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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ThePyreThatBurns

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    Time Crisis.
    (Imagine ASCII art here if you like.  I'm really not good at that sort of
    Written by Mark Kramer, otherwise known as ThePyreThatBurns
    ---Ye Olde Table of Contents---
    1. Introduction
    2. Controls
    3. Main Characters
    4. Enemies
    5. Walkthrough
    6. Addendum
    7. E-mail and suggestions
    8. Copyright
    9. Acknowledgements
    1. The Introduction. "What was I thinking?"
    Welcome to my Time Crisis: Project Titan FAQ.  This FAQ was born out of a
    conversation that I had on the Time Crisis II board where questions were
    asked on how to beat many of the areas.  After answering a few, I decided to
    recommend an FAQ on the game.  To my surprise, there didn't seem to be any 
    such FAQ.  As I've never written an FAQ before, it seemed like it might make
    an interesting project.  Besides, in my opinion, it's easier to write an FAQ
    for a game that doesn't already have ten or more different FAQs.  It
    certainly makes it easier to stand out.  During this FAQ, I will try to
    refrain from too many plot spoilers but there will be some mild ones.  It is
    a walkthrough, after all.  Consider yourself warned.
    But, what is Project Titan?  Project Titan is a game that was released on
    June, 2001 as something to tide Playstation Guncon fans over after Namco
    decided to bring Time Crisis II to the Playstation 2 instead of the
    Playstation.  While it was a side project due to Namco switching it's
    production over to the Playstation 2, it still has plenty of Guncon goodness
    as well as the return of Richard Miller.
    Richard Miller starts the game as a wanted man.  Framed for the assassination
    of the president of Caruba, Richard Miller has only 48 hours to clear his
    name before VSSE has to turn him over to the government of Caruba.  While
    other men might use things like lawyers or evidence to clear their name,
    they're not THE ONE MAN ARMY....RICHARD MILLER!!!
    2. The Controls. "How to do it to them before they do it to you"
    Obviously, being a Guncon game, the best way to play the game is using a
    Guncon.  I use a Guncon 1 with this game so I cannot vouch how well other
    light guns will work with this game.  The options can be set on screen but
    default is:
    Trigger: Shoot enemies/skip movies/confirm menu selection
    A: Reload/Choose menu options
    B: Pause/Choose menu options.
    The buttons can be switched.  Also, there are two options for the Reload
    button.  The first is that you have to hold the button down while firing at
    enemies and release to reload.  The other option is that you only have to
    hold the button to duck and reload and you release the button while firing
    at enemies.  I personally prefer the second option as I don't like to have
    to hold down the A button while firing and it seems more natural to me to 
    press a button while ducking.  Still, it's a matter of individual preference.
    The second option is to use a standard Playstation Controller.  I have never
    used this option as it seems a little like using a golf club to play hockey.
    For those of who do use the standard controller:
    Square/Triangle=Reload/Choose menu options.
    D-pad=Move Crosshair.
    3. Main Characters.  "People who actually have names."
    Richard Miller:
    The one man army.  Unlike other VSSE agents, Miller has no need for partners.
    Framed for the murder of Xavier Serano, Miller will clear his name the only
    way he knows how ..... by ruthlessly slaughtering any and all cannon fodder
    that gets in his way.  If only the courts really worked this way.
    Xavier Serano:
    President of Caruba that gets shot on Caruban national TV yet nobody bothers
    to check if he's really dead or not.  It's best if you don't think too hard
    about it.
    VSSE agent working undercover in Kantaris' organization.  She has 
    information that could help clear Richard Miller's name.  Hobbies include 
    trying to knock down bulkheads with her head.
    Kantaris: Otherwise known as "the only boss not dumb enough to get into a
    head-to-head confrontation with the main character".  She is a Playstation
    exclusive boss who first appeared in Time Crisis 1.  She runs an
    organization that engages in weapon trafficking and other unspecified
    criminal charges that VSSE has been investigating.
    Wild Dog:  The perpetual thorn in VSSE’s side.  During the time of this
    game, he is still the head of an international crime syndicate.  
    Whenever VSSE has a problem, it seems that Wild Dog is always involved.
    (I will briefly touch upon the "What is Wild Dog?" debate here.  Spoilers
    for this and other Time Crisis games here.)
    As Time Crisis fans are aware, in every Time Crisis game, Wild Dog always
    makes an appearance and, seemingly, gets killed.  This has prompted the 
    occasional debate over how Wild Dog keeps coming back (besides the obvious 
    answer of Namco just enjoying the use of him as a boss/trademark of the 
    series).  The two biggest theories that I’ve heard is that he is a clone 
    or a robot.  In this game, he could be the original as, at the end of the
    first Time Crisis, the bomb did go off in his left hand and, after that,
    his body was obscured by the rest of the explosions and never recovered.
