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Reviewed: 02/07/01 | Updated: 02/07/01

I would like to give this game a 10...

When I heard that this was Insomniac's last Spyro game, I panicked and bought a copy, if only to have the very last Spyro game in the series. By now, I was a complete Spyro fan, and looking at a few reviews, I didn't think I would be wasting my money. I didn't, but I think it should have been better.
I don't need to go into any great detail, but it uses the Playstation's capabilities very well. Probably has the best in the series, but lacks in the game play department.
Ugh, there's that bad Spyro voice again. I liked the first! What happened? I don't know, but the rest of the voices are pretty good. Correction, pretty funny. Most of the characters have some sort of accent which makes them kind of funny, but sometimes tiring. Other than that, good. The music is nothing special, in fact I can't even think of any at the top of my head. Spyro 1's was better.
Ah, what happened to this! Spyro 1 was great, Spyro 2 was not too bad, but this is definitely not what I was expecting! The playable characters dissatisfied me for one thing; the control was harder and their levels weren't fun to do over again. I was especially disappointed with the Agent 9 character.
Also, there is much more violence in this game. Not that there wasn't in the first, but I mean now you have rocket launchers, huge clubs and laser guns! They even had the nerve to put in a Doom and Area 51 type shooters in here! I HATE that sort of thing and was very disappointed.
Also, many of the challenges were ''deadly'', meaning that you risked your precious lives (already difficult to get) trying to get some stupid dragon egg. The bosses, in my opinion, were pushovers, though I am a veteran of the other two. The addition of skateboarding was cool though, and a few other things made the game enjoyable. Still, though, I think Insomniac added more than was necessary, and subtracted from the Spyro-ness of the game. I'm quite disappointed.
Much too easy. I had 98% in two weeks, but again I've beaten the other two and that puts me at an advantage. None of the challenges, deadly as they are, are really all that hard. I haven't played further, and went to Crash Team Racing instead.
Better graphics, okay sound, okay challenge, slightly below average game play. Too bad, because the other games were quite good.
Don't get the wrong idea, the rest of the game is good, I just covered the bad points. You should buy it if you are a fan of the series or are looking for a fun if not short game to whittle away the time. I still hold Spyro 1 on top of everything though.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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