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Reviewed: 09/13/06

After I stopped playing this game for 7 years, I still had the huge urge to play it today.

This is truly an awesome Spyro game. A while ago I decided to check in on the board, and people are still posting! The reason I give this game a 8/10 and not a full out 10/10, is that the greatest aspects of the game do always seem to be lacking in some areas I've noticed. Mainly I few parts that may have freaked me out and made me try to get better at it before I take another shot at it.

Storyline - 10/10

I swear, the way they threw the storyline together in this game is beautiful. You'd have to look hard if you wanted to find any plot holes in it. Apparently, the people of the Forgotten Worlds have stolen all of the Dragon Kingdoms 150 eggs. Your task is simple: Go there with Hunter and try and get them all back! Bosses are encountered between every homeworld, and have been created by the Sorceress or her student, Bianca. And in order to beat the boss, you need help from other side characters that you unlock in the worlds, and are able to play as in each of their own special worlds! It goes together perfectly to me.

Gameplay/Controls - 8/10

Controls are very decent here. Spyro does maintain his core abilities that he has in most of his games. Y'know, gliding, charging, fire-breath, head smashes, blah, blah, blah. And their are special powerups like the fireball power-up that you can use to upgrade yuor abilities for a short time! And they game offers tons of challenges, puzzles and minigames to put those powers to unique uses. The only downside, though, is that whenever you unlock a new character, you have a whole new moveset to learn, and it may get confusing trying to remember it all. But that aside, it's all still very good.

Playable Characters - 9/10 - With this I need to go into more detail

Spyro - 10/10 - Yep, the main dragon you'll be going as in most of the game. This guy is still every bit as awesome as I remember him from the other games I've played as him. First off, he has a simple, yet ingenious design. A small purple dragon with flame-breath, wings with gliding capabilities, and horns that can smash tons of stuff (and enemies!) His stages make great usage of these abilities. You use your glide ability to get across humongus gaps, and your charge ability to crush walls that look like they can be crushed. And his charge is also involved in chasing several thieves that carry eggs, which sometime requires you to chase them on panels that give it a super-charged boost! Amazingly incredible.

Shiela - 6/10 - This character gets my attention for mostly one reason: It's something normal and turned into something great. Shiela is a kangaroo, and that gives her a slight edge since you already know her entire story, which lets you focus more on the gameplay. Basically, she lives in the mountains, which are easy to get around because of her kick-ass jumping ability, and she lives with these mountain goats, and she has to constantly look after them. Bland yes, but easy to grasp in most cases. Her attacks do focus mainly around her feet though, and are simply just kicking forward, and stomping down on the ground HARD. But aside from that, Shiela is a decent character, though she doesn't get the best score.

Srgnt. Byrd - 4/10 - Srgnt. Byrd is an army-like penguin, which can fly. Yes, folks, you heard me right. A penguin that can ****ing FLY. It's basically a good thing/bad thing scenario. The good thing is that he can get virtually everywhere by flying around. The bad thing is that the game focuses far too much around that concept. Also, his weapons are rocket launchers, which usually force to to stay far from an enemy and fire missiles at them. So this guy isn't for players who enjoy quick-paced, close combat action, which makes him not a very good character. In one of his missions, he has to fly around a huge room, collecting heads, and it's only for him because some are out of the other characters reach. And another focus's solely on flying and shooting, and that sort of dimishes it's value in my opinion.

Bently the Yeti - 7/10 - Bently probably in the only great character with the worst beggining area. First, let me explain that his awesome abilities include smashing his cool, translucent club, and spinning it to deflect missiles. His jumping ability and speed do come up short, but his ability to box makes up for it. Now his area involves simply obeying his brothers needs, and he barely gives you any advice unless you ask for it, and he doesn't tell you his controls if you don't want to explore them for yourself. But aside from that, the other levels he takes part in are great, including a hilarious level where he uses his club in a huge game of Whack-a-Mole. Definetly makes up for most of it.

Agent 9 - 9/10 - Yep, this is my all-time favorite character. He's basically a lab monkey with intelligence, a laser, bombs in some cases, a SNIPER-MODE, and a great urge to kill rhynocs. What more could you ask for? This guy's huge range of abilities are so great, it's fun to just repeat his starting world over-and-over-and-over-and-over again. And his voice was surprising, and it really does make you listen to what he says. But on the downside, when you're not using Sniper-Mode, firing at a specific target can be aggravating at some points, and his laser fire can't really fire rapidly enough to make up for it. And whenever I try one of his missions outside of his starting world, it usually involves only shooting specific things, but maybe that's because I haven't found all of them yet.

Bottom Line- 9/10
My fingers and hand are getting really sore, but I won't just end it really quick. IN the end, this game is my favorite Playstation Game I own. And it's also the best one I own. I've played the first of the series, and Ripto's Rage, but thay don't cut it close to how good this game is (Ok, maybe Ripto's Rage was close, but I didn't play it as much.) You could entertain yourself just by simply charging around a homeworld, killing off all the fodder, so just imagine how great the rest of the parts of the game are! You'll see everything from hopping across magical changing crystals to luring sun seeds into a vat of lava. From fighting off dinosaur cowboys to helping Jack climb a tower to find the Golden Goose. And even though that stupid bear we all know and want to kill is here, Moneybags, it is fun to watch him get beat up by each new character you unlock. And one great part is you can finally get your revenge on him and beat HIM up yourself once you beat the Sorceress! And bosses are also a great aspect. They're very good, using weapons like laser guns, fireballs, even (GASP!) other bosses! It's very challenging to go and beat them all to a senseless pulp, if it was literally possible. This game will grab your attention and have you playing to the very end.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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