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    Wrestling Guide by BOBHEAD

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    Made by BOBHEAD(Ian M.)
         Table Of Contents      
    	1. Introduction
    	2. Copyright
    	3. Strategies Guide
    	4. Tips And Tricks
    	5. The End
        1 Introduction          
    Anyway, This Guide is kinda unique in quite a few ways that you will notice as
    you read on. First, it doesn't include the stuff that most guides do. This
    guide is just a description of the matches and features, Then the main part is
    a whole bunch of tips, strategies, and stuff for just about every single match
    in the game. Another difference that you will see in the copyright, is that,
    well... there's no copyright. That's explained in the first ever copyright
    section without a copyright.
    You know the junk that is in the beginning of every guide so I don't need to
    type it (this is my first guide, etc.)
    So this is basically the free alternative to buying a strategy guide.
        2 Copyright             
    This document Copyright 2001 Ian M.
    I really don't care what you do with this FAQ as long as:
    You tell me (you don't need permission, I just need to know about it).
    I'm given credit where credit is due.
        3 Strategies Guide       
    Here's the juicy stuff...
    It's listed by the match, first a description, then tips and strategies.
    The matches are listed in the same order as in the booklet that comes with the
    game. But the actual descriptions and strategies ARE NOT COPIED FROM THE
    BOOKLET. That's because the booklet is garbage, isn't very helpful, that's why
    I wrote this in the first place, to do what the manual didn't. ANYWAY...
    	One on One, just you and your opponent, normal rules apply
    	(tap outs/submissions, ropebreak, pinfalls, etc...) Selecting WITH MANAGER,
    	will allow each Superstar to be 	accompanied with the manager of their
    	choice, your/their manager will help you/them when you/they are in trouble
    	Selecting	NO MANAGER will be a normal match 	with, uh... no manager.
    	Basically, this is a race to see who fills up their special meter first, if
    	you're using a Created Wrestler, try to follow his category:
    	- If he/she is a speedy pull of a bunch of running moves and turnbuckle
    	  moves, using grapple moves to make them groggy, then an aerial move
    	- If he/she is a powerful, do the opposite, pull off all the grapple moves
    	  you have using a few running moves and aerial moves to leave them groggy,
         In other words, Power wrestlers should stay on the ground at all costs,
    	while speedy wrestlers should try to stay on the move, using quick aerial
    	moves, and running moves, to keep them groggy, then pulling off a few
    	grapples at a time. 
    	This is the STRATEGIES I was given but not the one I use, I just try to keep
    	them groggy as	long as I can, since the most damaging moves can be done when
    	your opponent is groggy, I also live on aerial, corner, and running moves.
    	Since aerial moves can be done quickly it's the easiest place to do a lot of
    	IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though you should try to get a finisher dot ASAP,
    	DO NOT USE it right	away, weaken your opponent a bit first, because the
    	weaker they are, the more damage your finisher does.
         TAG TEAM           
    	A two on two match. Have 2 tag teams compete against each other, either with
    	rules (two people in the ring at once) or in a TORNADO TAG where everyone
    	fights at	the same time. To tag your opponent, press R1 + the direction that
    	your partner is in (left or right). Other than the addition of a tag partner
    	on each side, the rules are the same as in a single match.
    	Follow the same strategies as in a single match with a few additions:
    	- Though they are cool and very damaging, don't live on double team moves,
    	  because repeatedly doing double team moves slowly uses up your own
    	  wrestlers' energy.
    	- You should however do at least 3 double teams per match.
    	- Stay away from your opponents corner at all costs. Like I said,
    	  double teams are very damaging, 1 or 2 strong ones, can put you away for
    	  the match.
    	- If you have an aerial move ending in a pin, use it. What I do
    	  is to throw your opponent into your corner, run to them and about halfway
    	  there, press [] this will cause your superstar to leap frog your opponent,
    	  at the same time stunning them long enough for you to perform the desired
    	  aerial move. And since you did this in your corner, your opponent's partner
    	  has to travel a lot of ground to break up the pin.
    	- For TORNADO TAG matches, instead of trying to pin them, use a submission,
    	  the CPU doesn't break up submissions, for some reason, so you can use a
    	  submission w/o having to worry about your opponent's partner.
    	Again, same as Single match with a few exceptions: First, is the fact that
    	weapons litter	the ring, and that each superstar starts with a weapon in
    	their hand. Second is falls count anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE. And no DQ,
    	you can put them through tables, etc...
    	Yet again, follow the same strategies as in a single match, with the
    	following	additions:
    	- Don't overuse weapons, there's no reason, just don't.
    	- Rather than putting a weapon down, throw it (with []). If it hits the
    	  opponent it doesn't do much damage, but putting down leaves you wide open
    	  to running/grapple moves, while throwing it is much quicker with less
    	  recovery time.
