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Reviewed: 12/01/02 | Updated: 05/09/03

My brother always loved this, and I only just found out why!

Three or four years ago, my brother bought about 5 games for his Playstation and got a free PSOne, which was nice. But the point of this is not my brother's free PSOne, but one of the games he bought: Spyro, Year of the Dragon. He thought it was his best PSOne game, but I dismissed it as ''Not as good as Quake III on Dreamcast'' (yes, I was and still am a complete Dreamcast/Sega fanboy). Anyway, I played it for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and haven't put it down since.


Once every 12 years, its the ''Year of the Dragon''. In the Year of the Dragon, fairies deliver new dragon eggs. However, an evil sorceress and her rhynocs have stolen all 150 Dragon Eggs. It's now up to Spyro to reclaim them all.

Battle accross 36 levels in 4 worlds, defeating rhynocs, retrieving gems and dragon eggs. Along with Sparx, his Dragonfly friend (who likes treasure) you must get all 150 Dragon Eggs, to stop the evil sorceress.


The controls for this game are sleek and smooth. They are responsive, and actions happen almost instantaneously. The controls are very simple to master, and so it's not too difficult to get used to the game very quickly.

One gripe I have is that this game is fairly easy. Obviously meant as a game aimed at younger kids, there aren't many difficult challenges in the game.

There are lots of mini-games scattered between levels, my favourite of which has to be the skating game (although fairly difficult) it is extremely fun skating round trying to get everything.


This game looks very good. Spyro is a cute little dragon who looks great on the screen. The worlds look cartoony, the grass looks lusciously green, the water ripples when you jump into it, and the rhynocs' expressions when you set them on fire is priceless.


Some cute, funky music plays in the background, which you can't help humming along to after about 10 minutes. The Sound Effects are great, everything sounds like it would in real life, from running along the ground to shooting people with flames.


This game won't take too long to complete, as its fairly easy, but it will take you a long time to find every single gem and you can always go back to the mini-games.

To Buy/To Rent:

Buy. This game is great, despite comparative easiness, but its a blast nonetheless. This game has some really nice spots, and you should buy it.


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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