    With the later games, I favor the idea of him being a clone because, in
    Time Crisis II, Keith and Robert were shown to be making a motion as if they
    were checking his pulse after they shot him up.  I would presume that they 
    would be able to tell the difference between a human and a robot when they
    did.  However, it could go either way and, to my mind, it really doesn’t
    matter too much.  The Time Crisis series is really not so much about plot as
    it is about light gun action.  If Namco ever resolves the issue, I’ll go
    along with whatever they say is the reason whether it is clone, robot, or
    just being really, really tough.
    4. Enemies "The common grunts you kill while proving you’re not a killer"
    For this section, I will be grouping enemies who are essentially the same
    soldier with a costume change.  Namco's normal system of color coding the
    enemies differs slightly with this game so a blue level soldier has three
    separate costumes/colors but is the same level of threat.  Also, I use the
    term "guy" instead of "soldier" due to the fact that many don't have the
    exact same costume and I didn't want to come up with twenty different
    descriptions for the blue soldier. 
    blue guys/white guys (Look like the crew from Love Boat)/green fidels (Wow,
    a country named Caruba and a soldier type that look like the leader of a
    certain real world nation.  Namco is just a little too subtle for me.):
    Cannon fodder.  Very poor shots.  Their accuracy has been boosted slightly
    from Time Crisis in that they occasionally will get a kill shot but, for
    the most part, you want to eliminate all other threats on the screen
    before you take out this soldier type.  
    brown guys/white fidels: Pretty fair shots, these soldiers fire a kill shot
    roughly once every four or five times.  While they are still not as much of
    a threat as the other types, they are significantly more of a threat than
    the blue soldiers.
    red guys: The most dangerous enemy in the game.  When they appear, their
    first shot is usually a kill shot.  Plus, if you pop out of hiding for more
    than two or three seconds, they will snap off another kill shot.  Best tactic
    is to quickly unload a clip in their direction then duck.
    shield guys: Accuracy is about the same as a blue guy.  However, as the 
    name implies, they carry a shield that they duck behind.  You can clip the
    top of their head while they are hiding behind the shield or you can use the
    time that they’re hiding in order to clear the screen of any other enemies
    and then pop them when they come out to shoot at you.
    machine gun guys: They fire a burst at you which always has one kill shot in
    it.  If you can’t pop them immediately, the best tactic is to duck in order
    to avoid their first burst and then shoot them.
    bazooka guys: Once again, it is just like the name implies.  They fire a
    rocket shell (complete with smoke trail) your way.  These are always kill
    shots but they are slower than bullets.    This means that you have a second
    or so after launch to cap the one firing the rocket before ducking.
    chuckers: Chuckers chuck grenades at you.  They mainly come out when there
    are other soldiers in another part of the screen so you won’t see them until
    it is too late.  This makes them the second most dangerous enemy despite
    their slow rate of fire because you won’t notice them until it’s too late.
    Also, you cannot shoot the grenades out of the air.  Unless there is a red
    guy or a swarm of brown guys, you will be better off eliminating these
    guys ASAP.
    yellow guys: These are walking power-ups.  Except for the Phobos/Deimos
    fight, they will never fire at you.  However, they will disappear off the
    screen fairly quickly.  Shooting one drops a time bonus which can be
    sorely needed in some areas.  However, the game uses these soldiers in
    some areas as traps to distract you from red guys or certain death
    situations.  I will point out if they are using the yellow guy as a trap
    as well as how much time they drop when shot.  Given that they usually
    appear in a corner and quickly move off, I will also point out roughly
    where they appear and which direction they move in.
    5. Area Walkthrough. "Lock and load.  It's bang time"
    In this section, I will describe the areas in the following terms:
    Stage: Self explanatory.
    Area: At the end of each area, you get a screen showing your statistics for
    each area.
    Wave: These are the places in the game where you swap bullets with the 
    Initial: These are the enemies who are already in place as soon as the wave
    Total: Total number of soldiers as well as any points of interest in the
    place.  If there is a yellow soldier, I will write in what order the
    soldiers appear in.  If there are no yellow soldiers or points of interest,
    I’ll just total the soldiers here.
    Note: I don’t describe the rooms for two reasons.  The first is that this
    FAQ is running a little long.  The second is that Namco didn’t put as
    much effort in the graphics as usual so many of the rooms are somewhat
    indistinct visually.  However, if you know your stage and area, you should
    be able to tell where you are by looking at the initial soldier count in a
    1st area (blue guys can be white love boat types.)
    Soldier count:
    First wave:
    Initial: 1 white guy
    Total: 1 white, 2 blue
    Second wave: 
    Total: 2 white, 7 blue, then 1 yellow appears in back (3 sec) then 1 blue
    Third wave:
    Initial: 1 yellow (swiftly rolls to the right.) (3 sec)
    Total: 1 yellow (see above) then 3 white, 2 blue, 1 red
    Fourth wave: (Has the vase health powerup.)
