at the 3rd 
    Energy Storage Space, where I got too close to the containers and was 
    blinded by them.
      AQUAGRENADE: K EPs Normal, 40K EPs Hard; can be used with a sub 
    weapon. It is the most powerful of the underwater weapons. In normal 
    mode, except for Mr. Manners, it's a one shot weapon. For where it's 
    being used, it's range is fine, although I think it's a bit slow on the 
    refire rate. So, starting out, it can be scary when the second Mosa gets 
    in close. That's what the suit's boost system and the shockwave are for. 
      NEEDLEGUN: Default, main weapon for the Deep Sea Suit. This gun fires 
    three needles per round, infinite ammo, regardless of game mode or EPS 
    Platinum card. It throws the needles pretty fast, although it can take a 
    lot of needles to take a Crocagator out. If two come in at once, one 
    hopes they're from the same direction.
      ANTI TANK RIFLE: 38K EPs Normal, 76K EPs Hard; "BIG GUN" - a two-
    handed weapon. It produces massive damage to anything in front of it's 
    muzzle. Everything but AL and Inostrancevia dies in one shot. AL will 
    die in three shots from the side or from behind. Inostrancevia will die 
    in three rounds. It doesn't work well against Dactyls in close quarters 
    - it has a slow refire rate and isn't accurate enough with fast moving 
      MISSILE POD: 50K EPs Normal, 100K EPs Hard. A two-handed weapon, it 
    fires three mini rockets. If you have three Dinos bearing down on you at 
    once, this will take care of all three. It works ok against Dactyls too 
    - just stand there and fire one salvo after another into the air. The 
    Dactyls can avoid the rockets for a while but not forever. The problem 
    with using it against the Dactyls is, it takes too long to eliminate all 
    of them.
      ROCKET LAUNCHER: 50K EPs Normal, 100K EPs Hard. A two-handed weapon, 
    it's the most powerful of all the weapons offered in the game. It has a 
    slow refire rate because of recoil but it slows down El Gigante a weensy 
      CHAINMINE: 12K EPs Normal, 24K EPs Hard. This one throws 5 mines out 
    in front of Regina or Dylan, destroying boulders and flipping 
    Inostrancevias onto their backs, making it easier to kill them with the 
    main weapon. It's best used on Inos in the caves and at the Missile Silo 
    exit. Don't waste time on killing them if you don't need the EPs.  This 
    is excellent in speed games. 
      FIREWALL: 5K EPs Normal, 10K EPs Hard. This device's primary use is 
    for fending off Dinos singly or en mass from one direction. Regina must 
    be facing her enemies for it to be effective. She will not auto-turn and 
    release as with the pistol.
      STUN GUN: default. This is a limited-use device. It is used mainly for 
    shocking electrical panels into working. It can be used to fend off 
    raptors. I didn't have much tolerance for learning the device because it 
    took too long to remove a dino from the scene. I know that the Battery 
    upgrade makes this more useful, I just learned to use other means to 
    move forward in the game. If you run out of ammo, it can be used in a 
    tight pinch. If there is more than one dino to deal with, forget it. 
    It's pretty much useless against all monsters, except the raptors.
      STUN GUN BATTERY: 15K EPs. This is an enhancement for the Stun Gun. I 
    never bothered with it because I found other, more effective, means to 
    deal with the Dinos.
      MACHETE: default. This is mainly for the ivy-covered doors that bar 
    Dylan's access from important areas of the game. It doubles as a minor 
    weapon for those times when you're low on ammo. When I first played DC2 
    I used it often and was frustrated often. I learned to use ammo and 
    dodge more efficiently. 
      HEAVY BLADE MACHETE: 15K EPs. It has an alloy blade. It must be 
    sharper, so this makes it more effective. I never bought this tool 
      SHOCKWAVE: default. A sub-weapon with the Deep Sea Suit. Shockwave 
    expels a Sonic, or percussion wave at Mosa, momentarily stunning the 
    Mosa and allowing you to finish off Mr. Crocagator with the Needle gun 
    or the Aquagrenade.
    I don't have much to say for this area. It's self-explanatory, If you 
    wish to expand the Magazine capactiy of the weapon you are curently 
    using, you may purchase a larger magazine. Now, when you're first 
    learning the game, you may be throwing lead all over the place in 
    major/minor panics, wasting it. So, the enlarged magazine will be seen 
    as a plus for the beginner. However, as your experience grows in the 
    game, your fire count will go down and your need for bigger magazines 
    will fade. Whether you decide to play with the EPS Platinum card only 
    (once acquired) or continue to play a more thrilling game without it, 
    the need for the magazine service will fade away.
      INNER SUIT: 20K EPs. This outfit goes under your clothes and prevents 
    bleeding. I can understand cutting, but I don't know how it could 
    prevent crushing injuries from bleeding. If you're being hammered by the 
    monsters, purchase these undies; it will STOP THE BLEEDING! As you 
    become accustomed to the game and the attack patterns of the animals, 
    you won't need to use these.
      LIGHTWEIGHT ARMOR: 35K EPs. This cuts the damage from Dinos in half. 
    When it becomes available in the game and you have the cash, you should 
    buy it. When you learn the course and acquire finess, you can do without 
      This is your one stop medical supply store. The cost of medical 
    supplies remains the same whether you're playing on Hard or Normal, 
    except Resuscitates. They, on the other hand, more than triple their EP 
    cost. One of the major things I miss from DC1 is the mixing of medical 
    supplies to produce all those intersting Anesthetic Darts and healing 
    aides. Here are the items as follows:
      HEMOSTATS: 100 EPs. They will stop the bleeding and keep those dad-gum 
    giant TseTse flys off of you. I swear I saw one flying off with a Compy 
    held tight in it's multiple appendages.
      SMALL MEDPAK: 300EPs. There are a number of these scattered about the 
    game. They will improve your health, but will not stop the bleeding. 
    When you're learning the game, you will most likely be buying these. 
    It's like two for the price of one compared to the Medium MedPak, so you 
    can fill up on cheap Health. I recommend this over the more expensive 
    Medium and Large Meds. Pick the Medium and Large Meds. up in the field 
    and save your EPs.
      MEDIUM MEDPAK: 800 EPs. These, like the other Meds., are strewn all 
    over the game. They will not stop bleeding. Don't buy these if you can 
    help it. They will fill your Health Meter completely.
      LARGE MEDPAK: 1K EPs. These are spread all over the game, although 
    there aren't as many as the Small and Medium MedPaks. These WILL stop 
    bleeding, along with restoring your health completely. It's good to keep 
    at least one of these with you for emergencies. Don't buy them if you 
    can help it. As your experience with the game grows, your need for the 
    Large Meds. will drop. The only time I can say, regardless of your 
    experience, that you should store these babies up is when you go to meet 
    El Gigante in the final Conflict. That SON OF A !*!#! pounds the living 
    hell out of you. Sometimes, when he won't let up, you become Dylan Pat‚.
      RESUSCITATE PAK: 3K EPs Normal, 10K EPs Hard. These guys will restore 
    your life, let alone your health. I DO NOT USE THEM. They bring you back 
    to the beginning point of conflict instead of the current point of 
    conflict, so pay attention to your health and you can stay where you are 
    when you get damaged. 
      EPS SILVER CARD: 20k EPs. This card keeps the kill points up on the 
    screen longer; how much longer, I don't know.
      EPS GOLD CARD: 40K EPs. This card doubles the on-screen EPs acquired 
    from a kill.
      EPS PLATINUM CARD: This wonderful card beats out any Credit card I 
    ever owned. It gives you unlimited ammo to any weapon purchased in the 
    game. This baby is acquired by finding all the Dino Cards in the game, 
    then saving at the end. The Platinum card will roll over to each new 
    game from that point on.
      COMPSOGNATHUS: (Pretty Jaws) AKA Pansies. They have a slightly larger 
    role in DC2 than they did in DC1, although you can't take your 
    frustrations out on them as in DC1. They are one of the untouchables in 
    the game. The only one you get to interact with in the game is a pansy 
    in the **s. All you can do is more or less direct it by positioning 
    Dylan to block it's passage. There are many areas where it can hide 
    where it takes a shot into the hidy hole to scare it out. Try to keep an 
    eye on it - often that is when it hides in a nook or cranny and you must 
    waste time looking for it.
      VELOCIRAPTOR: (Speedy Thief) AKA Moe, Larry and Curly. They often 
    appear in groups of three. They are fast, but if you have the presence 
    of mind, while running, you can avoid them for a some distance with the 
    well timed dodge, ladder climb up/down or turning a corner. Eventually, 
    though, they will tag you with a leap, grab and toss or tail whip. As in 
    DC1, you can increase the damage quotient with in-your-face killing. 
    Where it can take four rounds at even a short distance of fifteen to 
    twenty feet, up close and personal you can cut that in half. When there 
    are three hanging around for a bite, that can get tedious.
