Review by Justin Alucard

"A kiddie game I'm not ashamed to play"

Spyro:Enter the Dragon is a game that needs to be looked beneath the surface. On the surface it looks like a simple platformer that is aimed at preschoolers or young teenagers. Not so, appearances can be deceiving. Spyro:Year of the Dragon is a delightful romp, taking you to many worlds that are truly immersive, filled with friends and enemies alike.

This game is centered on collecting Dragon eggs that have been scattered to other worlds by a Sorceress who rules the land formerly inhabited by the Dragons and who has been forgotten and is angered by that. The magic of the land has been fading ever since the dragons left, so on her throne, she hatches a plan to bring the dragon eggs to the faraway long forgotten land, so magic will be restored. Your task is to collect all the eggs she stole.

Gameplay 8/10
Spyro still moves the same way as in the previous Spyro games. But now, there are other characters who you can control, but you'll have to pay that old miser, Moneybags, before they can be freed and be used.They are Sheila, the hopping Kangaroo, Sargeant Bird, a small fellow you definitely don't want to mess with, Bentley, the big dumb guy with a huge club and Agent 9, a lab monkey armed with a gun and lots of coolness.

Story 9/10
The Sorceress has stolen all the Dragon eggs and you, Spyro, are charged with bringing the eggs back. The plot is interesting and well-constructed while the dialogue and cut scenes are witty and tends to make me unable to continue playing from all that laughing.

Graphics/Sound 8/10
The graphics are very bright, reflecting a cheerful and vibrant mood.But there are some stages that take place at night too. Although the graphics do seem inferior sometimes, its a small inconvenience. The music is very soothing and full of energy, often I pause the game just to be soothed by the smoothing songs.

Play Time/Replayability 9/10
I estimate play time to be about 35 hours.Not bad for a platformer.
Replayabilities galore! Even if you have finished the game, you'll still play this game.The worlds are vast and expansive and are filled with tons of mini-games.

Final Recommendation
If you love platform games or the Spyro series, you would not regret buying this masterpiece.It is worth every cent spent.
I guess the saying is true, ''Do not judge a book by its cover''.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/12/03, Updated 06/12/03

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