    Initial: 1 white, 2 blue 
    Total: 1 white, 2 blue then 1 blue, 1 white and 1 yellow (runs from right to
    left behind the window (3 sec)) then 1 red then 1 yellow (run from left to
    right behind the window (2 sec)) and 3 blue.
    Fifth wave:
    Initial: 2 blue
    Total 3 blue, 1 bazooka, 1 red
    Sixth wave:
    Initial: 1 red, 2 blue (smashing in windows)
    Total: 1 red, 3 blue, 1 white, then 1 yellow runs from left to right behind
    window. (2 sec)
    Seventh wave:
    Initial: 2 blue, 1 machinegun (have to shoot him quick.)
    Total: 2 blue, 1 machinegun, then 2 blue dive past the door, then 2 blue
    then the machinegun guy comes back. 
    Area 2:
    First wave: 
    Initial: 1 white, 1 blue
    Total: 1 white, 1 blue then 1 yellow appears at the top of the stairs 
    (3 sec) then 3 blue, 2 white, 1 red
    Second wave:
    Initial: 1 blue, 1 white
    Total: 3 blue, 1 white, 1 red then 1 red, 1 blue, 1 white and 1 yellow shows
    up next to the chair on the left (5 sec) then 1 blue
    Third wave:
    Initial: 1 blue, 1 white
    Total: 6 blue (1 with a pipe), 2 white, 1 red
    Fourth wave:
    Initial: 1 machinegun, 2 shield
    Total: 1 machinegun, 2 shield, 1 blue, 1 white
    Fifth wave:
    Initial: 2 blue, 2 white
    Total: 5 blue, 3 white
    Sixth wave:  (This has a swinging bar.  Duck immediately when the area
    starts, then duck every time it gives the danger sign.)
    Initial: 3 blue, 1 
    white (This white actually gives a time bonus of 3 sec)
    Total: 3 blue, 1 (time) white then 1 white and 1 yellow (rolls in from the
    left at the bottom (3 sec)) then 1 white, 1 blue, 1 red.
    Seventh wave: Shoot the yellow tank behind the shield guy to quick-kill all
    of them.
    Total: 3 blue, 1 shield
    Area 3:
    First wave:
    Initial: 1 white, 1 blue
    total: 2 white, 5 blue, 1 red
    Second wave:
    Initial: 2 blue
    Total: 5 blue, 3 white, 1 red then 1 blue, 1 yellow (appears in front of the
    TV (5 sec))
    Third wave:
    Initial: 1 machinegun (duck immediately as he has a good chance of picking
    you off.)
    Total: 1 machinegun, 3 blue, 3 white, 1 chucker
    Fourth wave:
    Initial: 6 blue
    Total: 10 blue, 2 white
    Fifth wave:
    Initial: 2 blue, 1 white, 1 red
    Total: 3 blue, 1 white, 1 red then 1 yellow pops out at the back of the hall
    (3 sec) then 3 blue, 1 white
    6th wave:
    Initial: 1 blue
    total: 3 blue, 2 white
    7th wave:
    Initial: 1 white, 1 blue, 1 yellow (is near the center, then runs to the
    right.  (3 sec))
    Total: 1 white, 1 blue, 1 yellow (see above) then 2 blue, 2 white, 1 red,
    1 bazooka
    Boss: Foreign chef. (no rotation) (can shoot knives out of air for 1 sec
    After three hits: 2 blue, 1 white
    After 6 hits: 2 blue, 1 white
    Then 1 blue will appear while chef attacks for 7th and 8th hit.  (two blue)
    Then 1 more hit.
    Then you move to the kitchen where he will try to slash you.  Plenty of 
    time to shoot him one more time.
    Area 4:
    1st wave:
    Initial: 2 blue, 1 white
    Total: 5 blue, 2 white, 1 red
    Second wave:
    initial: 2 blue, 1 white
    total: 7 blue, 3 white, 1 machinegun, 1 red
    third wave:
    Initial: 2 blue, 1 white
    total: 4 blue, 2 white, then 1 red and 1 yellow (This guy is a trap designed
    to draw attention from red.  Cap red first.  You should have plenty of time
    here and this guy is only worth 1 sec anyway.)
    fourth wave:
    Initial: 1 blue, 1 white (darts to the right immediately)
    total: 5 blue, 3 white, 1 red
    Boss: Zeus Bertrand (2 areas to rotate)
    Will appear in the center then will move left then alternate between right
    and left.  Uses a machinegun  Occasionally will jump on the generators but
    it will still be in the direction he is supposed to appear.  Also will
    occasionally run on the floor between the generators and throw a grenade at
    you after the third hit.
    After third hit, soldiers will start appearing.  (1 red, 3 blue,
    1 machinegun, 1 blue.)