      SUPER VELOCIRAPTOR: (Conan and Darth) They are much darker than the 
    reddish brown V. raptors. Up 'til I played my first cell-clearing game, 
    they popped up only in hard mode. They show in the same place, just 
    after passing through the gates from City Front/Dock to City Front/Haul 
    Road. These two are the 'Roid Boys. It takes 25 AT Rifle rounds to 
    eliminate each raptor. It is possible to line them up and take them out 
    together with a total of 27 fired. It's a good thing they don't appear 
    from two directions instead of one.
      As mentioned, cell-clearing must trigger their appearence. They DO 
    appear in normal mode. The first appearance is with Regina. She was on 
    the Jungle, south route 2 just before the dog leg to the Research 
    Facility and Poison Marsh. The 2nd and 3rd time was with Dylan. They 
    rear their ugly heads in the Poison Marsh and the Jungle Route, just 
    outside the Water Tower.
      OVIRAPTOR: (******* ******** Sorry! Egg Thief) I hate Ovis! They are 
    without couth! They spit at you! They jump on you, hold on and hack on 
    you about the head and shoulders with their pointy beaks! They drop-kick 
      PLESIOSAUR: (Near Lizard) AKA Mr. Manners or Long Neck. Except for the 
    Level Boss, these guys are duck-shoot EP makers. The only time I ever 
    get hit by one is when I'm playing a speed game. (I don't shoot them in 
    speed games.) I think I saw one pop out of the water with a "shoot me" 
    sign hanging around it's neck. The Level Boss isn't much more difficult 
    to deal with; four shots - two in the moosh and two in the belly - and 
    he's toast.
      PTERANODON: (Winged and Toothless) AKA Pteri. I hate Dactyls! If you 
    use the Heavy Machine Gun, you can take down one dactyl after another. 
    It isn't like the other Dinos, where you only worry about three at a 
    time. Any number of them can be flying around up above. Because they are 
    out of sight, they don't comply to the max on-screen Dino rule. If 
    you're out in the open where your weapon isn't blocked by objects 
    (containers and buildings), you can stand and fire. Just keep tapping 
    the L1 button and they'll keep dropping until they run out of Pteris. 
    They'll swoop down onto our heros, knocking them to the ground or 
    landing on them and rending flesh from their bodies. Occasionally, they 
    will lift Regina or Dylan off the ground and drop them. If the attack 
    doesn't kill our heros, the drop usually does. Your best bet for dealing 
    with them is standing with the Solid Cannon and tapping the L1 button or 
    running while firing the Solid Cannon. The lingering charge catches them 
    as they swoop in from behind. All the other weapons are totally 
    ineffective against them, even the Launcher or Missile Pod. They are 
    just too slow for them.
      MOSASAURUS: (River of Mosa Lizard) AKA Crocagator.I haven't seen more 
    than two operating at the same time - that's a good thing.They're not 
    very fast, but they don't have to be, they have the water on their side. 
    Considering that Regina is in such a big suit, she moves pretty well in 
    the water herself. Be aware that you can't play keep-away for very long 
    because the Mosas have you at a great agility disadvantage in the water. 
    They can tail swipe just like a Velociraptor, hit with a bite and knock 
    Regina down and take her for a spin or roll, tossing her up through the 
    water. She will slowly sink to the bottom, helpless to right herself 
    until touching down. One major aspect of their approach is that a 
    muffled sound is created from their movment through the water, tipping 
    Regina off to their presence. They can be stunned with the shockwave and 
    finished off with the main weapon. You can make a temporary escape with 
    the boost option, turning in boost and firing the main weapon.  
      INOSTRANCEVIA: (AKA Low Crawler) These lizards have got some big 
    teeth, or tusks, whatever you'd like to call them, and they are MUCHO 
    TOUGHO and kind of slow! I'm working on run-arounds for the caves to cut 
    out time. It takes three rounds with the AT Rifle to smoke them; all the 
    other lower grade weapons are ineffective. I haven't tried the Missile 
    Pod or Rocket Launcher on them but I would hazard a guess that they 
    would be as, or more, effective than the ATR. INOs are suckers for the 
    FLIP'N'RUN! When I do the caves or I'm at the end of the Missile area, I 
    use the Chainmine only. I don't go for points, (I'm still working on the 
    speed game) so I just flip'em and run if I can't end-run them without 
      TRICERATOPS: (Three Horned Face) AKA The Balboa Twins, Rocky and 
    Rocky. The triceratops has a very small role in DC2. On the way to 
    Edward's City, Regina and Dylan must do the Triceratops shooting 
    gauntlet for EPsGPs. The two animals that harass our heros in the jeep 
    end up paying the price. Either of them aren't difficult to hit, it's 
    just that the weapon isn't very effective against them. You hammer them 
    in the face and they keep coming back for more. "Cut me, Micky."
      TYRANNOSAURUS REX: (Tyrant Lizard King) Formerly known as Mr. 
    Chuckles, currently known as Blinky, he is another member of Elliot 
    Ness's crew. Aside from the damage done by Dave at the onset of the 
    story, he is "Untouchable".
      ALLOSAURUS: (Odd Lizard) AKA AL or Mr. Giggles, Blinky's jumpier 
    cousin. He reminds me of "Jaq", the UBS Man From MAD TV. This guy cannot 
    stand still! The first five times you encounter him, you are able to 
    interact freely with him and make some EPs. Then you meet up with a 
    clone nest of them and, all in all, about 10-plus come out of the 
    woodwork for a chew. Your best strategy is to stand still and repeatedly 
    fire off the Flare pistol so that your partner can fire on the flare. In 
    the last encounter with Giggles, poor, poor David gets mou'd for saving 
    Dylan. HAAAA!!! I never liked his hat!
      GIGANTOSAURUS: (Giant Lizard) AKA El Gigante. Until the very end, 
    "Untouchable". The first contact will be at the Missile Silo where he 
    gives Blinky his come-upance. Shortly after this, Regina meets him in 
    the Silo area where she gives him a slightly over-the-top tan. Then 
    again, shortly after that, in his rage, he topples the Missile onto 
    himself, ensuring his demise - a pivotal part in the story.
      Always keep moving; a moving target is harder to hit than a standing 
      Running in straight lines covers more ground, but it makes it easier 
    "fo da Dinos to track and leap on yo @$$". So, when you have a group 
    trailing you in a speed game, go serpentine. In a regular game, go 
    serpentine, weave your way through them, turn and fire. 
      Make your way past the group, turn and fire. That keeps the odd out-
    of- screen Dino from attacking your blind side. Quite often the Dinos 
    attack in threes, so, if you slide by three, run for a few more yards to 
    string them out, then turn and fire. Many of the weapons have "SPREAD", 
    like the shotgun and the twin autos, and will pick up doubled Dinos.
      Back step as you fire, especially when you have two or more dinos in 
    front of you. They SEEM to have a more difficult time dealing with a 
    backward moving target, plus it keeps some space between you and them. 
    It may also work when you're against a wall with no escape. (I'm not 
    100% sure, maybe I was just lucky.) It has worked many times. I 
    continued to backstep, even though I had nowhere to go (panic response, 
    fingers wouldn't let go of button) and it picked up all the Dinos 
    nicely, even at times when one leaped over another to get at the 
      Fire while running and/or walking in circles - Dinos can't deal with 
    circles. You can be inside a group of three and start walking or running 
    in a circle and fire or you can remain inside, unharmed, while plucking 
    them out one at a time. This works well against Raptors and Oviraptors.
      You can't ignore Mosasaurs; they must be dealt with immediately. They 
    can't be outwalked. You can use the boost option to scoot out of an 
    attacker's way but it has it's limits. Two mosas in the area and you 
    just know you're going to get bitten and taken for a spin in the water.
      Dactyls - The best weapons for dealing with them is the Solid Cannon 
    and the Heavy Machine Gun. The Cannon's lingering charge catches the bad 
    guy, swooping from behind and from ahead. Because the cannon's range is 
    so short, it doesn't pay to stay in one place for long. The Heavy 
    Machine Gun, however, has long range and can pick them off at a safe 
    distance. The trick is to hold the R1 button down, then release the fire 
    button and tap L1 - it quickly switches targets to take the next flyer 
    down. They drop like rocks from the sky with this weapon. Once an area 
    is cleared, you can safely proceed to the next area.
      Super/Ultra Raptors - These guys are toughboys! There may be more than 
    one way to bring them out of the closet! 
      I have been able to bring them out in Hard Mode since the first time I 
    played. I have just recently brought them out in Normal Mode by "CELL 
    CLEARING" - clearing the cell of all hostiles, without (as far as I can 
    tell) breaking the Dino combination count on the screen. It must equal 
    20 (total) when you leave the cell. This doesn't explain why I get them, 
    in Hard Mode, at the Haul Road just after 3rd Energy Facility. I 
    certainly haven't gotten 20 of anything through there.
