PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File10/17/02ChandooG131K
10 custom made CAW's and all other wrestlers, parts and moves unlocked. Brock lesnar, RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Chuck, Billy, Bret Hart, Ray mysterio, DDP, Hogan and Rico
Save Game File01/19/01Ghost Rider Fan131K
10 non-wrester caws. Sephiroth, Spawn, Violater, Darth Maul, Pikachu, Ghost Rider, PaRappa, Akuma, Ash (Army of Darkness) and Dr. Doom
Save Game File08/30/02kool_kev5135K
A really cool game save with lots of Created wrestlers including: RVD, Big Show, Shamrock, Goldust, Brock Lesner, Rey Mystrio, The incredible Hulk, some guy named Extreme, Rick Flair, and Scott Hall.
Save Game File11/30/00KasketDarkfyre131K
All Special Characters Unlocked - Match Options Unlocked
Save Game File11/14/01Artynerd131K
AWESOME ECW CAW DexDrive FileRVD, Sabu, Raven Spike Dudley, Rhyno, Raven, Sandman, Justin Credible, Dreamer, New Jack. Complete with movelists, taunts, and stables!
Save Game File07/17/01Ron H131K
DDP and several other created wrestlers.
Save Game File12/03/00Kaijuu131K
Everything unlocked, ten created wrestlers [My main being the current champion], and a few created taunts.
Save Game File01/09/01SephirothFF7131K
Game 100% complete without any Season Mode's started. All secrets unlocked and the original belt holders remain. No created characters, stables, or taunts.
Save Game File01/24/01JPeeples131K
Has 4 CAWs on it. Raven, William Regal, Scott Hall, and Lance Storm.
Save Game File08/03/01JPeeples131K
It contains 10 created wrestlers and most of the Unknown characters.
Save Game File11/19/01escher99131K
WWF wrestlers from yesteryear! Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant, Macho Man, Bret Hart, Million Dollar Man, Mr. Perfect, Jake the Snake, Sgt. Slaughter, and The Undertaker (oldschool). Complete with taunts, stables, an

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