    Fourth hit: 3 blues, 1 red, 1 blue
    Fifth hit: 2 shields, Zeus appears on the floor to shoot at you.
    After 8th hit, Zeus will appear in the upper center doorway.
    9th puts him down.
    Stage 2 (blue guys can be green fidel types)
    area 1:
    Wave 1:
    Initial: 1 blue, 2 green 
    total:2 blue, 2 green, 1 white, 1 red (truck pulls up) 1 green (jeep pulls
    up) 5 green, then 1 green, 1 blue, 1 yellow appears (way in the 
    background, 3 sec). 1 red appears after blue and green die.
    wave 2:
    Initial: 1 blue, 2 green, 1 white
    total: 1 blue, 2 green, 1 white.  Kill 2 and 2 yellows will appear, 1 
    running along hangar floor (3 sec), another running up stairs on opposite
    end of hangar. (3 sec) Then 1 yellow (3 sec) and 1 green appears in middle
    of hangar and run to left.  Then 3 blue, 2 green.  Kill 3 and a yellow
    (3 sec) will appear on top of the crates at the back of the hangar.  
    Then 3 green, 1 red.
    Wave 3:
    Initial: 3 green
    total:  4 green, 1 red.  Truck in back pulls out.  1 machinegun, 1 blue,
    2 green, 2 shield, 1 chucker, 1 bazooka, 1 white (appears in upper right
    corner on top of truck.)  Jeep pulls up. 2 green, 1 white
    wave 4:
    Total: 3 green, 1 white, 1 blue then 2 green, 1 blue on center catwalk then
    2 green on right catwalk and 1 green, 1 blue on floor.  After you kill two,
    1 yellow (3 sec) will appear in the back running from left edge to forklift.
    Then a shield will appear.  Behind the shield is a red (will move to the
    left) and a blue (will move to your right) when shield starts firing.
    Wave 5:
    initial: 1 green
    total: 9 green, 1 blue, 3 white, 1 red, 1 chucker
    Wave 6: 
    Initial: 3 green, 1 blue
    total: 8 green, 2 blue then 1 green and 1 red will appear in upper left on
    the lights
    area 2, airport half: 
    wave 1:
    initial: 2 white, 1 blue
    total: 3 white, 3 blue, 3 green
    wave 2:
    initial: 2 green
    total: 5 green, 1 blue, 1 red, 1 machinegun
    wave 3:
    initial: 1 green
    total: 4 green, 1 blue.  After you kill 3, a yellow (5 sec, right side) and
    a green (left side) will leap on the counter.
    wave 4: 
    initial: 1 green
    total: 7 green, 1 red
    wave 5:
    initial: 4 green
    total: 8 green (some will be under the time counter)
    wave 6: 
    Initial: 2 green
    total: 3 green, 2 blue
    area 3, Blanco's mansion:
    wave 1:
    total: 1 green, 2 yellows (1 by right pillar (3 sec), 1 in background
    (2 sec)).  then 6 green, 1 chucker, 1 red then 3 green and 1 yellow (left
    side coming from mansion, 2 sec).  After you kill 1 green, 1 red appears.
    Then 2 yellows briefly appear by the left and right pillar (3 sec). Then 
    3 green, 1 red
    wave 2:
    initial: 1 green (lower left edging along fountain)
    total: 6 greens, then 1 yellow (3 sec) running from right of mansion to left
    of mansion, then 2 green, 1 red, 1 bazooka.  After you kill bazooka,
    1 yellow (3 sec) on roof of mansion along with three greens on ground.
    wave 3:
    Initial: 1 shield, 1 green
    total: 1 shield, 9 green, 1 machinegun, 2 red
    wave 4:
    initial: 2 green, 2 bazooka (You will have enough time to kill all four
    before the bazookas reload if you are fast.  Otherwise, take out the
    bazookas first.)
    total: 3 green, 2 bazooka, 1 red, 1 shield
    boss: Ricardo Blanco (4 area to rotate)
    Next to the foreign chef, this is probably the easiest boss.  As soon as you
    hit action, rotate one to the left or right.  Then shoot him.  After that,
    every time you hit him, rotate one or two spaces to the left or right.  (One
    is quicker but there is a good chance that he will switch targets and fire
    at where you are.  Two is slower but it is safer.)  
    After his first shot, Blanco will have waves of soldiers running around.
    There is no point in killing most of these waves because, as soon as you do,
    another wave will take it's place.  The only wave worth noting is, when you
    hit Blanco a second time, 4 reds will appear, each claiming an opening.
    They are major pests and should be eliminated quickly so you can get on with
    shooting Blanco.  Otherwise, it seems to be a mix.  I've seen white, green,
    guys in black suits (seem to be on par with the brown guys) and even a 
    yellow (5 sec).
