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"Quirky Action game, but easily the most annoying Ive ever played..."

When the Spyro series came out, it was regarded as one of the best Action games for the PSX at the time. 2 games later, the action is still the same, the graphics and the gameplay shortly follow.

Control: 2/10
Who the heck designed this? The controls on this game are horrible, you can barely move Spyro unless you jam on the controller which at that point, you lose. The bad camera angle makes it even worse when you try to angle up where your going to go. You charge in one direction, the game charges in another. You try to recover, but the enemy hits you and your dead.

Gameplay: 10/10
w00t! The gameplay isn’t much different from the last, but it still rules. There are so many new and exciting minigames, such as the skateboarding one, which had me playing for hours. There's hockey, flying, skateboarding, swimming, using laser shooting monkeys, Aussie kicking kangaroos, cool dragonflies, and many more. Come on. When was the last time you saw a laser gun toting monkey or a flying penguin? You have to admit, that is pretty cool. And until I see a Final Fantasy where a Mog wields a sword and starts casting Ultima on the final boss, then I rest my case. There is so much more innovative stuff that other games lack.

Story: 8/10
It's the same as the last two games, only you collect different stuff in order to save the world . Spyro finds love, adventure, trouble, danger, and friendship as he goes along collecting the eggs. Coincedently, an evil ruler wants to become the supreme head of the world, and get the recognition she deserves. Very comical, very cool. Same old same old, but still good.

Replay Value: 10/10
The game just keeps you playing for hours and hours, trying to do all the miniquests, collecting gems, and trying to get all those eggs. Full marks for this, since you can replay stuff over and over, and they are even harder.

Graphics: 10/10
The best for a game of it's measure. Everything is bright, well crafted, and moves well. No blocky blocky stuff, and humorous animations for several things you do. Still as good as it used to be, and actually outshines some of the newer games out, despite having the same animation from 4 or so years ago.

Overall: 7
This game shines in all the categories except Control. That one category smacks it down to a 7, and is the main source of annoyance in the game. Still a recommended choice though.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/05/01, Updated 03/05/01

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