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Reviewed: 12/22/02 | Updated: 12/22/02

Spyro: Year Of The Dragon, The best one yet..

Spyro: Year Of The Dragon, a very simple, but good game. This game is as simple as ping pong. The story writes itself as you just follow instructions and get all of the 150 eggs. It may sound like too much work, but it's very easy. In each world, you'll get about 36 eggs. If that's not easy for you, then don't get this game.

Gameplay: 10/10

This is the best Spyro game I've played so far. It has not only different levels, but different events in the different levels. There are about 4 levels in which you are able to skate on a skate board, 4 level where you go underwater in a submarine, 4 levels where you fly and a whole lot of other stuff. This version even has a ''Sparx world.'' This is basically the ''little butterfly'' that flies you around stage.

Graphics: 10/10

This game has the best yet cartoon-ish graphic I have seen. It looks so real. It feels as if the creatures were right before your eyes It's like watching a movie like Jurassic Park with the same graphics.

Sound: 10/10

This game has very nice music for each of the world and their levels. It's fun to listen to the music because it keeps a person going rather than dying over the most boring music they ever heard.

Story: 10/10

If you have played any of the Spyro games before, you'd know that the poor little dragon tries to save the Dragon World. This time, he has to save the eggs because the villain has stolen them to increase her magic and to destroy the dragon world. Spyro runs around through 4 excellent worlds, trying out different events which get him eggs. Also, this one has the guy named Moneybags who just loves to rip you off. The man will take loads of treasure from you just to let some creatures out. But in the'll found out when you get there...he he he

Controls: 10/10

Controls are as simple as they were in the first Spyro game. It's very easy to just follow the controls. The jump with the X, and the rest.

Overall: 10/10

This game is excellent. It's short, but really fun to play over and over. I myself, have played it over 7 times and have fun each time.

Final Statement:

If you have patience, but think 150 eggs is a lot, do not get this game. It is not meant for you if you think that 150 eggs is too much. I repeat: Do not get this game if you think 150 eggs is too much for you.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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