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    D'Lo Brown by Chilly McFreeze

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/06/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    WWF Smackdown 2 for Sony Playstation
    D'Lo Brown Character FAQ
    By Mason the Mutilator (supersonic_723@yahoo.com)
    Created: 8/5/01
    Last Updated: 8/5/01
    Version: 1.0 
    Copyright info: This guide ("D'Lo Brown Character FAQ") is copyright 
    2001 Joe Bowgett.  This guide may be distributed freely as long as it 
    is not in anyway edited and is NOT charged for.  No profit must be made 
    from this guide.  However the only sites it may be published on are 
    Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com) and my own site 
        1: Bio
        2: Moves
        3: Tactics
        4: Acknowledgements
        Name: D'Lo Brown
        Real Name: 
        Aliases: None
        Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
        Weight: 268 lbs.
        Height: 6'3"
        Favorite Quote: "You Better Recognize"
        Finishing Move: 'Lo Down
        Career Highlights:  Intercontinental Champion
                            WWF European Champion (4 times)
         Jumping Calf Kick: Down + X
         Toe Kick: Down-Left/Down-Right +X
         Austin Punches: Left + X
         Double Axe Handle: Up-Left/Up-Right + X
         Shuffle Side Kick 1: Up + X
         Chop: Right + X
              DDT: Down + O
              Hard Scoop Slam: Left + O
              Side Buster: Up + O
              Suplex 1: Right + O
         Front, Opponent Groggy:
              Running Powerbomb Pin: Down + O
              Whirl Sideslam: Left + O
              Sky High: Up + O
              Pendulum Backbreaker: Right + O
              School Boy: Down + O
              Back Drop: Left + O
              Sleeper Hold 1: Up + O
              Atomic Drop: Right + O
    Opponent On Ground:
              Angry Stomp: X
              Angry Stomp: Up/Down + X
              Leg Drop: Left/Right + X
              At Head:
                   D'Lo Leg Drop: Left + O
                   Reverse Chin Lock: Right + O
              At Feet:
                   D'Lo Texas Cloverleaf: Left + O
                   Kick To Leg: Right + O
    Opponent In Turnbuckle:
                   Shoulder Thrust: Down/Up + O
                   Frankensteiner: Left/Right + O
                   Beat Head: any direction + O
              Foot Choke: Any direction + O
         Run To Lower:
              Knee Attack: X
    Opponent Caught In Ropes: Thow To Ropes: Any direction and O
    Opponent Outside, Player at Ropes: Vaulting Body Press: Hold towards
    ropes, quickly press Triangle followed by X
    Opponent Outside, Player Running: Baseball Slide: Square followed by X
    before you reach the ropes.
    Aerial Moves:
         Opponent Standing:
              Front Dropkick: Left + X
              Spinning Wheel Kick: Right + X
         Opponent Down:
              Twisting Body Attack: X
              Knee Drop: Down + X
              Elbow Drop: Up + X
              Clothesline 1: X
              Dropkick: Any direction + X
              Neckbreaker Drop: O
              Rolling Clutch Pin: Any direction + O
              Facecrusher 1: O (from behind)
    Opponent Running:
         Monkey Toss: O
         Pulling Walk Slam Pin: Any direction + O
    Special Move: The 'Lo Down: L1 to a downed opponent from the turnbuckle
    D'Lo's most effective grapples are the Sky High and Running Powerbomb
    Pin.  Use the Toe Kick or pick them up off the floor to groggy them and 
    then you can hit them with these effective moves.  Once you've earned a 
    Smackdown dot use the Sky High to plant them on the floor somewhere near
    the turnbuckles (but away from the ropes, to avoid rope breaks) then go 
    up top and hit L1 for the 'Lo Down.  Another good way to hit the 'Lo
    Down is to whip them into the corner, run at them and press square 
    before you reach them.  You'll leap frog them onto the turnbuckles and 
    they'll fall over in the perfect position!
    www.wwf.com for providing biographical infomation of D'Lo.

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