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    Goodfather by J.Maxwell

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    WWF Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role
    The Goodfather FAQ/Movelist
    Written by James Maxwell 
    E-Mail: JMaxwell@wi.rr.com
    Copyright 2002
    Table of Contents
    1. Version History
    2. Introduction
    3. Bio
    4. Move List
    5. Credits/Thanks
    6. Copyright
    Version History
    1.0	- Probably all the stuff that will be needed
    I created this FAQ for one simple reason; I want to see FAQ's for every 
    Smackdown! 2 character, and I want to help make it happen. If you notice 
    any mistakes, or you think I should add something, contact me at 
    The Goodfather's Bio
    Real Name: Charles Wright
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 320 Pounds
    From: Las Vegas, Nevada
    Other gimmicks used in the WWF: Papa Shango, "Supreme Fighting Machine" 
    Kama, Kama Mustafa, The Godfather
    Career Highlights: WWF Intercontinental Championship
    From the Right to Censor site:
    The Good Father used to be a sinner like all of you. He used to parade 
    around without a care in the world, exploiting libido for cheap thrills 
    and a quick buck. He was a beloved competitor in the World Wrestling 
    Federation, a former Intercontinental Champion.
    But now he has given that life up. For you see, the "Godfather" didn't 
    really earn his success by pimping "hos," or "ladies" as any moral 
    person would call them. The Godfather earned his success by pimping away 
    his mind, his body and his soul. He gave up everything that is moral and 
    right, and for what? Popularity? Success? What about setting a good 
    example, and being a strong role model for the millions of people who 
    watch World Wrestling Federation programming? What's educational about 
    walking to the ring with scantily-clad women?
    The Good Father has thrown away his gaudy outfits in favor of a shirt 
    and tie. He now fights the good fight, defending what is right in the 
    world through selective censorship.
    The Goodfather's Move List
    Austin Punches - X
    Shuffle Side Kick - Down + X
    Toe Kick - Down/Left + X or Down/Right + X
    Chop - Left + X
    Overhand Punch - Up/Left + X or Up/Right + X
    Clothesline - Up + Left
    Body Punch - Right + X
    Facing the opponent
    Irish Whip - O
    Manhattan Drop - Down + O
    Hard Scoop Slam - Left + O
    Club to Neck - Up + O
    Suplex - Right + O
    Facing a groggy opponent
    Irish Whip - O
    Piledriver - Down + O
    Fall Away Slam - Left + O
    Arm Wrench and Hook Kick - Up + O
    Shoulder Breaker - Right + O
    Behind the opponent
    Irish Whip - O
    Atomic Drop - Down + O
    Russian Leg Sweep - Left + O
    Reverse DDT - Up + O
    Bulldog - Right + O
    Opponent on mat
    Upper Body
    Raise the Opponent Up - O
    Pin - Down + O
    Camel Clutch - Left + O
    Mounted Punching - Up + Right
    Sleeper Hold - Right + O
    Lower Body
    Raise the Opponent Up - O
    Pin - Down + O
    Toss - Left + O
    Knee Stomp - Up + O
    Kick to Leg - Right + O
    Angry Stomp - X
    Leg Drop - Down + X or Up + X
    Elbow Drop - Left + X or Right + X
    Opponent groggy against the ropes
    Guillotine - O
    Turnbuckle Moves
    Irish Whip - O
    10 Punch - Down + O or Up + O
    Back Elbow Strike - Left + O or Right + O
    Opponent facing turnbuckle
    Irish Whip - O
    Beat Head - Any directional button + O
    Opponent down in turnbuckle
    Raise the Opponent Up - O
    Foot Choke - Any directional button + O
    Running at opponent who is down in the turnbuckle
    Knee Attack - X
    Diving Attacks
    Elbow Drop - X
    Knee Drop - Down + X
    Shoulder Block - Left + X
    Elbow Drop - Up + X
    Double Axe Handle - Right + X
    Running Attacks
    Diving Shoulder - X
    Ho Train Attack - Any directional button + X
    Neckbreaker - O
    Rolling Clutch Pin - Any directional button + O
    Running at the opponents back
    Bulldog - O
    Counter attacks (Opponent running at you)
    Monkey Toss - O
    Samoan Drop - Any directional button + O
    Double team attacks (with the opponent in your team's corner)
    Irish Whip - O
    Whip and Lay Down - Down + O
    Mudhole Stomping - Left + O
    Backbreaker and Leg Drop - Up + O
    Body Splash and Whip - Right + O
    Special Move (must fill up Smackdown! Meter)
    Pimp Drop - L1 facing a groggy opponent
    Credits and Thanks
    - Much thanks to CJayC (http://www.gamefaqs.com) for taking the time to 
    post my FAQ.
    You may not re-use, edit, or use this FAQ for you own profit without my 
    Copyright 2002 James Maxwell

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