    	- Don't forget about the other 15+ backstage areas that you can use to cause
    	- If you don't like the weapon you have in your hand, go outside the ring,
    	  and stand right next to the apron, there, you press R1 + the direction of
    	  the apron and you will switch your weapon with another.
         ANYWHERE FALL          
    	Exact same as hardcore, except there are no weapons in or outside the ring,
    	you must go back stage to find them
    	Same strategies as hardcore, no additions
    	1 ON 2, 1 ON 3, or 1 ON 2 WITH TAG TEAM RULES. Only one opponent must be
    	eliminated to win. Besides the added partner(s), the rules are the same as
    	in single.
    	The following strategies DO NOT apply to 1 ON 2 WITH TAG TEAM RULES.
    	- It might seem weird but just pick one opponent and fight him, ignoring the
    	  other wrestlers, regardless of what they do. Fighting this one person use
    	  the strategies given for single matches.
    	- NEVER attempt to pin your opponent, use submissions instead, for some
    	  reason, the CPU never tries to break up a submission.
    	The following strategies apply ONLY to 1 ON 2 WITH TAG TEAM RULES.
    	- In this case just follow the strategies given for TAG TEAM
    	If you are the one with the partner(s), and the advantage. then:
    	- Follow the strategies given for SINGLE
    	A tournament of 8 matches, the one who wins all 3 of their matches is the
    	winner of	the tournament, and is then pronounced "King of The Ring". Each of
    	the matches can be either a regular single match, or a SPECIAL match (these
    	types of matches are explained later in this section)
    	Like I said this is just a tournament of single or special matches, so you
    	just	have to follow the STRATEGIES given for the match you get.
    	30 superstars compete in an "every man for himself" style match, 4 people
    	start the	match in the ring, 30 seconds after a wrestler is eliminated,
    	another wrestler comes in, this continuing until only one superstar is left
    	uneliminated. A superstar is eliminated only by going over the ropes and
    	having their feet touch the floor, no DQ, no pinfalls, or submissions!
    	If you are one of the first 13 people to enter the ring:
    	- No matter what they do to you, DO NOT FIGHT BACK! If the CPU tries to
    	  fight you, just ignore him/her, sooner or later, another of the people in
    	  the ring will start attacking hime/her for you. If you fight back chances
    	  are you will be too weak to face the other 15+ wrestlers there are left!
    	- Stay in the center of the ring, if you are near the ropes, two punches or
    	  kicks can put you out of the match. If you're in the center of the ring
    	  however if someone tries to whip you to the ropes, a lot of people will
    	  have to get out of your way before you will reach the ropes, and if/when
    	  you do reach the ropes you will have enough control over yourself to keep
    	  from going over the ropes.
    	If you are between number 14 and 23 to enter the ring:
    	- Use a few grapple moves to leave a wrestler groggy long enough to be
    	  thrown over the ropes.
    	- If the wrestler you're using has the Choke Toss or other move that can
    	  easily throw someone over the ropes, use it. Since all you have to do is
    	  do the move, it is the most dependable, and the quickest way to eliminate
    	If you are one of the last 7 people to enter the ring:
    	- Learn to quickly lay the smackdown on your opponents.
    	Regardless of when you come in:
    	- Try to practice hanging on to the ropes when being thrown out, what I do
    	  is press [] just as you're going over the top, and then O just before you
    	  reach the bottom rope.
    	3 wrestlers in an every man for himself match. Same rules as single with the
    	addition of the 3rd person. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE ELIMINATED TO LOSE THE
    	MATCH! In order to win YOU must be the one to eliminate another person. If
    	one of the 2 other people eliminate each other, you still lose.
    	Since you can't let anyone else eliminate anyone, this is kind of a
    	difficult match.
    	- As in royal rumble strategies, regardless of what the CPU does to you,
    	  ignore them, sooner or later, the third wrestler will start attacking
    	- Aerial moves that aren't grapple style, and instead simply attack (like
    	  dropkick) are very useful in these types of matches, when the other
    	  wrestlers are attacking each other, do your dropkick(or whatever you have)
    	  to the person that DID the move, NOT the person that the move was don
    	  too, as most people might assume, this weakens both of them, making your
    	  job easier.
    	- when the other opponents are beating each other up repeatedly tap L2
    	  (taunt) to grow on your special,
    	- once you have at a finisher dot, pick one opponent, and help him beat up
    	  the second opponent, once this second opponent is weak enough, do your
    	  finisher, on the opponent that you were helping just a second ago. And pin
    	  the 3rd opponent, or better yet, do a submission to the opponent that you
    	  did your finisher too, for some reason, the CPU never breaks up
    	  submissions, and any time a wrestler is "truly groggy" (arms and legs are
    	  spread slightly apart) he/she will automatically "tap out" in submissions.
