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    Perry Saturn by JPeeples

    Updated: 12/15/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Move List
    3. Copyright information
    4. Special Thanks
    Section 1: Introduction
    This is my move list for Perry Saturn in the newest WWF PlayStation game, WWF 
    SmackDown 2: Know Your Role.  I've been a fan of Perry Saturn's for over four 
    years now; I consider him to be one of the top 20 wrestlers in North America.  
    Here's a brief list of major titles that he has held: 
    ECW Tag Team
    USWA Tag Team
    WCW TV
    WCW Tag Team
    WWF Hardcore
    WWF European
    I'm going to try and keep my move list format identical to the one used in the 
    Create A Superstar mode, I figure that, even though it'll take me more time to 
    do it, it will make the document easier for both me, and you, the reader to 
    Section 2: Move List
    Ready Moves- Facing your opponent
    Circle - Irish Whip 
    Down + Circle - Falling Neckbreaker 
    Left + Circle - Gangrel Suplex 
    Up + Circle - Club to Neck 
    Right + Circle - Wrist Clutch Suplex 
    Circle - Irish Whip 
    Down + Circle - Northern Lights Suplex 
    Left + Circle-  Suplex to Front Slam 
    Up + Circle - Standing Crossface 
    Right + Circle - T-Bone Suplex 
    Ready Moves- Attack
    X - Austin Punches 
    Down + X - Sweep 
    Left + X - Spinning Back Kick 
    Up + X - Shuffle Side Kick 
    RIight + X - Low Kick 
    Ready Moves-Grapple/ Behind
    Circle - Irish Whip 
    Down + Circle - Atomic Drop 
    Left + Circle - Back Drop 
    Up + Circle - Release German Suplex 
    Right + Circle - Bulldog
    Ground Attacks
    Grapple: Upper
    Circle - Raise Opponent Up 
    Down + Circle - Pin 
    Left + Circle-  Armbar 
    Up + Circle - Mounted Punching 
    Grapple: Lower
    Circle - Raise Opponent Up 
    Down + Circle - Pin 
    Left + Circle - Toss 
    Up + Circle - Knee Stomp 
    Right + Circle - Ankle Lock 
    X - Angry Stomp 
    Up or Down + X - Leg Drop 
    Left or Right + X:  -Double Knee Drop
    Turnbuckle Attacks
    Upper: Facing
    Circle - Irish Whip 
    Up or Down + Circle - Frankensteiner 
    Left or Right + Circle - Shoulder Thrust 
    Upper: Behind
    Circle - Irish Whip 
    Any direction + Circle - Super Back Drop 
    Circle - Raise Opponent Up 
    Any direction + Circle - Choke 
    Run to Lower
    Circle - Knee Attack
    X - Knee Drop 
    Down + X - Test Diving Elbow 
    Left + X - Flying Clothesline 
    Up + X - Twisting Body Attack 
    Right + X - Double Axe Handle 
    Running  Grapple
    Circle - Neckbreaker Drop
    Any direction + Circle - Rolling Clutch Pin 
    Running Attack
    X - Power Clothesline 
    Any direction + X - Spinning Wheel Kick 
    Any direction + Circle - Bulldog 
    Running Move Counter
    Circle - Backflip to Pancake 
    Any direction + Circle - Spinebuster 
    Double Team/ Turnbuckle Attacks
    Circle: Irish Whip 
    Down + Circle - Spine and Neck Breaker 
    Left + Circle - Mudhole Stomping 
    Up + Circle - High Angle and Body Drop 
    Right + Circle - Body Splash and Whip 
    Special - L1 (on mat, near head) Rings of Saturn 	
    Section 3: Copyright Information
    	This document was created on December 15,2000 by Jeremy Peeples.  I will 
    allow this guide to be posted at gamefaqs.com.  If you have any questions about 
    the guide feel free to e-mail me at JPEEP2000@aol.com, please include a subject 
    line, I will automatically delete any e-mail that lacks one.  Also, please 
    refrain from sending me spam, chain letters, viruses, etc.
    Section 4: Special Thanks
    To Yukes for developing this fine game.
    To THQ for publishing this game.
    To Perry Saturn.com, for the title history.
    To CJC for posting this (hopefully.) 	

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