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    Val Venis by JPeeples

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    Val Venis Move List for WWF SmackDown 2.
    Table of Contents
    I - Introduction
    II- Move List
    III- Copyright Information
    IV- Special Thanks
    Section I: Introduction
    This is my move list for Val Venis in the newest WWF PlayStation game, WWF
    SmackDown 2: Know Your Role.  Iíve been a fan of Val Venisí for over 2 years. 
    He has held numerous championships in the WWF, here is a list of the titles
    heís held:
    WWF European
    WWF InterContinental (2)
    Section II: Move List
    Ready Moves-Grapple Facing Your Opponent
    Circle - Irish WhipDown + Circle - Scissor SweepLeft + Circle - Arm WrenchUp
    + Circle - Eye RakeRight + Circle - DDT
    Circle - Irish Whip Down + Circle - Fisherman SuplexLeft + Circle - Double
    Arm SuplexUp + Circle - Stomach CrusherRight + Circle- Spinebuster
    Ready Moves- Attack
    X - ChopDown + X- ClotheslineDown/Left or Down/Right + X- Toe KickLeft + X -
    Austin PunchesUp/Left or Up/Right + X - Elbow SmashUp + X: Double Axe
    HandleRight + X - Kane Throat Thrust
    Ready Moves- Grapple Opponent- Behind
    Circle - Irish WhipDown + Circle - German Suplex PinLeft + Circle - Russian
    Leg SweepUp + Circle - Octopus StretchRight + Circle - Blue Thunder Pin
    Ground Grapple- Upper
    Circle - Raise Opponent UpDown + Circle - PinLeft + Circle - Knee SmashUp +
    Circle - Mounted PunchingRight + Circle - Reverse Chin Lock 
    Ground Grapple - Lower
    Circle - Raise Opponent UpDown + Circle - PinLeft + Circle - Leg LockUp +
    Circle-  Knee StompRight + Circle - Kick to Leg
    Ground Attack
    X - Angry StompUp or Down + X - Double Knee DropLeft or Right + X - Elbow
    Turnbuckle Grapple
    Upper: Facing
    Circle - Irish WhipUp or Down + Circle - Mudhole StompingLeft or Right +
    Circle - Superplex
    Upper: Behind
    Circle - Irish WhipAny Direction + Circle - Super Back Drop
    Lower Turnbuckle Grapple
    Circle - Raise Opponent UpAny Direction + Circle - Foot Choke
    Run to Lower
    Circle - Knee Attack
    X - Elbow DropDown + X - Knee DropLeft + X - Flying ClotheslineUp + X -
    Elbow DropRight + X - Double Axe Handle
    Running Grapple
    Circle - NeckbreakerAny Direction + Circle - Neckbreaker Drop
    Running Attack
    X - Back Elbow AttackAny Direction + X - Shoulder BlockAny Direction + CIRCLE
    - Bulldog
    Running Counter 
    Circle - Sleeper Hold
    Any Direction + Circle - Spinebuster
    Double Team Moves
    Circle - Irish WhipDown + Circle - Whip and Lay DownLeft + Circle - Mudhole
    StompingUp + Circle - Spine and Neck BreakerRight + Circle - Body Splash and
    L1 (On the top rope): The Money Shot
    Section III: Copyright Information
    This document was created by Jeremy Peeples on December 20, 2000.  I will allow
    this guide to be posted at gamefaqs.com.  If you have any questions about the
    guide feel free to e-mail me at JPEEP2000@aol.com, please include a subject
    line, I will automatically delete any e-mail that lacks one.  Also, please
    refrain from sending me spam, chain letters, viruses, etc.
    Section IV: Special Thanks
    To Yukes for developing this fine game.
    To THQ for publishing this game.
    To Val Venis, for being a great wrestler.
    To CJC for posting this (hopefully.)
    To you, for reading this.	

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