    	Same rules as triple threat match. But this time with 4 people. Again,
    	- Just pick one opponent, and fight him/her, ignoring the others. As soon as
    	  this opponent is "truly groggy" (limbs spread apart) do a submission on
    	  him/her. For some reason, the CPU doesn't break up submissions.
    	Similar to Fatal 4-way, with one exception: Unlike the Triple Threat and
    	Fatal 4-way, the match continues, until only one superstar is left
    	Standing in the ring
    	- Simply hang around near the ropes, if one of the other wrestlers try to
    	  fight you, fight back, but don't get to caught up in the action, as you
    	  will be too weak to keep from getting eliminated later on(since everyone's
    	  trying to eliminate everyone else, sooner or later, they'll all team up on
    Note: All of these are singles matches, just with a different way to win. And
    the strategies are the same as the ones given for singles matches, so i just
    left a few tips under each match.
    	Basically, a no DQ match with only one way to win: Offensively put your
    	opponent through a table.
    	Just use the most damaging moves you have to quickly weaken your opponent,
    	then	throw them on the table and press O, or a direction + O, to do a
    	grapple move through the table. Or, if you're fast enough, you can throw
    	them, on the table. then do an aerial move through it before they move out
    	of the way!
    	ALSO: if you pick TORNADO TAG, it will be a TABLE TORNADO TAG, where the
    	first person from one team to put any person in the other team, through a
    	table is the winner, this can become really chaotic, so my personal strategy
    	is to fight outside, and when	your opponent is knocked out, go back inside
    	to help your partner, and throw his opponent outside and just wait inside
    	until someone comes in (or after recovering and taunting, go outside).
    	It may seem kinda stupid, but the "throwing your opponents inside/outside
    	the ring gives you and your partner a chance to recover a bit.
    	A single match with completely different ways of winning, there are no
    	pinfalls,	submissions, and it's no DQ. In order to win you must set the
    	ladder up in the ring climb it and press O to grab the belt (suspended over
    	the ring).
    	- You can follow the strategies given for single matches, and then once
    	  they're weak enough, climb the ladder,
    	- Or just throw/knock them outside, and climb the ladder.
    	This is just like a ladder match except chairs and tables can be found in
    	and around the ring, and can be used any way you want.
    	Follow the strategies given for the ladder match, but putting them through
    	the table will definitely give you time to climb the ladder.
    	A singles match where you have to throw your opponent into the casket, and
    	get it to close, to score the victory.
    	Use the strategies given for table, but once they're weakened, throw them
    	into	the casket, press X a few times to attack them, and the lid magically
    	appears and the casket magically closes.
    	The ring is surrounded by a cage, the first one to climb out is the winner.
    	To climb the cage, press R1. To shake the cage, simply repeatedly punch/kick
    	it (with X). Though it is not difficult, it is very easy to lose since you
    	only have	to be groggy for like 4 seconds, and by then your opponent will
    	have climbed the cage. Use this to your advantage by pulling off a string of
    	aerial moves, and then performing your wrestler's favorite move. Remember,
    	since it only takes 4 seconds	to climb the cage, being shook off of it will
    	leave you groggy long enough for your opponent to climb the cage. So if your
    	opponent is about to shake you of the cage, press R1 to jump back to the mat
    	so that no damage is done.
         HELL IN A CELL
    	The cage is given a roof making the ring completely enclosed. Normal rules
    	apply (pinfalls, submissions, etc) but with no DQ.
    	To get outside the HELL IN A CELL, run towards the center panel on either of
    	the 4 sides, and press [], once outside climb to the top for some fun!
    	- Try to keep the action inside the ring until you have earned at least 1
    	  finisher dot.
    	Climb the HELL IN A CELL, the same way you climb the turnbuckle (/\ + the
    	- Don't get obsessed with trying to put your opponent through the cage,
    	  as it doesn't cause as much damage as you would think.
    	To climb down from the top, press R1 + the direction.
    	- If your opponent is already on the top don't climb down, since the CPU will
    	  probably never follow you down, instead he'll stay up there taunting to
    	  grow on his special.
    	- Instead throw them off, since they won't climb back up unless you do(or if
    	  you don't get down before they wake up).
         I QUIT
    	A no-rules, no-holds-barred, match where the only way to win is to get your
    	opponent to "say" "I quit".
    	As soon as you do your finisher, pick up the microphone(R1), and stuff it in
    	his face(down + O), if he can't reply (which he can't if he's groggy from
    	your finisher)	he automatically "gives up"
         IRON MAN
    	Basically a normal match, except, one victory isn't enough... There is a
    	30 min. time limit. The superstar with the most victories at the end of
    	these 30 minutes is the winner.