      Not all Cells carry 20 Raptors at once. The first cell to carry 20 
    raptors is "Passageway to Military Facility 1". PMF2 also carries 20, 
    but if you clear 20 in PMF1 and continue, they will pop up in PMF2. If 
    you pass killing 20 in PMF1 and kill the 20 in PMF2, exit the cell 
    through PMF1; you'll get them in PMF1. It also depends on the particular 
    cell that carries 20. 
     Each cell has a "total" that equals more than 20 Raptors total; to 
    acquire them all, you will have to exit the cell and return to get the 
    remainder. As far as I can tell, each cell has around 30 to 35 animals.
    01. Dylan, Military Facility
    02. Regina, Dock, Landing Space
    03. Regina, Research Facility
    04. Regina, Military Facility
    05. Dylan, Cockpit, Cabin
    06. Dylan, Research Facility
    07. Dylan, Return Cockpit Cabin
    08. Regina, 3rd Energy Facility
    09. Regina, Return to Dock, Landing Space
    10. Regina, Return to 3rd Energy Facility
    11. Dylan, City Front, Dock
    12. Dylan, Edward City
    13. Regina, 2nd Return to Dock Landing Space
    14. Regina, Launch Site/Missile Silo
    15. Dylan, To Facility
    16. Dylan, Facility
    17. Dylan, Final Conflict
    18. FIN
      After you have watched the excellent beginning FMV where T-Rex gets 
    his new nickname, "Blinky", (cut scene) Regina and Dylan end up at the 
    bottom of the escarpment in the DOCK/CARRIER LOT. They make their 
    introductions and separate. You are playing as Dylan. Inspect the body 
    for a SMALL MEDPAK.
      Head for the North gate and enter the JUNGLE/NORTH ROUTE 1. Climb the 
    freight container (hence known as container/s) and introduce your stinky 
    friend to your new green-skinned, bipedal-eating companions. By the way, 
    there are tons of them in this game. In general, you can expect them to 
    come in threes and from different directions. I suggest to you that one 
    of the first things to learn in this game is to gain control of Dylan 
    and Regina's movements. (You'll stay healthier if you can dodge well.)
      There is a MEDIUM MEDPAK near the jeep, a small freight container 
    blocking a gate (the gate comes into play later in the game), and to the 
    North, a faultline with a ladder. Climb and follow the well-tread path. 
    It splits, creating a circle; either path terminates at the same spot. 
    Climb down the next ladder. Continue climbing up and down ladders 
    through NORTH ROUTES 2, 3 and 4, killing all the Dinos that hamper your 
    progress. Near the end of Route 4, there is a SMALL MEDPAK on the 
    container and a large one on top of the mini fault plateau. I suggest 
    picking up all medpaks while learning the game. Cross over the fault, 
    down and over the containers and enter the gate to the  WATER TOWER. 
    (cut scene - strange futuristic person) You have an oportunity to save 
    your game and replenish your ammo. Check out the WEAPONS SERVICE - the 
    Solid Cannon has been added. Your first Dino File is File #2 
    (Velociraptor). Around the corner to the west there is a locked door. On 
    the concrete base of the water tower there is a RESCUE PAK. Just past 
    this is the door you'll exit the tower from to the PASSAGEWAY TO THE 
    MILITARY FACILITY 1.  As usual, the debris is all over the place, to 
    make your life miserable. It's easy to get attacked in here, so try not 
    to get bogged down bumping into Dinos and junk. There is a MEDIUM MEDPAK 
    in the tunnel. Exit the next gate to ROUTE 2. Kill, Kill, Kill!!! Tons'a 
    Dinos littering, bleeding and just messing up the clean ground - what 
    Enter the Front of the MILITARY FACILITY. (cut scene - Blinky has been 
    waiting to welcome you with open mouth. "LIKE, isn't that sweet of 
    him?") Do a 180ø spin and head for the ladder behind Dylan. Your 
    destination is the MILITARY FACILITY ENTRANCE at the South end of this 
    enclosure. Use the loading docks to stay out of Blinky's way. In a fit 
    of frustration, he destroys the containers to get at you. This rampage 
    gives you the time you need to run the loading docks. Pick up the LARGE 
    MEDPAK on the loading dock as you pass. (cut scene - more of those odd-
    clothed young people, bearing arms and legs against our hero) Once 
    inside the MFE, search the room thoroughly. (This reminds me of a dance 
    hall or restaurant front.) You'll find another Dino File on the far 
    table - File #3 (T-REX). I still say he looks like Freddie Mercury! It's 
    the teeth! Move to the Military Facilitiy Corridor Door, enter and pass 
    the first door on your left. Go to the shelves at the end of the 
    corridor and get the MEDPAK. This electronically locked door is for 
    Regina. Go back to the door you passed on your way in. Enter the MEDICAL 
    ROOM. Get your first file - File #1 (Doctor's Papers on Time shift), 
    locate the KEY PLATE, replenish your ammo and save here!
      Exit the Medical Room and head back out to the Military Facility, 
    being careful of the raptors and Blinky. I exit the hall firing and run 
    between the table and counter, then swing around to the exit door. There 
    is less damage this way.
     Enter HARDWARE STORAGE. Pick up File #2 (Storage Room Items), go to the 
    wall safe at the end of the room and use the Key Plate to unlock it.
     Now that you're stuck in this room, it's Reginas turn to go for a 
      The scene opens with Regina climbing the DOCK/LANDING SPACE ladder. 
    Run west to the gate with the red security light and swat it with the 
    STUNGUN, enter DOCK/SUSPENSION BRIDGE, shoo off the pansies and check 
    the corpse for any goodies. OOH, look! another Dino File - File #5 
    (Allosaurus). Cross the bridge and exit through the gate to JUNGLE ROUTE 
    SOUTH 1. Get ready for some excitable boys. They can't dance but they 
    get an "A" for effort. Continue through Route 1 and two; notice the door 
    at the dog leg - you'll be back. You're going to the Research Facility. 
    Enter the gate - PASSAGE TO RESEARCH FACILITY. You'll have to climb the 
    fault lines to enter. Be careful of Albert the Allosaur - he has a 
    problem (OCD). When he was a young Allosaur, he saw Gene Kelly in the 
    movie, "Singing in the Rain". Ever since then, he's been dancing; if 
    he's not running to eat you, he's dancing to eat you. Ignore him for now 
    and just get into the building without any damage.
      Enter the back of the RESEARCH FACILITY. Climb the ladder, make your 
    way through all the Dinos and enter the CONTROL SHACK on Regina's right. 
    Search this office and find File #2 (Incineration of Plants). This is a 
    SAVE ROOM. Don't save or buy ammo yet. Run back outside for a short cut 
    scene and return to the Shack. Once you have Miss Mute Girl of Jurassic 
    Park ("Paula, YOU LOOK MAAHVELOUS in those tight black leathers"), 
    tether her to the pipe. Save your place and go shopping. So far, you've 
    been acquiring EPs; hopefully you have enough to buy at least the 
    FIREWALL FOR 5K EPs. I prefer the FLAME LAUNCHER 8K EPs. If I don't have 
    enough EPs, I go back outside and kill some more Dinos until I do. In 
    either case, you need one of them to access the Poison Plant area. If 
    you're really low, you might have to go after AL outside sooner than you 
    wanted to. You'll notice the twin autos in the Shop Box - these puppies 
    are SUH-WEET! I highly recommend them for your killing pleasure. You can 
    Kill AL and come back to buy them. AL is worth 10K EPs. You can pick 
    them up when you go to free Dylan at the Military Facility. If you don't 
    or can't buy them now, then you may want to increase your magazine 
    capacity. At a minimum, reload the 45.
     Exit the Control Shack. Notice the Ivy covered door. (Where's Dylan 
    when you need him?) Make your way back outside to AL's playground. 
    (There is only one way I have to deal with this guy, and that's to keep 
    him moving up and down on the fault line to get at his side and 
    underbelly.) In this case, the 45 is better suited than the twins. It 
    takes about 20 to 25 rounds of good, constant hits to take him down; 
    sometimes much more. If you keep firing without hitting anything, you're 
    wasting ammo. Your best bet is to release 2 or 3 rounds at a time. The 
    more 120-point hits you get, the faster the take down is. If you don't 
    get hacked on, you'll get a healthy set of EPs when you leave this 
    cell.You now have more than enough points to buy the Twins. Go back and 
    get them in the Control Shack if you want - I'll wait here.
      That was quick! Wait 'til you use those - you're going to love them. 
    Let's book to the Military Facility - there's plenty of flesh to rend on 
    the way there, so be on your toes. 
