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    Boss FAQ by metalgearsonic

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/01/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Written by metalgearsonic Version 1.0
    A: Legal Disclaimer
    B: The Bosses - Bluto/ Shark Submarine
                  - Buzz
                  - SleepyHead
                  - Spike
                  - Twin Dragons
                  - Scorch
                  - Sorceress
                  - Sorceress Part 2
    C: Sparx Level Bosses - Crawdad King
                          - Spider King
                          - Manta Ray
                          - Metapedes
    D: Closing
    A: Legal Disclaimer
    This FAQ/ Strategy Guide was written solely by me, metalgearsonic, and all 
    chracters mentioned or used are owned by SCEE and/or Insomniac Games. 
    This guide is to be used on Gamefaqs.com only and used with their kind 
    permission. All tips and advice used in this guide were found through gameplay
    expirience, no otherhelp was given from any outside agency or distributor.
    B: The Bosses
    I won't keep you here reading pointless stuff so lets get on with it.....
    Name: Bluto/ Shark Submarine (Seashell Shores)
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Number of hits to kill: 10-12
    For a first in-game boss and first timers, this guy can be mean. Make sure you
    grab the box of 5 missiles at the start, then a few more once you enter the 
    arena. First off, he'll surface so fire 2 missiles, then ride away from the 
    metal teeth because it will hurt. If he pauses, aim and fire once again. If
    he moves towards another ammo box, fire at will to inflict as much damage as
    you can. He should be at around 1/3 health by now. Wait until he resurfaces
    fire ONE missile only then retreat. At this point, Bluto might stop to fix
    some of the damage. PUMMEL HIM! If he's not dead now, then it should only be
    one more hit to finish him off and grab the egg.
    Name: Buzz
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Number of hits to kill: 6
    Ah, the first proper Boss of the game. As soon as you can move, charge at
    him. He will do the same but you will not move him. He'll then jump sideways
    so charge at him again. He'll jump again, so charge him into the lava (he
    should be at the arena's edge by now). Sheila will stomp on him, 1 hit gone.
    When he jumps out, he will turn into a spinning saw, so run like hell away 
    from him. Wait til he stops then carry on the charging process. 2 hits down.
    Avoid the saw, then wait because he'll bring up a sheild of fire around him.
    Charge, wait for sheild to go, charge, wait for sheild, charge. 3 hits gone.
    Do this process agin to make 4. Avoid the saw, charge, but now jump over the
    fire-floor he spits out. If your close enough, you can charge him again before
    he finishes this attack. Do so, avoid the attack again, charge and send the
    giant booger to ...erm, Spyro-land hell. Yes, I covered that up pretty well...
    Collect the rewarded egg too.
    Name: SleepyHead (Spooky Swamp)
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Number of hits to kill: 4
    This guy's easy. Wait until he throws a bomb at you and until the countdown 
    starts. When it does, charge the bomb back at him for 1/4 health loss. He'll
    summon up 3 croc baddies that will attack you, but simply flaming them takes
    care of them. Wait for another bomb, charge, BOOM!, 1/2 health. Do this
    process twice more and you've got yourself another easy egg.
    Name: Spike
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Number of hits to kill: 8-10
    Well, at least he looks more challenging. At the start, his only attack will 
    be to shoot 2 blasts at you, then pause. Shoot 2 blasts, then pause. Like 
    SleepyHead, charge those rocks into him 2 or 3 times. Now he'll start shooting
    3 shots at you, so remember. Collect the red stars Sgt. Byrd drops, the get
    up close to Spike and flame him. 2 things to be careful of: 1, Spike trying
    to splat you when you flame him. 2, He can pick up those fire things as well
    then shoot a wider and faster version of the fire-floor attack. Now Sgt Byrd
    will drop blue stars for the rest of the battle. Pick it up, aim at Spike and
    fire it at him. Keep this up until he dies. Like before, Spike can pick these
    up and fire a weird tentacle thing from his gun. To avoid this, just charge
    around the arena's edge until the gun packs up for a while. Collect the egg
    and move on.
    Name: Twin Dragons (Fireworks Factory)
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Number of hits to kill: ???
    It's not difficult to attack them, you see, its just its difficult for the
    attack to actually hit them. The Power-up lasts forever so don't worry about
    re-charging it. I usually go for the purple dragon first, but its all a matter
    of choice. Fly after your target and super flame him (?). The target itself
    is very small and thin which is why i gave this fight an 8. One piece of
    advice is to never stray from your target otherwise they have time to heal
    themselves. As each dragon gets pummelled more, their bodies get smaller, so
    it gets even harder to hit them. Just keep your cool, have a good aim and
    reflexes, and you'll eventually destroy the dragon duo. Get the egg and get 
    the hell outta there.
