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    Pete Gas by Evil_Bleys

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    Pete Gas FAQ for
    Smackdown 2: Know Your Role
    By: Evil_Bleys
        Table Of Contents
    I.	Introduction
    II.	Bio
    III.	Moves
    IV.	Credits
    V.	Legal Stuff
    I.	Introduction
    Hi everyone! My name is Evil_Bleys, and this is my first FAQ ever!
    I am an avid wrestling fan, and I love wrestling video games, especially 
    Smackdown 2: Know Your Role, so I only saw it fitting that my first FAQ
    Be about this great game!
    II.	Bio
    Real Name: Peter Gasparino
    Wrestling Name: Pete Gas
    Height:??? (under 6'0" that's all I know)
    Weight: I imagine he's a lightweight, but actual figure never released
    Birth date: May 29th
    Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut 
    First WWF appearance: Wrestlemania XV
    Real Finisher: Gas Mask
    Smackdown 2 Finisher: Full Nelson Drop
    Pete Gas first appeared at Wrestlemania XV when Shane McMahon brought his 
    three friends Pete Gas, Joey Abs, and Rodney into the WWF. These three 
    newcomers formed the Mean Street Posse, a collection of rich, privileged boys 
    from Greenwich. Most of the Posse's career in the spotlight was spent either 
    beating up X-Pac or Test, and in early 2000 the Posse disappeared, and they 
    are supposedly training to get better (because let's face it the sucked). In 
    Smackdown 2, Pete Gas is probably the only remotely good member of the Posse 
    and that's why I'm writing my FAQ about him!
    III.	Moves
    U = up
    D = down
    L = left
    R = right
    O = Circle
    X = "X"
    WR = While Running
        Striking moves
    X = Chop
    D + X = Clothesline
    L + X = Buh Buh Ray Punches
    U + X = Overhand Punch
    R + X = Toe Kick
    Ready Moves
    D + O = Arm Wrench
    L + O = Snapmare
    U + O = Club to neck
    R + O = Knee Attack
     O = Irish Whip
        Groggy Moves
     D + O = Arm wrench
     L + O = Snapmare
     U + O = Eye Rake
     R + O = Shoulder Breaker
     O = Irish Whip
        Rear Grapples
     D + O = Reverse Pin
     L + O = Back Drop
     U + O = Sleeper Hold
     R + O = Bulldog
       Oponent On Mat (Upper Body)
      O = Pick up
     D + O = Pin
     L + O = Knee Smash
     U + O = Mounted Punches
     R + O = Sleeper Hold
      Opponent On Mat (Lower Body)
      O = Pick up 
    D + O = Pin
     L + O = Toss
     U + O = Knee Stomp
     R + O = Kick to Leg
     Opponent On Mat (Striking)
    X = Angry Stomp
    D or U + X = Angry Stomp
    L or R + X = Elbow Drop
     Opponent Clinging To Ropes
    O = Guillotine
      Turnbuckle Moves (opponent facing you)
    U or D + O = Shoulder Thrusts
    L or R + O = Choke
     O = Irish Whip
     Turnbuckle Moves (opponent's back to you)
     U, D, L, or R + O = Beat beat
       0 = Irish Whip
     Turnbuckle Moves (opponent slouched on Lower Turnbuckle)
     U, D, L, or R + O = Choke
      X (WR) = Knee to Face
      High Flying Moves
    X = Elbow Drop
    D + X = Knee Drop
    L + X = Front Dropkick
    R + X = Double Axe Handle
     Front Running Grapples (all Done WR)
     O = Neckbreaker
     L, R, U, or D + O = Lou Thesz Press
     Rear Running Graggles (All Done WR)
    L, R, U, or D + O = Bulldog
    Running Strikes (all Done WR)
     X = Clothesline
     L, R, U, or D + X = Shoulder Block
     Running Counter (done when opponent is running at you)
    O = Monkey Toss
    L, R, U, or D + O = Samoan Drop
    Double Team Moves
    O = Irish Whip
    D + O = Whip and Lay Down
    L + O = Mudhole Stomps
    U + O = Stomach Crusher
    R + O = Whip and Splash
     Finisher (Done Behind Groggy Opponent)
    L1 = Full Nelson Drop
    IV.	Credits
    First of all, I would like to thank all of you for reading my FAQ. I would 
    also like to thank the people who made the Prima Strategy guide, for without 
    their help I would not have names for half these moves! I would also like to 
    thank THQ and the WWF for putting together this Great Game!
    V.	Legal Stuff
    This Publication is copyright 2001 by me, if you see it on any website 
    other than GameFAQs.com, please tell me by e-mailing me at 
    Evil_Bleys@Yahoo.com Thank you!!!!!

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