      Remember the door at the dog leg? Enter the MARSH POISON PLANTS SOUTH 
    AREA and then the NORTH AREA, pull out the old flamer and get ready to 
    cook some 'shrooms. Torch all of them and don't let them touch you or 
    it'll take a huge chunk of health from you - enough to kill!!!. Enter 
    the WATER TOWER from the Southwest door. Exit the Northwest door and 
    make your way to the Military Facility. (cut scene - more of the strange 
    people again. Regina's pretty handy with that stun gun, EH?) Now, when 
    you enter the Military Facility this time, Blinky won't be there. He had 
    to see a Stegosaur about a Brontosaurus. Anyway, there are now 
    Pteranodons flying around. "I HATE DACTYLS"!!! 
    Once inside, enter the HARDWARE STORAGE to get the key that Dylan tossed 
    under the door, then go back to MFE and enter that room at the far end 
    of the Military Facility corridor. Enter the CONTROL ROOM. Search this 
    room thoroughly for another Research file. Move to the KEY WALL and 
    return the GREEN KEY to it's slot. You want to take the BLUE KEY. Exit 
    the CONTROL ROOM, fight off the Dinos and enter the MEDICAL ROOM. Save 
    and replenish your Meds and ammo. When you return to the MFE, arm 
    yourself with the Twins; know the power of multiple targeting. Head back 
    to HARDWARE STORAGE to release Dylan. Watch out for the Dactyls!
     (Cut Scene) Well, folks, it appears that we have completed the first 
    leg of the game.
     Back at the Boat, Regina and Dylan discover that the boat has been 
    ransacked. There is damage to the operating system and the Vortex 
     Dylan is now ready to go for run #2. Open the Save/Shop Box and check 
    out Dylan's TOOL SERVICE - the really, really big Machete has been 
    added. Jungle Girl says her first muted words - "PAPA!" (Isn't that 
      Now before you go flying off to thrash some more lizards, access the 
    WEAPONS SERVICE and take a boo at The Solid Cannon. This baby, in my 
    opinion, is the most versatile weapon in the game. It slices - it dices 
    - it'll even cook those raptor pies you love to eat. Let's kick it up a 
    notch. *BAM* - I bought it, just like that. Throw a Lemon twist and some 
    garnish on that pie.
      So, where to now? Well, back to the RESEARCH CENTER, that's where. 
    We're going to take a look at that Ivy-covered door Regina couldn't get 
     Dylan can get in there with his trusty Machete, what wonders do await?
     Outta da shipa! Climb to the Dock and run to the freight containers. 
    "WHOA, vat da hell is dat?" Quickly turn around and climb onto the first 
    container you passed out here. This will be a short lesson on how to 
    deal with AL in a confined spot that will work to his disadvantage 
    (especially with the Cannon). This is neccessary when building up EPS 
    for STUFF.
      Once you're up on the container, don your extremely attractive Lady 
    Allosaurus Costume and prance tauntingly in front of Albert. (I'm 
    shakin' my tail baby - OH YEAH, I'm HOT!!!) He's stupid, thank God, but 
    he'll get the hint and leap up there with you for some smoochin' or 
    chewin'. He may not remember why he's jumped up there, so give him a 
    nudge. Run to his side and fire off a round of the Solid Cannon into 
    him. "LUCY, I'M HOME!". Now jump down to get away from death breath, hit 
    the ground,turn and fire the cannon. WHEE, DOGGIES - would you look at 
    that? That's gonna leave a mark. Try it again. OK, AL's pissed; he's 
    going to jump down after you, so make your way back to the ladder and 
    climb back up as soon as he jumps down. Follow this same proceedure. 
    After four good shots from the cannon you can stick a fork in him.
     Go west young something or other, go west - to the gate and exit it to 
    the JUNGLE NORTH ROUTE. This route was blocked at the beginning of the 
     So what have we learned here, kids?  No hands? OK, I'll tell you: 
    there's an Albert the Allosaur waiting for you! They're everywhere in 
    this game! The good thing is, they're kind of easy to deal with and you 
    can rack up some hefty points if you don't get too wracked up yourself 
    dealing with them.
      We're going to treat this guy just like the pig that he is - RUDELY! 
    Wait for him to show his "I'm-going-to-jump-there-and-get-you" posture. 
    Run over to the side of the little clearing (near the pool). As he 
    lands, fire a charge up the old poop shoot. You know he's going to need 
    a TUCKS when this is over. Drop down to the water, do a 180ø and fire a 
    couple of rounds again. Most times, four will do. Now we have three ALS 
    down - that's over 30Ks worth of EPs.
      Run and climb through the pools to the next gate. You're back onto 
    familiar territory, NORTH ROUTE 1. You're required to take the long 
    route to the RESEARCH FACILITY, so this is going to take a while. 
    There's a lot of Dinos between you and there. Because of the way the 
    Cannon works, you might want to experiment on using it. Try running and 
    firing. What happens is, the disrupter blast lingers as you run through 
    it, the Raptors following behind you get caught when they get too close 
    to the charge and he's Mr. Poppin' Fresh. So saddle up, Hoss and make 
    your way to the WATER TOWER. NOW, GIT!! If you've kept running as I had 
    suggested, you should make about 4 to 6K EPs and not have much more than 
    a scratch. Duck through the southwest door into the POISON PLANTS MARSH. 
    Since you cleared out all the poisonous plants, the Dinos have moved 
    back in the neighborhood. There goes the property value. That'll learn 
    ya! Next time, leave one plant in an out-of-the-way spot and you'll keep 
    the whole route clear. That goes for both legs of the Poison area.
      When you enter the PASSAGEWAY TO THE RESEARCH FACILITY, You'll get to 
    display the greatness of this weapon. I love this thing against Dactyls. 
    Did I mention that "I HATE DACTYLS?" NO FEAR, EH? Spank those monkeys, 
    OH YEAH! Hold the fire button down as you run, watch the dactyls swoop 
    down to Dylan, then recoil in horrifying fatality from contact with the 
    cannon's discharge. When you're done playing with the Dactyls, enter the 
    back of the Reseach Facility and try the cannon on these Dinos. Before 
    you enter the ivy-covered door RESEARCH FACILITY ENTRANCE, you might 
    want to save in the Control Shack, reload your weps and buy Meds. Return 
    to the ivy-covered door, clear it of vines and enter. "What a Lobby!" As 
    you move in the only direction you can, you'll get another (cut scene). 
    When you come out of it, you'll be surrounded. Did I mention I hate 
    Oviraptors? They're crude and rude, spitting all over the place. Who 
    wants to step in that? (A new technique - try running in a circle while 
    firing the cannon. It works for all weapons, but wonderfully so with the 
    Solid Cannon.)
     Run and kill your way to the big electronically-locked door, then kill 
    some more. Use the RF Keycard on the lock and enter the RESEARCH 
    FACILITY PASSAGE. Head east to the last door on the right. Enter the 
    POWER SOURCE ROOM. See the pretty green light above the tiny door? 
    Explore this area and you'll find Research file #5. Enter the RESEARCH 
    LOUNGE. Explore this area. You'll come across a Medpak and a closed up 
    cage. Open the cage and look inside. You'll find Dino File #11 
    (Compsognathus). Leave this door open and continue to explore. Find File 
    #3 (Researchers Notebook) - so that's what those doors are all about! 
    (Close all the tiny doors except the one near the Save/Shop Box.) OK, 
    you might want to save here before leaving this room. If you didn't 
    replenish your ammo in the Control Shack, do so now. Well, well, would 
    you look at this. In the TOOL SERVICE there are two new additions - The 
    EPS Silver Card and the Inner Suit. I have enough points to buy the EPS 
    Card so I'm *BAM* - WHOA, I bammed before I was ready. (I'm suffering 
    from premature bamulation!) I hate it when that happens. Well, I got the 
    EPS card. The EPS Card holds the EPS Kill Counter on screen much longer 
    than the default setting. The Inner Suit will stop you from bleeding 
    ever again in this particular game but not in real life. Click your 
    heels together and repeat "Remember this is only a game!" Do this three 
    times and call me a Cab. When you enter the Research Passage, turn left 
    and head to the end of the hall. There's a door that needs your RF 
    Keycard. Slip the card through the slot and - (cut scene, do you hate 
    them yet?). 
      So, the Compy has your card and it's up to you to herd it into the 
    little door you left open. Go get'em, Tiger. (Jeopardy music plays 
    serenely in the background as you flop and thrash around with the stupid 
    Compy that appears to be smarter than you.) Well - finally in the cage. 
    (Jeopardy background music fades out - why can' I keel theez wans?)