    Name: Scorch
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Number of hits to kill: 9-10
    This dude flies! Anyway, Bentley will provide you with weapons, both of which
    just need to be aiming at Scorch when you fire, so that's easy to do. However,
    Scorch has a few more attacks than his predecessors. He will spit eggs at you
    and can contain either:
    Crabs- Flame them to kill
    TNT wolves- Flame to kill and explode
    Sunman- Run away until he explodes or fire something at it
    Buzz- Yes, he can summon up Buzz. Like the fight before just charge him into
    the blue lava goo to get rid of him. This time though, Buzz will only charge
    instead of any special attacks.
    Look out also for the fire-bomb move. Scorch will launch several fire-bombs
    all over the arena, and when they land have a medium blast radius which does
    hurt. Look out for shadows and stay in empty spaces when he does this. Keep at
    him and he will join the Buzzes he made in the blue lava goo. Grab the egg
    and head for the final (?) home world.
    Name: The Sorceress
    Difficulty: 9/10
    Number of hits to kill: 13-15
    Time to kick some Sorceress butt! Despite being the final boss, she only has 3
    attacks, which can be seen by her staff and its colour:
    Green: She'll whack you with her big pointy stick (only if your close to her)
    Blue: Several blue energy balls will fly randomly onto the arena floor (kinda
    like Scorch's attack)
    Yellow (most deadly): She will throw a fast moving projectile at you that can
    turn corners if it has to. When she uses this, it more often than not hits you.
    During the first part of the fight, Agent 9 shoots down immovable cannons for
    you to shoot her with. This is kinda hard coz the aiming of it is poor and
    she can run around A LOT for her size. She'll also use that yellow attack
    a fair bit, here. Keep up the attack, and Agent 9 will start shooting down
    some tanks for you, which can move (yippee). Shoot her for all its worth, as
    she seems to spend more time running than fighting at this point. At about 1/2
    health, we get the UFO's (SERIOUS FUN-NESS!) Now you can fly! WHEEEE!....
    where were we? Oh yeah, that bi....i mean Sorceress. Fly around and just fire
    at will seeeing as the UFO has limitless ammo! (Actually dont fire at will,
    fire at the Sorceress, will has been shot several times recently and he is
    very annoyed....) Knock her into the lava to grab the last egg and fly home...
    oh look, a mysterious hand grabbing the edge of the arena.....
    Name: The Sorceress Part 2
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Number of hits to kill: 13-15
    Hey, she's got a UFO too....From the start, just do as you did before and
    shoot her to ***t. Her ONLY attack is when she gats far enough in front of you
    then fires a single shot. Kinda weak, except 85% of the time, that shot will
    connect, so keep up with her and kill her as quickly as possible. Note she will
    fly quicker as her health bar goes down, so getting that final, game completing
    shot will be difficult.
    Congrats! You've beat the game 100% and saved everyone! (And become a lot
    richer too.....)
    C: Sparx level Bosses
    *These bosses take loads more hits than Spyro's bosses so just use their health
    bar as guide to how much damage you've done.....*
    Name: Crawdad King
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Keep using the L1/R1 strafing move, it helps a lot here. Shoot him while
    avoiding the energy shots he fires. When the pincers are destroyed, he will 
    shoot missiles similar to the ones you can get. Shoot them down first then
    go for the big lobster dude. When only his body is left, he will use an
    attack similar to the fire-floor move, so get back when he does this. Shoot
    him, move back, avoid, move forward, shoot. Keep it up to grab the first Sparx
    world egg.
    Name: Spider King
    Difficulty: 6/10
    This guy can, and will, go anywhere, so keep a look-out for his location. When
    he's spinning, you cant do any damage, not even with special weapons, so wait
    until he stays still before anything. When he does attack him for a bit, but
    focus on the little spiders he shoots from his mouth, as they will kill you
    more often than the Spider King. Just be patient and he'll go down easily.
    Name: Manta Ray
    Difficulty: 7/10
    First of, watch his pattern of movement. It never changes so look to see where
    he's going, then shoot him when its the best time. Dont' go directly in front
    of him or he'll shoot depth charges at you. At 1/2 health he splits into 2
    min-rays, which themselves shoot mini-mini-rays. Don't get rapped in a corner,
    keep moving and shoot them both when you can. After a lot of ray killing, you
    get your egg reward.
    Name: Metapede (Dunno the real name of it)
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Almost exactly like the Manta Ray, this is. One giant robot millipede, shoots
    a laser if you go in front of it. Avoid and blast away at him. At 1/2 health, 
    it *gasp* becomes 2 mini-millipedes. Again avoid the front as their attack is
    still only the frontal laser. Shoot the bodies though, head-shots don't do 
    any damage at all (never thought I'd say that). Keep it up until their bodies 
    get shorter, and then explode.
    Well Done! Sparx Worlds Complete!
    D: Closing
    I would like to thank:
    Me: I wrote this thing
    Gamefaqs: For hosting on their great website.
    Gamefaqs users: for reading this
    Scee/Insomniac games: for making a well-improved Spyro game
    Copyright (C) metalgearsonic

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