    After the 8th hit, two shields will appear.  Shoot Blanco one more time and
    that's it for this stage.  (If you want, you can shoot the shields before
    they run off for a couple extra kills.)
    stage 3: (enemy accuracy will go up slightly on this stage)
    area 1:
    wave 1:
    initial:  1 brown, 1 blue (1 red but it's unlikely that you will hit before
    he ducks to the left.)
    total: 3 blue, 1 brown, 1 red. After you kill 4, 1 chucker, 1 shield,
    1 blue, and 1 yellow (at the end of the hall (2 sec)) appear.  (The yellow 
    is a trap as it is almost impossible to hit the yellow without getting hit
    by the chucker.  As time will not be an issue here, it is best to just shoot
    the chucker.  If you miss, then duck immediately as the chucker's grenade
    will go off right after he tosses it.
    wave 2:
    initial: 1 shield, 2 blue, 1 brown.
    total: 1 shield, 4 blue, 1 brown, 1 red, 1 chucker.
    wave 3: 
    initial: 2 blue, 1 brown
    total: 2 blue, 1 brown, 1 chucker, 1 red (1 blue, 1 brown, and 1 chucker on
    the rising girder.)
    wave 4:
    initial: 1 bazooka, 1 brown, 1 blue.
    total: 1 bazooka, 1 brown, 2 blue. After you kill 3, then 1 yellow appears
    running from the bottom to under the catwalk (2 sec). Then 1 blue
    wave 5:
    initial: 3 bazookas (If you're fast, they won't get off a shot.)
    total: Initial 3 bazookas, then a bazooka will appear on the middle catwalk.
    Right after that bazooka appears, a yellow will appear on the bottom catwalk
    on the left side (2 sec).  Then 2 bazookas
    wave 6:
    initial: 1 brown, 1 blue, 1 shield
    total: 2 brown, 5 blue, 4 shield, 3 red
    area 2:
    wave 1:
    initial: 4 blue, 2 brown, 1 red (Except for the brown in the middle of the
    elevator, all the soldiers will take cover.)
    total: 8 blue, 3 brown, 1 red, 1 machinegun.  After you shoot the
    machinegun, 1 yellow (3 sec) will run along the right catwalk to behind the
    elevator.  After you finish the remaining soldiers, 3 blues, 1 brown, and 1
    yellow (3 sec, running from the back to the front on the left catwalk)
    Wave 2: 
    Initial: 4 blues, 1 brown, 1 red, and 1 yellow (trap as it distracts you
    from the red, running from right to left on top catwalk. (2 sec))
    Total: 4 blues, 1 brown, 1 red, 1 yellow (see above).  Then 7 blue, 6 brown,
    1 red
    Wave 3:
    initial: 2 blue
    total: 2 blue, 2 brown.  Then 1 yellow (running along the rear catwalk from
    right to the center hall, (2 sec) and 2 blue appear.  After you kill 1 blue,
    1 red drops down to hit you with a pipe.  After you kill the red and the
    second blue, 1 bazooka appears.
    wave 4:
    initial: 1 red, 1 brown, 1 blue.
    total: 4 red, 3 brown, 5 blue
    wave 5: A cargo hook is swinging back and forth.  Duck immediately as soon
    as you hit action.  Then duck every time you hear danger.
    Initial: 2 blue, 1 brown.
    Total: (The soldiers will come in groups of three except for the last red.
    You should be able to knock out one group for every swing of the hook.)
    First group: 2 blue, 1 brown Second group: 3 blue Third group: 2 blue,
    1 brown Final group: 1 red.
    wave 6:
    Initial: 2 blue, 2 brown
    Total: 3 blue, 2 brown, 1 red.  After you kill 5 (or you can kill 3 and wait
    a while), 1 blue and 1 yellow ((3 sec) will run from left to right in the 
    center gap) will appear. Then 2 brown, 1 red.
    area 3:
    wave 1:
    initial: 1 brown
    total: 7 brown, 1 red
    wave 2:
    initial: 1 brown
    total: 6 brown, 1 red.  After these five appear, 2 browns appear running
    along the top catwalk from left to right.  As they are side by side,
    shooting will only take one down.  You have to shoot both separately.
    This is more of a distraction than anything else.  After you shoot 3 of the
    soldiers on the ground, 4 more browns will come in one by one.
    wave 3:
    initial: 2 brown
    total: 5 brown, then 1 red drops down to hit you with a pipe.  Then another
    red drops down to hit you with a pipe as two more browns appear.
    wave 4:
    Initial: 2 brown
    total: 7 brown, 1 red
    wave 5:
    initial: 1 brown
    total: 3 brown, 1 red, 5 blue (blues are the ones smashing the windows in
    wave 6:
    initial: 1 brown, 1 red
    total: 6 brown, 1 red, 2 blue (blues are the ones smashing the windows in
    wave 7:
    initial: 1 brown
    total: 7 brown (1 brown is behind the computer screen on the right.  If you
    shoot slightly to the right of the computer screen, you will get him as he
    running toward the front.)