      Go back to the locked door and access that Mutha! Be careful - there's 
    Ovis afoot. Enter the PRECISION LAB. (What a Dump!) Search out this dump 
    for a couple of goodies. (OOH, is there some bare-naked peoples in them 
    tubes?) Get the Battery on the floor and get File #5 (Report on 
    Unidentified Body). Do a 180 and beat feet out of this dump. You have 
    all the goodies you need to get the ship running and go to sea, to see 
    what you can see...on the...sea, don't hurt me. Exit the Research 
    Facility, get back outside and return to the Water Tower. "OH, 
    MOE...LOOK!" another Allosaur. We can use the money, so...Let's kill 
    him.....a lot!!!
      Make your way through the Marsh Area. ("Note to self - from now on, 
    leave one plant in each section of the Marsh.") AH! I love the Water 
    Tower don't you? This cannon is SHOOO SCHWEET!! Yup! I Love It!!
      Exit the South gate of the Water Tower, climb the containers and the 
    fault line, climb back down and run. Run through Routes 4 through 1. Run 
    and fire madly at anything and everything, just don't stop running. 
    (Regina has Prince Spaghetti on the table, you don't want it to get 
    cold.) When you come to the Jungle North Route Gate, pop into there. 
    Navigate through the little ponds and Dinos back to the boat.
     Dylan trades Regina the battery for the spaghetti. She fixes up the 
    boat, good as new. (What a gal.) Get Dylan over to the Save device and 
    save your progress. JOB WELL DONE, EH!
      You have completed the second leg of your Odyssey, Prepare yourself 
    for Singing Sirens and Harpies; they do plague the human soul and these 
    don't look as good as the Siren Babe-age of the Iliad's epics shown on 
    TV...but, what're you gonna do? ("Marge... Marge honey...could you get 
    the flashlight and the barbeque tongs? I lost my keys in my navel and I 
    can't shake them out. Marge?)
      Get Dylan to the helm and get this tub scooting. The local Navigation 
    Map pops up and shows you your options. HMMMM.., where to go, where to 
    go? The 3RD ENERGY FACILITY looks nice and close. "Hon, let's go there. 
    Tie the kids up, toss 'em in the skiff and let's have a go at 3rd 
    Energy,'K?". You know if it's not one thing, it's two things. The siren 
    babe-ages are pounding on the door. I can hear them singing (liltingly, 
    of course). "Little pigs, little pigs, let us in." To which Dylan 
    replies, "Not by the hair on Regina's chinny-chin-chin!" OH, well. Get 
    Dylan outside and show the Harpies and Sirens a thing or two or three 
    about heavy caliber weaponry! If this were a movie, everyone would be 
    screaming, "PADDING, PADDING". That's what directors do in movies when 
    they can't figure out how to segue into the next scene or they still 
    have 15 to 20 minutes to kill in the movie and all the cool stuff is 
    done already. Usually, it's a car chase or a foot chase or tons of 
    useless, yet colorful, explosions and violence.
    (Heavy metal elevator rock music plays in background as the carnage 
    proceeds - Guns'N'Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle". "Look, kids, Axel is 
    rolling over in his grave.") He is dead already, right?
     OK, you're at the  3RD ENERGY FACILITY. Regina is refreshed and ready 
    for more killing - I mean, exploring. Check out the Save/shop device - 
    there are some additions to the catalog. The Heavy Machine gun at 35K 
    EPs and the Missle pod *YIKES* at 50K EPs - Mama, that's expensive. Even 
    though I love the multiple targeting capability of the Twin Autos, I'm 
    going to suggest the Heavy Machine gun. It's a little heavy, (DUH!!!) 
    hence, the name! It packs a wallop to the Dinos and takes them out with 
    one or two rounds, and it's just marvy against the Dactyls. Did I 
    mention I hate Dactyls yet?  
     Exit the ship and make your way onto the Dock. This is Plesiosaur 
    country. Clem, Zeek, Ustus and the remaining clan are powerful angry - 
    you killed off the non-inbred side of the family. They all want revenge 
    for the killing-off of the breeding stock. The heavy machine gun is 
    going to come in handy here. It's pretty much a safe and sound duck 
    shoot. Kill everything you can, quickly. Don't leave your spot until 
    nothing pops out of the water, then run 'til something comes up, stop 
    and shoot. This is point-making time, folks -  take advantage of it. By 
    the time you pass through the first gate, you racked up some big-time 
    points, eh? Git ready for s'more! Make your way through WALKWAY 1 & 2. 
    In Walkway two, you're back to Dactlys again. This gun does well against 
    them. The walkways are pretty barren, so there isn't much to look for. 
    Enter the STORAGE SPACE. This place is cluttered with junk, not to 
    mention Dactyls. As you thrash about in this cell, you'll come across an 
    obvious file laid out for all to see. There's another hidden one - so 
    decide, look and kill or kill and look. I'm killing, then looking. I 
    hate being hacked on. File #8 (Soldier's Papers). What have we here? OH, 
    Man! Looks like no 3RD ENERGY party today, kids. We need to head back to 
    the JUNGLE to find the Key that this DEAD idiot dropped in his escape 
    attempt. Do an about face and head back to the watercraft on your way 
    back. Now that the cell is clear of Dactyls, explore the room. Just when 
    you think the room is clear, the sneaky 'tards swoop back down on you. 
    Ask them if they like the aftertaste of lead in their mouths. Gunz, 
    Gunz, Gunz! Another Dino File - "Oh, you shouldn't have!" File #11 
    (Pteranodon). OK, lets get out of here and get back to the Jungle.
     When you dock, Regina will lead the assault for the key. Get her up on 
    the Dock and moving through the Northweastern gate to NORTH ROUTE, where 
    the two ponds are. "YOU'VE GOT TO FIND THAT KEY!" Not in the first pond; 
    I don't see it in the second pond either. Poke around, poke around, 
    what'll I do? OH, LOOK!- a leaf. I think I'll follow it and see where it 
    leads (hint, hint). I have no logical reason to follow it, buuut... I 
    have time on my hands. It's a Casio, it's water resistant and it has a 
    stopwatch; a calculator; an alarm; it tells military time - oh, yeah - 
    and it tells normal-human-being time too. You don't really need to do 
    the Leaf bit. If you poke around and click action, you'll find the Key 
     Back to the skow and the 3RD Energy Facility. Reload your weapon if it 
    needs it, still holding onto the H. Machine gun. Run back to the STORAGE 
    SPACE and eliminate any monster stragglers you missed on your first time 
    here. Position yourself in front of the Electronic door and say, "Open 
    Sesame seed bun", (or roll, what ever your preference is) - oh, and use 
    the 3RD ENERGY KEY CARD in the little slot to the left of the door. It 
    seems to respond better when the card is used in conjunction with the 
    incantation. Don't you love the way Regina poses when she's waiting for 
    you to get on with it? Enter WALKWAY #3, always exploring your 
    surroundings. There is so much junk to sift through. If you don't, 
    though, you'll miss out on an important file - miss one Dino File and 
    you don't get one of the best goodies in the game. Deal with the 
    longnecks and make your way to the next obvious door. Enter the 3RD 
    ENERGY CONTROL ROOM and climb the stairs. Search this room thoroughly - 
    there are some important things in here. Firstly, the BOX KEY. (It opens 
    that little box on the small cabin cruiser.) On the counter is File #4 
    (Manager's Diary, Mechanics) and hidden on another counter is Dino File 
    #14 (Mosasaurus). That's all the goodies for this room. Move to the 
    South door and exit out onto the roof. Locate the corpse against the 
    railing and frisk him. Now you have the MECHANIC'S ID CARD. Go back 
    inside and use it on that electronic door. A 4-digit code? Hmmm, maybe 
    that's in that box on the boat - go look. So, it is the 4-digit code. 
    Memorize it and return to the Control Room. You may want to save here 
    before you continue. Access the door and make your way down to the SUB 
    LEVEL ELEVATOR. Explore this room and pick up everything allowed. File 
    #5 (Mechanic's Note) - that explains the Control Terminal Test. It's 
    kind of like the "Sledgehammer the Mole", "Punch the Monkey" or "Whack 
    the Lemming" game. Set it all in motion and use the stun gun. There is a 
    not- so-fasionable deep sea diving suit that Regina just can't do 
    without. You can't have it till you get the power back up, so do the 
    "punch the monkey" game, then come back and get the suit. (It could use 
    some tailoring - Lara Croft would never be caught dead in this thing.) 
    Climb down and approach the console snuggled between the two ladders and 
    start the Lift. Now, let's go swimming - or something like that. When 
    the Lift stops, be ready for some Crocagator thingies (Mosasaurs) 
    wanting to eat Regina. Her movements are sluggish in the water, so don't 
    think you can out-run these guys - you can't - but you should get to 
    know the controls on the suit before you go off to the rest of this 
    level. Switch to Weapons. Your main weapon here is the needle gun - it 
    works well against the Crocs. There is something stronger coming up, but 
    for now it'll do. Your sub wep is the Shock wave. It'll stun the fish 
    and give you some time to think if you need it. I never use it. Now 
    press triangle. TRES KEWEL, EH? I use this and the Needle gun to avoid 
    and kill the fish 'til she gets the next weapon. Learn to use them all 
    and make your own choices. Swing over to the west side of this area and 
    drop down. Get the Med and hear the odd muffled noise - trouble's a-
    comin'. There is a Medpak - get it and hit ready. Be prepared for the 
    Croc. ("Make it bleed Mommy!" "Now now Johnny, behave!" " Yes Ma'am.") 
