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"Years later, this game is still the best in the series."

Way, way back in 2000, a small purple dragon and his kin were celebrating the arrival of new baby dragon eggs. These dragons are only born every year of the dragon, so it is very special indeed.

Though, there were some who were out to ruin everything. An evil reptilian sorceress and her rabbit eared henchwoman (a strange combination, no?) set out a daring plot to snatch all the eggs and use their magical powers to restore vitality to a long disappearing land. A few dragons (Spyro among them) spot the rabbit taking them just in time for her to just get away. It turns out the only ones who can follow her are, you guessed it, Spyro and his friends, Hunter the Cheetah, the Professor, Alora the Fawn, and Sparx the Dragonfly. They go down the hole and the game begins.

The game itself is one of the crowning achievements IMO for the Playstation. Let me start with the visuals.

Graphics: 9/10

Shrapnel from broken vases, the sparks flying off of your dragonfly, water that can even give developers these days a lesson or two, and even Spyro's tounge are all part of many beautiful touches made to an outstanding looking game. A few textures, and a few character models look like they could have been done better, but in all respect, Insomniac did extremely well with 30+ full 3D levels.

Sound: 10/10

In all the times I've played this game over, I probably still have missed hearing a sound effect or two. You can play around with your dragon abilities to interact with the environment in ways you didn't think possible with a game before, and they make cool sounds to boot! The soundtrack is not too loud and not too soft, and is very memorable. One of the better ones on the system.

Control: 9/10

It's responsive, even when Spyro is gliding / flying, feels natural to your hands, and very easy to learn, though hovering may take a little getting used to.

Story: 8/10

Very good story for a platformer, considering its low complexity and small length. That isn't unusual for platformers, though.

Gameplay: 9/10

Here you have the very good, tried and true formula of Spyro games. Collect treasure by finding it lying around, or by defeating enemies, and finding something else scattered throughout the levels. Here, those items are dragon eggs. Some of the coolest touches to the gameplay here are that the eggs all hatch when you get near them, and do something for you, plus they have a pre-picked name. Also, as a tradition from Insomniac, the game rewards you for doing special things in the game, by giving you something that I'm not going to tell you about. Play the darn game first!
It's so addictive, and so much fun. The only thing is there is little actual replay value once you complete it 100%. It is also quite easy, but for most, that shouldn't be a problem.

This is a must have for the Playstation. Rent it, buy it, if you find it play it. It's that good.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/31/07

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