    	Again, this is just a normal match, but with a time limit, so just follow the
    	strategies given for SINGLE.
    	Also just a normal match, except the referee is now visible and able to
    	participate in the battle, to cause one of the wrestlers to lose...
    	Since this is just a normal match with the addition of a guest referee, you
    	again just follow the strategies given for SINGLE. If you're the referee...
    	press L2 for each count (during a pin, or when someone's outside).
    	Special credit to Jim Ross (commentator in WWF) for the name of this match...
    	You have 10:00 min to beat as many wrestlers as you can(by pinfall or
    	submission). You start in a one on one match once your opponent is
    	eliminated another takes his place. This continues until you are eliminated.
    	Finisher's ending in a pin are VERY useful in this match, you start with all
    	your	finisher dots available, SO USE THEM! When you run out of finisher dots,
    	use powerful moves THAT DON'T TAKE TOO LONG!
         4 Tips And Tricks
    a. Season Mode Help
    b. Wrestling Help
    These are all tricks, tips and stuff that have to deal with season mode:
    Unknown A - Rick Flair
    Unknown B - Kevin Nash
    Unknown C - Scott Hall
    Unknown D - Bill Goldberg
    Unknown E - Sting
    Unknown F - "Hollywood" Hogan
    Unknown G - Jeff Jarrett
    Unknown H - Scott Steiner
    Unknown I - Super Delphin
    Unknown J - Manami Toyota
    Unknown K - Diamond Dallas Page
    Unknown L - Booker T
    Unknown M - The Great Muta
    Unknown N - Japanese Shoot Wrestling Collection
    Unknown O - Naoya Ogawa
    Unknwon P - Masahiro Chono
    Unknown Q - Jushin Thunder Liger
    Unknown R - (All Japan Pro Wrestling) Big Van Vader
    Unknown S - Mitsuharu Misawa
    Unknown T - U.S. Shoot Wrestling Collection
    Unknown U - Terry Funk
    Unknown V - Ernest "The Cat" Miller
    Unknown W - "Orange Crush" Kenta Kobashi
    Unknown X - The Big Show
    Unknown Y - Ken Shamrock
    Unknown ZS- Sgt. Slaughter
    Unknown ZB- Bob Backlund
    Unknown ZJ- Jerry "The King" Lawler
    Unknown ZA- Andre the Giant
    These are all little tips and tricks when in matches, sort of an addition to
    the strategies in the previous section.
    	If your favorite move is an aerial move for when the opponent is down, here
    	is an easy way to get into that situation.
    	- Throw your opponent into the corner
    	- Run towards them and press [], remember to press [] early enough so that
    	  your wrestler's head will be all the down when you reach your opponent in
    	  the corner
    	- Your wrestler will jump over your opponent and at the same time push your
    	  opponent to the ground before then automatically climbing the turnbuckle
    - IRISH WHIPS...
    	Here are all the things you can do before you let them go after an irish
    	- To whip them and make them come back to you, press O twice.
    	- To whip them and make them come back into your elbow, press O, then X.
    	- To whip them and make them stop, leaving you behind them, press O, then [].
    - "ROPE MOVES"
    	A lot of people have asked how to do their "rope" moves, where you jump
    	off of/over the ropes:
    	- To do one move, run to the ropes and hold the direction you're going in,
    	  just before you hit the ropes, press X.
    	- To do your other rope move run towards the ropes and press [], a bit before
    	  you hit the ropes press X. Remember to press [] early enough so that your
    	  head will be down all the way when you press X.
    	Here are 2 hidden backstage areas (there might or might not be more):
    	- To access the shower room, enter the room directly to the left (I think its
    	  the dressing room) and whip your opponent into the wall directly across
    	  from the gym equipment. A large hole should appear, then a red arrow,
    	  follow the normal procedure of switching rooms to go through the hole.
    	- To access the boiler room, in the basement (b1) go the area where people get
    	  attacked in season mode, from there you should see a door, whip your
    	  opponent into the fence directly to the right, and a large hole should
    	  appear, you know what to do from here.
         5 The End
    Final Words...
    ... To THQ for making what, in my opinion, is the best wrestling game ever!
    ... To Gamefaqs for being possibly the best game-help site ever.
    	and for hopefully accepting this guide.
    ... To me for taking the 2 days it took to write this!
    ... To the manual that came with the game for being so crappy that I decided
    	to type this.
    I can be reached at the WWF SMACKDOWN 2 board at GAMEFAQS. I am known there
    as BOBHEAD so if you have a question for me write
    in the topic title so that I can recognize it easily when looking through
    I DO NOT CARE FOR CAWs, I MAKE MY OWN! And they aren't any imitations.
    This document was made by Ian M. copyright... uh none, made on
    Sunday, January 21, 2001.
    This document Copyright 2001 Ian M.

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