    Proceed along the walkways, dropping and killing your way to the bottom. 
    There is a Large Med. Get it before you exit this room.
      Enter the WATER CIRCULATING SYSTEM CONTROL ROOM. Stop at the Save/Shop 
    Device and do save. New weapon - AQUAGRENADE. Buy it and arm yourself 
    with it right away. Buy any meds you need - not too many, though. There 
    are some laying about down here. Make sure you save here and close out 
    the box. Proceed to the right and get File #6 (Preventive Maintenance). 
    We're looking for a plug. If you click on the control panel to her 
    right, it'll tell you it needs the Plug - so, let's find the bloody 
    plug, eh? I like to use the triangle button to drop down and turn to the 
    exit doors. Ensure that you switched main weapons to the A. grenade and 
    enter UNDERWATER TRANSPORT PASSAGEWAY 1. It heads South and turns east. 
    It's a tight area - be frosty and ready. Jump the doors and enter 
    PASSAGEWAY 2.  As you make progress through this area, you'll get a 
    perspective change showing you Alec and the Plug. Try as you might, you 
    just can't get there from here. There is a lift in this room but it 
    isn't working yet. There's Crocs in here, so don't tarry long.
      Enter the COOLING WATER CIRCULATION CHAMBER. Be on your toes in here, 
    mates - there's tons of places for Crocagators to hide and come at you 
    from. This is one of the rooms where you will need the use of the 
    bubble-burst-up thingy. Remember, our objective is to get that plug. If 
    you're getting hammered by the crocs, you can duck inside that door. 
    It's the COOLING AQUADUCT. There is a Save/Shop Device in there. There 
    is a Med to Regina's right - don't get it yet - explore the room first 
    for the feel of it. Return to the Medpak and pick it up. Boost up - get 
    good at boosting and walking - you'll do yourself a favor. Regina makes 
    her way up and around to another MedPak and another jump. (Being able to 
    walk, boost and fire may come in handy in a sec. It's a big-time drag to 
    fall back down to the floor and have to do it all over again.) Often a 
    crock will attack as your in the process of boosting. Once you get to 
    the pillar that bubbles, you want to shoot out the leg. Boost up to the 
    door and enter. A lever to your right - pull it! You may not need it, 
    but if you fall to the floor and have to go all the way around again, 
    you'll appreciate the elevator in this room. Make your way over to Alec, 
    get the plug and be thankful it's not Regina. Return to the WATER 
    CIRCULATING SYSTEM CONTROL ROOM and plug that plug hole with the plug, 
    please. Now that the aquaducts are open, we are on the end-side of this 
    level, sloshing to meet the End Boss. We want Sweet Cakes to get her 
    buttocks to the COOLING AQUADUCT. If you have been using the A.Launcher 
    like I have, you only have 8 rounds left, so, load up before you head to 
    the Boss. If you've been using the Needle gun, then you can hold off. 
    Consider saving and filling up your Grenade. Depending on how good of a 
    shot you are and how many times you get hit, this could take a while. 
    There will be Meds. strewn about. Take the lift up, follow the hall all 
    the way around to the gates and on to the suit. Pick up the Edwards City 
    Card and continue. Another Dino File, #17 (Plesiosaurus). A big MAMA 
    JAMA if I ever saw one. Ride the lift down and enter the 3RD ENERGY 
    REACTOR. Now, for safty sake, we're going to deal with Nessie first, 
    then explore. If you continue to walk straight ahead, you'll enter a 
    long aisle. This is the safest place to battle Long neck. Proceed only 
    far enough into the aisle to see the other end, look up and wait for her 
    to swing around and bare down on you. When you first see her, press 
    ready. When her mouth is close, open fire. If you do it right, you'll 
    see a 630 point register on the screen. If you can react quickly, 
    release another round, 420 points, swing around (R2) and let another go 
    at her belly before she disappears around the corner. That'll give you 
    another 420 points. Turn and walk to the opposite end of the aisle, turn 
    and move back into view of the aisle before she can make her return. 
    Follow the same M.O. as first mentioned. If you have been aiming well, 
    you can take her down in 4 shots total. The last one will total 10K + 
    EPs. So the coast is clear - let's see what we can see. OK, there ain't 
    much to see. Climb up, then, and take all the Meds you find, if you can 
    carry them. Turn South, boost up and up, dead end, turn North, boost and 
    continue. Regina should be facing North now, looking at a jump forward 
    and up to another walkway. This is where the shutters were blocking your 
    escape from this level. They were lowered when Nessie passed on. Ride 
    the elevator to the surface and exit this level.
    Another leg of the game has been completed. 
      Congratulations, you are now at the CITY FRONT DOCK. Regina is in 
    quite a hurry, leaving without Dylan like that. That's ok, though, we 
    want to get Dylan inside the ship and do some needed weapons upgrading.
      Access the Save/Shop Box - there are new weapons. The Chainmine at 12K 
    EPs spits out a series of mines and the Anti-Tank Rifle at 38K EPs has 
    some very heavy firepower - devistating to anything in it's path. Light 
    Armor 35K EPs has been added to the TOOLS SERVICE. Again, if you are 
    taking big hits, this will lower the damage. Before you leave the Ship, 
    switch weps to the AT Rifle. Now, go to Edwards City. Enter CITY 
    FRONT/HAUL ROAD. Enter the door on the left, CONTAINERS AND MATERIALS 
    YARD. This is a Save/Shop area. It also contains an Allosaur. The AT 
    Rifle slaps them around and calls them Susan. Run toward the opening, 
    let Albert run by you, turn and fire at him from behind - at most, five 
    rounds. I don't recommend saving here if you're playing in hard mode. It 
    seems as if the game punishes you for saving and calls all the raptors 
    to lunch. If you're getting good at killing, then by all means, save. In 
    normal mode, the room stays clear and you may leave unmolested. When you 
    get out to the Haul Road, turn North and proceed to the trucks on your 
    left. There's another Dino File File #20 (Inostrancevia, Low crawlers).
      Turn east and head for the ivy-covered gate. Enter LAKESIDE - Dylan 
    meets up with Regina. They discover that Dave has been marking the trees 
    with urine again, so they split up YET AGAIN to look for Dave and make 
    him stop peeing on the trees. I would switch weapons to the Solid Cannon 
    for this next run. Have I mentioned that I hate Oviraptors? Make your 
    way through LAKESIDE 1 and 2 to CAVE 1. Switch weps to AT Rifle and 
    Chainmine. See the funny colored rock? Approach it and hit "O", the sub-
    weapons action button. If you're into point-gathering, you will use the 
    Chainmine to roll the low crawlers and the AT Rifle to finish them off. 
    There are a few off-branches in the caves that don't go anywhere. 
    They're short, so you won't waste too much time if you get lost. One or 
    two of them have MedPaks, like the first fork you run past. Leave them - 
    it's not worth the mines to get at them. Proceed through the caves from 
    Cave 1 to 3. You'll come to the first fork in the cave. Bear left and 
    climb the ladder. Bear right after the two Inostrancevias and climb the 
    ladder. There will be a boulder on the right and an INO bearing down on 
    you from the left. Use the Chainmine on the boulder and proceed. The 
    path will branch off to the left. Continue in a straight line, always 
    looking for Dave's mark on the wall. Don't fear, though, all caves end 
    up in the same place - a Save/Shop area.
    Climb down the ladder. You'll approach two boulders - blow the left one 
    with the brown over it's top. Continue and stay to the left at the next 
    fork. You start to see some light and grass or moss on the ground. Pass 
    through the gate and enter COMMAND ST, INNER COMPOUND. Save here - 
    there's a grueling march for the next 5 minutes without being able to 
    save, so do it here.
