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"Sparx is more than a health guage now!"

Spyro's off again on another adventure. Dragon eggs have been scattered about a mysterious land by an evil sorceress. Spyro and Sparx, along with some new friends, must find them all and defeat the sorceress.

Welcome to Spyro: Year Of The Dragon.

This time, Sparx has his own challenges to overcome. Besides being a health gauge, Sparx is a playable character on some levels! Other new playable characters include Sheila the Kangaroo, Sgt. Bird, Bently the Yeti and Agent 9. These characters all go through levels that Spyro can not rach or would have difficulty beating. They can all do special things, like flying, jumping, etc. Even Sparx has his own levels with obstacles and puzzles.

''But wait!'' you ask. ''Why?''

Why? Because over a thousand years ago, dragons lived in this land you are exploring. But it was so long ago, even the tales of this forgotten land have been forgotten. And the ruler of this land, the sorceress, is fed up with being forgotten. The magic of the land has been fading ever since the dragons left, so on her forgotten throne, she hatches a plan to bring the dragon eggs to the faraway long forgotten land, so magic will be restored.

Pretty exciting, huh? The music in this game is as rich as the plot. Oh! Did I mention you get to skateboard? :)

There are old enemies and new ones. Besides Hunter the Cheetah, the Professor has also come to the forgotten land from Avalar. So has greedy Moneybags, undoubtedly to get more gems from Spyro. Of course, Zoe is there to save Spyro's progress.

But there are plenty of new characters, too. There's Blanca, the Sorceress's apprentice. (Who Hunter thinks is cute.) Then of course, there is the reptilian Sorceress. But not all new characters are bad. Sheila the Kangaroo, a rare mountain kangaroo who can jump to miraculous heights. And after meeting Sgt. Bird, it's pretty hard to forget him. After all, how many army birds do you know? I thought so. It's pretty hard to forget a flying penguin who drops missiles. Bently is a very gentle yeti... but he's got a club. Uh-oh. And when he gets mad, stuff gets smashed. Agent 9 was one of the Professor's lab monkeys. But don't mess around with this monkey. He has laser blasters.

This game has come a long way from when Spyro beat Gnasty Gnorc. And it's all for the better. There are countless detailed and fantastic worlds. Many new characters. Music to set the mood. There's Spyro. There's Sparx. There's a nasty reptilian Sorceress who need's a good butt-flaming.

Let's play.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/05/03, Updated 01/05/03

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