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Reviewed: 07/04/03 | Updated: 07/04/03

The BEST Of The Series!!!!

Spyro 3: The Year of the Dragon is the third in the Spyro series. Not only that, but it has to be the BEST of the Spyro series. Let's start the review, shall we?

Story 10/10: An evil Sorceress and her army has captured and stolen all the dragon eggs!! Now Spyro is out to rescue them all and defeat the Sorceress!!! Very original. It has it's Spyro fling to it, too. Great Story!!!!

Music 10/10: Like all the Spyro games, this Spyro game has great music. Boss music, speedway music, regular level music. It's got it all!! Great Music!!!!

General Sound 10/10: The flame! The buzz!! The jump!!! The TALKING!!!! It's all spectacular!! I especially love the voices (mainly Moneybags's voice!!)!!! Great Sound!!!!

Graphics 10/10: The third of the series comes back with even better graphics from before!! Spyro still looks good and purple. Hunter, Moneybags, Zoe, Sparx, they all look good. The levels look nice. Everything looks good, basically. Great Graphics!!!!

Controls 10/10: Just as easy as it was in it's past games. They're nice and responsive, too. Great Controls!!!!

Gameplay 10/10: It's like in all Spyro games. You go to a level and help the friendly inhabitants of the level. Your reward? Eggs!! Each egg, when received, will hatch and you'll get to see a tiny, cute dragon pop out!! It's really neat!! Also, you have to collect gems, too. In Spyro 2, you would have to kill enemies to get their spirits. In this game, however, it's just like Spyro 1. You kill enemies and they give you gems!! The mini games are fun. Also, guess what!? MORE CONTROLLABLE CHARACTERS!! Yes, you heard me! You get to control more than just Spyro, this time. I'll tell you that you can control Sparx and Hunter, but that's all I'm saying. The addition of new characters to play as also makes this game more fun!! Great Gameplay!!!!

Replay Ability 8/10: I like to play this game again just for the fun of it. However, after you beat the game, there is many more stuff to do. Collect all the eggs and gems! the EXTRA stuff that you get from beating the game. It's just like Dragon Shores in Spyro 2 but not EXACTLY like it. Nice Replay Ability!!

Difficulty 10/10: Hard, but not too hard that you'll keep getting killed. That's why I like this game. Great Difficulty!!!!

Length 10/10: Very long and that's cool because you'll be enjoying every bit of it!! Great Length!!!!

Improvement From Prequel? DEFINITELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other: Spyro is so purple...

Buy or Rent? Buy, Buy, Buy and MORE Buy!!!!

Overall: 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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