      Dylan climbs to the top of the ladder. He meets up with Regina and 
    they get cornered by a whole nest of Alberts. You'll take turns 
    protecting each other while the other runs the Dino gauntlet. Good 
     Your best bet to survive the first half of this gauntlet without 
    needing many MedPaks is to stand still, fire the flare gun and let the 
    Dinos get pounded by Dylan's Artillery fire, then move to the next 
    obstacle. When Regina makes it up to the last cannon, this section is 
    over. Now prepare for the second half of the gauntlet. This will be the 
    Triceratops run. Climb down the ladder to the next area. There is a 
    Save/Shop box. Save again, please. Pick up the Dino File File #17 
      Run out past the gate to the buildings to start the next half of the 
    gauntlet - the Triceratops run. This isn't very difficult, but it can be 
    a little deceiving - the Triceratops hit the jeep on off cadence, so you 
    can get hit when you don't think it's possible. Also, be prepared for 
    the 2nd animal to run in from the opposite side of the road to slam the 
      The up-coming CGI is some of the coolest FMV I have ever seen. How 
    they figured out how to make the grass sway like that from the rocket 
    percussions was incredible. Having all those objects moving at once was 
      When all is said and done, Dylan, Regina and Dave meet in the Living 
    quarters area. The Chopper is smoking in a pile. They agree to separate 
    and look for anything to assist in their escape. Get Dylan poking around 
    into everything. He'll find another Dino File, File #16 (Oviraptor) near 
    the overturned jeep with the bodies next to it. Continue through this 
    area till you see ROBSON'S STORE. Enter - it's a Save/Shop area. There 
    are some things in here you will need, so search them up and get back 
    outside. File #7, (the Shop Owner's Papers), a small MedPak and the 
    LIVING QUARTERS KEY. Back outside, you'll be hassled by more Dactyls, so 
    pull out the old Solid Cannon. Lay down covering fire so that Dylan can 
    head west to the door. Pass through it into the LIVING QUARTERS 2 area. 
    Switch weapons if you like - the AT Rifle does well against the Ovis. If 
    you have any shot gun rounds left, use some of them up. Otherwise, keep 
    the Cannon. There is another (locked) door, at the end of this alley and 
    a Med up on the porch's flat roof. Use the LIVING QUARTERS KEY. 
      Once on the other side, you'll have another of these weird little 
    shooting games. This time, however, you'll be driving a tank, fending 
    off Blinky and trying to get to the other side of the lowering drop 
    gate, and another level Boss.
    You can drop him a few times if you're lucky enough to hammer him good 
    in the moosh. But, I find that I survive the conflict much better if I 
    use the Sub weapon on Blinky and keep the turret on the containers. When 
    I run out of containers, I swing onto Blinky and use the big gun on him. 
    You get points for stunning him, anyway. If you set off the subs at the 
    right time, you can stay relatively healthy for the duration.
     LET'S DANCE!!!
      So, you're alive and on the other side of the gate. There's more 
    debris all over the place - start looking for goodies. Ah! the fabled 
    Gas Mask! At last, now we can go somewhere else that's stinky. Head 
    toward the (cut scene)- YIKES!! it's Exploding Disc Boy. Why, Tank you, 
    Paula! Regina shows up. Hmmm, still no Dave. OH, bloody hell - violin 
    music. Dylan is laying another sob story on Regina. Please, can we go 
    back to the boat now? I need to have my eardrums cauterized!
     Congratulations, you've completed the third leg of the game!
      Back at the ship, get Regina to save and check out the Save/Shop Box. 
    The TOOL SERVICE has another addition - the EPS GOLD CARD. It is 
    supposed to double the amount of EPs you get for the kills you make. You 
    should have quite a large stash of EPs now. There shouldn't be a problem 
    for you to buy any of the protective body gear, if you haven't already. 
    So, now that you're all loaded up and ready to go, let's get back to the 
      Get Regina up onto the DOCK and over to the Southwesy Gate. Stun that 
    mutha open and hit the happy trails of Dino Land. Before you exit the 
    second gate, load up with the heavy machine gun or the twins. (You can 
    run with the twins but not with heavy mach.). It's slow going with the 
    Machine gun. If you're doing well and feel confident, use the twins or 
    the 45. Enter the MARSH POISON PLANTS/SOUTH AREA. Watch out for the 
    Ovis. At the fork, turn South and climb down the POISON GAS AREA. Beat 
    feet to the WASTE DISPOSAL CHAMBER. Move to the Save/Shop Box and load 
    up Meds and ammo, then save. If you didn't have the twins out and you 
    did purchase them at the beginning of the game, pull them out now.
     Raptors will be coming from all sides here. You want to be looking for 
    a set of stairs. Ready? Exit the Green door east of the Save/Shop Box 
    and locate the stair. Once you're through the door at the bottom of the 
    stairs, search the room. You're going to find the 3RD ENERGY DISC and 
    the final Dino File, File #23 (Gigantosaurus). (You'll be glad you got 
    all of the Dino Files at the save portion at the end of the game.) In a 
    moment, you will exit back out the room. (It's the only thing you can do 
    anyway.) Climb back up the stairs and watch a fun cut scene. See Blinky 
    get his come-upance from the truly big boy in the 'hood. Before you 
    leave this room, switch weps to the 45. Now go watch the meat show. 
    After Regina runs back to the room, (cut scene) Dylan pops in and they 
    decide to sabotage the missle because it's self-activated from the 
    damage - whatever. Regina jumps onto the lift and drops down to MISSLE 
    SILO INSIDE so she can stop the launch. As she lands, she finds out all 
    hell is breaking loose in the silo area. El Gigante is doing the 
    Macarena and disturbing everyone's siesta. There are active gas posts at 
    two points on the walkway. You must open them and ignite the gas in the 
    face of El Gigante. This will take six gas shots in the face to 
    charbroil him. I wish we had a rotisserie big enough to hold this bad 
    boy. Now you must deal with one of those Shorting control panels to 
    activate the lifts. This one is from hell. It's much harder than the one 
    in the 3rd Energy Sub Level Elevator Area because there are more panels 
    and they are placed in a line that turns at a right angle between panel 
    3 and 4. Once you have this done, head up to the top of the gantry and 
    disable the launch sequence. When you're done with this, head back to 
    the surface level. El Gigante wakes up and rampages one last time before 
    knocking the missle out of the gantry and killing him. Regina is now in 
    the LAUNCH CONTROL ROOM. Have her save. Now you are going to run a 
    gauntlet of Inostrancevia. (I suggest loading up the Chainmine and using 
    it to flip the low crawlers out of the way.) If you're hogging points, 
    you'll want to finish them off with the AT Rifle. You will enter the 
    BACKDOOR ACCESSWAY 1. Head South and turn west to a door leading to 
    ACCESSWAY 2; get there in one piece. You'll then travel west and make a 
    turn South at the end of Accessway 2. Exit to LAUNCH SITE BACKDOOR 
    ENTRANCE and a short boat ride to the RIVERSIDE FRONT OF WATERGATE, 
    where you'll spend some time in a Dino shoot, protecting the meal du 
    jour, Dave. Yup, he shows up long enough to get tenderized for lunch. 
    (Another point - rack up for the last push to the finale.) It's not like 
    you really need any more EPs; you should be swimming in them by now.
      Congratulations on completing the fourth leg of your journey down 
    Inostrancevia lane.
     Dylan takes a swim and rolls up on the shore of the JUNGLE UNKNOWN 
    AREA. Paula is there waiting for him and wants to show Daddy the 
    etchings at her place. This area is crawling with Oviraptors. They come 
    from all directions, often at the same time. If you try to turn Dylan to 
    face Ovis one at a time, Paula will take heavy damage and may not make 
    it. If you're good with the controls, you can get her there with 
    moderate to heavy damage, but make it none the less. A fellow Capcom 
    poster suggested a way that I like very much and works well. Stay behind 
    Paula and keep your fav weapon at the ready, pointed at her. Do not let 
    the R1 button go, except for when you are forced to spin out to follow 
    her as she moves on. This technique works very well and I have been able 
    to get her to the wall often, with minimal damage. (Maybe one or two 
    hits, at most.)
     I add this to his design. I prefer the Solid cannon. It's lingering 
    effects kill even after you have fired. As long as you point at Paula, 
    she will remain mostly untouched. There is a dangerous interface at the 
    wall. If there is a chance to have her hurt, it is here. When she begins 
    to climb the wall, have Dylan switch to the AT Rifle and run to the 
    Ladder. (The Solid Cannon is good for close up killing but the ATR kills 
    at long distance and you will need it here.) When this happens, one of 
    two scenarios can take place. One part always occurs - an Ovi pops out 
    from the bushes near the ladder. Spin Dylan and fire, eliminating this 
    target. A second Ovi will appear on the elevated walkway where Paula has 
    climbed up, so Dylan must quickly climb up and fire on the second Ovi.
     Occasionally, a second Ovi appears at the base of the Wall and jumps 
    the distance as Dylan is climbing the ladder. Or, the Ovi is already at 
    the top of the wall and attacks Paula as soon as she stands. This is the 
    only time Paula takes any damage in this section of the game when I 
    play. I estimate that out of ten games using this tech, five are no-
    damage runs, three are one to two hits and two are three to four hits - 
    those are "Cluster" days. 
      The Solid Cannon works quite well with the Tower setup, too, in the 
    FACILITY AREA FRONT. The Cannon allows you to continue running while 
    shooting and lowering your time. If you're still hurting for EPs, and/or 
    low on Meds, then use the ATR - you'll rack up some big EPs for 
      Setting the towers is a simple matter of climbing the center ladder 
    where Paula climbed. Have Dylan climb and run into the invisible sheild. 