    Area 4:
    Boss: Drill tank (5 areas to rotate)
    This is the first area where you are in danger of running out of time.  The
    drill tank has two machineguns on each side, drills in front for charging,
    and a rocket launcher that seems to fire at any of the five areas at random.
    However, if you stay in one spot too long, the launcher will fix on that
    The drill tank has four fuel tanks on all sides of it.  Each fuel tank takes
    6 hits to destroy.  The one in front is yellow and the other three are grey.
    The front one is the easiest to take out first since you start off facing
    it.  The tank will charge at you but, if you are quick, you should be able
    to destroy the front tank before it gets to you.  If not, duck back before
    the drills get there  and rotate to a new location and finish the front fuel
    tank.  Destroying the front fuel tank also stops it from charging your
    Next, destroy one of the side fuel tanks.  When you are doing this, you have
    To keep track of the machinegun on that side.  You will notice that every
    bullet is red.  Treat it more as a flamethrower than a machinegun.  As the
    stream of fire comes close to your position, duck back and let the stream
    move past.  Then move back out and finish the fuel tank on that side.  At
    this point, it will turn to protect one of it's side tanks.  (If you decided
    to take out the two side tanks first, it will reverse down the tunnel to
    protect it's rear tank.)  Robot commandos will start jumping out from behind
    the tank in threes.  Quickly destroy the fuel tank that you can still hit.
    Now, you're going to have to kill robots for a bit.  The key to this is to
    quickly empty a clip at one of the robots (it takes 4 hits to kill one),
    then duck and move to a new location.  If you stay in one location, the
    robots will get a fix on that location to the point of getting a kill shot
    as soon as you pop your head up.  Also, the missile launcher on top of the
    tank is still firing at random locations.  Each robot that you kill gives you
    a bonus of 8 seconds to your time so this is a good opportunity to replenish
    your remaining time. After you kill one wave of robots, the tank will 
    retreat down the tunnel and you will have to kill another wave of robots.
    At this point, the drill tank will emerge from the tunnel and will continue
    to attack with machineguns and missile launcher (and it's drill charge if
    still haven't destroyed the front fuel tank.  However, it will also now have
    three of the robots assisting it.  Ignore the robots as much as you can and
    finish off the remaining fuel tank(s).  As soon as the drill tank goes up,
    duck behind the pillar until you get the end of stage screen.  (The robots
    are prone to getting off lucky shots as the tank is exploding and, if you
    lose your last life before the tank is finished exploding, it counts as not
    beating the tank.)
    (I did find a glitch where, if your time is less than 15 seconds, shooting
    robots will give you the +8 sec icon but it will not actually add the extra
    seconds to your time.  I cannot say whether this is a glitch with my copy or
    this is an in-game glitch.  However, it is best not to let time get too low
    during this fight.)
    At this point, if you are playing on easy, you will get a message telling
    you that you have cleared the easy mode.  If you are playing on normal, you
    will be treated to the most absurd plot twist ever in a Time Crisis game.
    Stage 4:
    Area 1:
    Wave 1:
    Initial: 1 brown, 2 blue
    Total: 1 brown, 3 blue, 1 red.  Then 2 browns roll out from the right.  As
    the second brown rolls out, 1 blue will roll out from the right and 1 yellow
    (2 sec) will appear at the rear.  Then 1 machinegun.
    Wave 2:
    Total: 1 red.
    Wave 3:
    Total: 1 machinegun.  (Duck immediately or he will pick you off.  Wait until
    he stops firing before shooting him.)
    Wave 4:
    Total: 1 blue, 1 chucker.  (Once again, duck immediately or you will catch a
    grenade to the face.  As soon as the grenade goes past, shoot the blue.
    Then shoot the chucker as soon as he shows his face.)
    Wave 5:
    Initial: 2 brown, 2 red, 1 blue.
    Total: 5 brown, 4 red, 3 blue.
    Wave 6:
    Initial: 2 red, 1 brown, 2 blue
    Total: 3 red, 2 brown, 4 blue then 2 brown and 1 blue will come out rapidly
    in singles followed by 1 yellow (3 sec) who will roll in from the right.
    Then 3 reds, 1 brown, and 1 blue.  (The red in the back will constantly be
    diving and rolling from behind the right wall and the tunnel in back.
    However, he never seems to actually fire a shot so it is safe to ignore him
    for the other soldiers.)
    Wave 7:
    Initial: 5 Machinegun, 1 yellow.
    Total: 5 machinegun, 1 yellow (2 sec).  Here, they will begin firing almost
    immediately.  If you are quick, you can snap off a few shots before you have
    to duck back.  (I can get up to three shots, firing at the top row.)  
