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Reviewed: 03/07/11

This adventure may get a little eggy

This spyro adventure starts out after the defeat of the evil antogonists Ripto, but to no one's surprise there is yet another antogonist willing to cause our purple hero some more problems, in this adventure Spyro must go around the worlds and collect the numerous dragon eggs that are in each world. The rhynocs are back to cause more dischord and chaos for young spyro, but Spyro with the help of his many friends (hunter, sparx etc) and the addition of new campangans along the way will stop at nothing to save the day from yet another atomic villain.

The sound quality is not exactly the highlight of the game but it is not bad by any means. The numerous noises that the enemies make, the voices that the characters speak through and the background and level music goes along with the game. This being a PS1 game, the gamer should not expect top notch sounds cranking out of the third game in the Spryo series by any means. The sound that our hero makes whether he is dashing or flaming down his targets sounds very realistic to what the average gamer would hear in real life. The voices that the charcters in each level speak through at often very different and add to the quality of the game itself. The sound is not really the highlight of the game, and by no means should be the main attraction or focus the game offers but the sound quality is up to date being a game that is over ten years old.

Sony and Insomiac games has done a good job portraying the graphics for this platforming legend of a game. each year in the saga, the details get better and this being the third game in the serious has the best graphics yet. The rhynoc villians themselves are very real looking for the most part, there outfits are detailed as well. The colors of the villains are different rather than just one plain enemy that occurs numerous times in the levels, it is all new different ready to pound Spyro to pieces enemy. The levels are astounding as well, the 3D graphics in this PS1 game are nice and detailed. The color that accompanies each level ultimately makes for a smoother game throughout te adventure. The graphics are truly beefed up for a game of that is over a generation old. Insomniac Games and Sony were definitely on their "A-Game" when it comes to the graphics.

Replay Value
There is so much to unlock in this game and it is truly hard to add progress in this game unless you keep coming back. With the addition of other playable characters, the over 150 eggs to collect, and thousands of gems to collect. The gamer will not want to put the controller down even for a second. The replay value among platforming games has always been high because the game itself is just one big exploring game with many options and much to do, the player will not find any restrictions when it comes to this legendary PS1 game at all. The replay value is probably the most important reason to purchase the game itself, the gamer is not only supplied with hard adventures and challengers but also hours and hours of total entertainment.

Gameplay and Controls
This is the area where the developements of the PS1 are not so great by any means. The camera view is often very annoying for the most part (as it is usually with most PS1 games overall), The controls are good for the most part but at some parts it may seem like there is definitely a lagg effect to the game (this is when you are moving faster or slower than the game initially reconizes). The gameplay starts off easy but as your progress further the challenges for the eggs and the numerous boss battles ultimately catch up and prove to be somewhat more difficult than was once thought by the gamer. The game itself follows an "easy---medium---hard" path as the gamer performs completion on the game itself. The challenges though keep the gamer involved and ultimately wanting more which adds the replay value of the game itself though.

The story is initally the same as any other spyro game but this game takes place at a time of celebration of the defeat of ripto, and the evil sorcessor and her apprentice lackey bianca come to ruin the fun. Spyro (the protagonist) must defeat the evil Rhynocs and the sorcessor to save the world of dragons, The story often is very cliched among this title and the crash bandicoot serious with some minor differences. The story is however not a bad story overal, just used again and again amongst this series.

The conclussion being this is a great game to buy and any gamer regardless of age should pick up this title for themselves or a friend. The PS3's technologys now allow any gamer to buy it online over the system itself and download it, the price is a mere 6 dollars or so, This game is ultimately a steal at this price and if your looking for platforming adventure mayhem fun, then this game is for you. I strongly recommend any gamer who is into the Spyro The Dragon series or Crash Bandicoot series to pick up and try this title for themselves.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Spyro: Year of the Dragon (US, 10/24/00)

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