    This will make it visible and start the Tower setup. Now climb down and 
    run, either to the Green east or Yellow west tower and activate it by 
    standing in front of it in the lined walkway leading up to it and press 
    X (action button). I suggest that you turn and climb the nearest ladder, 
    and do the accompanying tower. The lower Green tower has the upper Red 
    tower. The lower Yellow Tower has the Upper Blue tower. Do them 
    together, so as to cut down your time. When done, climb up the central 
    ladder and operate the Control console.
     Enter the FACILITY ENTRANCE. There is a File - File #10 
    (Superintendent's Will). Continue through the glass doors and blue 
    walkway to the SUPERINTENDENT'S ROOM. Sitting on the center console is 
    your final file, File #11 (Noah's Ark Plan).
     You now have a total of 27 Files: 11 Dino Files and 16 Researcher, 
    Military, Manager and other miscelaneous Files.
      Proceed to the Save/Shop Box near the door you will use to exit this 
    room and save your position. You should have something like, at a 
    minimum, 100K EPs, so fill up on all the Large MedPaks you can carry. If 
    you have any Small Meds., use them up to make room for Large Meds. Trust 
    me! Now, if you Pop up to the Weapons window, you'll find that a Rocket 
    Launcher for 50K EPs might come in handy. Truthfully, you don't need it. 
    Basically, you'll be spending all your time running and pushing buttons 
    and healing yourself to worry about shooting at the bane of your 
    existance, your worst nightmare of the moment.
      Consider that the EPs don't roll over to the next game. Only one thing 
    rolls over, and we'll get to that when the time comes. Right now, we 
    gotta gear and psych Dylan up for the FINAL CONFLICT!!! So, you have all 
    the Large Meds you have room for. You did or you didn't buy the 
    Launcher. (There are a few spots to get a shot in, but it's less than a 
    gnat to him.) If you get a good square shot on him, you'll pull 1200 
    EPs; a decent shot, 600. Make sure you save here because you won't get 
    another oportunity to save. If you flake in a few minutes and begin to 
    cluster all over the place, you'll wish you had saved here now, so DO 
      Blow this dump and enter the LARGE LABORATORY HALL. Continue down the 
    flights of stairs to Paula (big cut scene). Dylan explains much to 
      When the cut scene is over, follow Paula to the large doors. 
      "It's deep breathing time, Bleeds." What's ahead of you is not long 
    and drawn out, although it may seem that way. There is an excellent FMV 
    of the satellite's priming and ignition sequence. I think they let us 
    down on the Gigantosaurus death scene, though. The CGI quality went way 
    down at this point. Well, let's get on with it then, eh?
     Enter the OVERSIZED TRANSPORT CHAMBER. When you are released from the 
    first of the cut scenes, you will be facing east. If you bought the 
    Launcher and armed yourself with it before entering the OT Chamber, pump 
    one into Gigante's face. Run to the walkway and run it's whole length, 
    do not lallygag - no sight-seeing and no bumping into anything. El 
    Gigante is not forgiving. Make your way to the central computer. When 
    you are released from the cut scene, pump another one into Big G. The 
    coundown timer will be visible. Turn west, run to and activate the 
    EMERGENCY CONTROL TERMINAL to connect the communication line to the 
    Anti-Satellite. When completed, pump another one into G; this is where 
    you may begin to get insessantly pounded, mercilessly. Turn east and run 
    your buttocks off to the second suspended walkway. Remember to keep an 
    eye on your health. It should soon be apparent why you loaded up with 
    the Large Meds. Run South on it to the opposite side of the room, turn 
    west and run to and activate the CONTROL PANEL for getting the targeting 
    computer to lock on El Gigante. Your next to last bit of control in this 
    game is about to come to an end. Your next to last task is: to return to 
    the central computer and energize the whole system for the light show. 
    Keep your eye on your health - you don't want to have to restart now, so 
    keep Dylan healthy. Can anyone tell me how the heck Dylan survives being 
    so close to all that heat? I have played this game 12 times on normal 
    and 6 on hard, and sometimes I can do this area with, maybe, two or 
    three Meds. Other times, Gigante relentlessly hammers Dylan into the 
    pavement. I end up using nearly every Med I have. I adamantly refuse to 
    use the resuscitation paks. You get one in your inventory at game start 
    but you must be careful not to use one by mistake. It will put you back 
    to the beginning of your current conflict as opposed to keeping you 
    where you are.
      When the smoke clears, pick Dylan up and get his Gluteus Maximus 
    moving out of this pit. WHOA!!! would you look at that hole!!! There's 
    only about 3 plus minutes left to get everything in order. SCOOT! 
      Paula, Dylan and Regina reunite in the 3rd Energy Generator room. 
    Paula gets trapped under a fallen electronics tower, Dylan tells Regina 
    what to do and sends her off through the gate. All Hell breaks loose! 
    One thing to notice folks - one tiny ray of sun shining down on this 
    tragic moment; time appears to stop for a fraction of a second before 
    the camera pans up and out for the big explosion. I believe that Regina 
    makes it back to normal time, somehow builds another Vortex generating 
    device and returns a bubble to the precise area where Dylan and Paula 
    are crouched, removing them from the horror. Who knows, maybe she saves 
    all the children from the stasis tubes in the Large Laboratory Hall as 
    well. I can hope, can't I???
      So the game is over and you're wondering, "What the heck was all that 
    about?"  Well, everyone has their own opinions on the subject, as do I. 
    Remember the old saying; "One thing about opinions and buttholes, 
    everyone's got at least three???" You don't have to agree with them, or 
    they with you, just don't get too worked up about it. Hopefully, if 
    Capcom wishes to do their customers any favors, not to mention justice 
    to the story, they'll have a sequel to DC2 that will explain some of the 
    missing info about the history and chronological events leading up to 
    ARK and Dylan's involvement with it.
      The credits are running by and some tres cool effects are running 
    behind them. One of my faves is the Dino walking with the credits 
    rolling over it's hide. I love the way DINO CRISIS rolls over and up. I 
    snagged that shot with a capture prog and used it as a sig pic for a 
     At the end of all the credits, the ranking screen pulls up. You will 
    get one of three background pictures - one of Paula, one of Regina and 
    one of Dylan. I'll leave the experience of the visions to you. 
      The top line on the ranking window gives your total game time in 
    hours, minutes and seconds. The second line gives your Extinction Point 
    total. The third line reads the number of Dino Files collected. Your 
    total will read 11/11 and below this it will read, "collection 
    complete". That's a good thing. Lastly, on the lower right side of your 
    screen, you have your ranking. This will range from a BIG FAT "D", being 
    the lowest rank, all the way up to a BIG FAT "S", being the highest 
      Now hit "X"; when you do, you'll be notified that you will now be 
    packing the Platinum EPS card on your future outings in the future 
    Jurassic, Cretaceous or whenever it is. This entitles the bearer to 
    unlimited ammunition for all purchased weapons.
     OH, YEAH!!! "X" again to go to your Memory card, in whatever slot you 
    have it in. I like to save in the 1st position on the card, for quick 
    starts. Save your game. We have so many games at the house now that we 
    use some memory cards just to store completed games and two to play and 
    save intermediately throughout the game. It works well when you are 
    cascading one save after another. (Just in case you miss something and 
    have to go back. Who wants to restart a quarter of the game back? 
    Losing, in some cases, 30 to 60 minutes of play because you forgot to 
    get the battery or the Key Card in the pond. (shudder) I hated it when 
    that happened.
     Well, that's all folks. I hope the walkthrough was informative and 
    enjoyable at the same time, without being too over the top. I'll be 
    scraping up a DC2 speed game in the near future.  If these two are 
    accepted, then I'll have a matched set of DC walkthroughs.
     It was much easier to write the DC2 version. The practice from the 
    first two helped in the perspective department. I'm learning how to 
    spell and punctuate, so that makes IMOKRU's job easier, which translates 
    into a happier IMOKRU. Not having to spend so much time correcting work 
    from one of "Jerry's Kids" was easier on her. After all, I would grovel 
    and mule at her feet around 9:30 to 10:00 at night, right after she gets 
    home from work, dead on her feet, tired to da bone, and she would do a 
    bunch of pages 'til her eyes crossed.
     She didn't yell at me at all this time - I think the prozac in her 
    coffee really works!!! I'll know for sure when she gets to this part of 
    the walkthrough. I figure as long as I have some space between us, and 
    handy access to the front door, she can't catch me. I'm still faster 
    than she is, although I haven't figured out the part about how to get 
    back in the house. Maybe I'll make sure to have company over - she 
    wouldn't do anything rash in front of company, I hope.

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