    However, if you aren't feeling certain about how fast you can shoot, it is
    safer to just duck back.  If you move back into view as soon as the barrage
    stops, you can get off a shot at the yellow soldier as he runs to the left.
    However, this soldier is a trap for two reasons.  The first is that he will
    distract you from the machineguns.  The second is that the 2 sec you will
    gain by killing him is not worth the extra time that you will spend ducking
    an extra barrage nor is it worth the risk of trying to cap him and the
    After you kill all 5 machineguns, a red and a blue will appear in the back.
    This is to distract you from the red who will pop up behind the barrel on
    your right and fire an immediate kill shot.
    Then 3 browns, 4 reds, 2 blues
    Wave 8:
    Initial: 2 reds, 1 blue, 1 chucker.
    Total: 2 reds, 1 blue, 1 chucker.  Duck immediately as the chucker will
    throw a grenade immediately.  Then 1 machinegun, 2 blues and 1 red will pop
    out.  At the same time, 1 yellow (3 sec) will appear on the right side.
    Wave 9:
    Initial: 1 blue, 1 brown.
    Total: 2 reds, 2 blues, 1 brown.
    Area 2:
    Wave 1:
    Initial: 1 blue.  (His hat will barely be showing above the left pillar.)
    Total: 12 blue, 7 red
    Wave 2:
    Total: 9 blue, 4 red, 1 machinegun
    Wave 3:
    Initial: 3 machinegun
    Total: 3 machinegun.  If you rapidly kill them from left to right, they will
    not hit you.  The alternate way is they will fire one burst each and then
    leave.  (Obviously, killing them is faster.) Then 11 blue, then 3 red.
    Boss: Phobos & Deimos (3 areas to rotate)
    These robots don't seem to have too much in the way of set patterns of
    attack.  The attacks the robots will use as follows:
    a) They will do a spinning jump from behind one pillar to behind another.
    At the apex of their jump, they will throw a grenade.  These grenades have
    the normal effect plus they obscure that area with black clouds of smoke,
    which obscure vision in that area until the end of their next attack.
    b) They will leap to one pillar and bounce off toward you for a leaping
    c) They will appear between two pillars on the ground, doing an odd looking
    sideways walk and fire a stream of bullets at you.
    d) They will pop up in front of you and try to slash you.
    e) They will run at you in a weaving pattern while trailing a stream of
    color and try to slash you.  They are fairly quick with this attack.  This
    attack will become more frequent on their third wave of attacks.
    It is important to note that each one of the robots will do an individual
    attack.  As an example, Phobos might fire a stream of bullets while Deimos
    runs at you in the weaving pattern.  They may start their attacks at
    slightly different intervals but there will always be two attacks per
    routine. Once again, rotation is the name of the game here.  With these two,
    you never stay in one place because they will home in on you.  Your pattern
    of attack will consist of you firing at them before they start their attack
    routine, ducking to avoid the other's attacks, then rotating to a new place.
    (If you do manage to get both, they will both leap up to the top of the
    screen.) An important part is to duck, THEN rotate.  The reason is that, if
    you wait until the end of the attack (maybe even hesitating a fraction of a
    second) before rotating, then you will pop up in your new place as they
    attack the old area.  This allows you to get free shots in, ESPECIALLY if
    they do the stream of bullets attack.
    With these two, they are actually two parts of one boss so it doesn't matter
    which one you shoot.  (Sometimes, if both of them are firing bullets and you
    shoot one, they will both recoil.  However, that is only if it is the fifth
    hit.  While they tend to favor the stream of bullets attack after the fourth
    hit, I have seen them do differing attacks after the fourth hit.)
    Every time you hit them five times, they will leap up toward the ceiling
    and you will get a time extension and a wave of yellow soldiers right in
    front of your area.  (It seems to be just the area that you are in when you
    do the fifth shot as I have rotated during this period and they aren't in
    the other two areas.)  Given the time extension and the wave of yellow
    soldiers, time should not be a problem in this fight.  However, note that
    the yellow soldiers will fire at you.  Their accuracy is terrible (blue
    soldier or even slightly worse) but, every so often, they will fire a rare
    kill shot.  For this reason as well as stocking up on time, it is best to
    kill the yellow soldiers quickly.  The fight will break down as
    a) Shoot robots 5 times.
    b) Wave of yellow soldiers (3 sec) and time extension.
    c) Shoot robots 5 times.
    d) Wave of yellow soldiers (3 sec) and time extension.
    e) Shoot robots for the last 5 times.  (Remember that they will run at you
    in a fairly quick weaving pattern increasingly as you score hits.)
    Area 3:
    (This area is different from the others in that it is pretty much a running
    battle with Wild Dog.  Thus, instead of the standard format, I will instead
    advise how to deal with Wild Dog.)
