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    Steve Austin by RedClyde

    Version: 5.5 | Updated: 07/27/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       Console: Playstation
       Info: 1-4 Players, 1 Memory block save, Action/Wrestling Game
       Author: RedClyde(Renato Farias)
       E-Mail: darkslide2001@hotmail.com
       Created: 12/24/00
       Last Update: 7/27/01
       Version: 5.5
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     The toughest SOB in the history of the WWF has returned after almost a
     year of being run down by Rikishi and the mastermind behind it all,
     Triple H. However, Austin 3:16 never left our Playstations!
     He has the most devastating finisher in the game, and probably possesses
     the toughest computer AI. This short guide lists all of "Stone Cold"
     Steve Austin's moves and some other info about him.
     Height: 6'02"
     Weight: 252
     Fighting Stance: Stone Cold
     Ring In/Out Move: Normal
     Entrance Music: Stone Cold
     Entrance: Stone Cold
     Winning Move: Stone Cold Special
     Starts in: WWF CHAMPIONSHIP category.
     From: Victoria, Texas
     Favorite Quote: "And that's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold said so!"
     Career Highlights: WWF Champion(4), Intercontinental Champion(2), Tag Team
     Champion(3), 1996 King of the Ring Winner, 1997 & 1998 Royal Rumble Winner
     Ready Moves:
     Irish Whip   - O
     Club to Neck - Up + O
     Side Buster  - Down + O
     Scoop Slam   - Left + O
     Knee Attack  - Right + O
     Irish Whip  - O
     Jaw Breaker - Up + O
     Piledriver  - Down + O
     Stunner     - Left + O
     Suplex 1    - Right + O
     Behind Moves:
     Irish Whip         - O
     Sleeper Hold       - Up + O
     Russian Leg Sweep  - Down + O
     Back Drop          - Left + O
     Bulldog            - Right + O
     Strike Attacks:
     *Standing Opponent*
     Austin Punches - X
     Overhand Punch - Up + X
     Clothesline    - Down + X
     Snap Jab       - Left + X
     Elbow Smash    - Right + X
     Body Punch     - Up & Left/Right + X
     Toe Kick       - Down & Left/Right + X
     *Downed Opponent*
     Angry Stomp       - X
     Angry Stomp       - Up/Down + X
     Austin Elbow Drop - Left/Right + X
     Ground Moves:
     *Upper Body*
     Pull Opponent Up - O
     Mounted Punching - Left/Right/Up + O
     Pin              - Down + O
     *Lower Body*
     Pull Opponent Up - O
     Knee Stomp       - Up + O
     Kick to Groin    - Left + O
     Leg Lock         - Right + O
     Pin              - Down + O
     Running Attacks:
     Power Clothesline - X
     Shoulder Block    - Up/Down/Left/Right + X
     [Front] Lou Thesz Press (weak)   - O
     [Front] Lou Thesz Press (strong) - Up/Down/Left/Right + O
     [Behind] Bulldog - O, Up/Down/Left/Right + O
     Opponent Stopped at Ropes:
     Guillotine - O, Up/Down/Left/Right + O
     *Opponent Facing You*
     Irish Whip      - O
     Foot Choke      - Up/Down + O
     Shoulder Thrust - Left/Right + O
     *Opponent's Back to You*
     Irish Whip - O
     Beat Head  - Up/Down/Left/Right + O
     *Opponent Sitting in the Lower Turnbuckle*
     Pull Opponent Up - O
     Knee Attack - X
     Foot Choke       - Up/Down/Left/Right + O
     *Off The Turnbuckle Moves(You jumping off)*
     Diving Elbow       - X, Up + X
     Elbow Drop         - Down + X
     Flying Clothesline - Left + X
     Double Axe Handle  - Right + X
     Opponent Running Counterattacks:
     Monkey Toss        - O
     Shoulder Back Toss - Up/Down/Left/Right + O
     Double Team Attacks:
     Headbutt to Groin      - Up + O
     Spine and Neck Breaker - Down + O
     Mudhole Stomping       - Left + O
     Body Splash and Whip   - Right + O
     L2                      - Taunt Stone Cold
     Up/Down/Left/Right + L2 - Taunt Christian
     *Groggy, Standing Opponent*
    -= Stone Cold Stunner =- L1
     To do the Stone Cold Stunner, your opponent must be groggy, standing up, and
    you must be facing them.
    ////Unlocking Steve Austin////
    To unlock Stone Cold, you must first enter Season Mode and play for one month.
    at the end of the first month, you'll have your first PPV, Backlash, and guess
    who makes an appearance there: Stone Cold! At the beginning of the second
    month you can now select Austin in Exhibition and Season Modes.
        General Tips for Using Austin
     When you use Austin, you should try to knock your opponent down with a
    Clothesline or a Shoulder Block. Once they're down, keep doing Diving Elbows
    or Mounted Punches until they get up or roll away. This should get you a 
    bunch of red. Repeat this process to quickly access the Stone Cold Stunner.
