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    Rock by RedClyde

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 07/27/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       Console: Playstation
       Info: 1-4 Players, 1 Memory block save, Action/Wrestling Game
       Author: RedClyde(Renato Farias)
       E-Mail: darkslide2001@hotmail.com
       Created: 12/28/00
       Last Update: 7/27/01
       Version: 2.5
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     Only a few years ago, chants of "Rocky Sucks" bounced off the walls of
     wrestling arenas. No one ever expected he would rise up to be the most
     electrifying man in sports entertainment!
     Possessing the most electrifying moves in sports entertainment today, The
     People's Elbow, and The Rock Bottom, and wrapping it up with The People's
     Eyebrow, he is a fine choice in Smackdown 2, and an electrifying athlete to
     watch in real life.
     Height: 6'05"
     Weight: 275
     Fighting Stance: The Rock
     Ring In/Out Move: Normal
     Entrance Music: The Rock
     Entrance: The Rock
     Winning Move: The Rock 2
     Starts in: WWF CHAMPIONSHIP category.
     From: Miami, Florida
     Favorite Quote: "If you smell what The Rock is cookin'!"
     Career Highlights: WWF Champion(5), Intercontinental Champion(2), Tag Team
     Champion(4), 2000 Royal Rumble winner
     Ready Moves:
     Irish Whip     - O
     Overhand Punch - Up + O
     DDT            - Down + O
     Scoop Slam     - Left + O
     Suplex 1       - Right + O
     Irish Whip         - O
     Oklahoma Slam      - Up + O
     Shoulder Breaker 2 - Down + O
     The Rock Bottom    - Left + O
     Jump Swinging DDT  - Right + O
     Behind Moves:
     Irish Whip        - O
     Sleeper Hold      - Up + O
     Atomic Drop       - Down + O
     Back Drop         - Left + O
     Russian Leg Sweep - Right + O
     Strike Attacks:
     *Standing Opponent*
     The Rock Punches 1 - X
     Double-Axe Handle  - Up + X
     Clothesline        - Down + X
     Chop               - Left + X
     Elbow Smash        - Right + X
     The Rock Punches 2 - Up & Left/Right + X
     Toe Kick           - Down & Left/Right + X
     *Downed Opponent*
     Angry Stomp    - X
     Elbow Drop     - Up/Down + X
     The Rock Stomp - Left/Right + X
     Ground Moves:
     *Upper Body*
     Pull Opponent Up - O
     Mounted Punching - Up + O
     Pin              - Down + O
     Knee Smash       - Left + O
     Sleeper Hold     - Right + O
     *Lower Body*
     Pull Opponent Up - O
     Knee Stomp       - Up + O
     Leg Lock         - Left + O
     Sharpshooter     - Right + O
     Pin              - Down + O
     Running Attacks:
     Clothesline 1  - X
     Shoulder Block - Up/Down/Left/Right + X
     [Front] Neckbreaker        - O
     [Front] Rolling Clutch Pin - Up/Down/Left/Right + O
     [Behind] Facecrusher 2 - O, Up/Down/Left/Right + O
     Opponent Stopped at Ropes:
     Throw to Rope - O, Up/Down/Left/Right + O
     *Opponent Facing You*
     Irish Whip      - O
     Superplex       - Up/Down + O
     Shoulder Thrust - Left/Right + O
     *Opponent's Back to You*
     Irish Whip - O
     Beat Head  - Up/Down/Left/Right + O
     *Opponent Sitting in the Lower Turnbuckle*
     Pull Opponent Up - O
     (Running) Knee Attack - X
     Foot Choke       - Up/Down/Left/Right + O
     *Off The Turnbuckle Moves(You jumping off)*
     Knee Drop         - X
     Elbow Drop        - Up/Down + X
     Missile Dropkick  - Left + X
     Double Axe Handle - Right + X
     Opponent Running Counterattacks:
     Samoan Drop          - O
     The Rock Spinebuster - Up/Down/Left/Right + O
     Double Team Attacks:
     Spike Piledriver       - Up + O
     Hip Throw              - Down + O
     Mudhole Stomping       - Left + O
     Body Splash and Whip   - Right + O
     L2                      - Taunt The Rock 3
     Up/Down/Left/Right + L2 - Taunt The Rock 2
     *By Opponent's Head When He is On The Mat*
     The People's Elbow - L1
        General Tips for using The Rock
     The Rock has two useful running attacks, the Clothesline and the Shoulder
    Block. These two moves leaves you right above the opponent where you can
    quickly pull him up and do a groggy move. This effect is much easier to do
    with the Shoulder Block.
     The Rock has the Sharpshooter, a good submission move. So sometimes when the
    opponent is down, you might want to slap on a Sharpshooter for a chance at
    submission. Just watch out for rope breaks!
     When you're behind the opponent, go for the Facecrusher(running grapple)
    Back Drop(left + O), or Russian Leg Sweep(right + O). The other two behind
    moves are bad.
     Whenever you get face to face with an opponent and must act quickly, just go
    for a DDT(down + O) or a Scoop Slam(left + O) since they leave you in an
    advantageous position afterwards. When the opponent is groggy, go for the
    Rock Bottom.
     The Rock Bottom is a perfect move for The Rock. This is because, not only is
    it powerful, but it also leaves The Rock at the perfect position to do the
    People's Elbow. So when you lock in the Rock Bottom, you might as well start
    tapping the L1, because once The Rock gets up, you'll be able to do it. Also
    note that you can do the Rock Bottom on tables by pressing either Left + O or
    Right + O.
     The People's Elbow is a move that is guaranteed not to land in a rope break
    zone, unlike the Stone Cold Stunner. So you don't have to worry about rope
    break avoidance. Right after the People's Elbow, just pin the guy. You're
    likely to get a three-count.
    --=|||Things not to do...|||=--
     - - Bad People's Elbow Usage - -
    When you're in a match that has more than 1 opponent(Triple Threats,
    Fatal-Four Way, Battle Royal, etc.) don't do the People's Elbow. The computer
    seems to be driven to break it up. You might get lucky and land it, but most
    times you'll just be wasting it. If it's a Battle Royal, wait until two people
    have been eliminated, leaving only you and one other person. Then knock them
    down with a Clothesline, Shoulder Block, Rock Bottom, or any other move and
    do the People's Elbow for the win.
     - - The Toughness of the Spit Punch - -
    Landing the spit punch combo is tough. It'll most likely get interrupted by 
    your opponent. Don't try it often. Only if you're not serious about winning or
    are ahead of your opponent.
    Prima's Official Guide - for correct spelling and moves I never use, and his
    career highlights
    GameFAQS - for posting this short guide
    WWF.com - for more info about him
    This document Copyright 2000-2001 RedClyde.

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