    Wave 1:
    (3 areas to rotate)
    Strategy: The soldiers here are browns and blues.  Ignore them as much as
    possible as they have no effect on fighting Wild Dog.  When Wild Dog appears
    in the middle to wave in the soldiers, you can get in a free hit.  After
    that, pay attention to which direction he will move/dive toward and rotate
    in that direction.  As far as I can determine, he will go to your left
    first. The pattern of his movements will work out as:
    Center (Only time you'll be able to shoot him without the interference of
    other soldiers.)
    Once he moves to an area, he will stay there until you move to that area and 
    shoot him once.  Then he will move to the next area where the process will
    repeat.  You will probably need to shoot a few of the soldiers to keep from
    getting hit but make sure to hit Wild Dog whenever he shows up.
    Wave 2:
    (2 areas to rotate)
    Strategy: The soldiers in the area you face in the beginning will be reds
    with 1 brown to the right and a yellow to the left.  In this area, the reds
    seem to be even more accurate than normal.  It is a bad idea to try to shoot
    the yellow soldier as you only get a glimpse of him and trying to shoot him
    will get you killed.  Wild Dog will be one of the soldiers on the screen.
    If you can't identify and shoot him quickly, duck to avoid the volley.  When
    you see him, just empty the clip in his direction 
    As soon as you hit him, rotate to the opposite area.  Every one of these
    soldiers will be red.  However, Wild Dog will always pop up a second or two
    after the soldiers will pop up.  Shoot a few of the soldiers until Wild Dog
    pops up and rapid-fire the remaining bullets in the clip at him to ensure a
    hit.  After you hit him, it's on to the final wave.
    Wave 3:
    Strategy: Every type of soldier except for chuckers will appear here.  The
    soldiers will appear in varying waves.  The trick here is that Wild Dog will
    appear every time you shoot the last soldier in the wave.  To ensure a good
    chance of shooting Wild Dog, shoot all but the last soldier.  Then reload 
    and pick off the last soldier which will leave you 4 or 5 bullets to fire at
    Wild Dog.
    Whether you hit or miss Wild Dog, he will move off screen and you will have
    to go through another wave to get him to appear again.  The important thing
    about this is to hit him 3 times before the timer hits the 20 second mark.
    This fight will end in one of two ways.
    A) If you have not hit Wild Dog 3 separate times before the 20 second mark,
    then there will be a wave of soldiers (mostly reds) and two Wild Dogs.  This
    is Namco's way of saying that you messed up as it will be almost impossible
    to kill Wild Dog at this point.  After you hit each Wild Dog, they will turn
    into those robot commandos.  Kill both of them and Wild Dog will make
    another appearance.  
    If you have hit him twice before the commandos appear, you have a chance.
    Quickly shoot him and then mop up the remaining soldiers.  He should then
    come out from behind the center pillar and walk toward you, firing his gun 
    arm.  This is just for show as none of these shots will hit.  Quickly fire
    one more shot into him to win the game.  (I've done it with .70 left on the
    If you have not hit him twice before the commandos appear, then you're dead.
    You will simply not have the time to kill Wild Dog.
    B) If you have hit Wild Dog three times before the 20-second mark, then,
    after you finish remaining soldiers in the current wave, Wild Dog will come
    out from behind the center pillar and walk toward you, firing his gun arm.
    This is just for show as none of these shots will hit.  (I have even tested
    this by just leaving my character out in the open while he is firing and I
    never got hit even once.)  Hit him once more to end the game.
    6.Addendum  "What I missed the first time"
    In the tank battle, after you knock out two of the fuel tanks, move to
    the position that is one area to the left of your starting position.  If you
    shoot the crate in the far corner, you will collect a health power-up.
    7. E-mail and suggestions  "How to tell me what you think of this FAQ"
    Well, that about wraps this FAQ.  However, if you have any suggestions,
    things I missed or just want to comment, I can be reached at
    thepyrethatburns@hotmail.com .  All E-mails should have "Time Crisis:
    Project Titan" in the subject line or I'll probably not answer them.
    8.  Copyright "Lawyers are scarier than a hundred Wild Dogs"
    This work is copyright 2004 Mark Kramer AKA ThePyreThatBurns, and is
    provided for personal enjoyment only.  Any use of this guide in whole or in
    part for financial profit is strictly prohibited.  This guide may only be
    posted publicly with all original indications of authorship intact.  This
    guide was produced for GameFAQS.com and only GameFAQS.com.  If you wish to
    post this guide on your side, contact me as per the guidelines above.
    9.  Acknowledgments  "Thanks"
    CjayC for creating Gamefaqs.com without which I would beat far fewer games 
    than I do.
    Namco for not only creating this game but, through the Guncon, practically 
    recreated the light gun genre of games into an active genre of games to which
    I am hopelessly addicted.
    KillBotFactory for, through our conversation almost a year ago, provided me
    with the inspiration to create this FAQ.
    My friend, Mike Bean, for being there for me when everything in my life
    seemed to be crashing down on me.

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