Review by Locke Cole

"A lot more of the same thing, but with this series, that's good."

Spyro the Dragon has always been second dragon when compared to Crash Bandicoot, but games like this make me wonder how that's possible. This game is chock full of fun, from beginning to end.

Gameplay - Better than ever. First of all, the controls are very tight. You'll find its easy to control Spyro and friends as they move through a very well designed 3-D environment. And while you start the game with just Spyro, he'll have all of the moves from Ripto's Rage, and you can gain four other playable characters: Sheila the Kangaroo, Sgt. Byrd the Penguin, Bently the Yeti, and Agent 9 monkey...You will also even get to use Sparx this time around.

However, you'll notice that even with all the new quirks, it's very much the same as the other Spyro games. You'll find similar levels, and some similar challenges too. This would be a bad thing if the earlier Spyro games weren't as great as they were. Spyro 2 left me asking for more, and Spyro 3 gave it to me. However, if you hated the other ones, stay away. 10/10

Story - Every twelve years in the dragon kingdom, the ''Year of the Dragon'' occurs. This is when fairies deliver a new batch of dragon eggs. However, an evil sorceress from ''the forgotten worlds'' has stolen all 150 dragon eggs, and it's up to Spyro to save them! Not too elaborate, but the story is just as loony as the other games, with all the strange cartoonish scenes that can be expected out of a Spyro game. It's great. 10/10

Graphics - Beautiful. All the characters look great, and the environments are all just gorgeous. Very similar to Spyro 2, just tweaked a little. 10/10

Sound - I haven't really paid much attention to the music yet, but from the parts I have listened to, it's not too great.

The character voices, on the other hand, are done VERY well. This is a task that most video games fail to achieve, yet Spyro: Year of the Dragon has some of the most off-the-wall voice acting I've ever heard. You'll laugh at Sheila the kangaroo's Australian accent or when all the characters start speaking in haiku (No, I'm serious...they speak in haiku for one level). Just plain funny. 9/10

Replay Value - This one depends. If you like to completely finish a game, then Spyro 3 is good for you. If you like to finish it, but don't want to bother going for all 100%, then stay away. Personally, this game's humor and fun will last me, and many people, a long time. 10/10

Buy, Borrow, or Burn?
Buy - If you're a fan of the series or you love 3-D platformers.
Borrow - If you just try to run through games as quickly as possible, or if you have mixed feelings about the series.
Burn - If you hate platformers or hate the Spyro series.

I definitely recommend buying this one. It is, without a doubt, one of the better games on the system.

Overall: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/16/00, Updated 10/16/00

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