     Austin comes equipped with a sub-special, the Stunner. It's another version
    of the Stone Cold Stunner, mainly the one he does on TV where the people just
    fall, and don't flip all over the place. It's less powerful, but late in the
    match this can knock out someone easily. If you do this move, and you see the
    opponents leg _lined up straight_ on the mat, quickly pin them! Nine of ten
    times you'll get a three count. This sometimes doesn't work, but if they're
    really knocked out, it'll work.
     When the opponent is cornered at the turnbuckle, you might want to take the
    Shoulder Thrusts over the choke because it leaves them open for another attack
    on the lower turnbuckle. If they do fall on the lower turnbuckle, don't do the
    running knee! It's weak. Instead, grapple them normally to choke them with
    your boot.
     When outside the ring, whip your opponents into the protective railing, then
    while they're down do Diving Elbows or Mounted Punches to build up your red 
    bar. If you're by the announcement tables, your best bet is to knock the 
    opponent down, then climb the table and do Diving Elbow Drops off it rather 
    than breaking through it.
     If you happen to find yourself behind your opponent, your best bet is a
    Bulldog*. It'll knock them down, and they'll most likely roll away, and get
    themselves in a perfect position for a Clothesline or Shoulder Block. When
    you're behind someone, however, it's a bad idea to press O and Up. It'll
    slap on a Sleeper Hold which will give only slight red, and might get you hit
     When you finally get your special, the Stone Cold Stunner, what should you
    do? Easy. Either Clothesline or Shoulder Block the opponent down(Shoulder
    Block is more effective) then quickly pull them up and hit L1.
    *I take no responsibility if you misinterpret my sentence and actually bring
    in your bulldog who shreds your Playstation to bits. Thank you.
        The Rope Break
     The Stone Cold Stunner is like a double-edged sword. On one hand, you have the
    most damaging move in the game. In the other hand, you have the move that is
    the trickiest to avoid having your opponents landing in a rope break zone. To
    avoid this, estimate where your opponent will land. If you think he'll land in
    a rope break, then don't do the Stone Cold Stunner yet(you might want to do the
    normal Stunner, though:). But to understand where your opponent lands, you
    must first know the path in which they go after the Stone Cold Stunner. Let's
    say you are standing in the middle of the ring, looking to the south, or the
    bottom of your screen. Your opponent is directly opposite of you, looking to 
    the top of your screen. He's groggy and you do the Stone Cold Stunner. He will
    flip toward the top-right turnbuckle. Remember that movement. You might want
    to do a few practice matches in different places to get the hang of where your
    opponents go. Your opponent will always go a little to the right of where you
    are facing when you land the Stunner. *But not directly to the right* You'll
    know when you've mastered the direction, which is  about a half of a fourth of
    a circle/one-eight/around 45 degrees of where you are facing when the Stunner
    is landed. I know I'm repeating myself but the movement is important to
    winning match. It won't make a match, but it'll help a lot. Once you've
    mastered your Stunner direction, rope breaks will happen much less.
     But no one is perfect, and it will happen sooner or later. What do you do
    then? It's rather simple, and I was able to get a shocked look on the face of
    my friend when he thought he was out of the hook but then I pinned him out of
    the rope break zone he was in.
     When you land the Stone Cold Stunner, your opponent will flip to direction
    you're facing, and to the right. If he lands in a rope break zone, there are
    specific spots where you should pin him to get him out of the rope break
    zone. If the opponent's legs are the only part of their body touching the
    ropes, pin his lower body. This will push him away from the ropes while
    pinning. If his head is touching the ropes, then pin his upper body. Any other
    way he lands, pin his lower body. It has a higher chance of not letting him
    stay in the rope break zone.
     If you know any other "rope break-breaking" stratagies, feel free to e-mail me
    them. I'll give you full credit in the Credits section.
    --=|||Things not to do...|||=--
     - - Austin is not a submissionist! - -
    He's not! You may have seen him put on a Sharpshooter or something on TV, but
    in this game(and in his nature), Austin has never been a submissionist(that
    is, with the exception of his rivalry with Bret Hart). Austin's strongest
    submission is probably the Sleeper Hold. Not very powerful, is it? When using
    Austin, go for power, not technique.
     - - Don't Waste Stunners! - -
    If you're outside the ring in a match where the only way to win is pinfall
    (or knockout) inside the ring, don't do a Stone Cold Stunner! Unless you're
    not serious about winning, just one Stunner can mean a lot. Especially in a
    30-minute Iron Man Match against your most skilled friend.
    Prima's Official Guide - for correct spelling and moves I never use, and his
    career highlights
    Anyone - for not writing a Stone Cold move guide before me :)
    GameFAQS - for posting this short guide
    This document Copyright 2000-2001 RedClyde.

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