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    Mick Foley by Chilly McFreeze

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/05/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    WWF Smackdown 2 for Sony Playstation
    Mick Foley Character FAQ
    By Mason the Mutilator
    Created: 8/5/01
    Last Updated: 8/5/01
    Version: 1.0 
    Copyright info: This guide ("Mick Foley Character FAQ") is copyright 
    2001 Joe Bowgett.  This guide may be distributed freely as long as it 
    is not in anyway edited and is NOT charged for.  No profit must be made 
    from this guide.  However the only sites it may be published on are 
    Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com) and my own site 
        1: Bio
        2: Moves
        3: Tactics
        4: Acknowledgements
        Name: Mick Foley
        Real Name: Mick Foley
        Aliases: Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love
        Hometown: East Setauket, Long Island, New York
        Weight: 297 lbs.
        Height: 6'2"
        Finishing Move: The Mandible Claw
        Catch Phrase: "Have a nice day!"
        Carreer Highlights: World Heavyweight Champion: 3 Times
                            Tag Team Champion: 8 Times
                            First WWF Hardcore Champion
                            WWF Commissoner
         Front Dropkick: Down + X
         Toe Kick: Down-Left/Down-Right +X
         Chop: Left + X
         Double Axe Handle: Up-Left/Up-Right + X
         Clothesline: Up + X
         Body Punch: Right + X
              DDT: Down + O
              Scoop Slam: Left + O
              Club To Neck: Up + O
              Knee Attack: Right + O
         Front, Opponent Groggy:
              Double Arm DDT: Down + O
              Trapping Headbutts: Left + O
              Pulling Piledriver: Up + O
              Drop Suplex: Right + O
              School Boy: Down + O
              Back Drop: Left + O
              Reverse DDT: Up + O
              Facecrusher 1: Right + O
    Opponent On Ground:
              Angry Stomp: X
              Leg Drop: Up/Down + X
              Elbow Drop: Left/Right + X
              At Head:
                   Camel Clutch: Left + O
                   Big Splash Pin: Right + O
              At Feet:
                   Toss: Left + O
                   Kick To Leg: Right + O
    Opponent In Turnbuckle:
                   Mudhole Stomping: Down/Up + O
                   10 Punch: Left/Right + O
                   Beat Head: any direction + O
              Choke: Any direction + O
         Run To Lower:
              Knee Attack: X
    Opponent Caught In Ropes: Throw To Rope: Any direction and O
    Opponent Outside, Player at Ropes: Vaulting Body Press: Hold towards
    ropes, quickly press Triangle followed by X
    Opponent Outside, Player Running: Baseball Slide: Square followed by X
    before you reach the ropes.
    Aerial Moves:
         Opponent Standing:
              Flying Clothesline: Left + X
              Double Axe Handle: Right + X
         Opponent Down:
              Knee Drop: X
              Elbow Drop: Down + X
              Diving Elbow: Up + X
              Clothesline 2: X
              Elbow Attack: Any direction + X
              Neckbreaker: O
              Lou Thesz Press 1: Any direction + O
              Bulldog: O (from behind)
    Opponent Running:
         Sleeper Hold: O
         Powerslam: Any direction + O
    Special Move: Mandible Claw: L1 to a groggy opponent
    Foley's most powerful move is his Double Arm DDT.  Use this whenever 
    your opponent is groggy (to groggy your opponent, pick him up off of the
    floor or hit him with a toe kick).  Foley also has an excellent finisher 
    (The Mandible Claw), and applying it will usually result in the victory 
    (either from a submission or a pin applied straight afterwards).  The 
    only real tactic with Foley is to beat your opponent until you earn a 
    Smackdown dot and apply the Mandible Claw on the first opportunity you 
    www.wwf.com for providing biographical infomation of Mick Foley.

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